Simpler and Smarter Investing With a 3 Index Fund Portfolio. Choosing Between Vanguard and Fidelity Equity Funds


As discussed in earlier articles I am streamlining and simplifying my investing strategy. In a nutshell this means going from holding a bunch of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to just holding three low-cost index funds that provide the diversification and exposure I need. It is also a much more simple and dare I say, […]

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Signs When to Sell a Losing Stock


It is very easy to buy a stock. Selling a share or stock though, especially if it has lost value, is a much harder process because of the emotions involved. Knowing when to sell a stock, and actually doing it, is tough and that is why most people like to buy and hold stocks. The […]

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Investment Portfolio update – Down and out 8%

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Well, here is the latest instalment of my bi-monthly portfolio update. Like most people last month was especially brutal for my portfolio and I am down on almost all the stocks in it. After a 7% rise up to my last update on May 19th, the portfolio is down 8% (compared to a 12% fall […]

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