2012 to 2020 Projections for Unemployment, Home Prices, Inflation and Interest Rates


The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan congressional budget review agency, recently came up with their latest multi-year actual versus forecast for some key economic indicators. While a number of the underlying assumptions can change, the good news is that things will start getting much better in 2012 and we should return to pre-recession growth […]

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Three Investments That Profit From Inflation – CDs, TIPS and Commodities


Everybody has heard the word but few really know what it means. Before we can figure out how to profit from inflation we have to understand how it works. When you inflate a balloon, it gets bigger. For those with an inflated ego, well, we all know what that means. Simply put inflation is a […]

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Gold: A Sound Investment or Overrated?

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You’ve probably noticed by now that gold, and more specifically skyrocketing gold prices,  is just about the only thing people talk about these days. Buying gold has become the new trend in investing as the “gold-boom” continues. With the stock market looking as risky as ever, bonds at the mercy of impending inflation and savings […]

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2012 COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) Set to Increase by 3.6% For Social Security Recipients


[Updated for 2012 Social Security changes] The official 2012 COLA (cost-of-living adjustment) increase is 3.6%, as announced by the SSA. This will mean increased payments to social security recipients, federal employees (in 2013) and other groups whose pay/benefits are tied to COLA. The 2012 COLA increase would be the first in two years and is a much needed […]

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US Economic Outlook – Strong Growth Expected as Recession Fades. GDP Growth Continues At Slower Pace


[2011 Outlook] So what will 2011 look like for the US and global economy? 2010 was a year of recovery, but it was sputtering and many questioned whether the recovery was real and if it could be sustained. As we head in to 2011 things are looking brighter following a booming stock market (up 13%), […]

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Buying Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)


With higher inflation looming on the horizon thanks to the extraordinary increase in the money supply from all the government spending on stimulus and bailouts, many investors are rushing into purchasing “inflation protection” via Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). These securities are essentially government-issued bonds whose principal grows with rising inflation and pay a fixed interest rate […]

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5 Steps to Take Now in Preparation for Double Digit Inflation


There is an important debate brewing among economists today about inflation. On the one hand, many believe we are headed to double-digit inflation in the near term. Increased government borrowing coupled with a huge money supply thanks to the Fed’s liberal approach to printing money, has led many to conclude that raising inflation is inevitable. […]

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