Why the Bond Markets Imminent Crash May Be Exaggerated Like a 007 Movie

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Apparently the bond market is heading for a big time crash after a nearly 20 year boom. Last month saw a post-2008 (financial crisis) record outflow out of bond funds (mutual and ETF) as prices tumbled. The main driver behind this is the expected rise in interest rates driven by comments from the Federal Reserve, […]

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Oh No I Am a Speculator and Not an Investor! Another Reason To Go With Index Funds


Of late I have been reflecting on my investing performance over the last decade. While I have made some money on “winning” stocks, I have probably lost much more on duds. In fact as I looked at my portfolio I still own many of these dud stocks, hoping for some miraculous bounce that will restore […]

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Will Markets Crash or Boom? 5 Things You Can Do Stay in The Money


The graphic to the right, showing the top stories on MarketWatch recently, reflects how mixed views on the market outlook really are. Some experts predict a continuing boom, some a crash and some both. No wonder retail investors like you and I are confused on what to do. The stock market crash of 2008 is […]

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What to Do In Times of Stock Market Mayhem – Your 5 Step Sanity Checklist


It seems like 2008 all over again as stock markets around the globe continue to free fall against the backdrop of slowing economic growth and sovereign debt fears. I wrote a couple of posts back in ’08 on reacting to market volatility and it is eerily applicable to what we are going through today. The […]

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Don’t Trade Earnings For a Short Term Gain


Short term traders love earnings season and much like all things investing, the opinions of what to do with earnings season are as varied as the direction of markets tomorrow. Although every trader says they’re making money, are they telling the truth? Is trading during earnings season really a profitable venture? Let’s narrow this down […]

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Rich Advice: What The Top Financial Advisors Are Saying About Investing


I always enjoy reading Barron’s annual Top 1,000 financial advisors list. While, I am way too middle class to engage the ongoing services of a financial advisor (most of the top advisors service families/people with more than $5 million in net worth), it’s still interesting to note what they are saying about the future and […]

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Banks to Increase Dividends. Financial Stocks to Benefit Include JPM, BAC, WFC, GS, USB, STT and BNY


The Federal Reserve will soon allow banks with strong enough capital cushions to raise dividends, making them much more attractive to local and foreign investors. Only banks that satisfy new capital requirements from global regulators (Basel III) and domestic regulators (Dodd-Frank), will be able to raise dividends.  The potential for a significantly increase dividend payout  […]

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The Best Online Brokers For Stocks and Option Trading – Review and Ratings


If you are thinking of investing in the rising stock market or just looking to start an IRA then you need an online broker. In today’s online world there are lots of good choices, but the key things to look for are still around cost, convenience and customer support. Luckily Barron’s, the leading investment magazine […]

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US Economic Outlook – Strong Growth Expected as Recession Fades. GDP Growth Continues At Slower Pace


[2011 Outlook] So what will 2011 look like for the US and global economy? 2010 was a year of recovery, but it was sputtering and many questioned whether the recovery was real and if it could be sustained. As we head in to 2011 things are looking brighter following a booming stock market (up 13%), […]

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How to Invest in Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds – A Beginners Guide to Investing


With the economy showing continued signs of improvement and financial markets making a strong recovery (example: Wall Street exec’s are back to paying themselves big bonuses), many would be investors are more willing to invest in the stock market in order to earn higher than average returns. Investing in this day and age is easy […]

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