How to Invest in Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds – A Beginners Guide to Investing


With the economy showing continued signs of improvement and financial markets making a strong recovery (example: Wall Street exec’s are back to paying themselves big bonuses), many would be investors are more willing to invest in the stock market in order to earn higher than average returns. Investing in this day and age is easy […]

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Embrace Fear For Financial Freedom


FEAR is one of the most powerful forces in investing, as it is in life. One of the biggest universal fears is that of losing money, particularly when it can be so tough to earn in the first place. Yet those who fail to embrace fear run the risk of never being financially free. Fear […]

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How to Buy Shares via an Online Stock Broker – Two Simple Steps To Making Your First Stock Purchase


My brother-in-law recently decided he wanted to buy some Visa shares (V) following a discussion we had around the positive outlook for the company. However he has never bought shares before and asked me about the process. So this post is for him and others new to the stock market. It may look complex with […]

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Lessons From Investing in a Losing Stock

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Want to tell you a story about my trading history with Brocade Communications (BRCD). This was one the first stocks I bought after moving to the US. It had just announced good results and was trading around $10.50, There were some good articles about it and I saw some positive news stories about it. The […]

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