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5 Places to Get Free Tax Advice, Guidance and Help


A lot of families cannot afford to pay for professional help to get advice on taxes and/or to prepare their tax returns. While simple returns for low income earners can be filed for free with most large online e-File tax providers, those who have complicated financial situations or have moved states during the year can find […]

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How Much Will it Cost to Have a Tax Professional Prepare Your Tax Return this Year?


I have received variations on this question over the last few years and when I saw this article in the WSJ I had the answer to my question.  The national average fee for 2014 returns will be $273, according to a survey by the National Society of Accountants. This fee is based on filing for the […]

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Filing Your Taxes: D-I-Y Online Tax Software (Turbo Tax, H&R Block) or a Professional Preparer


Over the last few years, having lived in a couple of different countries I have ended up using a tax professional to do my taxes. This was an easy option for me, given I was not familiar with all the local tax laws and wanted some protection/assistance in the advent of an audit. I am […]

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