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2017 to 2018 Maximum Weekly Unemployment Benefits By State

Listed below are the latest maximum weekly unemployment insurance benefit/compensation amounts by state. The Unemployment compensation (UC) program is designed to provide benefits to most individuals out of work or in between jobs, through no fault of their own.

Note, the table below contains the the maximum weekly unemployment insurance compensation (benefit) including adjustments for dependents where applicable. In most cases the number of dependents you have and average maximum weekly wage will impact the unemployment benefit you are eligible for. Please check the respective state unemployment website in the table below for state specific details, latest numbers and process to claim the benefits. The data in this post is informational only for reference.

The Federal-State UC program is a partnership based upon federal law, but administered by state employees under state laws. Thus each state designs its own UC program within the guidelines of the federal requirements, which includes setting the benefit amount along with eligibility and disqualification provisions. There are significant differences between states so please visit the state unemployment for detailed rules and benefit calculation scenarios.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), which provided federal benefits on top of the state benefits (up to 99 weeks of benefits), has now expired and is not longer available. You can see this article for more details, but as of now only state unemployment benefits are available to the unemployed.

I will keep updating the table with annual state unemployment benefit changes and encourage you to follow this site via social media to get the latest updates. State unemployment benefit information is constantly changing so if you notice any discrepancies please leave a comment and I will update.

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State Max. Weekly Benefit Amount State Unemployment Insurance Benefits Site Max Weeks
Alabama $265 Alabama Unemployment Information 26
Alaska $370 Alaska Unemployment Insurance State Website 26
Arizona $240 Arizona Department of Economic Security 26
Arkansas $451 Arkansas Department of Workforce Services 20
California $450 CA.gov EDD details 26
Colorado $568 Colorado Department of Labor and Employment 26
Connecticut $598 Connecticut Department of Labor 26
Delaware $330 Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance
District of Columbia $425 DC Dept. of Employment Services 26
Florida $275 Florida
Dept. of Economic Opportunity
Georgia $330 GA Department of Labor
Hawaii $551 Hawaii Unemployment Insurance State Website 26
Idaho $410 Idaho Dept. of Labor 26
Illinois $449 (Individual) to $613 (w/dependents) IL Unemployment Insurance State Website
Indiana $390 Indiana Department of Workforce Development 26
Iowa $447 (Individual) to $548 (w/dependents) Iowa Workforce Development
Kansas $474 Kansas Department of Labor 16
Kentucky $415 Kentucky Career Center 26
Louisiana $247 Louisiana Workforce Commission 26
Maine $410 Maine Department of Labor 26
Maryland $430 MD Department of Labor (DLLR) 26
Massachusetts $742 + $25 p/child MA Labor and Workforce Development 30
Michigan $362 (w/dependents) Michigan UIA 20
Minnesota $683 MN Department of Employment and Economic Development 26
Mississippi $235 MS Department of Employment Security
Missouri $320 MO Department of Labor and Industrial Relations 20
Montana $487 MT Department of Labor and Industry 26
Nebraska $392 NE Department of Labor 26
Nevada $427 NV Dept. of Employment, Training and Rehab 26
New Hampshire $427 NH Department of Employment Security 26
New Jersey $677 NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development 26
New Mexico $425 NM Department of Workforce Solutions 26
New York $430 NY Dept. of Labor 26
North Carolina $350 NC Division of Employment Security 12
North Dakota $633 ND Job Service 26
Ohio $435 (Individual) to $587 (w/dependents) Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services

Oklahoma $505 Oklahoma UI Home Page 26
Oregon $590 Oregon Employment Department 26
Pennsylvania $573 + $8 p/week for each dependent PA Office of Unemployment Compensation 26
Puerto Rico $42 or $133 PR Department of Labor & HR 26
Rhode Island $566 RI Dept. of Labor and Training 26
South Carolina $326 SC Dept. of Employment & Workforce 20
South Dakota $345 SD Department of Labor & Regulation 26
Tennessee $275 TN Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development 26
Texas $493 Texas Workforce Commission 26
Utah $496 Dept. of Workforce Services 26
Vermont $458 VT Dept. of Labor 26
Virginia $378 VA Employment Commission 26
Washington $681 WA Employment Security Department 26
West Virginia $424 West Virginia Unemployment Insurance Page 26
Wisconsin $370 WI Dept. of Workforce Development 26
Wyoming $471 Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Home Page 26

Steps to Filing an Unemployment Claim

– Contact the State Unemployment Insurance agency as soon as possible after becoming unemployed. Go the website to see if you can file electronic claims or to get the location/number of the nearest unemployment office.

– Have details of your former employment available. Make sure to give complete and correct information to ensure no delays with your claim processing. It generally takes two to four weeks after you file your claim to receive your first benefit check.

– Your state unemployment website (links in table above) will generally allow you to calculate your estimated state unemployment benefits prior to or when submitting a claim. You will need to have your income/wages earned during the four prior calendar quarters (base year period) and also number of hours worked in some instances for each of these quarters. Since the wages you earn can vary significantly from quarter to quarter, you may want to consider these differences in deciding when to file your claim. Refer to your local state’s website for specifics on calculations and eligibility.

The final amount of your benefit is determined after the State UI division process your application and validates income and employment duration with your employer(s).

Taxation on Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment insurance is taxable income and must be reported on your IRS federal income tax return. Your local state unemployment agency will send you form 1099-G to file with your tax return (see due dates). This form is sent in late January and outlines the amount of benefits paid to you during the previous year. You can choose to withhold income tax during the year with 10 percent being the maximum generally allowed.

Claiming Benefits Across Multiple States

If you worked and earned wages in multiple states you may be able to claim benefits from all these states relative to the income you earned. Generally you should first exhaust benefits from the state where you had the highest income and/or lived for the longest duration in the base year of figuring your claim. After which you can submit claims from the other states up to the maximum weekly benefit.