Buying Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)


With higher inflation looming on the horizon thanks to the extraordinary increase in the money supply from all the government spending on stimulus and bailouts, many investors are rushing into purchasing “inflation protection” via Treasury inflation-protected securities (TIPS). These securities are essentially government-issued bonds whose principal grows with rising inflation and pay a fixed interest rate […]

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5 Steps to Take Now in Preparation for Double Digit Inflation


There is an important debate brewing among economists today about inflation. On the one hand, many believe we are headed to double-digit inflation in the near term. Increased government borrowing coupled with a huge money supply thanks to the Fed’s liberal approach to printing money, has led many to conclude that raising inflation is inevitable. […]

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Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds are Rocking


Brett Arends from the Wall Street Journal had an excellent article recently on how to manage your finances in these troubling times. I have already taken one of his suggestions and moved my cash reserves* into the Vanguard Tax-Exempt Money Market fund (VMSXX) that is currently yielding 5.84% – far above money market averages and […]

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Ten Car Buying Tips to Getting a Great Deal


After driving the same family car for the last 7 years, my wife and I decided it was time to get a new car that provided better fuel efficiency and some of the nice to have modern features. Not having bought a car for quite some time meant that I had to extensively research the […]

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