Why Rising Rates Will Boost Rather Than Lower Home Prices and Purchases


Thanks to recent announcements by the Federal Reserve around cutting back on quantitative easing (QE) stimulus measures interest rates have been rising, with the forecast for even higher rates by year end. Based on data from Quicken, America’s #1 Online Lender, rates have been rising consistently of late with the 30-year fixed rate averaging over 4.1%. That’s up […]

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Why Buy Life Insurance and Choosing the Right Option


We’ve all heard that we should have life insurance but few of us take the time to learn about it and even fewer purchase a policy. The reason is obvious: We don’t want to seriously think about the conditions surrounding our own death. We don’t want to believe that there is a chance that our […]

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Gold Price Outlook and Forecast


[Updated] Gold prices reached record levels following S&P’s sovereign credit downgrades and ongoing fears of Euro market/region instability. Coupled with volatility in global equity markets many investors and sovereign nations have rushed to invest in the yellow metal for protection and price speculation. Gold prices have surged 20 percent in 2011, building on 10 years of […]

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Oil’s temporary respite


As oil drops below $100, the sense of relief is palpable for most consumers as they see sub $4 gas at he pump. Media headlines have also done an abrupt about turn, with headlines changing from “When will crude hit $200…” to “How fast can oil prices come down..”. The 20% fall this month has […]

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