2017 and 2018 Trump Economic Stimulus, Tax Breaks and Credits for Individuals, Corporations and Investors


With Donald J. Trump now America’s 45th president many are now asking if he can bring around the economic change promised while on the campaign trail. A lot of people voted for him as a change agent and from an economic point of view at least are hoping he can bring back opportunity to millions […]

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2013 Debt Ceiling Debate – Spending Cuts, Soaring Deficit, Tax Refund Delays and Political Theatrics


As I was writing this article I re-read my original pieces on the 2011 debt ceiling debate/deal and got a major sense of deja-vu. After 18 months we are back in the same place with a dysfunctional Congress, who barely passed legislation to avert the fiscal cliff, trying to reach a new deal to keep the nation from the edge of […]

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Will We Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff in 2013 – Impacts on Your Taxes and Finances


The Washington Post had two graphics that neatly summarize the impacts from the fiscal cliff. This is the number one topic in the world of finance and almost all Americans will be impacted by the potential fallout in some fashion. My opinion is that Congressional Republicans and the Obama administration will reach some form of deal by year-end to […]

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How Our Tax Dollars Are Spent by The Government


Ever wondered where all our federal tax dollars go? I did and a recent report from the center on budget priorities and policies (CBPP) provided a very nice graphic on how federal tax dollars are distributed. With all the political rhetoric that abounds around the national debt, excessive federal spending and the uncertain future of […]

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Obama’s 2012 Job Creation Stimulus and Tax Cuts – Can the New Economic Plan Really Boost The Economy and Lower Unemployment?


[Update – American Jobs Act a.k.a 2012 Economic Stimulus] In what is essentially the 2012 stimulus package, President Obama has released details on the American Jobs Act which involves spending over $400 billion dollars to boost economic growth. The key provisions are: – Extension of employee payroll tax cuts into 2012, which were due to […]

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How to Avoid Hefty Credit Card Interest and Fees via Good Habits and Knowing Your Rights


Using credit cards has become a way of life for many of us. For the most part, credit cards do offer a convenient way to make purchases, and they enable us to walk around without mounds of cash in our pockets. In return for this and other conveniences like reward programs, however, there can also […]

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Is another Government Shutdown Likely in 2014 and 2015 – Will Social Security Benefits, Contractor and Federal Employee Pay Stop Again?


Updated Nov. 2015] With the President taking executive action on immigration policy, Republicans are vowing to stop him by defunding public agencies that could implement this executive action. House Speaker, John Boehner said he is still reviewing options but has not ruled out yet another government shut down.  But the clock is ticking with government agencies running out of money […]

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Hope For the Best Prepare for the Worst – Smart Money Moves


Have you heard of a double dip recession or a Black Swan? If either of these takes place, which is not out of the realm of possibly given current economic conditions, your financial future may be at serious risk. In order to avoid the effects of these two events, you must have your finances protected […]

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How Your Financial Life Will Change After Marriage – 7 Important Money Matters to Consider

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So you’re getting married? Congratulations! Decisions about churches, colors, the bridal party, and which family/friends to invite often become choices that take center stage but there are other, less glamorous considerations that have a much longer lasting impact. Those considerations involve financial matters. While the most common subject of marital conflict is money, premarital counseling […]

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2013 Small Business Tax Deductions, Bonus Depreciation and National Transportation Projects


[Update Jan 2013] Congress and the Obama administration have reached an agreement that will extend a number of small business tax breaks through 2013 following the fiscal cliff deal which was legislated through the Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012. You can see details of the extended tax breaks in this article. ________ [Update Sep-Oct 2010] Obama’s Small Jobs Bill has been approved […]

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