Teaching Kids about Stocks and Investing


One of the things that confront many adults today is a lack of experience with how stock markets work or which stocks to invest in. In a number of cases this can be attributed to not being exposed to the stock market and equity investing at an early age. Think about computers and our senior […]

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Bringing Kids to Work or Not – Good Idea or Career Limiting Move


One of my colleagues brings her kids to work on days that schools or their day-care is unexpectedly closed. Her kids are about 5 and 7, and she brings either one or both depending on the circumstance. I would say on average, she brings the “kids to work” about 7-10 times a year. Overall the […]

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Investing Lessons For The Young and How To Get Your Child Interested in Saving


How many times have you looked back on life and wished that you had started investing earlier? Teaching your children, or grandchildren, a few simple lessons about saving and investing can start them off in the right direction toward an informed and more secure financial future. Step 1: The value of savings Teaching your children […]

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