Entertainment Book Coupons – Up to $20,000 in Savings For Just a Few Dollars


The latest Entertainment Book is here and as I have discussed below, I think that it is one of the best coupon books going around. It pays for itself after only using 2 -3 coupons and last year I saved over $500 with it. I gave it to a number of friends, who will all be buying the book again this year.

The premium 50% off and 2-for-1 coupons found in the book are available for over 200 local areas and provides savings on restaurants (family and fine dining), shopping, movie tickets, groceries, travel and even home furnishings. Plus, with each book purchase you get on-line access to hundreds of additional local printable coupons and incredible on-line shopping discounts. So take advantage of this special offer and buy yourself hundred’s of dollars in savings – something we can all use in the current economy.

The proceeds from the book also go towards a good cause which helps schools and groups across North America. Over $90 million was raised last year through their fund raising efforts.


One money saving book I buy every year without fail is the Entertainment book. Contained in this hugely popular book are hundreds of money saving coupons that provide real savings at a number of well known dining, retail and merchandise stores. Best of all it has about 100 different editions, based on zip code, so you can get area specific savings and avoid getting tons of coupons you can never use. The book costs less than $30 for most locations.
You only need to go out to dinner once or twice or buy a couple of things from listed vendors to have the book pay for itself. Trust me, it is worth it even if you like to eat out only a few times a year.

The reason I like it better than most other coupon type books is that it contains significant discounts at top quality restaurants and merchants not found elsewhere. For birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions when I take my family and friends out to a fine dining restaurant we can save up to 20% (of a preset limit) on the bill. On a $150 bill, this is equivalent to $30 – which more than covers the cost of the book (or the bottle of wine depending on how you look at it). You can even get some decent savings at many of the leading casual/family and fast food restaurants. Check out the Entertainment.com website to see a full listing of restaurants and potential savings on offer in your area. The other useful savings you can get in the book are from sporting and family attractions. I am a golfer and it contains a number of coupons for golf courses in my area, and some of the 2-for-1 specials mean that I can play a number of new courses and share the cost of playing a course with a friend. And last but by no means the least, is the AMC theaters discount where you can get movie tickets for $8 (compared to the regular $12 in the area I live). A 30%+ saving, and one that I have always taken advantage of.

So do yourself a favor, check out the merchant coupons on offer and save some money by buying this book. It also makes a great gift idea for clients and co-workers. I gave each of my team members a copy last year and they loved it.

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