Bikini car wash controversy

I am always amazed how far some entrepreneurs go to make a buck. Sex sells is a time old marketing adage and looks like this concept is being taken to the extreme with the opening of racy Bikini car washes around country this summer. Just recently a San Antonio car wash featuring bikini-clad women created such stir amongst the locals that it had to be closed for code violations, but reopened a week later. The owner said that “Despite concerns from residents and a nearby church, his business is not breaking any laws. There was really no way, legally, they could shut me down. The business is totally legal. They have no laws that apply to this.”

Bikini car washes are a new front line in the age-old battle between the entrepreneur’s right to make money and community sensibility. The saucy carwashes are hardly a new phenomenon – but as they get racier, the critics are gaining in volume, as demonstrated by current complaints against car washes that use this tactic to attract customers.

From a business perspective I don’t have a problem with this (then again I am a guy) as a way to attract customers in the highly competitive car wash business. However as a family man I can see how this would be offensive to women and I would not want to expose my children to this. We are though a society with choices and laws. If you don’t approve of this business model don’t go to these type of car washes and if society as a whole shares your views these establishments will eventually become unprofitable and have to close down.

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