2016 SEP IRA Contribution Limits and Eligibility Rules


[Updated for 2016 limits]  A year or so after starting my small business and completing my first annual tax return that showed a slight profit, my accountant advised that I start looking into a retirement account/plan for my business in order to lower my overall tax bill and also effectively set aside some of my […]

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When Can I Make Catch-Up Contributions to 401K, IRA, 403b and SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plans

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Catch-up contributions allow people who feel that they do not have enough of a nest egg to make higher retirement plan contributions as they approach retirement. If you are over or turning 50 in a given calender year you are eligible to make additional or catch-up contributions to your current retirement plan (401K, 403b, IRA etc). […]

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2012 Simple IRA and SEP IRA Contribution Limits – Small Business Retirement Plans


The IRS has released 2012 contribution limits and updated eligibility rules for two of the most popular small business retirement plans : the SEP IRA and Simple IRA. SEP IRA. A SEP is a popular and widely used retirement plan management approach because it provides self employed owners or small business owners with a few staff […]

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Small Business Retirement Plans – 401k, SEP IRA, Simple IRA and ESOP plans


Although many large organizations offer retirement savings plans, it is not necessary to be a part of corporate America in order to take advantage of tax-deductible retirement plans for investing in your future. In fact, as a self-employed small business owner or an employee of a small business, you have several options with regard to tax-advantaged saving for […]

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