Switching to a Catastrophic Health Plan to Supplement Your Savings and Propel Your Investments

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Choosing the health plan that is best for you and your loved ones is a decision that deserves some undivided attention. While most Americans are used to having traditional health insurance coverage (with up front office visit and prescription benefits), many are turning to catastrophic-only health plans to open up their budget. For some people, […]

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Obama’s 2013 Budget Review – Tax Cuts, Job Stimulus and Small Business Credits


The Treasury recently released their Greenbook on President Obama’s 2013 budget proposal. The Greenbook explains the Administration’s revenue proposals included in the budget that seek to boost near-term growth; provide permanent middle-class tax relief; encourage onshore investments in manufacturing and insourced jobs; cut taxes for small businesses; add balance to deficit reduction by asking the […]

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Health Care Plans: 10 Tips on Choosing the Right Option


It’s that time of the year again when your choice of health care insurance plans comes to the fore – Open Enrollment (OE). During OE you can change your health care coverage and flexible spending allowances for the year ahead without penalty or a qualifying”life-event”. With health insurance premiums on the rise (8% this year), […]

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