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Welcome to the 28th edition of the money hacks carnival where some of the best personal finance and money management articles are featured. First, a little about your host. I am a 30 something blogger sharing my personal finance and investing experiences (good and bad) on my journey to financial freedom. Its has been a roller coaster ride and hope you can check out some of my past articles which are categorized for your convenience near the top right of the page. If you like what you see, consider subscribing to receive regular updates.

The theme for this edition of the carnival is the financial print media. With recent statistics and reports showing a decline in print media readership, I thought I would do my bit to highlight some of the newspapers and magazines I still like to read in the good ol’ fashioned print/hard copy format. If you like them, subscribe (via embedded links) to show your support!

Editors Picks – The Wall Street Journal (WSJ)

I am a regular reader of the print and online WSJ – The world’s premier and most comprehensive financial broadsheet. If you want the financial news without all the hype, then this is your source.

– Nickel presents Five Ways to Get Your Credit Report for Free posted at Always love getting things for free and some great resources mentioned in the post.

– FMF presents Tricks of the Trade: An Insider’s Look at Saving Money at Grocery Stores posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Insider tips on saving money on groceries.” We all know some of them, but find out some you may not have heard of.

– Curt presents Where Does Victim Mentality Come From? posted at An interesting look at human psychology.

– The Happy Rock presents Paying with Cash…Does it Save Money? posted at The Happy Rock. It looks like it does. Overall though, I think I prefer the hybrid benefits of cash and credit.

– PT presents New Car or Used Car: A Reader Debates Which Is The Smarter Purchase posted at Prime Time Money. Wish I had read this article before I bought my car.


Fortune Magazine. Has all the stories about the leaders behind the companies we invest in. A hugely popular magazine with in depth business and management stories.

– Tom Tessin presents The Top 10 Colleges for Getting Rich the Fastest posted at FCC Student Blog, saying, “Learn what colleges will get you rich the fastest.” Great information, but my question is who are the “experts” saying this.

– Mike Leonard presents How long could you survive if you lost your job? posted at Until Debt Do Us Part. Start thinking of those contingency plans now.

– Silicon Valley Blogger presents Upromise Survey: Saving For College, Getting Tougher? posted at The Digerati Life. Eye opening piece on the rising costs of tertiary education.

– Thursday Bram presents Start The School Year Off Right: A Few Frugal Tips for Getting Through the Fall posted at Wise Bread. After you read this check out my related post on Six sure fire ways for students to ruin their financial future.

– Living almost large presents Workplace Relationships – Yea or Nay? posted at LivingAlmostLarge. I
say Nay.

Debt & Credit


Money Magazine. An easy to read personal finance magazine that provide loads of information on ways to manage, spend and invest your money. Especially applicable in today’s economy.


– Credit Addict presents How to Make Money With 0% Balance Transfers posted at CreditAddict. Too risky for me, but this arbitrage opportunity may be worth it for others.

– Freefrombroke presents Credit Report Versus Credit Score posted at Free From Broke, saying, “Make sure you know the difference between credit report and score so you can get the one you need.”

– Jim presents How to Fight Debt Collectors posted at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity. He presents a clear strategy and approach to deal with this tough situation.

– Mr. Banker presents ABA Routing Transit Number Facts posted at Best Interest Rate Banks.

– SingleGuyMoney presents Personal Finance – Back to Basics (Part 3) posted at Single Guy Money. Emphasizes the value of good credit. The picture in the post is worth seeing as well.

– Tool presents HSBC Direct Online Savings Review posted at Savings Toolbox. Nice post and I did a similar review a while back and have to agree with Tool’s findings.

– Twenties Money Magazine presents Financial Health – Initial Check Up posted at Twenties Money. A checkup we should all do regularly.

Investing and the Economy

The Economist covers global economic issues better than most other publications and if you are interested in international and global economics, this is the publication for you.

– Del Sandeen presents 3 Things High Gas Prices Can Do for You posted at Fiscal Liberty.

– Tushar Mathur presents Advantages and Disadvantages of ETFs posted at Invest In India, saying, “ETFs are mutual funds, whose units can be bought and sold on the stock exchange.”

– Upside Trader presents Hey, Maybe I’m Wrong posted at upsidetrader, saying, “I’m the biggest financial bear on the planet as you all know. Najarian is talking about the off the charts call option action in the financials today, and I do have to “respect” bullish action in any group when it presents itself.”

– The DIV-Net presents Introduction to Currency ETF’s posted at Create Rising Passive Income From Dividend Paying Stocks.

– Dorian Wales presents The Trend Isn’t Always Your Friend – Improbable Scenarios Present Rare Investment Opportunities posted at The Personal Financier, saying, “The probable probably won’t happen”


Kiplinger’s is another personal finance publication I subscribe to which presents money management in a very straightforward and engaging manner.

– Joy presents Stuff, simplified. Part 2 posted at Happy to be at Home. A nice article on frugal living and assessing what is really needed.

– Roshawn Watson presents 5 Signs That You Are Living Beyond Your Means posted at Watson Inc, saying, “Living beyond one’s means can derail the finances of even some of the highest earners. Just ask many of the countless celebrities and athletes who have filed for bankruptcy or have been foreclosed on”

– Bryce presents Telecommuting posted at Save and Conquer, saying, “More and more people work part or even full time from home. This post gives some help on deciding to telecommute.” You can also make a case to your employer as to why telecommuting can make you more productive.

– J. Savings presents Getting Your Credit Reports and Credit Scores for Free! posted at Budgets are Sexy., saying, “Reviewing some free credit report sites and how worth it they are!”

– Sean presents Should I Replace My Light Bulbs With Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Today, Or Wait Until They Burn Out? posted at Financial Ramblings.

– Kenneth presents Using Google Docs to track your expenses: Simple Step-by-Step Approach posted at Dollar Travels, saying, “This is a useful way to use Google Docs to track your budget and expenses.” I agree and its free.

– The Smarter Wallet presents 7 Frugal Tips To Clean and Care For Your Clothes posted at The Smarter Wallet. Some great money saving ideas here.

– Pamela Grundy presents Golden Corral Coupons & Deals posted at Personal Finance Analyst.

– Karen presents Rescuing a pet is frugal posted at Living Well on Less, discussing why rescuing an animal from a shelter or humane society is the most frugal way to adopt a pet. I agree and despite a recent post on pet-time shares, I think you are spot on.

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Save On Grocery Bills posted at George L Smyth, saying, “Marion Cornett explains the psychology behind the ways stores get you to make more purchases than you had intended.”

Income and Taxes

We have to pay taxes on our income, and not much choice in that. So the best we can do is increase our income by investing wisely. For the publication that has the most influence on company stocks and Wall street, look no further than Barrons. It is a bit pricier than the other publications but well worth the premium.

– FIRE Getters presents QuickBooks – FREE Accounting Software for Windows posted at FIRE Finance.

– Retirehappy presents
Unconvert A Roth IRA Conversion posted at My Retirement Blog.

– Aryn presents How to Withdraw from Your Roth IRA Tax Free posted at Sound Money Matters, saying, “Another reason the Roth IRA is awesome!” A good post for my One Step Financial challenge.

– The Financial Blogger presents Corporate Class Funds; How To Avoid Taxes For The Next Ten Years posted at The Financial Blogger, saying, “Corporate Class Funds allow an individual to report taxes for several years along with transforming interest and dividend income into capital gains.”


Consumer Reports magazine. Get a range of information on everyday items from the best and biggest testers in the business. Was invaluable when selecting my Digital SLR camera a few months ago

– Cyberslacking presents Cyberslacking tools on-line posted at Glowicki ProBlogger – Blogging Tips, saying, “bored in job? here you have tools to cyberslack and some decent ideas!” If you use these tools then you need to check out my recent article on 21 Signs that you are losing interest in your job

– Phil B. presents Retirement Calculator « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity, saying, “Use this retirement calculator to determine if you have enough money to retire.”

– Madison presents Free Month of Amazon Prime posted at My Dollar Plan.

– Ryan Suenaga presents Free Software From Google Saves Time and Money posted at Uncommon Cents.

And so ends this edition of the money hacks carnival. Thanks for all the submissions (over 50!) and it was great to discover a number of new blogs/bloggers. Just a quick note to remind submitters that your submission to this carnival must be posts that have not been submitted elsewhere. There were a number of posts I had to exclude due to the fact that they were already included in other carnivals this week. Submit your unique blog article to the next edition of money hacks carnival using the carnival submission form.

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