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Free Magazine Offers I was recently approached by a trade publications group to help promote free magazine subscriptions in the personal finance and investing space. Initially, I was skeptical about this offer because I thought it was just a way to drive sales for little known publications or to send “junk” marketing materials. However looking at the various magazine and publications offers, and actually subscribing (for free) to a number of them myself I can definitely endorse this offering and one you should look into. Based on your profile you could qualify for a number of subscriptions which are 100% free or allow you to get the magazines for a no-obligation trial period.

Why the free subscriptions? The magazine publishers give out the free subscriptions because it is a win-win situation for you and them. You have a genuine need for the information and products described in the magazines. The publishers can increase their circulation and hence advertising appeal. Most smaller or niche magazine publishers do not make much money in subscription dues (which barely cover printing and distributions costs) and in fact rely on advertising revenue to drive their profits. So the bigger the circulation, the more they get in ad dollars. Hence the free subscriptions.

Which publications are available? Click here to browse the catalog of magazines/publications on offer. I have focused on business, finance and investing, but you can get free magazine subscriptions for all types of industry groups . Apart from magazines, there are lots of extras, including white papers, podcasts, downloads, and more. You can browse by title or by industry. All you need to enter is some basic background information so that the publishers know they are targeting the right audience for the magazines. Here are some of the most popular publications that I recently signed up for. (Total cost = $0):

Traders Magazine  provides unparalleled coverage of the entire trading process, including equities and options, major trends, financial industry news, executive profiles and cutting edge technology developments that keeps Wall Street “running.”

CIO Insight brings you insightful case studies, round table discussions, research reports and expert perspectives you need to navigate through this quickly evolving business environment.

Take your time and explore the offerings. Subscribe or take as much of the free stuff as you like. And don’t forget to bookmark the home page because there are new magazines, newsletters, and other good stuff added regularly.

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