Toy Story 3: Cost – $100 Plus, Family Value – Priceless. Weekend Wrap and Good Reads


I have lamented in the past about the rising cost of going to the movies, which is exacerbated by the continuing evolution of movie technology (3D, Imax etc) that enables cinema owners to pass rising production costs to techno-obsessed consumers. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon DVD’s and various free internet sites, my movie watching has become more frugal and on my couch rather than at an AMC. However for some movies, I still like the “movie theater” experience and Toy Story 3 is one of them. I saw the first movie as a bachelor, the second as a husband and the third one I plan to see as a Dad. While the movie, food and toys related to the movie will cost me well upwards of $100 (even with frugal online shopping), I know the excitement on my son’s face – and my wife and my own I’m sure – will be worth every dollar!

It was also a good week for me blogging wise, as I passed the 3 million visitor mark! Still feel’s like yesterday when I remember getting my first visitor (a Google bot!) to earning my first $100 (~ 3 months). Still enjoying the blogging business thanks to all the readers and visitors who keep me and this blog going.

Also updated a couple of stimulus related posts that had a major spike in readership this week thanks to some new news – Further September 2010 Extension of Home Buyer Tax Credit and the related  Jobs and  Tax Loopholes Act  in Limbo (Bill: HR 4213). Congress is once again stuck wrangling with the spending vs saving debate as mid-term elections near.

Some great reads from my fellow bloggers this week, which include:

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Frank Schwarz
Thursday 3:49 pm

Sorry for asking a purely nickels and dimes question .,… but how did you earn $100 when you got your first hit , how does that work …. like your blog on blogger vs wordpress pro’s and con’s also , as well as this one , thanks for explaning

Thursday 6:25 pm

It took me 3 months to earn a $100 and many “adsense” hits. Takes a while to find what works. See my posts in the “blogging” category (on the left pane) for more posts on my blogging journey and how you can make money! It ain’t easy, but it is possible. I now make a $100 per day on average, but that is based on over 10,000 visitors.

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Thanks for the mention! :) I’m aiming to catch Karate Kid! Congrats to 3 million visits, that is no mean feat! :)

Aury (Thunderdrake)
Wednesday 12:45 pm

Aha. Toy story 3. I wanted to see that in the theatres. Ain’t got no friends for it this time around willing to! XD

I’ll hold out for the DVD though. <3

Saturday 11:25 pm

Great work on the traffic. I’m almost at 2 million visitors so I have a ways to go before hitting 3 million.


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