Extra $100 MEUC Benefit on Top of $300 FPUC Weekly Unemployment Boost For Mixed Income Earners Who Qualify for PUA – State Payment Tracker


This article was last updated on January 12

A new, yet significant provision in the recently passed COVID relief bill is an extra $100 payment to workers who had a significant cut to their income due to COVID and had both wage (W2) income and self-employment (1099) income. Think of this as someone with a normal part-time salaried job who also has a reasonable side hustle or freelancing gig making money (e.g Etsy, Contractors or a blogger/you-tuber).

The new $100 Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation supplement is intended to address a major hole in the original stimulus package which penalized those with this form of mixed income who got lower unemployment benefits because they were only deemed eligible for regular state unemployment or PEUC due to their wage based income. This precluded them from the possibly higher PUA benefit payment they may have been able to get if their self employment income was used as the basis for their unemployment benefit calculation.

For example Mary, a freelancer graphic designer, earns most of her income through contract projects she does for various clients, but also works at a bar part-time on the weekends for which she gets paid a weekly salary that includes tips. She has been getting a W-2 at the end of the year from this job. Mary lost her bar job during the year due to COVID but because she qualifies for traditional unemployment (due to being classified as a W2 salaried worker by her state UI agency when she applied for UI benefits) she won’t be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) available to freelance and gig workers. This means that her weekly unemployment check will be lower because the income she made from the bar job, which is used for her UI benefit WBA calculation, is significantly less than what she earns from her freelancing graphic designer contract job.

Surprisingly data showed millions of Americans fell into this PUA hole and the extra $100 per week, on top of a $300 per week FPUC to those getting at least $1 of regular or enhanced unemployment is intended to make up for this gap.

This mixed earner benefit payment is however subject to state discretion, so some states may choose to pay it while others may not. If the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) program is used as a guideline where states could optionally pay an extra $100, then it is likely only a few states will make this supplementary payment to eligible claimants. Not that this is payment is above and beyond the $300 FPUC that is automatically being paid to eligible claimants (see $300 state tracker). Note that per guidelines, if your state chooses to implement the $100 payment, they must notify you that you are eligible.

Do I qualify for the $100 Mixed earner payment?

You qualify if you ALL meet these criteria:

1). Are you getting at least $1 per week in traditional unemployment insurance, which excludes PUA?

2) Did you report $5k in 1099 and reportable self-employment income in 2019? You will need to submit documentation to prove $5k in self-employment income for new claims.

If you meet the criteria and your state is paying it (see list below) then you will get this payment added to your weekly benefit.

When Will I get the Extra $100 Payment?

Workers who earned at least $5,000 in self-employment income in 2019 will be eligible for the extra $100 per week effective December 27, 2020 through March 14, 2021. State UI agencies are responsible for administering this payment and if they choose to make the “mixed earner” benefit payment they will also have to determine eligibility (subject to DOL guidelines). I will update the following table to track which states are making this payment and when you can expect to start processing payments.

$100 MEUC Extra PUA Unemployment Stimulus State Tracker

(Click state link for details)
State Paying the $100 MEUC?$100 MEUC Payment Start Date
AlabamaYNot Started
AlaskaYNot Started
ArizonaYNot Started
ArkansasYNot Started
CaliforniaYNot Started
ColoradoYNot Started
ConnecticutYNot Started
DelawareYNot Started
District of ColumbiaYNot Started
FloridaYNot Started
GeorgiaYNot Started
HawaiiYNot Started
IdahoNDid Not Enroll in Program
IllinoisYNot Started
IndianaYNot Started
IowaYNot Started
KansasYNot Started
KentuckyYNot Started
LouisianaYNot Started
MaineYNot Started
MarylandYNot Started
MassachusettsYNot Started
MichiganYNot Started
MinnesotaYNot Started
MississippiNDid Not Enroll in Program
MissouriYNot Started
MontanaYNot Started
NebraskaYNot Started
NevadaYNot Started
New HampshireYNot Started
New JerseyYNot Started
New MexicoYNot Started
New YorkYNot Started
North CarolinaYNot Started
North DakotaYNot Started
OhioYImplementing Program Updates
OklahomaYNot Started
OregonYNot Started
PennsylvaniaYNot Started
Rhode IslandYNot Started
South CarolinaYNot Started
South DakotaNDid Not Enroll in Program
TennesseeYNot Started
TexasYNot Started
UtahYNot Started
VermontYNot Started
VirginiaYNot Started
WashingtonYNot Started
West VirginiaYNot Started
WisconsinYNot Started
WyomingYNot Started

Furthermore, it may take a month or more to get this benefit up and running since it’s a new program and states have to update their systems to administer and verify eligibility for this benefit.

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23 thoughts on “Extra $100 MEUC Benefit on Top of $300 FPUC Weekly Unemployment Boost For Mixed Income Earners Who Qualify for PUA – State Payment Tracker

  1. Will people getting just pua for gig workers ,eligible for fpuc or the new meuc?

  2. Hello I got a message from edd saying my claim has ended. Do I need to reapply for another claim or is it automatically extended? Also on my claim summary it says I still have a claim balance. Thanks

    1. It is only extended if your claim is active and you have remaining weeks (which looks to be the case for you). The new 11 week extension is being rolled out by the CA EDD so you should automatically get your claim extended. Check your UI portal to ensure this happens.

      Note – the new extension, PUA includes up to 57 weeks of benefits beginning February 2, 2020. The date you can start collecting these benefits depends on when you were directly affected by COVID-19 and the date you filed your PUA claim. See more here: https://www.savingtoinvest.com/californias-employment-development-department-for-unemployment-insurance/

      1. This is exactly me. I did some side work for someone who gave me a W2 in 2018. Well when I applied for the PAU they instead based my unemployment on the W-2 which gave me $49 a week instead of getting the $450 a week that my self employment income made me eligible for.. So I got screwed. My saving grace was the extra $600 a week that they were giving everybody last spring when the lockdowns effectively put me out of business. I still got screwed out of $400 bucks a week. However I wouldn’t even have bothered to apply for unemployment it was just for $49 a week..

  3. I am an independent contractor. I was not able to work for 5 weeks because of covid 19. When I went back to work my I was only able to earn a third of what I normally do. I did not receive and compensation during 2020.
    I am 66 yrs old. Do not know how to use a computer. Called DOL of Ga. many times and could never get in touch with anyone.
    Hope you can help me. The money I borrowed will run out in 3 months. Thank You.
    Kenneth Simmons

  4. Is the new extra 300 in unemployment retro active from beginning of December or no? Asking for a friend =-o


  6. I feel I am getting srewed by the state for unemployment I get 31$a week for unemployment now . I am 66years old .yes I get SS my but I also worked part time as a cashier. But the business shut down cause if the virus. I want to work but I do have a few health issues. So I am afraid to look for another job. I lost my apartment so now living outside. The state does not care about the people . But they sure get their money and raises .. They need to live like we all do . They won’t like it. It’s sad .

  7. So how would this work for the people that used their PEUC if they already exhausted their benefits? Are they going to be able to file again for the extra 11 week’s

    1. The state should be giving an extended benefit with the new federal benefit

  8. I was only getting $81 a week..I was getting the EB which I only got for 3 weeks last payment was Oct..I haven’t gotten any unemployment since..do I qualify for the $300 plus the extra $100?

    1. Not unless you can prove you had a side gig. you will have to prove it with a 1099 form

  9. Ok my claim ran out on 12/26/2020 in Louisiana I filed a new claim cause the website said so I filed a new one so today I go on the website it said if your claim expired on 12/26/2020 don’t file a new claim and it wasn’t like my original claim cause I didn’t know not to file until Monday 12/28/2020 so would they erase the new claim and stick with my original claim cause I can’t get a answer at the LWC ?

    1. Just went through the same problem but I was able to get ahold of someone at the office stick to ur regular claim everyone that filed a new claim is getting erased and the regular claim is getting extended

  10. I work for NFL football ball team. I have lost money because of no fans this season. I have only working 12 hours a week. Usually I would work32 hours or more a week. After a game. Am I eligible for the additional $100. If so how do I file?

    1. you would likely be. But your state will have to roll-out the benefit (its at their discretion) so you’ll have to wait a few weeks. If you get/qualify for the $300 FPUC then you will also retroactively get this payment.

    2. That would be a yes being you work for a sporting event but if you recall the lwa pymts should’ve been $400 but most states opted out on paying the extra $100. Shows how much our state leaders care for their own.

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