2018 Tax Season Open and IRS Tax Refunds Being Processed (or Not)


The IRS has officially announced that the 2018 Tax season is now open. This is in line with our earlier published schedule of key 2018 tax filing dates. April 17, 2018 is the tax deadline – excluding extensions and for non-resident filers. With more than 155 million returns to be filed this year (greater than 90% […]

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IRS Agents Getting Slammed and Call Delays Likely to Continue


Many American taxpayers are again asking this year why it is so hard for them to call in and get through to a real IRS agent. The answer is simply these agents that provide telephone assistance to taxpayers have too much on and there aren’t enough agents to do the work or handle the ever increasing […]

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Will Ordering an IRS Tax Transcript Help Me Find Out When I’ll Get My Refund?


Ordering your tax transcript is a technique a lot of folks use to get an update on their tax return processing and refund if they are not getting information (or see no bars) from the IRS WMR tool. But the IRS has categorically stated that being able to order your latest tax transcript does NOT […]

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Contact a Tax Advocate to Help Get Your Refund Released From The IRS


Lisa had the following challenge with getting her refund released, what is she to do? 1/21 filed 1/23 accepted 1/25 1 bar WMR, tax topic 152, no codes, no messages of a letter 2/2 4464c letter sent out, do nothing wait 60 days, I received on 2/8 2/7 we’ve received your return and it’s still […]

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When Will My 2017 Tax Refund be Released and Deposited into My Bank Account

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The IRS has now started processing and releasing the majority of tax refund payments following delays due to the PATH act.  On various articles published on this site it has been good to see a lot of commentary from people now seeing their tax refunds being directly deposited to their bank accounts. In a lot of […]

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Answers to The Top 7 Most Searched for Tax Questions


This time of year taxes are on the forefront of most Americans personal finances. When can I file, how do I file, how much will I get back and why is the IRS taking so long to pay me my refund are just examples of the most googled tax questions and comments I see. Over the years […]

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What Should I Do With My Tax Refund and How Do People Invest and Spend Their Refunds


So you are lucky enough to get a tax refund. Congratulations. But before you think of this as an end-of-year bonus or money you can fritter away, realize it is actually just the money you already earned for the most part. Sure some of the refund may be due to a tax credit or other […]

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People NOW Seeing Their Tax Refunds Banked Plus Tips on What to do if Your Refund Has Not Yet Been Received


[2018 Update] The IRS has announced that it cannot finalize processing of tax refunds before mid-February for taxpayers who claimed the EITC/ACTC, per the PATH Act. They have however stressed that taxpayers should not expect refunds to be available in bank accounts or on debit cards until the week of Feb. 27.  Last year however some […]

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When Does The 2017 Tax Season Start For Filing My Tax Return and Getting My Refund


This time of year I get a lot of questions on when the IRS will allow people to file their taxes and when (if applicable) refunds will be paid.  For the 2016-2017 tax season the IRS e-File (online tax filing) system will open on Monday, January 23rd. You can technically submit as early as January 1st […]

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2018 Tax Refund Payment Delays For Returns With Earned Income and Child Tax Credit Payments (PATH Act)


It looks like we may have a repeat of 2016 and 2017 tax refund payment delays millions of American’s faced (and are still facing) this year. The IRS recently warned that there will likely be 2018 tax refund delays for certain taxpayers subject to several new factors and legislation (PATH Act) enacted in the past year. Hence the IRS […]

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