Tax Software Upgrade Delays Impacting 2018 Tax Returns Filed in 2019


Technology and Tax Software were supposed to have made tax filing more efficient and refunds (where applicable) faster. But thanks to the slew of tax changes from Trumps’ tax code reforms and recent IRS employee furloughs, due to the recent Government shutdown, software developers at the state and federal tax agencies and at tax software […]

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2018 – 2019 Top Reasons for IRS Tax Processing and Refund Delays


If you are frustrated with delays in getting your tax refund and the inability to get a straight answer from the IRS, then take some small solace that you are not alone. In fact per the Taxpayer Advocate Services’s Annual Report to Congress this IRS’s Failure to Answer the Right Tax Law Questions is the […]

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2018 – 2019 Tax Season Open and IRS Tax Refunds Being Processed (or Not)


The 2018-19 Tax season is now officially open in line with our earlier published schedule of key tax filing dates. Monday April 15, 2019 is the tax deadline for this season. The schedule below shows an estimated 2018-2019 refund schedule chart for the upcoming tax year that should help answer this. The IRS expects more than 70% […]

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$1300 to $2600 Additional Standard Deduction for Seniors Over 65 under GOP/Trump Tax Reform


As part of the GOP tax reform bill to support President Trump’s tax reform agenda there has a near doubling of the standard deductions that can be taken in 2018 and beyond. The offsets the elimination of the $4,050 personal exemption in 2018 (until 2025, unless extended by Congress then). The standard deduction from 2018 will be $12,000 for singles […]

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Obamacare Penalty or ACA Individual Mandate Repealed and Scrapped from 2019 – But Still Applies in 2017 and 2018


While Congressional Republicans were unable to muster the required majorities to pass several versions of House and Senate health care replacement bills, they were able to include a provision to repeal the individual mandate (i.e. the Obamacare penalty) via successfully passing their GOP tax reform bill to support President Trump’s tax reform agenda. While the Obamacare penalty […]

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$500 Non-Child Dependent or Flexible Credit in Trump/GOP Tax Reform Bill


The now passed GOP/Trump tax bill contains a little known but important $500 credit for non-child dependents – e.g elderly or disabled dependents or children over 17. This credit is to provide some relief to those families who will lose the now defunct personal exemption and are not eligible for the expanded Child Tax Credit (CTC). Both the CTC […]

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Losing the $4,050 Personal Exemption But Doubling The Standard Deduction


As part of the GOP tax reform bill to support President Trump’s tax reform agenda the Personal exemption is being fully eliminated in 2018. This will be reflected when you file your taxes in 2019.  The $4,050 personal exemption in 2018 (which was unchanged from 2017) can be taken for yourself, your spouse, and your eligible dependents, will […]

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Most Americans Will be Getting a Tax Cut and Larger Take Home Paychecks in 2018


The latest GOP tax reform bill will affect most Americans when it comes to their 2018 taxes (filed in 2019). While everyone has their own unique financial and tax situations the answer to how the Trump/GOP tax changes will impact American tax payers are driven by these four main factors: How much you earn – your pay […]

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2018 State and Local Property Taxes (SALT) $10,000 Deduction Cap and Prepaying in 2017


Under the new Trump/GOP tax reform bill for 2018 the deduction for Sate and Local taxes (SALT) related to property and sales taxes, on federal IRS tax returns is being limited to $10,000. Tax payers will still need to itemize for this deduction, but will have a cap of $10,000 versus today where there is […]

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Final House and Senate GOP Tax Reform Bill For Trump Tax Changes in 2018 and 2019


House and Senate Republican (GOP) lawmakers have passed a reconciled/final bill for President Trumps Tax Reform measures under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These proposals are aimed at building on Trump’s promises to streamline the US personal and corporate tax code. The plans promise tax savings in 2018 of nearly $1,500 to $2,500 for an […]

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