2011 Military Pay Chart with 1.4% Raise Over 2010 Rates


[Updated Jan 2011] 1.4% Military pay raise in 2011 confirmed. The President and Congress have approved a 1.4% pay rise for our armed forces members (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard) with additional compensation or incentives for service members to be made via one time special payments.

The initial 1.9% pay raise proposal was quashed in light of voter backlash on excessive government spending and ballooning federal deficits. The 1.9% raise would cost $1.4 billion, $377 million more than a 1.4% hike, according to the CBO. Shown below are the 2011 military pay tables from the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) that are effective from January 1st 2011. The first table is for Military staff with less than 20 yrs experience. The second is for those with over 20 years experience.

2011 Military Pay Charts For Less than 20 yrs Experience2011 Military Pay Charts For Greater than 20 yrs ExperienceNotes for the above tables

1. Basic pay for an O-7 to O-10 is limited by Level II of the Executive Schedule which is $14,975.10. Basic pay for O-6 and below is limited by Level V of the Executive Schedule  which is $12,141.60.

2. While serving as Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff/Vice Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff, Chief of Navy Operations, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Army/Air Force Chief of Staff, Commander of a unified or specified combatant command, basic pay is $20,263.50. (See note 1 above).

3. Applicable to O-1 to O-3 with at least 4 years and 1 day of active duty or more than 1460 points as a warrant and/or enlisted member. See Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations for more detailed explanation on who is eligible for this special basic pay rate.

4. For the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Chief Master Sergeant of the AF, Sergeant Major of the Army or Marine Corps or Senior Enlisted Advisor of the JCS, basic pay is $7,489.80. Combat Zone Tax Exclusion for O-1 and above is based on this basic pay rate plus Hostile Fire Pay/Imminent Danger Pay which is $225.00.

5. Applicable to E-1 with 4 months or more of active duty. Basic pay for an E-1 with less than 4 months of active duty is $1,357.20.

6. Basic pay rate for Academy Cadets/Midshipmen and ROTC members/applicants is $974.40.

Military basic pay is subject to federal income taxes, unless earned in a designated combat zone. Whether or not basic pay is subject to state income taxes depends on the laws of the state which the military member claims as his/her legal residence. Military Basic Pay is dependent upon pay grade (rank) and years of military service. For more pay details and allowances see this DFAS listing for 2010 rates and this one for 2011 rates

I will provide updates on proposed incentive and 2012 pay raise figures as soon as they are available and encourage you to subscribe (free) via Email or RSS to get notified of the latest updates and other money articles that could affect your finances.


[Update Oct 2010] 1.4% v s 1.9% Military Pay Rise in 2011? That’s the question in Congress, with both options of the 2011 military base pay raises being considered. The President has recommended an across the board increase of 1.4% in military base pay, but the House (via H.R. 5136) approved a raise of 1.9% (see update below) earlier this year. The Senate has not yet formally voted on the 2011 military pay legislation. But in a blow to the higher pay raise (1.9%) option for our armed forces members (Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard) the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee has recommended the 1.4% pay rise option with additional compensation or incentives for service members to be made via one time special payments.

House members still remain committed to the 1.9%, but will soon have to reach some consensus with the Senate and President who only want a 1.4% pay rise as they look to cut government costs in light of voter backlash on excessive government spending and ballooning federal deficits. The 1.9% raise would cost $1.4 billion, $377 million more than a 1.4% hike, according to the CBO.  [SEE UPDATED TABLES IN LATEST UPDATE ABOVE]

[Update – Dec 2010] – President Obama Proposes Federal Pay Freezes in 2011 and 2012.


[ Previous Update – Jul 2010] The Defense Finance and Accounting Service released their Congress approved 2010  military pay charts earlier this year, which reflected a 3.4% increase over 2009.  Military pay raises, which are linked to civilian pay raises, have been at least one half of a percent higher than the civilian pay raise each year, as measured by the Employment Cost Index (ECI), until 2006. Starting in 2007, pay raises are equal to the increase in the ECI. Pay raises may exceed these automatic levels if authorized by Congress.

On 28 May 2010, the House passed H.R. 5136, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011, that states, “Effective on January 1, 2011, the rates of monthly basic pay for members of the uniformed services are increased by 1.9 percent.”  This raise is 2 percent lower than the 2010 military pay increase and is the smallest increase since the draft ended in 1973.  It is still 0.5% higher than the President”s 1.4% 2011 pay rise proposal.  The bill is now in the Senate where the additional 0.5% will be a major point of contention. This practice of dual pay rise versions in Congress has been occurring since 1999 in an effort to bring the military’s pay more inline with that of the private sector.  The final increase is subject to change (and could increase) as it progresses through congress.

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Friday 4:36 am
Mark, Those of us who have decided to Defend the constitution of the United States of America against all enemys, foreign and domestic, have done so not because we all had to or for the money. We do it for the same reasons you drive your lil 18 wheeler around, because we love our jobs. Not say ALL of us do but what I am saying is that you’re being rather unpatriotic by telling us we should not be over fighting terrorism. Have you forgotten? Have you forgotten why we’re over there? or did you ever even know? Who are you to say there are NO countries on a planet of over 200 + countries that are in some way planning on coming over here and starting a fight of some sort. I do believe someone already tried that just over ten years ago. You may remember that date, September… Read more »
2012 US Military Pay Charts with 1.6% Raise Over 2011 Rates | Saving to Inve$t
Wednesday 12:21 pm

[…] var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true};In 2011, US armed forces members received a 1.4% pay raise after a drawn out budgetary process. This year the 2012 defense budget, currently only passed in […]

Friday 3:30 am
I knew many would be unhappy with my post, so be it. I posted my thoughts. I did not lie about my history of military service although, many may assume that, Lilbubugger stated” First off you did not get BAH because you lived on base, for free” read what I wrote “I did not get BAH. I lived on base and did well.” I am not attacking anyone, I know why I did not get BAH. Seargent Major Fox, Sir I commend you on your 28 years of service to our Country, But, sir your comment ” Its nice of you to think you have “earned” the right to speak up and say that a Pay Freeze on the Military is not out of order. Really? How did you earn that right sir? Were you one of those 9 to 5 types back in the 80′s?” I raised my right… Read more »
Wednesday 6:29 am
I drive a truck for a living. It’s verifiably one of the most dangerous and vital jobs in America. Almost everything you own was delivered by a truck-driver. So in a way, I am putting my life on the line for this country. However, I’m not a martyr. I chose this profession. I only earn 58k because almost anyone can hold a steering wheel for a living. The same goes for soldiers. Almost anyone can become a soldier. Supply & demand is a cruel mistress. I don’t have a family because it’s not economically feasible on my current income. 58k is not a lot of money on it’s own, much less with a family. Adding children to the equation would jeopardize my finances. Why are some soldiers having children when they can’t afford the ensuing expenses? What happened to the Republican ideology of not funding those who make bad choices?… Read more »
Sunday 8:58 am

Hey mark, i drive a truck to, but i do it in the army. i dont make what you make, i make less, but im overseas getting blown up and shot at everyday. you are a real asshole. I think you should just leave my country and move to china. Hey mark… GO FUCK YOURSELF!

Thursday 1:33 pm
Ah young Master Mark, you best check your zipper, your liberal ideology and ignorance is shinning. Where to start ….. first, while driving 24/7 may have it’s dangers, it comes no where near the danger of serving in the military, dream on Peter Pan. To quote you, “almost anyone can hold a steering wheel for a living”, you are incorrect in saying almost anyone can become a soldier. Perhaps when the draft was inforced (this may have been before your time) that may have been true but since the draft was discontinued and the military services became voluntary, they’ve become more selective, require a bit more intellegence and you most definitely must be able to do more than hold a steering wheel. Let’s move to a 2nd point, it is possible to raise and support a family on 58K and, less even … I speak from experience. I suggest that… Read more »
Friday 12:18 pm
Well, I won’t continue the argument over which job is more dangerous. Clearly we would always knock heads. I provided you with some numbers. That’s all I can do. Some years it’s more dangerous to be a solider, and other years it’s more dangerous to drive a truck. I agree with you that the military has become a *bit* more selective over the years. Almost every profession has become more selective over the years, even the transportation industry. Let’s also not forget that only about 20% of soldiers will ever see combat. A soldier dodging bullets in the sandbox and a soldier chilling on a base in Wurzburg, Germany can’t be categorized as the same. What is self-centered about not wanting to add to our massive, global population? More people means fewer resources. Personally, I think it’s more self-centered to have children. Usually there seems to be a hidden agenda… Read more »
Sunday 11:33 am
You seem to miss many points, Hawaii was am attack on America, because it directly effected the lives of Americans as well as crippling our military at a time when we actually chose to stay out. It forced our hand. I am college educated, and I am currently continuing my studies. Sorry to inform you but you did comment how we didn’t need the military when you said there were 300+ million Americans many of which with guns. You are correct, there are 300+ Americans, that census includes children and ederly as well as those physically or mentally incapable of fighting. So your numbers are a little stunted. You seem very one sided in your logic. Looking at a year to year comparison of the jobs is a small picture of the situation. Looking at the overall picture is more of a comparison. With your logic, some years its more… Read more »
Wednesday 4:59 pm

And where did you go to college. You definately have your head up your ass if you feel that because someone’s family income should keep them from a proper education. And if you feel that you are in the same league as those that fight for you, you sir are sadly mistaken. Is love to see you try to get people to stop applying for grants to go to college. You are ignorant and foolish. And not worth the time of those hardworking Americans you are so concerned about. Sorry you didn’t get good grades in school so your stuck being a truck driver.

Thursday 10:04 am
I didn’t go to college. Also, I don’t believe that someone shouldn’t be able to attend college because of their families level of income. I was using satire to show the hypocrisy of the Republicans. Democrats are labeled as lazy socialists by Republicans because they want more equitable opportunities. Yet the Republicans do the same thing and can’t see the irony. Let’s be clear on one thing: they are not fighting for me at this point in time. No nation is planning on invading the United States. They are fighting domestic terrorism in foreign countries. These terrorists represent a tiny fraction of the citizens in Afghanistan and Iraq. They lack the numbers to come over here and overthrow our government. Our interventional foreign policy has created a blowback effect on the U.S. . I am actually less safe because of our military presence throughout the world. Thousands of truck drivers… Read more »
Tuesday 2:39 pm

I think it’s funny that right-wingers forget the laws of economics when they talk about military pay. They hate on liberals who use emotional logic to justify pay raises. But when it’s used in favor of the military, it’s somehow justified. What a crock.

And yes, an E-1 is not far off from a high-school graduate. There are many people who can do the job of an E-1. You don’t deserve a pay raise until every other hard working American gets a pay raise.

Remember, we are broke. Why should I go into debt because you didn’t study in school? There is no free ride.

Thursday 1:44 pm

“No Free Ride”? Dear Boy, Free Ride is exactly what the Democratic Economic Policy is, the continuation of the Welfare State and Nanny Government and you call Republicans hypocritical? …. as to the rest of your above post ….. we should consider your remarks intellegent and informed simply on a 3.8 high school GPA? ummmm nope, please read my other reply to you for more about your uneducated grasp of the laws of economics.

Tuesday 11:07 pm

What do you do for a living, do you put your life on the line for the people of this country. Do you have to worry that no matter if you go to work you might not get a paycheck. Or like those serving over seas in war zones do you worry daily that you might not make it home to your family.
Despite what you think, most of those serving did very well in school, some even hold college degrees. They chose to go into this field so they support their families, others so they could afford to go to college.
Before you start ranting and raving about your debt problems, just remember it those putting their lives on the line daily that give you that freedom.

Tuesday 10:52 pm

Actually many men and women go into the military so they can get an education. And several had very high GPA’s. And what do you do for a living. I am not in the military, my husband is, but the company I work for has given its employees raises every year when you have a positive year end review.
I am in favor of every man and woman who puts their life on the line for others, not just military. That includes police, firemen, military, etc.

Wednesday 3:56 pm

I don’t doubt that many soldiers go for the chance of a free education. But isn’t that socialism? Why should we pay because you didn’t have the grades and money to go to college? What happened to being self-sufficient? Doesn’t paying for the less fortunate go against Republican ideology? Why is it my fault that your parents are poor? Why is it my fault that you have bad grades?

Every soldier doesn’t put their life on the line. Only those who have been in combat have the right to say that. Spare me.

Wednesday 9:31 pm

Tell you what bro, you join and tell me how you feel after that sweet cheeks.

Thursday 9:24 am

I don’t have to join to know that most soldiers will never see danger. Besides, why would I join when I am against these pointless and expensive wars in the first place? So no thanks, “bro”.

I am more beneficial to our economy being in a civilain profession. My work actually helps the economy. The military, for the most part, doesn’t really do much for our economy, other that dump truckloads of money on foreign nations.

Tuesday 8:49 am
Unlike many on here, I won’t pretend to have served in the military. I haven’t, but I do come from a military family and have nothing but respect for those who serve in whatever capacity. Personally I haven’t received a raise in years but I look and see what the men and women have to endure, not just in combat areas but anywhere they are deployed and if my not getting a raise means they do get one, I’m all for it. Yes the military is voluntary but it takes a special person to “volunteer”. Someone who is willing to risk life and limb so that you people can sit there and complain about how much they make. I have no doubt that those people, despite the title they give themselves, who write: “we in the military” only to bash the soldiers and their well deserved raise are LIARS and… Read more »
Tuesday 10:58 pm

I completely and wholeheartedly agree. My husband is military, and though 1.4% isn’t a lot but, they were happy to get it. They have gotten to the point where they have stopped worrying about raises and more about getting paid period.

Sergeant Major Fox
Tuesday 3:49 pm
My reply to Former: You have lost your mind? Really, you compared an E-1 to someones pay who is just out of high school? Someone flipping burgers? Todays E-1 in the Military is not sitting on mom and dads couch playing X box and smoking weed sir. Its nice of you to think you have “earned” the right to speak up and say that a Pay Freeze on the Military is not out of order. Really? How did you earn that right sir? Were you one of those 9 to 5 types back in the 80’s? Have you been to the “Sandbox”? If you have you obviously forgot what a year or two or three there can do to you. You dont have a son or a daughter in the service and you have lost touch. I have been doing this for 28 years. I remember your type. Typical liberal… Read more »
Friday 11:22 am
Former May 6, 2011 at 11:17 am I knew many would be unhappy with my post, so be it. I posted my thoughts. I did not lie about my history of military service although, many have assumed so. Seargent Major Fox, Sir I commend you on your 28 years of service to our Country, But, sir your comment ” Its nice of you to think you have “earned” the right to speak up and say that a Pay Freeze on the Military is not out of order. Really? How did you earn that right sir? Were you one of those 9 to 5 types back in the 80′s?” SGTMAJ, I raised my right hand right after the barracks has bombed in Beruit. I joined the Corps, and served my country. So YES I earned that right, does it matter where, when or how I served? I served sir. Your Commander… Read more »
Friday 11:17 am
I knew many would be unhappy with my post, so be it. I posted my thoughts. I did not lie about my history of military service although, many have assumed so. Seargent Major Fox, Sir I commend you on your 28 years of service to our Country, But, sir your comment ” Its nice of you to think you have “earned” the right to speak up and say that a Pay Freeze on the Military is not out of order. Really? How did you earn that right sir? Were you one of those 9 to 5 types back in the 80′s?” SGTMAJ, I raised my right hand right after the barracks has bombed in Beruit. I joined the Corps, and served my country. So YES I earned that right, does it matter where, when or how I served? I served sir. Your Commander and Chief never stepped into boots yet… Read more »
Thursday 12:43 pm

Great points SM Fox and lilbugger. …. Former, What planet do you reside on? First, the COL has in NO way decreased. It has in fact been steadily moving in the opposite direction. To reiterate what as been previously noted, the only way E-1’s and HS graduates could be equal is possibly (but not necessarily probably) in their ages. I cannot say I’ve run into any “fresh” civilian HS graduates that have the equal training, level of responsibility, enforced and unenforced work ethic and contractual demands of an E-1 of any branch or MOS, and yes, I’ve seen many of both. Ridiculous and bombastic.

Friday 10:42 am
The cost of living has remained flat for the past 2 years, (I too think my paychecks don’t go as far), that is why retirees and social security receipients have had no increase in the past 2 years, now do I believe the goverment that says the COL is flat…somewhat, not whole heartedly, but If I succumb, like many, that the goverment lies about everything, then what is really true? Thank you for your service to our country. If we look at combat roles there is no job in this entire nation that equates, but what of the special services, admin clerks, finance etc, 3-1 is the number I read in my Legion Magazine, of the number of support roles needed today for each combat troop on the ground. Those jobs can be compared, Iv’e seen the slackers, and yes the military standards are higher or you face the UCMJ.… Read more »
Thursday 10:42 pm

Great post SGM Fox

Saturday 6:55 pm
I have sympathy for the families that suffer separation due to deployments. I also see even an E-1 is paid above minimum wage. IF you look at a civilian fresh out of high school, is their equality? I rememeber my recruiter telling me what my enlistment was worth ie. free food, free housing, free healthcare…oh and the FREE travel! Now it seemed I made alot when you included all the extras. I did not get BAH. I lived on base and did well. I always told others if it was so bad don’t reenlist. They seemed to reconsider rather quickly, many ended up retiring. I got out, paid my way through college and made a nice living. I did do my time, and feel I can comment freely, I’ve EARNED that right. I think the military pay is very good, considering 70% of the military has not deployed to the… Read more »
Thursday 12:43 pm

Please read my reply above

Sergeant Major Fox
Tuesday 3:54 pm

I invite you to read my reply to your nonsense.

Thursday 3:37 am

First off you did not get BAH because you lived on base, for free. Second the cost of living has gone up, quite a bit. I’m not saying we need huge jumps in pay, but in light on recent events a paycheck for a job worked is not to much to ask. And you are saying that a person who is untrained, fresh out of high school deserves to get paid the same amount as an E-1, who by the way doesn’t start getting paid till they ate out of boot camp and mct which is the military equivalent to a two degree in college. I think you are sadly mistaken. You sound like a man who says they were in the military but is basing you facts on tv and movies. Not someone who was actually there.

Friday 10:10 am
Thanks to your Husband for his service, and to you, being a military spouse is a hard job too. I do not intend to attack, I knew their would be displeasure in my comment, but, I did not lie about my service, I stated a comment. 1.) I stated “I did not receive BAH …and did well, I did not say I was entitled to it, I did receive BAQ. 2.) The cost of living, (I agree with you it seems to take more to make ends meet) but the cost of living has not gone up, that is why retirees and social security recipients have not had raises in the past few years. 3.) Both a E-1 and person training in a skilled profession are both new and learning their jobs so they are both being paid “entry level” so to speak, many jobs are not comparable due to… Read more »
Sunday 11:32 am

When I responded my comments were based on the thought that you just served. I know things have changed with the times. MCT is a specility training school they are sent to for in depth training in certain areas. They range from 3 months to 1 year based on the job, my husband being a tech com controller had the longest at 1 year.
As to the pay freeze and hazard pay, I agree with you. My comments on the pay freeze were nor centered around not getting raises, it was posted before it became public knowledge that our military might not receive pay at all at the time. Which I don’t agree with. Pay raises well they are what they are and are not a main concern or stress. And I agree with you on hazardous pay being low.

James L. Jones
Sunday 4:06 pm

I understand the state of the economy, things are tough all over. My question is WHY is it that retirees are no longer getting a raise when the rest of the military is still getting their’s. That was a given when we retired, the military gets a raise the retirees get a raise what has happened to that?

Retired AF Msgt
Tuesday 9:36 pm

Military retired pay is tied to Social Security raises not active duty pay.

dick tracy
Wednesday 2:49 pm

Why is it people dont respect those that serve while others sit at home not knowing whats going on…….BLIND BLIND

Sunday 2:37 pm
I think the pay raise is ridiculous, but we dont have to pay for medical or prescription medicines!!!!!!! That stuff is expensive. it costs nearly 40k to have a baby and stay in the hospital for maximum 4 days….. As a civilian we wouldnt be able to pay for that let alone any insurance provider cover it. and for those that really have issues with money get food stamps and wic. nearly the entire enlisted force below e5 with only 1 dependant qualifies…… and budget yourselves. think about necessity before wants! I for example have 2 vehicle payments, a dirtbike, a streetbike, an $1100 rent and insurance to pay plus, i have a 4 month old. Because I make a budget i end up with nice things and money left over to do fun stuff. My husband and I are both only E4s….. Thanks to the military i can live… Read more »
Monday 11:26 am
Theres no need to get heated about the mindless comments of the ungrateful. I lie my head down at night knowing that the freaks who protest our funerals, argue our pay, sneer at us in the airport….they all are allowed to do that because of what our fore fathers and current troops provide for this country. We all from different walks of life, different cultures, beliefs and support systems, we will never be on the same page, but thats what makes our country unique and set apart from all the others. I’ll accept the fact that I won’t get along with everyone, and despite holding back from knocking someones teeth out for making a smart comment about my Joes- I just smile and imagine them getting hit by a train/bus/car/ied, ect… Where I’m getting at is- GWB gave us higher raises because he was prepping to hand over to a… Read more »
Friday 2:59 pm

And attitudes like this is why so many are weary of military personnel

MSgt in the Air Force
Wednesday 5:59 pm

No one put a gun to my head and made me enlist in the military, I will take any raise the government will give me. It’s ridiculous for the military to think they deserve something espeically when it is an all VOLUNTEER force unlike other countries. Lastly, when everyone else is receiving a pay decrease up to 10% in the private sector, why do we think we deserve more? Come folks, it’s really stepping outside of ourselves and looking at the big picture, do you care if your children will be paying for our debt or do you just want to live for the here and now?

Friday 9:18 am

Only reason you say that is because of your rank and your in the Airforce. You get the best living conditions and the best duty assignments. Be away from everything you love for 467 days instead of a 6 month tour and see how you feel about what you get paid. I feel we should get paid more by job title and who puts their life on the line more. Then I would see you complain.

Thursday 7:10 pm

So, you are saying that you would do this for free? You must realize that you would be one of the few that would be willing to do what we do for nothing at all. Agreed, any raise is better than none. But I am sure that those of us who left the private sector so we could support ourselves and our families that for what we subject ourselves to in order to preserve freedom should be paid. Just an idea from a lower enlisted.

Wednesday 10:57 am

For me, I would like to make a lot more money then I’m making…..who wouldn’t? I’m just thankful for what I do have, I know so many people that are struggling alot worse then I am. I willing to do my part to help this economy recover. It may not seem right, or fair, but when has life ever been fair. I’m just happy I’m not on the streets. I understand that if I’m not happy with my current situation…….prepare to make a change.

Tuesday 3:51 pm

I don’t think it’s fare for the military to get the lowest pay raise in history so they say. I’m in the miltary and many would say dont complain yu have a pay check. Ok I got it. But that the point. the point is that we men and women of the armed forces deserve the raise we use to get. You know the 3.1%. But 1.4% come on. what we deal with the bs on a everyday basis and all we look foward to is 1.4% really. I guess all i have to say it is what it is. whatever!

MSgt in the Air Force
Wednesday 5:54 pm

Really? We deserve a pay raise after the rest of the country is hurting? Does that make sense? Oh and the President has not received a pay raise since 2001 and he has a much larger responsiblity than we do in the military. Why do you deserve the pay raise? Because you put your life on the line? Well, from the last four reenlistments I have done for myself, no one has made me do it… So looking at the deficit at our country and what others are going through, while people in the military have iPhones, flat screen TVs. We do not deserve it. What about everyone losing their homes and jobs? You have job security, medical care, food, shelter… Maybe stepping outside of ourselves is worth a look.

Tuesday 11:33 pm
Um, does the president and congress need a pay raise. They make 6 figures. I’m not saying the military needs huge pay raises but they shouldn’t be subjected to pay freezes. The last thing my husband and the others currently fighting over seas need to be worried about is if their families are going to have food and money to pay the bills. And about the flat screen Tvs comment. Don’t know the last time you went get a new tv but it is hard to find one that isn’t. Not everyone is living the high life. Yes, those that are active duty get mostly free medical no matter where in the country they are, their families however not so much. They are only covered based on the region they live and the hospital they go to. So if I go home on the other side of the country to… Read more »
Saturday 1:57 am
You can hardly compare the President not recieving a pay raise since 2001 to the pathetic pay raise the military is getting. That pay raise in 2001 was a 100% pay raise that increased the Presidential salary from $200k to $400k a year. President Obama currently earns $400,000 per year, along with a $150,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and $19,000 for entertainment. So his mere $400k a year salary is just banked and earning interest being that the President does not have to pay for anything. Now after serving 4 years or even 8 he retires and gets paid around $180k a year not to mention book deals and other perks. So the president that you are so praising for not getting a pay raise does not seem to be suffering at all to me. Congress either. Yes this is a volunteer military but there will surely… Read more »
To the SSG
Tuesday 1:17 pm
Hello SSG, I constantly see so many people in the military who feel “entitled” to a raise even when the economy is in the worst state it has been in my life just because they VOLUNTEER to fight in a war and we get many entitlements to do so. Why do we feel like this? Perhaps we are all about the money, this I cannot answer. After 18 years of service and being deployed four times in the last 7 years at one year each with the exception of one deployment being 6 months may not equate to your many deployments (that’s 3.5+ years gone), but I surely know the hardships of being seperated from family and the dangers of a deployment. BUT, we are a volunteer force, no one has made me do this, I reenlisted 4 times because I am an AMERICAN and am proud of being in… Read more »
Thursday 5:30 pm
Im sorry to burst your little fantasy bubble here but I want to clear a few assumptions you seem to be making over and over and over. You continuously state that you and i quote you “I see many 18 year olds with flat screen TVs, BMWs and such” do you have any figgin idea why they have those things it has nothing to do with them getting paid a lot of money in fact they dont make that much I might be so bold as to say it’s reasonable but I think they should get paid more for what they give up whether they gave it up like me to protect ones family or they did it because they grew up in poverty and that’s their only way out. Regardless the reason these kids have these things is because they are young and still not use to the idea… Read more »
Thursday 3:59 am

Pay raises however big or small is always favorable but at the same time it is hard doing a job when you know the people up top are sitting pretty, making 400k. Yes im talking about the president. I understand that with the economy a pay freeze may happen but at the same time maybe the president and congress should take a pay cut. That would make a huge difference in the deficit and show the people that they are truly trying to cut the deficit. Yes times are hard with the economy but who is it harder for servicemen and women or the people in Washington. Not looking for a pay raise, just looking for a paycheck for the job I’m currently working.

Thursday 1:03 pm

Well Msgt, First off your job as a Senior NCO is to take care of your guys and to help them understand the changes not to argue with them over semantics and attempt to justify the governments actions. You want to save the economy, get out and run for political office until then while your here how bout doing your job and save the opinions for your spouse. Enlisted Force Structure…Remember that?
USAF COL Retired

To the Retired Colonel
Friday 2:22 pm
Surely you think the airmen and soldiers living outside their means is appropriate? We in the military are paid well or at least the enlisted are for not having any education, or minimum training. I see several officers running around the base with modest vehicles while it is the airmen driving around in BMWs and such with loud speakers and fancy phones… I wonder why? I think the MSgt made a good point, no one made them sign up. It is hard for any family when someone deploys for a long time, but they get family separation allowance, tax free pay, hazardous duty pay. Sure it may not be enough, but I can attest that is is a lot! People reenlist for a reason, and complaining why we are not getting a raise is not supporting Congress. I know enlisted and officers take a different oath, but I thought we… Read more »
Friday 1:55 pm

Well Retired COL I agree with you partly, but why NOT support the government, they are the ones paying our bills! The last commander’s call I went to is all in support of the President, like it or not that is what SNCOs do. I do not think the MSgt is arguing with people but asking people to look around and take ownership for the economy. What does Enlisted Force Structure have to do with the comment? Absolutely nothing..

Marie daley
Monday 10:48 pm
I think it is crazy to even compare raises of those who serve in the military and some federal employees who sit at a desk nice and safe while husbands like mine put their lives on the line everyday. Maybe if we didn’t continue to pay outrageous salaries to former presidents,people who really earn and continue to earn it for 20 years not just 4 or 8. I wonder how our president or congress members would like it if they spent holiday thousands of miles away from family getting shot at or not being there for the birth of their child all of these things our families deal with on top of making very little pay for all they do but these people make more in a month than we do in a year for doing nothing but screwing everything up and then we don’t get what little pay raise… Read more »
Tuesday 1:57 am
When you do not have to sit home and wonder if your father, husband, brother, son, your best friends and family are safe on some convoy, or when you get a phone call and have to listen to explosions in the back ground you have no idea the life that military members and their families live. Maybe you individuals that are deciding on our pay raises need to go on a convoy, spend Christmas, birthdays, births, and anniversaries overseas in a hazardous area, and listen to your families cry on the phone because they have had a chance to miss you and your child be confused because you can only call once and a while and explain why they can not see you for months on end repetitively. On top of that donate your salaries and let your family pay your mortgage, light bill, grocery bill, car insurance and a… Read more »
Thursday 1:28 pm

That’s why deployed military members get TAX FREE paychecks….I accept that

Wednesday 6:28 pm
The Department of Defense released today the 2011 Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates, which take effect Jan. 1, 2011. While overall rates will decrease an average of 0.59 percent, because of the individual rate protection provision, the average change service members will see is a 1.1 percent increase. Individual rate protection ensures that individual members already assigned to a given location will not see their BAH rate decrease, though they will receive the increase if the rate goes up. This assures that members who have made long-term commitments in the form of a lease or contract are not penalized if the area’s housing costs decrease. Any decreases only apply to members newly reporting to a location. A typical junior enlisted member with dependents will find his/her BAH about $39 per month higher than last year, while a senior non-commissioned officer with dependents will receive about the same amount as… Read more »
2011 Federal GS Pay Raise From 2010 By General Schedule Grade | Government & Military Pay, Benefits and Taxes
Saturday 1:19 pm

[…] surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). See this article for details on the 2011 military basic pay rates, which are likely to increase by the same amount as civilian pay rates. Under the terms of the […]

2011 Military Pay Raise and Pay Tables For Officers and Enlisted Staff By Experience
Friday 12:01 am

[…] v s 1.9% Military Pay Rise in 2011? That’s the question in Congress, with both options of the 2011 military base pay […]

[…] surveys conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). See this article for details on the 2011 military basic pay rates, which are likely to increase by the same amount as civilian pay rates. Under the terms of the […]

Thursday 11:00 am

It’s sad that there is no Defense Authorization Bill Yet, so Congress will have to try Again In Lame Duck Session. But if the Republicans win, maybe the 1.9% raise will be approved. I also don’t know why other provisions like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” have to hold everything up. The House passed its version of the NDAA back in June, and with limited time remaining before the pre-election recess, but as usual everything get’s held up in the Senate.

In the past, this important defense bill has observed a long-standing tradition of fairness and bipartisanship. So it is troubling when we see the leadership in this Congress misuse the legislative process in this manner.


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