Best Auto Insurance Websites For Getting Free Quotes – Allstate, Esurance and GEICO

All major auto insurance companies have online sites where shoppers can come for a free quote. This is not surprising with over 35% of auto insurance shoppers preferring to buy their policy online, according to the J.D. Power and Associates Insurance Website Evaluation Study. The remainder of insurance policies are purchased through agents, at dealerships or through call centers.

TheInsurance Website Evaluation Study found that Allstate, Esurance and GEICO request pages performed particularly well in insurance website shopper satisfaction. The study measures online shoppers’ experiences with insurer websites during the auto insurance shopping process. Five factors contribute to shoppers’ overall satisfaction: ease of navigating the website; appearance of the website; clarity of information provided on the website; range of services that can be performed on the website; and speed of the website.
Making the Quote Process Fast and Simple – The process of requesting a quote is a key aspect of the online shopping experience. While many insurers streamline this process by minimizing the number of questions they ask a prospect and use of pre-filled information, not all insurers excel in providing a positive quote experience. The study found that only 72 percent of shoppers who requested a quote online were able to receive one immediately, compared with 18 percent who were required to wait for a follow-up response and an additional 10 percent who were unable to obtain a quote at all.

“The insurance industry spent more than $5 billion2 in 2011 on advertising to attract consumers to shop for insurance….An insurer that cannot provide a fast, simple quote via their website likely has a dramatically lower chance at winning [a potential customer’s] business.”

Pre-filling vehicle and personal information is important in improving the speed of obtaining a quote. Satisfaction among the 65 percent of shoppers who experienced accurate pre-filled information in their quote application is 790. However, among the 8 percent of shoppers who say that some of the information provided was incorrect, satisfaction declines significantly to 706 index points.

Some of the more traditional shoppers use insurers’ websites simply to finalize their consideration set and to find contact information for the company or a local agent. This makes the availability of contact information extremely important in overall satisfaction with the website. Satisfaction among shoppers who indicate that finding contact information was “very easy” is 810, compared with industry average (702).

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