2016 529 Plan State Tax Deduction Limits and How to Choose a 529 Plan And Save Now For Future College Costs – Prepaid vs. College Tax Savings Plan


With my son approaching another birthday, I’ve started thinking more seriously about his schooling from elementary to college/university. My parents paid for a significant part of my education and I would like to do the same for my son. Given the rising cost of tertiary education, I figured the earlier I save the better. And thanks to […]

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How to Pay for College: Funds, Savings, and Alternatives


Undoubtedly, the most complicated part of going to college is paying for it. But, the benefits of going through life with a degree make the troubles of college funding worth it. Unfortunately, the cost of attending college is determined to touch the sky and doesn’t seem to let up anytime soon. The average cost for […]

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When Should You Start Saving for Your Child’s College Education? Right Now.


A set of three couples sit around an oval table, discussing the future of their newborns. A father asks, “Has anyone actually started saving for college yet?” One parent cries, “Ugh not me.” Another parent tries to explain, “No, no you got time.” But then the “smart” couple confesses and says, “On no. We’ve actually […]

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