History Of The US Housing Market From Boom To Bust To Reform


Below is a nice graphical summary of the rise and fall of the US housing market through 2010 and the macro level responses to the ensuing real estate foreclosure crisis. Scary to see the obvious missteps when looking back at some of the decisions made. That’s why hindsight is 20/20 (and our politicians unfortunately have 0/20 foresight!)

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The U.S. Housing Crisis InfographicInfographic by: HomeGuide411.com

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[…] as opposed to an already frothy stock market that could coming crashing down fast any day. As the housing crisis fades into memory, it seems people would rather put their cash into tangible assets and let their […]

[…] Your Take?  I think the above idea is just a money grab and it is unlikely that many ‘rich” foreign nationals would really partake of the opportunity given the severe restrictions.  In particular the prospect of being subject to US taxes without being able to work here would be a major turn-off. But this bill does show how desperate (creative?) the government is getting in trying to solve the housing crisis. […]


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