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Oh No I Am a Speculator and Not an Investor! Another Reason To Go With Index Funds


Of late I have been reflecting on my investing performance over the last decade. While I have made some money on “winning” stocks, I have probably lost much more on duds. In fact as I looked at my portfolio I still own many of these dud stocks, hoping for some miraculous bounce that will restore […]

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How to Invest in Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds – A Beginners Guide to Investing


With the economy showing continued signs of improvement and financial markets making a strong recovery (example: Wall Street exec’s are back to paying themselves big bonuses), many would be investors are more willing to invest in the stock market in order to earn higher than average returns. Investing in this day and age is easy […]

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How Do I Go About Investing in Mutual Funds Cheaply

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The title of this post was based on a question I recently received from a reader – Ben – who was new to equity investing and wanted to get some basic advice on investing in the stock market. He has about $5,000 to kick start his portfolio and wanted a simple, low-cost way to invest […]

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