3 Years of Economic Growth – Are You Feeling The Prosperity?


The chart below shows that the American economy, based on the latest GDP data, has been growing consistently higher for the last three years. Coupled with the stock market reaching new highs one may argue that America has found its groove again and that we are back on the yellow brick road to prosperity. Sadly, […]

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How Rich Am I Relative To Others


The table to the right shows where your household stands, relative to others, based on how much income is earned per year. For example, if your household makes $50,000 a year you would be making more than 56% of American households. At $100,000, you make more than 81% of Americans. To be in the 99% percentile, or in the […]

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Countries With The Most Millionaires


While America may have the most number of millionaires in absolute terms, it does not have the most per capita. Reflecting the shift in global wealth distribution, most of the countries where the per-capita number of millionaires exceeds that of the US are in Asia and the Middle East. The largest increases in the number […]

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Middle Class Doomed as Millionaires Boom – How You Can Join the Ranks of the Rich


According to a recent report from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, the total number of US families with a net worth of over $1 million will double by 2020. All this while the unemployment rate hovers around 10% amidst a tight job market undergoing significant structural reform. Overall, the U.S. and Europe have the […]

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Why Even High-Income Earners Are Not That Far From The Edge of Poverty


Despite earning more than $100,000 in household income many people still feel that they are living month-to-month and that a loss of employment or medical emergency could easily move them from upper middle class to low income earners. This feeling of being on the “edge” of poverty, given the level of income, seems a bit […]

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America’s Income and Wealth Inequality – Driving Obama’s Political and Economic Ideology


Another great graphic from the Economist looking at income distribution across the world’s 30 OECD nations. America has by far the widest income distribution. The average American income is around $33,000 with the top 10% (or decile) of earners having an average $87,257 of disposable income, while those in the bottom decile have $5,819, among […]

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