When Will I Get My Employer W2, Investments 1099, Mortgage 1098 and Other 2016 Tax Return Forms and Filing Documents


[Updated for 2015-2016 tax season] Before we file our tax returns there are a number of forms we need to receive from our employers, financial institutions and other entities we make money from, conducted financial transactions or did business with. Below are estimated time frames for when we can expect to receive some of these common income tax forms. Employer W-2. This […]

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How You Can Get a 14% Effective Tax Rate Like Mitt Romney and Other Super-Rich Americans

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife paid a 14% effective income tax rate in 2010 on nearly $22 million of income. Given the marginal federal income tax rate for anyone making over $35,350 (single) or $70,700 (married) is higher than 15%, it is pretty clear that the Romney’s are paying way below what […]

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Banks to Increase Dividends. Financial Stocks to Benefit Include JPM, BAC, WFC, GS, USB, STT and BNY


The Federal Reserve will soon allow banks with strong enough capital cushions to raise dividends, making them much more attractive to local and foreign investors. Only banks that satisfy new capital requirements from global regulators (Basel III) and domestic regulators (Dodd-Frank), will be able to raise dividends.  The potential for a significantly increase dividend payout  […]

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Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)- A great investment


I have received a lot of good and bad financial advice over the last few years and it is hard to categorize which advice was the best. However, one piece of advice that does come to mind and which I received early in my investing days, is to ensure I reinvested my dividends rather than […]

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