Answers to The Top 7 Most Searched for Tax Questions


This time of year taxes are on the forefront of most Americans personal finances. When can I file, how do I file, how much will I get back and why is the IRS taking so long to pay me my refund are just examples of the most googled tax questions and comments I see. Over the years […]

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IRS Audit Triggers and Red Flags – Why Tax Returns Are Pulled For Audits and How to Avoid Getting Audited


Most tax payers, including myself, share the same dread of getting audited by the IRS. But in reality the chances of facing an IRS audit aren’t all that high. The IRS generally audits 1% of the more than 140 million returns filed annually. For taxpayers making less than $200,000, the rate drops to 0.95%. Those […]

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