Romney to Americans Who Pay No Taxes – You Are Victims and Losers!


A secret recording from a closed-door fund raiser had Mitt Romney saying, “47 percent of Americans believe that they are victims…I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives…My job is not to worry about [votes from] those people. These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay […]

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2013 Tax Rates and Brackets, Standard Deduction and Personal Exemptions Updated in Federal IRS Tax Table


[Updated with 2013 IRS inflation adjusted tax brackets and fiscal cliff changes] Congress and the Obama administration’s fiscal cliff deal (ATRA act) means that 2013 federal tax rates will remain fixed for nearly 99% of the population. Only those earning above $450,000/$400,000 (married/single) AGI will have a higher federal marginal tax rate in 2013, relative to 2012 levels. […]

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How You Can Get a 14% Effective Tax Rate Like Mitt Romney and Other Super-Rich Americans

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife paid a 14% effective income tax rate in 2010 on nearly $22 million of income. Given the marginal federal income tax rate for anyone making over $35,350 (single) or $70,700 (married) is higher than 15%, it is pretty clear that the Romney’s are paying way below what […]

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