Investment Portfolio Monthly Update – Up by 7%


Since the last update my portfolio has gone up in value by about 7%. This handily beat the 3% rise in the Dow Jones and S&P 500 Index, which means I would classify this as a good month. Details of my portfolio and move are shown below:

The gain would have been more if it was not for the Visa Sep $95 call options I bought last month. Unfortunately, I bought them when the underlying Visa stock was at its peak and as the stock fell, the option price fell at a much faster rate. However, this was more than offset by the 20% plus rise is in Google and actual Visa stock over the last month (I have about $3000 in each stock). Melco PBL was my most volatile stock this month. Thanks to a positive review in a Barrons article it was up to almost $15 before disappointing earnings which saw its shares fall back to $13. My defense and aerospace ETF (PPA) was also up nicely this month.

Where to next

Looking at my portfolio, it is far too concentrated in technology (Google, Accenture and Brocade). I need to diversify more and buy into some of the future growth sectors (oil, agriculture and resources). I also have another $10,000 available for investing and want to deploy this to some longer term investments. Rather than go for individual stocks, I am leaning towards buying Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) or mutual funds. I am going to avoid options! Got a few decisions to make and I’ll discuss my investments in posts over the upcoming month, as I do more research. Let me know of any suggestions or ideas you have for some good medium to long term investments.

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