Teaching Your Kids How to Care For Cash and Manage Their Personal Finances


As adults, we’ve seen what a lack of financial knowledge does to managing our finances. That’s why we need to teach our kids early on how to care for their cash, so they are less likely to make the financial mistakes that we did. If you don’t talk about money, lessons learned and how to […]

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Carnival of Personal Finance #298 – The Best Money Articles Online


Its been a while since I hosted the CoPF and I was pleasantly surprised to see many new faces in the personal finance blogging space along with some of my old favorites. It was especially interesting to see some of the newer blogs out there because it reminded me of my journey in building Saving […]

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Rich Advice: What The Top Financial Advisors Are Saying About Investing


I always enjoy reading Barron’s annual Top 1,000 financial advisors list. While, I am way too middle class to engage the ongoing services of a financial advisor (most of the top advisors service families/people with more than $5 million in net worth), it’s still interesting to note what they are saying about the future and […]

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Your Four Step Plan Towards Financial Healing – Breaking the Paycheck to Paycheck Syndrome


In the current financial climate, many of us are under pressure to pay the bills, buy basic household items and meet our day-to-day expenses. Finding spare cash to pay off loans, save for your kids college expenses and to build up a decent retirement nest-egg seems like an impossible dream. Even having any savings at […]

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt – Taking Charge of Your Finances


You may have heard the terms good debt and bad debt before, but it is not as simple as labeling credit card debt as bad, and a home loan as good because a home loan can in fact be considered bad debt too. It is important to understand the differences between and the definitions of […]

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The A to Z of Good Personal Finance (Part 1)


Here is literally the A to Z of good personal finance rules that I try to live by. Think of it like my saving and investing philosophy. Writing this list provided a good opportunity for some introspection and I have already identified a few things I need to do to get back on track. I […]

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