Carnival of Personal Finance #298 – The Best Money Articles Online


Its been a while since I hosted the CoPF and I was pleasantly surprised to see many new faces in the personal finance blogging space along with some of my old favorites. It was especially interesting to see some of the newer blogs out there because it reminded me of my journey in building Saving […]

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Budgeting Pitfalls and Remedies


Budgeting provides a way for people to track their income and expenses. However the hard part, once people are aware of their expenses, is to actually cut back on discretionary items. Budgeting fails for many people because they fail to address this key shortcoming. Budgeting will not reduce your expenses; it is how you react […]

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Personal Budget Spreadsheet – How To Make It Work For You


Let’s clear one misconception – creating a budget spreadsheet won’t make you any more money or make you rich. What it does is provide a framework to organize and track your finances. Ideally you would want to maintain a budget for six months to a year to get an idea of your spending patterns. You […]

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