Are Vanguard and Fidelity Increasing Fund Fees?

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Vanguard and Fidelity are widely known for their low cost index and mutual funds. Their low expense fees/costs and broad array of funds have made them the fund manager of choice for many individuals, corporations and trusts. So its no surprise that they are the biggest of the fund managers and market makers out there. I […]

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Bank of America Withdrawing $5 Debit Card Fee – Power to the People as Free Checking Accounts Return!


You can tell that the tide of corporate sentiment is shifting when one of the nation’s largest companies changes course following customer outrage and the growing anti-Wall street movement. Especially when this company is a bank that has historically acted with impunity around bank fees. A person familiar with the bank’s plans, said that Bank […]

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How to Avoid Hefty Credit Card Interest and Fees via Good Habits and Knowing Your Rights


Using credit cards has become a way of life for many of us. For the most part, credit cards do offer a convenient way to make purchases, and they enable us to walk around without mounds of cash in our pockets. In return for this and other conveniences like reward programs, however, there can also […]

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The End of Free Checking and How to Avoid Monthly Account Fees


Free checking is coming to end thanks to new Financial reform regulation that will force banks to cut overdraft and ATM fees, which traditionally covered the cost of providing free checking accounts. Bank of America and Wells Fargo, US banks with the largest branch networks, have already started to discontinue free checking accounts for new […]

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Seven Ways to Avoid Banks Taking Your Money in Fees and Charges


We have all read about and surely experienced the ever increasing fees and charges that banks and other financial institutions charge us. In the US alone, $36 billion in bank fees were charged last year to consumers. 1. Monthly Account Keeping or Service Fee : The most common fee you pay for an organization to […]

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