Banks to Increase Dividends. Financial Stocks to Benefit Include JPM, BAC, WFC, GS, USB, STT and BNY


The Federal Reserve will soon allow banks with strong enough capital cushions to raise dividends, making them much more attractive to local and foreign investors. Only banks that satisfy new capital requirements from global regulators (Basel III) and domestic regulators (Dodd-Frank), will be able to raise dividends.  The potential for a significantly increase dividend payout  […]

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Battle of the Banks: Local Versus National


There’s a lot to consider when choosing your bank. After all, the fate of your hard-earned money lays in the decision. The institution charged with keeping your funds secure and fostering their growth into a sizable sum has a lot of expectations to meet. Usually, consumers look for banks that offer competitive interest rates. This […]

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The End of Free Checking and How to Avoid Monthly Account Fees


Free checking is coming to end thanks to new Financial reform regulation that will force banks to cut overdraft and ATM fees, which traditionally covered the cost of providing free checking accounts. Bank of America and Wells Fargo, US banks with the largest branch networks, have already started to discontinue free checking accounts for new […]

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Seven Ways to Avoid Banks Taking Your Money in Fees and Charges


We have all read about and surely experienced the ever increasing fees and charges that banks and other financial institutions charge us. In the US alone, $36 billion in bank fees were charged last year to consumers. 1. Monthly Account Keeping or Service Fee : The most common fee you pay for an organization to […]

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