Another $500 Child Stimulus Check For Dependents – Eligibility and IRS Payment Fixes


[August 2020 update] This IRS has fixed certain stimulus payment issues (which were due to a programming errors) for non-filer groups, many of whom are yet to receive their first $500 dependent stimulus credit. The resolved $500 dependent stimulus (economic impact) payments were being seen by several eligible recipients from early August for each qualifying child.

Further the IRS has announced it will reopen the registration period – starting Aug. 15 through Sept. 30 – for eligible non-filing federal beneficiaries (e.g. SSDI, Retirees and SSI recipients) who were eligible for the $500 per child payments but had not filed or needed to update payment details to get their payment. Those who file (via the IRS Non-filer tool) and are deemed eligible should start seeing their payments by Mid-October.

For those Social Security, SSI, Department of Veterans Affairs and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries who have already used the Non-Filers tool to provide information on children, no further action is needed. The IRS will automatically make a payment in October.

The above is great news for those who were in limbo about their payment and hopefully addresses many of the comments below.

2020 Tax Return Claimants (paid in 2021)

Any beneficiary who misses the Sept. 30 deadline will need to wait until next year and claim it as a credit on their 2020 federal income tax return. If you are not sure of your payment, you can check the status on the Get My Payment tool on

Update and news on another Dependent Stimulus Payment in 2020

With a second stimulus check now almost a certainty it is also likely that Congress will soon pass another $500 dependent stimulus check to be paid in August 2020. Democrats had proposed that the payment be increased to $1000 but limited to 3 dependents, however it looks like the $500 amount will stay consistent given the increased number of dependents that will be eligible for this payment.

Democrat and Republican proposals, HEROS and HEALS acts respectively, also addressed the main issue with the original dependent stimulus (as discussed below) where it was limited to dependents under the age of 17. This has now been expanded under both parties’ proposals (which means it will be in the final bill) so that dependents under the age of 24 in high school or college will also be getting this dependent stimulus check. This will expand eligibility to another three million potential dependents.

At this stage it is likely that the $500 stimulus will be paid along with a second stimulus check towards the end of August 2020 in the same manner it was paid the first time around.

Stay tuned for additional updates once formal details are released.

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$500 Child Dependent Stimulus Check

Updated in May with answers at the end of this article. Several readers have asked questions around the additional $500 child dependent stimulus payment approved under the CARES stimulus bill. This is in addition to the $1200 individual and $2400 couple stimulus checks being paid to qualifying Americans. To get the supplementary child stimulus check payment you must have filed a recent (2018 or 2019) tax return, claimed the child as dependent AND the child must be younger than 17-years-old. They must also be related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption. There is no limit to the number of dependents who can qualify for the additional $500 in one household.

[Updated answer to the 700+ comments] By far the most common comment I am seeing on this article is where parent(s) have received their $1200/$2400 stimulus check but did not get their $500 kid stimulus credit for one or more of their eligible dependent children. This reader comment is a good example of this, “My husband and I filed married filing jointly and claimed our two boys 10 , and 6. We have filed it this way for years! And we only received the stimulus for us and nothing for them! And we have no idea who to call or how to fix this. It was obviously an error. Which is understandable considering all the people they have to do this for. But I just wish there was a way we could get the extra $1,000. Before filing next year.”

You can scroll down to see further examples (and some underlying reasons) like this but at this point there is little recourse for most people to resolve this in the near future as the IRS is not taking calls on this.

This age limit to get the dependent stimulus check is much younger than what is used by the IRS in the qualifying child test where a child must be younger than 19 years old or be a “student” younger than 24 years old as of the end of the calendar year. Hence the confusion being caused for many trying to claim this stimulus payment. So just remember if your child or eligible dependent is 17 or over at the end of 2020 you cannot claim the stimulus dependent payment for them. The full qualifying criteria for this payment is shown below.

College and High School Seniors Dependents

Thousands of college students and high school kids who are older than 17, but are still being claimed as a dependent by their parents or relative on their federal tax return, are unfortunately ineligible for the additional $500 payment based on current rules.

However if you are a college student AND filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return (file for free at Turbo tax), you may qualify for the $1200 stimulus check per standard rules. Note that you can still file a tax return (and must, if you want to get a refund of federal or state tax withholding) AND be a dependent on your parents return. So many 17 to 26 year old’s who filed federal returns will still not get a stimulus payment because they are considered dependents on their parents return (and their parents likely received a $500 tax credit for their dependency on the original return). A parent could technically file a revised tax return in which they no longer claim their college student (giving up $500) that would allow their child to claim the $1200 normal stimulus. This however may take a while to get paid out.

Grandparent, Step Parents and Relatives

It’s not uncommon for a grandparent, close relative or a step parent to claim a child living with them as a dependent. In these cases, the payment goes to the person who claimed that child as a dependent on the most recent tax return. They will still also have to meet the standard rules to qualify for the overall stimulus check payment. Just ensure multiple people don’t claim the same person as a dependent or like your tax refund, the stimulus payment could be delayed a long time as the IRS figures out the right person to pay.

$500 Payment

Most people who qualify for this payment will get it along with their stimulus check payment (direct deposit or check). The IRS has already started making these payments. In special circumstances or where the IRS needs to investigate further, the payment will come separately at a later date. This payment is not taxable and does not have to be paid back. You also won’t be required to repay any of the stimulus check even if your qualifying dependent turns 17 in 2020.

The one exception to this are for veterans or those who receive Social Security retirement or disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits or SSI and have a qualifying child. The IRS does not have their qualifying dependent information so they will have to explicitly register via the IRS’ Non Filers payment update tool by April 22nd to receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment. If beneficiaries in these groups do not provide their information they will have to wait until later in the year to receive their $500 per qualifying child payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I am getting several hundred questions on this topic! Based on the IRS website and what I am seeing across several other reputable sites, I have tried to group and answer some of more common questions. Please consider this informational as everyone has a unique tax and life situation.

If parents or the primary filer does not qualify for $1200/$2400 stimulus check can they still get the $500 dependent stimulus?

It depends and the IRS guidelines are not very clear on for this. The ruling is that eligible taxpayers who filed tax returns for either 2019 or 2018 will automatically receive an economic impact payment of up to $1,200 for individuals or $2,400 for married couples AND up to $500 for each qualifying child. So it appears that both parents have to be eligible under standard rules to get the dependent stimulus. Note that the entire stimulus payment is subject to the income phase out – $5 for every $100 between the lower and higher Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) range – shown in the table below.

But where it gets a little complicated is that if you have kids, the maximum AGI threshold limits to get some of the $500 stimulus rise since your phase out limit is tied to your credit ($5 of credit for every $100 AGI). This allows you add $10,000 to your AGI limit for every child you claim as a dependent. For example if your income was exactly $99,000 as a single (or $198,000 joint) and you had no kids it would completely disqualify you for the standard $1,200 (or $2,400). But if you had two kids and were married filing jointly in 2019 you would still get some type of the $500 dependent stimulus until your AGI reaches $218,000.

StatusIncome Below Which FULL Dependent Stimulus is PaidMax Income To Qualify for Stimulus (no kids)Max Income to Qualify with 1 ChildMax Income to Qualify with 2 Children
Single or married filing separate$75,000$99,000$109,000$119,000
Head of household$112,500$136,500$146,500$156,000
Married filing jointly$150,000$198,000$208,000$218,000
Income ranges to receive up to $500 stimulus payment for qualifying children

Why didn’t I get the child dependent stimulus payment I was expecting

This is by far the most common theme I see questions around. While everyone has a unique situation when it comes to a qualifying dependent here are some answers I found from my research on why you didn’t get a payment or where it was much lower than expected. I have also addressed questions in the many comments below so please review those before adding a new one.

Your child was claimed by someone else according to IRS records. In this case you won’t get the $500 payment and will need to lodge a claim with the IRS (process still to be confirmed).

While you may have qualified for the stimulus payment based on income thresholds (shown above) your dependent child wasn’t qualified per IRS records and CARES stimulus rules summarized below. This is even more strict than the Child Tax Credit (CTC) criteria.

  • They must be related to you (blood, marriage, or adoption) 
  • They must either be under the age of 17 by the end of 2020
  • You must claim them as a dependent on your tax return 
  • They cannot provide more than half of their financial support during the tax year and must have lived with you for at least half of the year
  • They must be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national or a U.S. resident alien 

Note if you didn’t qualify for the CTC in your 2018 or 2019 tax return, you will not qualify for this stimulus payment either!

You get Social Security retirement, disability benefits (SSDI), Railroad Retirement benefits or SSI. Per the section above you need to take an extra step and explicitly register via the IRS’ Non Filers payment update tool to receive the $500 per dependent child payment

Children born or adopted in 2020 or Change in Dependent status

If you had or adopted a child in 2020 or there was a change in dependent status since your 2019 tax filing the parent or qualifying relative could still be eligible for the $500 payment. But it will not be paid in via the current batch of stimulus check payments and will instead need to be claimed in your 2020 tax return as an additional credit. This is because the IRS is basing stimulus check payments on information from your 2019 or 2018 tax return, which won’t reflect children born or adopted this year, or any change in dependent status.

Past-due child support and garnishment lowered payment

The $500 child stimulus, like the regular adult stimulus payment, can be offset only by past-due child support or can be garnished by creditors once it hits your bank account. Both these reasons could mean a lowered stimulus payment that may look like you didn’t get the $500 additional kid stimulus. You will need to wait for a letter from the Bureau of the Fiscal Service to confirm the offset. For garnishments you will need to check with your bank to see which creditors have taken this payment.

IRS payment errors and missing dependent payments

The most common error I am seeing across the comments on this article is around the following examples:

“I claimed my [son or daughter] for [2018 or 2019] taxes and didn’t receive $500! What’s going on?????

My husband and I received 1200 each but nothing for our 13 year old son. We are under the income guidelines, no child support involved, and he has always been claimed on our taxes. I sure hope there is a solution to this soon. It’s so strange that this has happened to so many people.

We received our $2400.00 stimulus check on April 15, but didn’t get the additional $500 for our son/daughter. Is there something additional I need to fill out?”

So today I finally received my 1200 stimulus payment, which was suppose to be 1700 with the 500 for my son who is 8. I filed my taxes with him as a dependent and don’t understand why I did not receive the 500!! This is pretty heartbreaking that our country is falling apart and the only money I had coming in to support us during this time I didn’t even receive the full amount.

I used the IRS non filers tool to get my stimulus check. I received the $1200 stimulus payment, but did not receive the dependent portion for my 8 year old son. Upon review of the 1040 form I downloaded after submitting my personal information for my son and I, using the IRS Non-Filers Tool. I noticed that the box for the child tax credit was not [✔]checked off. Even though my son does qualify for the dependent stimulus payment. This is definitely an error on the IRS side. Checking the box was not an option when filling out the form online. It was something that had to be done when the form was generated using the tool. Anyway, my theory is that the “box” not being checked is the reason myself and many others did not receive their dependent portions of the stimulus payments.

Readers have left several comments along these lines and at a high level it looks the IRS is either not paying the $500 correctly for qualifying dependents or missing payments for families with multiple dependents, despite the adults getting the standard $1200 or $2400 stimulus.

But even if you do see a clear error or miss in your payments it might be difficult to get a hold of someone in the IRS to correct the issue in the near future. This is because the IRS teams are focused on getting the remaining stimulus payments out and have staffing constraints due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 related absences.

Also note if the IRS is still processing your 2019 tax return or refund it will likely use your 2018 tax return data to process this stimulus payment, so if your dependent information changed between your 2018 and 2019 return (e.g you had a kid) you may have a missed payment that would have been accounted if your 2019 tax return had actually been processed.

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Can I contact the IRS for Stimulus Check Payment Issues or Errors?

The IRS has been mailing Economic Impact Payment (EIP) letters to each eligible recipient’s last known address 15 days after the stimulus check payment is made. It was supposed to provide details on how the payment was made and how to report any failure or underpayments (e.g a way to report the missing $500 payment). Unfortunately the letter has been of little help as discussed in this article. It provides a number to call which gets you an automated line that directs you to the IRS website for details. But if you stay on the line you can get connected to an IRS representative (after a long wait) to discuss general questions about the payment and your situation. See details and numbers to call in this article.

Update – The IRS has confirmed that those who did not receive the full amount of stimulus payment they believe they were entitled to – including the $500 child dependent payment – will need to claim the additional amount when they file their 2020 tax return. This is tough news for many families who needed/expected the $500 payment as soon as possible and were hoping to get a supplementary or corrective payment in the mail sometime in the near future. You’ll now need to wait till 2021 when you file your tax return to fix this.

For VA and SSI recipients who don’t have a filing requirement and have a child, they need to use the Non-Filers tool (see above) to have the $500 added automatically to their standard stimulus check payment.

It has also been nearly impossible to contact the IRS via numbers provided in the EIP for your issues with the $500 child stimulus per this article. But also note that the IRS will not contact you about your stimulus check payment details either. Watch out for scams and people trying to steal this information from you in the name of expediting your Economic Impact Payments.

Finally you will also likely be able to claim any missing payments in your 2020 tax return. All this unfortunately will mean delays in getting your stimulus payment until issues are worked through.

Now everyone has different tax and dependent situations so I first suggest you review the above FAQs in this article to ensure you meet income and qualifying dependent criteria per your most recently filed tax return. You can also search for many articles on this website for commonly reported stimulus check errors. Before leaving a comment see what others have written and lessons learned. And most of all, be nice to each other.

This article was updated on August 15

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832 thoughts on “Another $500 Child Stimulus Check For Dependents – Eligibility and IRS Payment Fixes

  1. I also used the “NON-FILER” had it in and excepted by IRS a week before the first deadline.I am on SSDI and have 2 dependents fitting all the criteria.recieved the $1200 for myself but nothing for the kids.seems like we are all having the same problem..when does the IRS start opening back up to us(the people that have all the questions with no way of finding out the answers)

  2. Has anyone made a petition about this through yet? If so please send us the link. I have seen some for dependents stimulus for college students but nothing for us yet but I want to be sure there isnt already one.

      1. If one has been made I’m not aware of it. If not we should start one!!

  3. i think we all need to call the senate, congress , news, etc. After reading through this. i too like everyone am on ss disability with 1 child. used non-filers before deadline and got nothing for the child. i have noted that ONE person commented after meticulously going over the paperwork that
    THE NON_FILERS FORM we were sent to fill out WAS ‘MISSING A BOX’ THAT WE WERE all SUPPOSSED TO CHECK so with no check in a box that was NON-EXSISTANT on the forms they refered us to we get NO PAY FOR OUR CHILDREN. not anyone that used THE NON_ FILERS FORM!!!!!because of an ERROR ON THE FORM ITSELF!!!!

    1. Probably is they had to do something crooked to keep from having to give out all that money!!! I’m contacting anyone who’ll listen. I’m on their Twitter page everyday telling them what I think of how they’ve took from our children. I was going to buy my son clothes he so desperately needed. I didn’t get it however so my 1200 I was gonna pay behind bills with I had to put off again and took most of it and bought his clothes. Cause he comes first!!! You didn’t break us IRS!!! We’re still here fighting!! They posted oh we’d have to file next year to get it. Um no don’t think so, we don’t file!!! Try again!!! Makes me so mad!!!

      1. It is sickening how they get on their site and say you have until this date to enter your information. Then they give you a date and nothing comes. You’ll look again and see a new date but still no check. And I absolutely hate to even see the part no need to worry you can get it next year when we file taxes we don’t have to file taxes. I think that’s just a way for them to buy time to cheat us out of it. We really needed now not next year. I may not file taxes and I may not be as important as tax payers but I am human and my two kids are just as important to me as the tax payers whos already got it. I haven’t even got the 1200.00 yet but I’m supposed to so well see. I just think it’s awful really.

        1. I said this exact thing on their page on Twitter. Lol. I said are us home makers and people who are disabled, I said does our children not deserve it? Cause we don’t pay taxes? They make me sick. We was promised payment for our eligible children. We was flat lied to. Lied to during a pandemic. That’s just sick and I’ll despise them til my last breath. They know we don’t file taxes, whole point if the non filers tool, the could weed out who they was gonna screw over!!!

        2. If they wouldn’t have promised it in the first place it would’ve been a problem. But now it’s like there pickin and choosing who gets it. That isn’t fair to our kids. I haven’t got mine yet but I care more about the kids getting theirs I can’t explain why they didn’t get it and other kids got it. It’s just messed up. Thanks for everything your doing, messaging on Twitter and stuff your doin everything a lot of us thought about doin. I actually put in mine and the kids info in the non filers portal the first day it came out like we were told to do. But that was a joke.

    2. OMG!!! SERIOUSLY!!! THEIR LACK OF PLACEMENT OF 1 FREAKING TINY LITTLE BOX HAS CAUSED ALL THIS MESS!!!! WOW!!!! I mean REALLY WOW GUYS!!! what a FREAKING mess & WASTE of SO Much time effort & resources… well I guess at least those peope will still have income. coming in & jobs trying to sort this all out… thanks Denise for the insight & info. Much Appreciated.

  4. A situation that is only tangentially touched upon is foster children. The family that claimed them in 2019 received the $500 per child now. Then the child(ren) change homes (either a different foster placement or back with family) in 2020.

    Some foster parents, trying to be kind, gave the stimulus to the family where the child(ren) now reside. Those foster parents are going to get a shock when they file their 2020 taxes because the IRS is going to want that money back.

    The family who claim the child(ren) on their 2020 tax filing will get the stimulus money at that time for the chld(ren), doubling the amount they get ($1,000 per child). The IRS isn’t going to go after them for the money but after the foster family.

    This has also led to my situation where I did kinship foster for 3 young relatives for over 11 months in 2019, claimed them on my taxes (as allowed by law). I received the $1,500 for the 3 children but I know the IRS is going to want it back so in the bank it sits. However, the children’s parents are angry with me because OTHER foster parents have given the money to the families with which the children are currently living. I cannot afford a $1,500 hit to my finances. I also know my relatives would not pay me back the $1,500 once they get the money in 2021.

    I’m heartbroken over not being allowed to talk with / see the children because of this mess.

      1. There is a lot of confusion about whether or not money has to be repaid since most publications say you don’t if you were overpaid based on your income level and that is true.

        If you should have only received $1,000 but received $1,200 then the IRS isn’t asking for that money back.

        However, if you received money for someone you shouldn’t have, then, yes, you have to pay it back.Take, for example, people who received the stimulus for someone who died before the stimulus went into effect.

        In my case, if I have other qualifying foster children in 2020, the amount I’ll need to repay or get more for will depend on how many qualifying dependents I have.
        Dependents – Amount
        0 – repay $1,500
        1 – repay $1,000
        2 – repay $500
        3 – repay $0
        4 – get additional $500

  5. Well, tax payers received their stimulus for their children. Are us homemakers and disabled people, are our kids not worthy enough of getting their payment? I’d call this discrimination by the IRS!!!!

  6. I am a single father on SSI disability, my daughter is 8 and was born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, and was on SSI disability and had an account set up back in 2011 for her disability payment. When I became disabled, I had to set up a separate account for my disability. Once approved, she was switched over to draw off my social security. We both get 1099’s but don’t have to file taxes. I filled out the “Non-filers” information and even did a simple return through turbo tax. All information was correct, but I’ve only received my $1200!?? Will I get the $500 for her ? Plus there is an active child support case on her mom who owes almost $10’000 hasn’t made not one payment in almost a 3 year old case. Shouldn’t we get her stimulus payment too?
    We are NOT on food stamps.and typically don’t make it through the month on our money. Can some please help or know who I can contact. Child Support in the state of Georgia as far as single fathers is concerned, are worthless ! Any help would be OH SO APPRECIATED !

  7. Got my $1200 today, and did not get the $500 for my children. I have 4 kids, 4-15. It is my understanding that you get $500 per child, but limited to 3 children. Maybe I’m wrong but either way $1200 is not what I was expecting. I was hoping it would have been enough to pay something towards my backed up bills and have some left to ride out the storm with.

    1. Per the article – the missing $500 is a known issue and you will likely have to wait and claim this in your 2020 return Unless the IRS decides to fix this issue this year (which would be miraculous). Also there is no limit to how many eligible dependents you can claim. So you should get $500 for each of your kids – but likely only in 2021 with your tax return.

    2. its coming only 40% of eligible americans have recieved their payments our sons hasnt come either but i know people whos childrens payments came but not the adults..they never had to issue so much free money to so many americans before so just wait patiently youll get it they arent even halfway thru the payouts yet

  8. I filed for my grandson who has lived with me for the last 7 years. I dont file taxes but went on tax act and filed for him along with mine. I got messages stating I would be approved with it stating the whole 1700. I even have tax papers saying the same thing. When they put the money in my bank I only got the 1200. I get no support from the parents and that would have helped me get the stuff grandson needed. Now I understand that I have to wait till I file again. I DONT PAY TAXES IM ON SSDI SO HOW DO I GET THAT. BUT IF YOU ARE OVER PAID YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY IT BACK.. THIS IS ALL BACKWARDS IF YOU ASK ME.. I NEEDED THAT MONEY AND NOW I LOOSE IT. ITS NOT RIGHT.. BUT NOTHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT. I NEEDED THAT MONEY

    1. Im basically in same boat, I have been raising and gave more then full custody and went online April 13th and added the Child and still only get 1200. I greatly appreciate the 1200, but now I don’t file taxes either, and no way to tell anyone at IRS. I feel totally screwed. I d not receive support or as for the Child, so every little bit helps..I heard they would mail that part, will see, but I doubt it..

  9. My son is SSI he 33yrs old. We claim him as a dependent. Will he get a Stimulate payment on his SSI Card that he has.

    1. No sorry hun if your an adult and claimed as a Dependant you can’t get the payment.

  10. We only live on my husband’s SSD and VA C&P. We just recently received $2,400 for us two, but not for our 4 yr old and 9 yr old boys. We file joint married, and the boys have been on all our annual 1040’s since they were born. They meet all the reqs listed. We have many friends that did receive the added $500 per child early on, and they haven’t file 2020 yet. Very odd that so many child EIPs fell through the cracks. I guess if we dont receive by end of 2020, we’ll have to file for it in 2021.

  11. I got my 1200 but not my 500 per child why ? And irs is closed to see what’s going on

  12. I claim my kids every year I have a 7 year old and an 8 year old, they fall under the guidelines and I felt my taxes last year before and the seer. My kids were not included in my stimulus check. I am the only person that files for them.

  13. Its horrible how people get lied to by they own country…. I mean it looks to me no one really got the extra money for they kids but tax payers but yet we didn’t choose to go in lock down ?????

    1. Mesha exactly tax payers got it. Us stay at home moms though I guess we’re not important enough.

  14. My daughter did not receive her 500 she does recieve survivor benefits does this effect her

  15. I am on SSI AND SSDI and i have a 15yr old son, i used the non filers tool on April 14th, It Definitely had my sons info cuz i went back and checked- But i only recieved the 1200 payment to my direct EXPRESS card on April 29th, it was missing the 500 for my Dependent- Ive bee. Searching onkine to see if theyre going to make this right-But they say nothing except people will have to file for the money on next years taxed- and then it says EXCEPT for thoae on SSI SSDI ect. That those people should go on the non filers and hurry up and enter in thier dependents info before the deadline! BUT THE WHOLE REASON WE ARE READIN THAT IS BECAUSE WE ALREADY DID THAT AND WERE EXPECTING THE CORRECT AMOUNT THAT IS MISSING! AND FIRST OF ALL I WONT EVEN HAVE TO FILE ANY TAXES NEXT YEAR, AND SECOND-THE WHOLEPOINT OF THISMONEY WAS TO GET IT TO AMERICAS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE DUE TO THIS EMERGENCY SITUATION WHERE WE NEED MONEY RIGHT NOW! NOT NEXT YEAR! AND THIRD- THE MONEYTHAT IS MISSING IS FOR OUR CHILDREN! SO THEY ARE HURTING FAMILIESNOT JUST SINGLE ADULTS BUT PEOPLE WHO ARE IN DIRE STRAITS TRYING TO CARE FOR CHILDREN RIGHT NOW- AND THEY SAY SORRY JUST FIGURE IT OUT NEXT YEAR!? THE CARES ACT PROMISED 1200 per eligible adult and 500 per eligble dependent as fast as possible- Now thats not happening for aoo many families, many of which are on disabilityand low income disability like ssi- that is just awful to brush us off when this was clearly the fault of the IRS or whoever’s glitch in the payment system- they are leaving out some SO MUCH of the most vulnerable population AND THIER CHILDREN!! WHY HAVE THEY NOT EVEN COMMENTED PUBLICLY TO ADMIT THIS FAULT TO REASSUREUS THEY KNOW WHATS HAPPENING AND TELL US WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO TO FIX THIS IMMEDIATE PROBLEM THAT THEY HAVE BEEN IGNORING! ,AND DO NOT SAY TO FILE NEXT YEAR BECAUSE PEOPLE ON SSD ANS SAI HAVE NO FILING REQUIREMENTS AND WERE PROMISED THAT MONEY NOW WHEN IT IS NEEDED MOST, JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER AMERICANS WHO HAVE RECEIVED ALL THEIR MONEY- EVEN IF THEY SAID TO WAIT UNTIL THIS ROUND IS FINISHED THEN THEY COULD GO ABOUT FIXING PAYMENT ERRORS- THE WORST IS JUST BEING IGNORED & LEFT HANGING IN THE MOMENT OF MOST NEED-

    1. are in good company. I read others on SSDI, who are so angry that their kids are left out during this vulnerable time. I am one of the families that can NOT wait until next year to get my kids’ Stimulus. I followed all the rules and used the Non-filer website. During a pandemic, some of us need the government, and just read and look at how that government treated us!!!

    2. Heather I could not have said it better!! I agree %! I’m on SSI and her dad on ssd.. she gets her child support thru her father. She has her own bank account that money goes direct deposit
      I went on before the deadline n April and filled out both our info and had it put on a prepaid card. I got my 1200 but nothing no where is her 500!! She needs clothes badly cuz she keeps growing but I hope she has slowed down now she’s 11. And she had plans with her money and now we’re waiting for God knows when .. in the meantime she has 2 summer outfits! And a PR of shorts. No swimsuit! This is BS!!

    3. I agree.. I’m a single father of 1 but she is 8 and born with a mild form of Cerebral Palsy, and was on disability since birth. Then I had to file for disability, got approved, my daughter was switched to draw off mine. We both get 1099’s I did the non filers long before the deadline. Still only got my $1’200?
      I don’t get state aide, and the mother hasn’t paid not one child support payment and owes almost $10’000.. ?

  16. I received $1200 on April 30th but got nothing for my two young children. I’m grateful that I at least got something but the other $1000 would be really helpful right now. Waiting till next year just to get a tax credit doesn’t help my current situation. I asked my tax person and she said we would get a separate check for defendants. Why doesn’t that just seem right ? Help anyone

  17. Wow..This has been growing and growing since april 29th. There are so many of us. Theres absolutely no way they could have just missed all of us. They must have other plans. I am not sure who this pertains to, but I read in many different articles that if you have the direct express card, you can not have your dependents stimulus deposited on it and you have to add another bank account or you will receive a check for your dependents. I had posted a bank account but didnt receive anything for my children yet. Now like I said, I dont know who all this applies for. Theres probably alot on here that dont have a direct express card. Maybe they give us our stimulus and then go back for dependents..? I am going to give it atleast up to 2 weeks and see if anything changes, and hope that our government will make this right, because posting on here with no answers is not helping us..

    1. There’s no way they can just let all these people go. I watched a YouTube video last night them saying they reached out to thr irs and they said they was sending out supposedly the stimulus for kids this week.

    2. Did you get your payment on your direct express card.. Just not your kids.. I got my on my direct express card on weds..but didn’t get my 2 boys money

    3. SSDI, recipients along with VA disability recipient. We don’t file taxes, so we used Non Filers on April 13th it was approved. Included all 3 kids and ssn. $2400 for adults came with zero for kids. It’s all well and good to tell folks to “file next year”, but the question is how do you get it if you don’t file?

      1. they send a letter & supposedly you can report underpayments but my sons hasnt come either while my friends 3 kids got paid but HERS never came my other friends daughters came but not mom got hers ok & i just filed for mine last week so im not complaining im lucky im eligible for ANYTHING i used to be on SSI but stopped that to become self employed in 2003 but i did the non filer thing too i dont make enough to be required to file..i even applied for the PUC and i think im actually getting it..even w no tax returns w2s i dont even have bank statements i collected cash income all i sent as proof were written statements..if i get this w.o having to file ill fall over i never get anything i couldnt even get tax refunds & paid hundreds to file so i was not in a hurry to file this year just to get the stimulus they claim im approved via the nonfilers tool & puc also looks like they are approving me but ill believe it when i see it..if im denied i can always go to H&R block & file for 2019

    4. I also read that but in that Post-it said the you would not receive both your child and your self payment on your Direct Express and so if you had a child then you would be getting it by paper check but it also said they would not do separate payments, they would all be on the paper check, and to make sure you added your dependents before the deadline so you get all your money,,,, because they will only include your child’s payment with your payment it said. So That’s what it said on the most frequently asked questions on the IRS website. But I did receive my money on my direct express and then nothing for my child. I also have been hoping it might come in the mail as well, but not counting on it, but I’m not going to wait to do anything about it, because waiting and then doing something after it for sure never comes will take even longer. I’m going to write my congresswoman. Hopefully everybody does,,, then they can bring it up in senate and fix this for us.

      1. my friends all got the stimulus money for their children direct deposited but have not received THEIR OWN payments

        my husband & son filed via the nonfilers tool when it said they had too (SSI) if they wanted the IRS to send them checks. he added his direct deposit info & the non filer tool approved them & said he would get $1700..2 weeks after that they decided just to direct deposit the stimulus for SSI people into whatever account gets their ssi payments..
        my husband got his $1200 direct deposit at the end of april we havent seen any sign of my sons yet but still never have received our notification letter either..the system never had to give away so much free money they have only sent payments to 40% of americans they have alot more to go try to be patient
        i saw a man posting here that his childs $500 was being direct deposited right now hed just been notified so the money is being sent its just being sent randomly

  18. I had a baby in 2019 filed my taxes using her as a dependent but it is saying still processing since February so I had to use my 2018 taxes for the stimulus so the IRS gave me $1200 instead of the $1700 since I didnt have a dependent in 2018. Smh

  19. After reading most of these comments I don’t think this is a glitch at all. I think they had no intention of giving us non filers any money for our dependant children.

    1. I file taxes and didn’t get the $500 for my 13 year old son. It seems to be both filers and non-filers.

    2. I think you are absolutely right, we did what we was told to do when the non filers tool came out. I put my info in the same day it came out I think it was around Apr, 10th now they say we will have to wait till next year when we file taxes I like many others don’t file taxes. I think they are just looking to blame us for not putting our info in to keep from giving use money that was promised to us. Because I know for a fact that I did what they said I put my two kids and myselfs ssi numbers, bank info and all. And I never even got the 1200.00 yet for myself I was supposed to get it in April then the last of April now they are saying the 5th of may. I’m betting if we owed them somehow they’d find time to get a hold of us about it. I understand that it’s stimulus money and I didn’t work for it. But they said we was gonna get it.and I haven’t seen it and that’s the part that bothers me so much. I mean if you tell somebody something try to do it we were counting on it. And we did our part like we were supposed to.

      1. Are you a stsy at home mom? Then yes honey, you work harder than most!!!

      2. I don’t think your get your payment on the 5th of May either.. People on ssi.. Will get it on the 12th.. The 5th is deadline

  20. The problem is the government doesn’t care…. i mean there are literally thousands out there that didn’t get the child credit in the pandemic including me. we don’t need it next year we need it now to help keep a roof over our children’s heads and food in their bellies and what does the government do….. you have to wait a year to get it and who know if they will even make do on the promise for that. Whats next year gonna help us when we dont know what we are going to do for this years bills. Plus the ones I’ve seen actually getting the credit are the ones that are out here wasting it on drugs and junk they don’t need.

  21. My question is my daughter turned 18 in June of 2019. She also filed her taxes in 2018 and 2019 is she eligible for the $1200. And if not do I qualify for the $500. We did receive our our $2400. Just wasn’t sure if she would qualify for either

  22. This is BS!! The non filers system obviously has a glitch and needs to be brought to the IRS’s attention! What was the point of rushing to fill this form out, if they were just going to do nothing!

  23. I did the non filers on APRIL 10 because I did not have income in 2018 or 2019 and I have 4 small children. I got the $1200 for me 2 days ago but a BIG GOOSE EGG for my FOUR KIDS WTH!!! THIS IS BS IF I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR FOR THAT $2K THAT I WAS COUNTING ON! THE IRS IS A JOKE

  24. ****People who get government benefits now have until May 5th to go back to the non filers link that how now been provided to get the extra 500 per dependent.***
    On another note, I am happy to know that people with a direct express card did infact receive their payment on the 29th,30th & May 1st. I however have not so I am a little concerned that something is wrong =(

    1. Not if you already submitted it successfully. It won’t allow you to do anything else. I used it the first week they launched it and I also got screwed out of child payment. It wasn’t a mistake on our part but unfortunately we’re the ones affected by it. Who knows if they fixed it yet but to late for me I don’t expect to see the payment owed to me

      1. Wow, really! That’s not right =/ when I looked further into it, every site I read about the May 5th non filer said it was due to the error of everyone not receiving it!!! I feel there are SO MANY holes within this package. My sons father gets our son 7 days out of the month while the remainder of the time he is with me. I am the custodial parent, I take him to every surgery, 6 therapy apnts a week and at home nurse visits….his father doesnt attend a single thing. We finally went to court and I agreed to him getting odd years for claiming him. Unfortunately the money for my son automatically went to him and I am the one who provides all. It just doesn’t seem right to me. He always leaves my son with his parents as is and also lives with his parents and has no bills. I hope things come through for you all though that aren’t getting what’s deserved.

        1. I am sorry.. I atleast hope he was decent enough to give you the payment back for your child.. It’s hard as it is buying all their school necessities, triple good because these kids eat all day long now (I know mine do) and then buying everything else we already do buy them.

    2. If you already filed, you can’t go back to the non-filers link and do it again. It will just state you already filed.

  25. I get ssi have a 10 year old daughter that lives and has lived with me her 10 years on this earth. no one claims her on taxes. I used the non filers tool and I did not get the $500.

    My sister in law gets ssi has a 3 year old that lives with her his 3 years of life and her child is not claimed on taxes. she used the non filers tool and did not get the $500 as well.

    this seems to not be in any of our errors. in fact it is on the irs fault. the whole reason for the non filers tool was to be able to get the $500 per eligible child so if no one has obviously came out and said they have gotten it then it seems in fact no one has gotten the $500 per child. So now why should we have to wait until 2020 tax time if the problem from the get go was we do not file taxes. so what will happen we will have to use the same non filers tool with the same glitch and have to wait til 2021 and repeat until our child is over 17 then we can not get it.

    1. aline I did not receives my $500 for my son neither I receives mines im greatful for but that extra helps with the bills do I have to resubmit it again please thanks also he receives ssi.

  26. I receive SSI I have a 9 year old daughter and a two-year-old son I went on the non filer applicant because I’m not required to do my taxes. April 21st I filled out the form for non tax filer so that I’ll receive the additional $500. I only received $1,200 I did not receive an extra $1,000 for the both of my children.

  27. I think the bottom line is the IRS pick and chose who they would give the 500 per kid to. For those of us who needed it but did not receive it now we have to wait til next year to get it with income tax. Very aggravating but this is the government for you. I don’t know about anyone else but I could have used that extra to help out a lot. 1200 doesn’t last very long when when have children and bills.

    1. Well at least you received something. Injured spouse received nothing for their child and not even half of the stimulus check. IRS site states payment was sent April 15, 2020. I always file injured spouse and now the husband is a disabled VET. He owes back child support way before my time. I am the only one who pays income taxes and all my money went to pay his debt, even my child’s portion.

      1. How to claim in next year 2020 taxes for stimulus money for my 3 kids under 16? I haven’t received anything for my 3 kids.. I got mine 1200 only. How to fill in 1040 for stimulus money for children in 2020 taxes?

  28. Where is my $500 stimulus for my granddaughter? I have had my granddaughter living in my home since June 2019. I have legal custody of her and I’m her sole provider. I claimed her on my 2019 return it was rejected cause someone illegally claimed her on their return. I don’t believe this person was a blood relative. I will be mailing ing my return to fix this problem. I think it is unfair to give the tax return to someone who did not have the right to claim her and then turn around and also give away the $500 stimulus payment as well. When I have been busting my butt trying to take care of her daily needs financial as well as mental and physical! This is so frustrating!

  29. hello everyone I get SSD and I have got the 1200 on the 30 of this month but did not get the 1000 for my 2 kids that’s 13and 16 I AM not sure want going on but it not right I pray the send everyone the kids money CAN WE GO ON THE NEWS SO SOME one can help everyone because its wrong and the kids money going some were but not to us.

  30. I did the non-filers as well as all of you. I received my $1200 but ZERO for my 13 year old daughter. I am very disappointed because I planned on that money for bills since my daughers sperm donor doesn’t pay his ordered child support. Please, Please fix this error.

    1. same except I have 3 dependents I didn’t get for. All rules apply…… I did non filers 2 outta 3 receive ssi only got 1200.

  31. My husband receives SSI. I used the non filers to fill out our information and added my 2 children both under age 14. I have received $2,400 for we are married but not the child credit. Please update me and let me k ow what do about fixing this.

    1. Did anyone read the updated paragraph at the bottom for may 30th? It says that we will have to wait til next tax season if we were expecting a check in the mail, so theres our bad news confirmed. Which is insane! IRS rushed us to put our information in, yet the system is completely behind. I used the non filers on April 15th!! My status still only says Congratulations the irs has accepted your return. Did they even look at the non filers page before they gave us our stimulus checks? This is really upsetting.. I atleast had hope they were just behind and would come in the mail at a later date!

        1. I just read an article posted a few hours ago. People on SSI now have until May 5th to do the non filers to get the money for your dependents. I hope this is helpful.

  32. I also received my direct deposit on the 29th. No $500 for my 5 year old child and I only received the 1200. I entered my info on the my portal site so that it would be direct deposited into my account so they had to have received my child’s information which I also entered. Meanwhile deceased individuals are getting deposits and people are getting deposits into unknown accounts. Gotta love the already flawed- flawed system. Was depending on the extra 500 to survive a while longer. I’m sorry so many of us are having this problem

    1. Me too hun I’ve shared this on Twitter fb even went to the irs page on Twitter and asked on the posts..

    2. I recieved my stimulus payment. I am socail security beneficiary. And i put our info on the non filers way b4 the due date. And i did not recieve the 500 for my daughter. But was supposed to automatically get it. I wonder why

  33. I finally received my letter today and it was no help… I didn’t receive my payment for 3 dependants… This is very frustrating. Please help!

    1. what did it say nothing about your dependents I might be getting same letter I only received 1200 nothing for 3 dependents 2 outta 3 receive ssi

  34. add me to the list of people that got the $1,200 but did NOT get the $500 for my 10 year son. I have been receiving SSDI for many years now and I also did all that I was suppose to do in order to get it but never showed up. I just want to know why . Is the government pocketing the $500 for themselves. if so then that is so messed up, I might need to check in the mirror to see if i have a red beam dot on my forehead for accusing the government for stealing the money. If anyone knows where the $500 went too , please let us know.

    1. Stealing wow we will have to pay back is you know this right on next yrs taxs as deductions FOR THOSE OF US PAY TAXES

    2. i filled out the form married joint with three dependents and only got a deposit of 1200, and not the 2400 for married and nothing for my 3 kids

  35. I know of several parents who received the $500 stimulus payment for their 17 year olds. Why? Am I missing something?
    I did not receive it for my 17 year old high school DEPENDANT!

    1. And that is clearly stated that kids under 17 are the ones eligible for it… See this is irritating what is the point of putting requirements if their not gonna follow but parents with kids under 17 don’t have it ugh…. Well I can see why your upset bc some 17 years old shouldn’t get it and not others….

    2. Did you have to file through the non-filers site? Did the other parents file taxes normally for the 2018/2019 tax year? I’m just wondering if its Turbo Tax’s mistake and not the IRS. So many people that didn’t get the $500 credit filed the non-filer through Turbo tax.

    3. When did they turn 17 – 2019 or 2020? If 2020, they were still 16 in 2019 and therefore still eligible.

  36. why would you spend your time writing a stupidly long paragraph knowing that probably nobody is going to see your comment?

  37. Im a disabled veteran who receives SSDI. I received the $1200 stimulus payment but not the $500 for my 10-yr-old son. I filled out the non-filers tool on April 19th 2020 checking to make sure I had no errors. It was accepted, but no child dependent pay??? The one’s I know who got it, had a relative claim their child on there taxes and they also receive SSDI (Should’nt have to do that to get monies that’s rightfully yours). Also found out that the IRS was mailing the $500 seperately to SSI claimants. Hopefully, they fix the issue and start depositing or mailing out what’s due. Praying for Everyone. :)

  38. My husband and I recieved our Stimulus payment today, but like all of you, we did not receive our $500 child credit for our 9 year old. Hopefully they will correct this error that is affecting the finances of many families. This was money they we were counting on and budgeting for. Don’t get me wrong, we are very grateful for the money we did receive, but disappointed, that its not what we were expecting. I hope they do an audit soon and reconcile the error in payments.

  39. I’m 28 I get supplements security income I filed on turbotax to claim my 3 child i only recived the 1200 for myself but nothing for my 3 child this is frustrating due to being on a fixed income as it is and then having to go threw this covid 19 shut down it’s a rough situation and I was expecting to recieve the whole 2700 to help with food clothes and Bill’s and I only recived 1200 and not the 1500 as promised for my 3 children. Life is hard as it is and it’s not even harder during this time. Please please I ask for this to be fixed soon.

  40. Same for us:
    I received the stimulus payment for myself, but none for my three children (9, 11, 13 years old)
    and yes, they ARE:
    – related to me by blood,
    – claimed as a dependent on my (non-filers) tax return
    – have lived with me at all times,
    – are U.S. citizens,
    – and they cannot provide any of their financial support during the tax year.

    It is heinous that this has happened to such vast numbers of families with children, who – without any income during these trying times but their children home full-time with no school food provided – are the most vulnerable parts of the society, yet the Nation’s only hope for and carriers of tomorrow.

  41. I had to do a non filers form because I didn’t file taxes in 2018 or 2019 and I made sure to include my children’s information and just double checked that I didn’t leave anything out, but I still only received the money for myself and I’m seriously confused I don’t know how this would’ve happened as far as I’m aware no one claimed them on their taxes.

  42. This is sad…and note they only did this to the second batch of stimulus relief. But they are giving millions to company’s. Only in America the Government screw tax payers or US citizen around..

  43. Same thing here! I had a child in 2019 and claimed her via free filing submission on irs website! Yet, when I checked my bank account I only received the 1200. Looking back at the form she is listed as a dependent correctly and there’s no way to correct the problem. I’ll keep checking to see if it updates to correct the issue. Very frustrating

  44. Today, I also only received $1200 and I did not receive $500 for my son or for my daughter. Every year I claim my children by myself and I provided their social security numbers and birthdates when I updated my banking info. They are only 8 and 14 years old. I’m the custodial parent and my children live with me full time. I don’t understand why I did not receive the full amount of $2,200.

  45. I had filed on the non filers site prior to the 22nd to make them aware of our 15 year old grandson in our custody. My husband is on SSDI and we received $2,400 on April 30th for him & I, but no payment for my grandson. My grandson is on SSI , would this make a difference. Will he receive his own check ? I’ve done all the proper steps to insure payment for him also, but did not receive it.

  46. I haven’t received the 500$ check for my daughter. Don’t understand why. I am widow trying to make ends meet. The system is all screwed up!!!

    1. I also received 1200 on the 29th but no 500 for my 9yr old twins. I’m also on SSDI this is really sucks! We could have been paying bills and taking care of our families but no we don’t mean shit to them. I hope they fix it asap! I’ll be calling NBC, FOX and MSNBC and leaving them a slew of messages these kids don’t deserve this and neither do we!

    2. I also am a widow collect survivor benefits i used the non filer form to add all 5 of my children. Got my check today 1200 I literally am crying
      I have 5 kids
      I’m collecting survivor
      Where is the kids $? Hey

  47. I filled out the non filers form on April 10 2020 both my boyfriend and I got the 1200 but we are also missing our 3 kids 500 all under the age of 5 and 2 are special needs. I am hoping that we are gonna get another deposit because we live off of ssi and ssdi. So needed this to catch up on bills.

  48. I to went under the irs non filers website and submitted the correct information to receive the extra 500.00 for my 10 year old son but only the 1200 was deposited into my bank account on April 30th but not the 500.00 as promised.

  49. I have a question?
    Since now there is almost 1,000 people who have done “exactly “what the IRS has made them do by filing their “extra” non filers form to get their 500 per child.
    Has Anyone who is montoring this site and is ownership if this site sent this to the IRS DIRECTLY OR News media??
    Seems you have all the names here.
    Just a idea for managing this site and really helping..
    Thank you

  50. I also received my 1200 this week and nothing for my 11 year old. This is disappointing! I wish the irs would at least set up an online customer service during this pandemic. This makes me ANGRY!

  51. I’m 75, and raising two of my grandchildren. I am legal guardian to them. They are 12 & 14. I filed a quick form through HR Block so they would know I have two dependents.. I was not required to file …. because there was no earned income and I didn’t have a tax refund coming to me.. there was know way to enter bank Information. I received my stimulus check in the mail on April 25th. To my disappointment, the check was only for the $1,200……. no extra for the two kids. What can I do to remedy this…. I really can’t afford to wait until next year, as our only vehicle needs repairs of over $1,800.

  52. I also received my 1200 but not the child payment. I am on SSDI and completed the non filer info immediately and triple checked everything.
    I’m very frustrated for all of us but I am also comforted that I’m not the only one in this situation. $500 is a good bit of money in our situation. Praying this is just a temporary bump.

    1. I am also on SSDI. I filed the non-filer before April 22nd. I received my 1,200 check today, but no money for my children.

    2. I also receive SSDI, filled out the non filers tool on 4/19 (the deadline was April 22nd) and I only received the $1200 for myself, the $1000 for my 2 qualifying dependents was not included. I’m lucky that I’m okay without that money for the time being, when many others were counting on it to pay bills and feed their families but it’s extremely frustrating to have done what was required and still not have it go through correctly.

    3. I did exactly the same thing and am in exactly the same status as you. My $1200 came today but not my 11 yr old son. I had my Non-Filers status approved on April 16th.

      1. I did the exact same thing as you, I use the non-filers tool on April 14th. I received my $1,200 on April 29th 2020 direct deposited into my credit union, of course I’m the payee for my son who is on SSI but is only 14. I did not receive anything for him. I checked the spelling, social security number over and over again just to make sure that I didn’t make any typos just checking and rechecking everything is fine I don’t know what’s going on but I would like to see somebody just somebody that did get it direct deposit that use the non-filers tool. And does anybody know anybody out there that even received it using the non-filers tool?

    4. Yes we didn’t get the $500 for our kids either. I like you did everything they said to do on the IRS and SSA website. and nothing.

    5. Yes, Im comforted at knowing that the IRS will find out soon about the error. We just got to hold on and pray they fix it fast. There is no way they dont know what’s happening to qualifying dependants.

      1. Every day we are sharing our sad stories to each other. But somebody has to come forward and take this issue to the officials.
        IRS has to give some clarification that they would process checks for qualified dependents 500 dollars each later on. Without any statement from IRS, what is the use sharing our stories each other everyday?
        It’s good for moral support but doesn’t help us financially in this crisis. I also got 1200 stimulus check for myself , but I didn’t get stimulus money for my 3 children under 16. I missed 1500 dollars from IRS. We need money now to support ourselves in this crisis. It’s not good idea to wait until next year taxes 2021. Please somebody take this issue to government officials, senators, news papers and IRS. I hope it will be resolved soon. I want to see you happy.

        1. We have to start flooding the media with news tips. Email our states attorneys and governors, even our secretary of defense & government officials. Everybody needs to start submitting stories to the news, in order to draw attention to the problem. Where there’s a will, there is a way. We all have to play a part. We are stronger in numbers.

        2. “Please somebody take this issue to government officials..etc…”; how about yourself?? Like voting, you have to be in it to win it, so while you’re waiting to be rescued, eyes blinking in the dark, helpless in the face of the big bad IRS, you forget that you have a voice, and presumably a communication device of some description, and are therefore capable of contacting “…senators, newspapers and the IRS..” all by yourself. Google it. Your opinion is useless unless you put some action behind it. This is a democracy (allegedly); in America you can make your voice heard by voting, but apathy breeds contempt. You “hope” it will be resolved soon”?? So you’re just going to do nothing, and wait until somebody fixes everything for you?? If you have time to leave a comment here, surely you have time to call or email your senator, where the airing of your grievances could actually make a difference. Be a part of the solution.

        3. I am writing emails to all news papers and iRS everyday. I am doing as best as I can to get my stimulus money for my 3 kids . I need this money as a single parent in this crisis.

        4. After reading this article this morning, and leaving a comment, I have been looking all day to see if the has been a statement made by the IRS, regarding the dependent stimulus payments. This blog is literally the only publication I have been able to find, anywhere on the internet! I emailed the IRS, but we all know that was a waste of time. I then emailed a local news channel, hoping they could do some research. I then emailed my state representatives, and senators. I stressed the importance of notifying the IRS about this gigantic screw up, since the public has no means of communication with the IRS. I would suggest that you do the same thing. Contact the news, state representatives, and senators! We need as many people as possible to bombard our congressmen with emails insisting that something be done immediately, and a timely, and informative response is expected. I wrote one email, used copy and paste, then, edited to personalize them, according to who they were being sent to. I plan on emailing everyone of them daily, until the IRS is forced to acknowledge, and take responsibility for screwing over the people who were counting on this stimulus money the most!

        5. Thanks. Glad this article helped a bit. Unfortunately The IRS just announced that missing stimulus payments will need to be claimed in 2020 tax returns. So will be until 2021 till some people see this payment

  53. I also did not receive the 500 per kid on my stimulus check. Which like most confuses me to no end. I have talked to several people and looked on the irs website several times with no answers. There is no reason why I shouldn’t have gotten it. I have claimed all three of my kids both years.

  54. Is there anyone who HAS received the $500 per dependent payment yet? Wondering if perhaps they are sending them through separately at a later date? Many many comments here from those who received the $1200 but not dependent payments (such as myself with 4 kids) and am wondering if this is the case …

    1. I filed married filed jointly with my ex husband and claimed my younger 2 kids and my older 2 father claimed our older 2. and I got mine and my ex and 2 kids but my bf only got his. Not the older 2 kids. And no way of finding out why.

    2. Hi Britt,

      I have a friend who has received the $500 dependent payment two weeks ago. I don’t know how this works, but I claimed three dependents and I only received $1200 as well like many people…

  55. I filed married and claimed my 3 children (2 biological, 1 stepchild) and only got $2,400. All of my children under the age of 17 (11; 8; and 6) and none of us in our family of 5 are on SSI. My stepdaughter WAS NOT claimed by her father for his 2019 tax return. The only discrepancy I found was when I spelled her last name wrong accidentally and my return was initially rejected. But after correcting myself, I was accepted. I got my return near the end of February after filing at the end of January. I don’t think I did anything that would cause them to be ineligible for the payments. I hope there’s a solution to this problem soon.

    1. This is Almost exactly what happened to me as well! Filed jointly with my husband & my son from previous marriage & our son! I accidentally got a number wrong in his SS#, was rejected, fixed it than was excepted!! We received the money for us but not the boys!! So aggravating that everyone who “is not required” to file taxes will now how to file next year!! If we all make under the amount to file than obviously we need the money as bad (WORSE)!!! So upset for everyone affected by this!!! Our stove/oven finally bit the dust & that extra money would’ve really helped with a new one as the rest of our money paid the bills!!!

      1. Watch a video on you tube called What is holding up some if the stimulus money. Posted by Wusa9

  56. My husband and I got our check, but we did not get the $500.00 dollar checks for the 2 children we can claim. We even filled out the form the IRS wanted people on disability to fill out. I have talked to many people both on and not on disability who haven’t gotten checks for their children. Something isn’t right here.

  57. I also am missing a $500 payment for one of my children and have no clue how to fix this and really need it now instead of waiting until next tax season. I had a child in 2019 and also have custody of my siblings whom I’ve been claiming for the last 5 years. No clue how to fix this..

  58. I too didn’t receive the $500 benefit for my 9 year old daughter. I used the IRS tool “non filers enter payment info here” which took me to the “Free File Fillable Forms”. I entered my info & checked it on their form before it was transferred to a 1040 & electronically sent to IRS. After not receiving the $500, I looked over the info that I entered on the free fillable forms to see if perhaps there was an error but everything was correct, however, when looking at the 1040 that was transferred by the free fillable forms website I realized the box next to dependent info that says “child tax credit” was NOT checked! On the free file form it has no box that says “check if qualified for tax credit” therefore it cannot transfer over to the 1040. Obviously this a glitch in the program & there is no where to call to report the issue or find out how to remedy the situation.

  59. I got my stimulus check today but didn’t get my estra $1000 for my 2 girls ages 2 and 6. After reading that a lot of people are on the same boat, I am assuming they are going to send them seperately.

      1. Oh so that’s what they’re going to do then… okay I have some hope just because of you thank you so much for your comment!! they already know his direct Express I know how I use the non-filers tool and I checked it at least 50-60 times and check my bank account at least 10 times every day I was able to actually access my $1,200 today but yes they must be sending them at different times. Did you get yours direct Express or was it by check I forgot?
        You gave me hope in Michigan,

      2. My husband received his stimulus money. We filed married filing jointly. I didn’t receive mine. My son who is 16 didnt receive his. We have always filed our taxes every year.

    1. I am hoping they send a separate check for it. I have my 4 kids that I put on there and claimed. It is very frustrating when there is no absolute answer out there. I even applied before the deadline date too, so I already know that I did it before the deadline, and plus I know for a fact that no one has claimed my kids because I have been claiming them.

    2. Same thing happen to us to. Me and my wife got the 2400 not the 1000 for our 2 boys ages 10 and 11… Did all what was told of us to do and still nothing…

  60. I’m from MI and also filled out the non filers form because I don’t have to file taxes and I listed my 2 kids as dependents and my non filers form came back accepted and only received the $1,200.00 payment!!! No child money here either!!! It’s gotta be glitch!!! Anyone notify a local news station yet?

  61. I also registered on the non-filers portal on Apr. 13th. I got $1200 but not the $500 for my 6 year old.

  62. Soooo, I received my letter today from the IRS and the letter was absolutely no help on how to reach them regarding the 500.00 for my 8 year old son, whom I have been claiming since he was born.

  63. Same thing happened to me. I’m on survivor benefits and so are 3 of my children. Went on and filled out the non-filers form with Direct Deposit info Pryor to the deadline. I got the email that the IRS had accepted my return and nothing else needed to be done. That they would review for my stimulus. Today, I got the $1200 but did not get any extra for dependents. I’m hoping they’re going Atleast send this money at a later date or address the situation to clear it up. Who wants to be left in LIMBO… when it was shown how important it was to get that information on non-filers filled out. Just to do it all for nothing.

  64. I got my stimulus but they only gave me money for my husband and me and not my five kids were relying on this to get bills caught up. Why is no one getting money for claiming their kids?

      1. I am in the same boat im recieving my 1200 tomorrow pending on my direct Express card and yet i filed the non filers form before the deadline of april 22 but no money for ky 2 children who are 8 and 11.

      2. i received ssdi filled out the non filers tool on 4/18/2020 i listed my 2 kids as a dependents and my non filers form came back accepted i only received my payment no kids money here either!!! it’s gotta the glitch!!! what is going on ? seems like many of us all are having the same issues not receiving the kids money

  65. I’m on disability. I used the non filers tool when I was informed to do so by the social security website. 10th of April. I reviewed it multiple times. Everything is correct. I received the $1200 this morning. I didn’t receive anything for my daughter’s 6 & 11. What is going on? Seems as though many of us are all having problems. Taxpayers to Social Security beneficiaries. Just would like answers for us all. I’m extremely grateful but I was really hoping to try and have some money in savings.

    1. Hi. Yeah, same here. 1 teen. Gave ssn. Married, 1 dependent. Got the primary. No $500. Would be interested to see how it’s resolved.

  66. I was supposed to receive 3,900 today! I got 1,200! My fiancé’s money did not come! My the 1500 for my 3 children did not come! Really disappointing that’s a huge error! Atleast the 2,400 would have been very helpful! Thinking we would get ahead on some bills and maybe buy my kids some clothes and that’s not happening a family of 5 1,200 is nothing

    1. I received my $1,200 for my stimulus check today. It was direct deposit. But I didn’t receive the $500 for my 4 year old son. He definitely qualifies for the payment so what’s going on? Why are so many people not get the $500 for their children????

  67. I received our stimulus check on 04/29 but not a penny for any of our 6 kids aged 3-12. I smell something fishy so many people are getting nothing for their kids. This is pure bullsh*it we need this money $1200 with 6 kids is almost useless.

    1. Absolutely amen sister. I didn’t get mine for one I can’t imagine 6. I’m so sorry. Praying for your family. :'(

    2. same here. Received $1200 and nothing for my 4 kids aged 3-8. Total disappointment.

    3. I have 7 kids didnt receive their money either. I’m on SSI I’m not required to file taxes i used the tool on irs site April 14th got my 1,200 on the 29th not a dime for my babies.

      1. Yes and irs is saying have to file next year to get it. B. S. Something has to be done. They can’t leave all these Americans with 4&5 children with nothing.

        1. I know I’m the right there with you, all of you! I did everything I was supposed to do. I used the non-filers tool because I’m on SSDI I got my $1,200 stimulus on April 29th but no $500 check for my one dependent 14-year-old special needs son. I haven’t heard nothing and I’ve combed the website over and over again with no answers. It certainly looks that I’m going to have to file my taxes even though I don’t file taxes. And because I went on the non-filers tool I believe that counts as a 2019 simple file. So if I wanted to go to like h&r block for instance and get my 2019 taxes done for my property tax on my home that I bought in 2019 I don’t think I could because I already used the non-filers tool. So I don’t know what to do I can just throw my hands up in the air!

  68. I got my 1200 dollar payment today however I did not get it for my two kids for the 500 dollar payment per kid ? I don’t understand why? Please help thank you !

  69. I also am on supplement security and I filled out all of the forms that were supposed to fill out I normally do not file taxes also nobody else files my kids or anything like that I was supposed to get additional $500 kid and I have five children me and my kids are currently living in the hotel and we were depending on this money to continue to afford a place to live and I did not get my payment as well I only receive 1200 which I am grateful for but is there anything else I can do to get the additional money because I updated all of my information I just don’t understand what’s going on if anybody has answers I would really appreciate it

  70. I receive SSDI and I already had Direct deposit. The I R S non-filers portal was open April 10, 2020, I successfully registered my dependent and direct deposit info April 11 ,2020
    I only received $1200 April 29, 2020 and all my information was correct . Did they not have time to put the non-filers in the system.

  71. I just checked on my money, I received the $1200. Filled out the form in IRS website non-filers and did not receive the extra 500 for each child either.
    This is crazy considering they put out this tool for the reason that if you’re on Disability fill it out.
    What crap

  72. We lost my husband 3 years ago, and I have since been getting SSI from his death benefits for my youngest son, daughter, & myself! I received The 1200 today for me, but nothing for my 15 year old daughter, and I even took the extra step to add her to the IRS website! Also my son turned 18 this year and receives his SSI Death benefits now in the form of a check in his own name. No stimulus check for him either? That’s an additional 1700.00 missing that we could really use now? I’m so upset about this mistake! Please comment if you know the answers or what I should do! Thnx in advance!

  73. I receive SS disability for myself and my twin 25 year olds. I received my stimulus payment of $1200 but did not receive the $1000 for the twins. I completed the non-filers form with my children’s ss#s. When I check to see why I didn’t receive money for the money, the message says my filing was rejected and I need to enter an “IP PIN”. I have letter dated 2014 with this number but says it expired after 1 year, which was 2015!!! I have never received another PIN! How fo I get this PIN so I can receive the stimulus money for my children??

    1. I receive SS disability for myself and my twin 15 year olds. I received my stimulus payment of $1200 but did not receive the $1000 for the twins. I completed the non-filer form with my children’s SS#s. When I check to see why I didn’t receive the payment for my children, the message says my filing was rejected and I need to enter an “IP PIN”. I have a letter with a PIN dated 2014 but that number expired in 2015! I have not received another PIN!! How do I get this # so I can receive the stimulus payments for my children?

  74. Hi, I am experiencing the exact same issue. I received my stimulus for $1200 this morning (April 29th) based on my 2018 tax information and did not get the $500 for my son (In other words he was listed as my dependent in 2018 because I have not filed my taxes for 2019 yet). He does receive Survivor’s Benefits every month from the Social Security Office because his father is deceased. I am just wondering just like everyone on this forum as to what happened. It sucks that no live person is available to talk to at the IRS to gain clarity on this issue. I too, and am beyond grateful for the money I already have but just would like answers as to what is going on. Fishing around for information can get extremely tiresome. Anyways, good luck to everyone and I pray we all get answers and the money soon! Meanwhile, you all stay healthy and safe and remember to love each day and people like you’ve never done before!

  75. I’m disabled, have a 14 yr old son, and custody of two grandchildren. I had $1200 stimulus deposited today but nothing for the children.
    I filed April 8 with Free tax USA, claiming 3 dependents.
    I’m on SSI, trying to raise 3 kids on $780.00/month. We desperately need this money. I could cry, I have cried. My kids were so excited to, guess what,…fix our car, buy fresh fruit, get new blankets, etc. Why?
    Why the poorest of the poor?
    I don’t care about myself, but today I have to tell them they were left out.

  76. My husband and I are legal guardians for 2 little ones that we have no other relation to. We received our $2400 but nothing for them. They are our dependents as we are solely financially responsible. Anyone seen this?

  77. My son and I both recieved survivor benefits for the past 5 years. I filed under non-filers on the IRS website, included my son and his social security number. I got my 1,200 but got nothing for him.

  78. I have been on SSDI for 5yrs now but worked in 2017 and filed in 2018 and claimed my child. I got the 1200 in my account but not my child’s 500. But my question is since I filed in 2018 for my taxes and claimed my son did I need to fill out the other form as well? I thought I would be fine since I claimed him on 2018 taxes!

  79. I got the stimulus of 1200 today but did not get the 500$ per dependent for my 3 boys ages 13,7,6 why?? I was expecting it

  80. No dependent money for us either. I put in our dependent info before Apr. 22nd. No payments for either of my children. What was the point in putting the tool out for us to update info? I’m guessing the IRS is probably behind on processing the information from the link. I’m wondering if they will still send us the payment for the girls or if we will have to wait until next year when we file taxes. This really stinks. Although, I am very grateful for the payment we did receive.

  81. I finally got my stimulus money on April 29th, but did not receive my 500 child payment. This is very disheartening. We really need this help.

  82. I am on SSDI and my 10 year old is survivor benefits. I went to non fliers and Everytime I get to try and send it does not let met finish went Thur everything the problem is that part of the form doors not show to send on my phone. I received my 1200 and my child is waiting on his for he has plans please help he also special needs child

  83. This is so disappointing I’m on SSDI and my daughter is a dependent, I filed the non-filers with the irs way before the deadline, no one claims my daughter I received 1200 this morning they did not gove me the 500 for my daughter, why?

  84. I received my $1200 but not the $500 for my 16 year old son. My son is on SSI but from what I can gather that shouldn’t negate the dependent portion?

  85. I’m in the same boat as most here!
    My exception is I used the non filers portal and was accepted plus I sent in my 2019 taxes? In 2018 I did like most and claimed both boys BUT after all that still no $500 each….

    1. I did the same thing with filing out the non filers and then sending my 2019 taxes. Did you encounter any issues when e-filing your taxes?

  86. I’m on disability, and I just got my 1200 deposit this morning! I filed all of my 10 year old daughters info before the 22nd and I did NOT get the $500 for her!! What do I do?!? This is crazy! Why would this happen?!? How many other people have experienced this? I’ve check all the reasons as to why I wouldn’t get it, and none of them apply to me! I should have gotten it! PLEASE HELP!

  87. Got the 1,200 for myself but all 3 of my kids were skipped over and didn’t receive anything. They are well under the limit and its really irritating. People need the money right now and although you can use the info for next year’s returns that isn’t helping now.

  88. I am a single mother on SSDI. I also have an adult son (21) from a previous relationship. I gave his father custody and paid child support until 2007 when I took leave and eventually resigned from my position due to health issues. I filed for SSDI in 2010 and began receiving in 2012. During that time, my CS accrued arrears (for grown son). My SSDI is garnished monthly for the payments and have been since 2012 (and prior they were paid as such for my records). I owe more than the 1700 I am supposed to be getting. The Offset amount is the 1200. My question is, am I still entitled to that 500 (yet unaccounted for but the 1200 goes to DOR 4/29) or will that go to (the old account with DOR as well? I have called and had calls returned to me by DOR and they have no definitive answer. Also, I’m worried because if I AM entitled to that 500 for my current dependent child, and it has not yet been sent to me (offset said 1200 no amount listed on file status as yet but get my pmt says 4/29), will that be offset by default. DOR can not find any info either. HELP

  89. I got my $1200 check, but have 2 dependent kids 16 & 14, neither of which anyone else can claim-their dad passed away. I do not file taxes, I only receive a survivor’s benefit. I filled out the form on Turbotax that included all of their information and it was supposed to transfer to the IRS. I also tried filling out the form for non-filing status on the IRS site, just to be safe. When I hit submit, it stated that I already had info on file, so I assumed it was the info from Turbo tax. I even called Turbo tax to make sure they had my correct info for my dependents. They said yes & I’d be all set. Well, I’m not all set & did not receive the extra $1000. I also have an 18 year old, who I cannot claim. My income is very limited and I was expecting that $1000 because I DO QUALIFY & filled out the required paperwork…and I cannot contact the IRS!!! This is ridiculous…

  90. I get Social Secuity. My check for $1200 deposited this morning 4/29. I registered my 4 *eligible* children on 4/11. My 17 year old won’t qualify, and my 19 year old files taxes. I don’t know if maybe the dependents will be depositing separately, but the portion for the kids was not included, and nobody else is eligible to receive it.

    My oldest son (19) E-filed his taxes on 4/2, he saw his return on 4/16, and his stimulus payment on 4/22.

    1. I received my $1200 stimulus check,but I didn’t receive the $500 for my daughter only 14 years old.

  91. I am disabled and receive SSDI benefits. I filled out the form for non filers the day it was available and entered my 3 young children so I should have received $1500 extra for them. All I got today was $1200 for myself and nothing for my children. What is going on? How do I get the money for my kids? Please let me know what fo do.

    1. I sent a message online to a local news station. I am in Arizona. I would recommend everyone start doing this so we start getting someone’s attention. Just go to a news stations website and send your info in. I also sent screenshots of this website showing many of the comments from others. Seems we are all eligible and should be getting this money for our children. What I am also seeing are people that got the $1200 today (April 29th) that are having issues with getting the extra money for our kids. Did anyone have the same issue with the 1st round of deposits on April 13th or 15th? Or is it only us?

      1. I received my $1200 on the 29th as well and did not get the extra $500 for my son. I think people who received the 1st round had issues as well because I read a lot of complaints from people before our deposit of the 29th was due.

  92. I just received my stimulus via direct deposit I was supposed to get $1700 but I only received $1200. I’m not happy and now lost because clearly there is no way to get it fixed. Something that people shouldn’t have to worry about especially when your dependent upon it. Disappointment again.

  93. I’m on ssdi and my son who is 13 is on ssi for being disabled. I did the non filers form weeks ago, i got my 1200 payment tonight but did not get my 500 payment for my son who i had listed on my non filers form as a dependent. Which i did weeks ago and did double check multiple times to make sure it was correct. So frustrated.

  94. I’m on SSI got my $1,200 just posted @12am but didn’t get for my 3 young children and I should have, I added all their info on the portal as soon as it was up and running. Are they sending that out at a different time? How do we get answers?

  95. We received a ck on the 23 of April in the amount 2900. according to the guidelines I do qualify for 1200 for myself and 1200 for my husband we have two children in which one is 16 the other is 14 so 500 each would be another 1000. So that totals 3400. We filed married filing jointly and we were within all guidelines to receive the max payment. my husband receives SSDI so I did have to go to the non filler page. however according to what I received and what I was showing I should of gotten we are missing 500. don’t get me wrong being out of work I am grateful for the help we did have but really could have used the 500 help

  96. I received my check but didn’t get the $500 for each of my two dependents. And I filed before the deadline of April 22, 2020. Will I still get a check for them this year?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, when we have an opportunity to at least plead our case? I filed on April 14th before the 22nd deadline obviously and I know everything was correct I’ve checked it at least 50 times! No I got my $1,200 stimulus on April 29th as a pending status so tomorrow. I’m on SSDI my one dependent is on SSI for being special needs and I am as payee of course as I am his father. But I don’t see an opportunity as of yet to even tell anybody that I did not get the child $500 benefit. All we have is our blogs but it seems to be it was enough when the people on social security were wondering when they were going to get their payments senators and governors alike and different states started writing to the IRS and the treasury about what’s going on give us a date how is this going to work and then they finally got an answer a date. That date for SSDI/SSA would be April 29th 2020 for direct deposit and for SSI they said the first week of May.

      1. We need to do something. This is crazy. There’s hundreds and hundreds of comments. Something isn’t right and they need to fix it.

        1. I’ve seen enough I’ve been seeing this stuff for days now I’ve been following it and I’ve been screenshotting it and saving it up in my Drive. I know how to contact my legislature I’m from Michigan. I’ve had to contact them before, I’m going to get some kind of answer and as soon as I do I’m going to post it up on here for everyone.

        2. Ty so very much. Thankful there’s people out there like you that know how to get answers. I mean yes that 500 hurt me bad I thought I was finally gonna get to fix my car and pay my bills off. I can’t imagine the people who has 3&4 kids and didn’t get it.

      2. Same thing for me. I am on disability and I did the portal information for non filers on April 11thso I could receive the 500.00 for my dependent child. I received the confirmation email after I sent it. I’m thinking there’s a glitch somewhere..but seems that if you can update your info this should not be a problem. Hope there is a fix soon

    2. I have 5 children and I also filed through the non-filer portal before April 22, 2020. I didn’t receive any money for any of them. I pray we don’t have to wait until next year to get this money!!

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