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Saving to Invest is a Personal finance blog that covers a wide spectrum of topics from money to taxes to working and retired life. Feel free to browse our categories/archives for a flavor of the topics and news items I cover. I started this website as a way to educate myself on saving and investing more effectively, but it has rapidly evolved into a serious venture as its popularity and presence has grown.

About me: I admit it, I am a personal finance junkie and this blog is the main channel through which I share my thoughts/views and hopefully add some value to my readers. Iam married with young kids, have a decent household income, growing share/funds portfolio and hope to retire sooner rather than later. Until the crashes of 2008, I was on track to hit the millionaire status by age 40, but now I may have to wait a few more years. While the year that was has made me reevaluate many of my money and investing philosophies, I am still an active investor and believe that in the long term, smart money management and regular investing are the secrets to financial freedom.

I hope you enjoy what I write about and get some useful ideas and information from the site. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Unfortunately, due to contractual reasons in my day job, I need to post somewhat anonymously. But I assure you, I am a real American living a normal life and try to make it like the rest of you out there.

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So why Saving to Invest? I chose the title because, in my humble opinion, it reflects the secret to financial freedom for most people. Here it is : Wealth = Savings + Investments. Simple, and it is the basic premise of this blog and my financial philosophy. Unless you are bestowed with family money or win the lottery, the only way to reach financial freedom is to save effectively (i.e. don’t spend more than you earn) and to then invest that money effectively over the medium to long term in a diversified portfolio and retirement accounts. Easy? No, and it takes a lot of work, discipline and desire to get there. This blog reflects that journey and provide the information to help you get there.


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Have something meaningful to say about the world of Personal Finance? Or perhaps you are an up and coming blogger or website owner that wants more publicity. Then consider writing a high quality original guest post for Saving to Invest. This site receives over 100,000 monthly visitors and has 9000+ subscribers. Guidelines for posts (strictly enforced)

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6 thoughts on “About The Author and Site, Guest Posts and Advertising

  1. Do you keep an archive on how those have changed over time? I am thinking that the maximum periods nd perhaps the maximum payments were longer/higher in mid-2009 when the recession ended. How can I find these?

  2. I am widowed over 75 and trying to understand how much salary I may draw in 2018 from an entity I will control under circumstances as follows:
    1) the entity will have both a 401(K) and a ROTH 401(K) set up. The 401(K) to allow deferrals with 100% match.
    2) I contemplate being the only (full-time) employee. I may add either part-timers or independent contractors as necessary (if needed).
    3) I intend contributing (& therefore deferring) maximum allowed ($18500 ?) + Catch-up ($6500 ?) (= $25000 ?)
    4) Company would match ($25000 ?) but am I correct that (from your article) only $18500 would “count” toward my $55000 maximum from ALL (excluding Catch-ups)?
    5) If I read your article correctly, company could contribute maximum $36500 ($55000 less $18500). Thus, if I draw salary of $36500, company could match $36500 and I would have $11500 of (perhaps taxable) Gross Income. Am I correct so far?
    6) I would like company to make maximum allowable Profit-Sharing contribution to my ROTH 401(K). How much would that come to? Am I correct that, because $55000 ($18500 counted as from me and $36500 from the company), ZERO could be contributed to the ROTH 401(K)? I would not want that!
    7) Could the company match LESS THAN $36500 as a salary deferral and instead make a Profit-Sharing contribution to the ROTH 401(K)? How much less?
    8) With this information, the new Standard Deduction that will be applicable for me in 2018, and the new tax brackets that would apply to me, I may be able to figure out what salary would be “best”. Any thoughts?

  3. Recently I had same experience just like you. On May 29, 2015 I was panic to find my car and called 911. The police man gave me the towing company phone number. Even I had the permit they said that it is hard to see from the outside. I placed on top of my front window. I had to spent $160.00 to get back my car. My weekly payroll is only 184.34. After I get back my car, I had to live with $20.00. Life is not fair. I try to live honestly, sincerely , but my life is horrible.

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