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Rebuild a Poor Credit Score Using a Credit Union Loan


Credit Unions are a great way to get a loan and improve your credit score. Many people overlook this small gem, and continue to be declined for credit opportunities when using traditional banks and financial institutions. Do not allow your poor credit rating hinder you from improving your financial health. Credit Unions are small businesses, […]

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Hacking Social Security Numbers and How to Protect Your Identity


CBS news reports that according to a recent journal article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is possible to use publicly available data on state and date of birth to predict someone’s Social Security number, particularly if they were born after 1988 and in smaller states. The ability to use […]

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Breaking Down and Improving your FICO Credit Score


As you may know, based on some recent articles, I have started my home buying process. I have looked at many factors like the economy, monies available for down payment and job security when weighing the decision to buy a place. However, I have found that the one financial factor that seems to be the […]

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