How Rich Am I Relative To Others


The table to the right shows where your household stands, relative to others, based on how much income is earned per year. For example, if your household makes $50,000 a year you would be making more than 56% of American households. At $100,000, you make more than 81% of Americans. To be in the 99% percentile, or in the […]

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People Only Really Care About Their Personal Economy and Not The National Economy When it Comes To Voting


In a presidential campaign, you hear lots of rhetoric on the how bad the economy is (Republican viewpoint) or how things are much better than in 2008, when we were at the depths of the recession and had a different president (Democrat viewpoint). On a monthly basis, media outlets publish key economic statistics like the […]

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America’s Income and Wealth Inequality – Driving Obama’s Political and Economic Ideology


Another great graphic from the Economist looking at income distribution across the world’s 30 OECD nations. America has by far the widest income distribution. The average American income is around $33,000 with the top 10% (or decile) of earners having an average $87,257 of disposable income, while those in the bottom decile have $5,819, among […]

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