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If You Make Over $100,000 the SBA-PPP Stimulus Bill Could Mean a Pay-cut or your Job

Under the recently enacted $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARES ACT) small business owners have been afforded many provisions to help them stay in business and incentivize them to keep… Read more »

SBA 7a Loan Forgiveness and Relief Grant for Small Business Owners under Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

[Updated with latest provisions] Under the recently enacted $2 trillion Coronavirus stimulus bill (CARE) additional help has been provided to small business owners to help them stay in business and… Read more »

Coronavirus Stimulus Bill allows early 401k or IRA retirement account distributions and loans. RMD Suspended For 2020.

Under the recently passed $2 trillion CARES stimulus bill, workers will see a temporary loosening of the hardship distribution rules from retirement accounts. Eligible people affected by COVID-19 related fallout… Read more »

Why The Additional $600 Unemployment Insurance Benefit and Extension in 2020 is a BIG Deal And When It Starts Paying

Under the latest Coronavirus stimulus bill unemployment insurance has been extended by 13 weeks and boosted by adding $600 per week for up to four months, on top of what… Read more »

Why is it Taking so Long to File my Unemployment Benefits Insurance Claim and Get The Extended and Additional $600 Stimulus Payments. Plus other FAQs.

The error below is symptomatic of what many Americans are seeing on their state‚Äôs unemployment insurance website when filing a claim for new, extended or additional payments under new UI… Read more »

Is unemployment expanding? Are governments getting checks in people’s hands? Are banks suspending mortgage, rent and debt payments?

The title of this post reflects some of the main questions I see across various traditional and social media channels with the Coronavirus Pandemic in full flight. Here are some… Read more »