Can I Get The 13 Week Unemployment Benefits Extension (PEUC) and Extra Coronavirus-COVID Stimulus Payments if I Have Exhausted My Current Zero Balance Claim


The short answer to the title of this article is Yes. Those who are eligible for Unemployment Insurance Compensation (UIC) and have exhausted current claims will be eligible for the federally funded 13 week unemployment benefits extension under the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) AND retroactive supplementary payments like the $600 p/week extra FPUC payment and $300 LWA payment. State unemployment agencies will be responsible for administering these benefits, in addition to the existing unemployment benefit claims.

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)

Just to recap, under the PEUC program approved under the CARES act, states can pay up to 13 weeks of additional unemployment benefits to individuals who have exhausted regular state unemployment compensation (UC). They must also be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking work assuming no Coronavirus/COVID-19 restrictions. An individual is deemed to have exhausted benefits (per DOL guidance) when no further UC payments can be made under any federal or state law because the individual has received all available regular UC based on employment or wages during such individual’s base period; or the individual’s right to such regular UC has been terminated by reason of the expiration.

The first week for which PEUC may be paid is the week ending April 4, 2020 (or April 5th for states where the unemployment week ends on April 5th). PEUC is not payable for any week of unemployment ending after December 31, 2020 (so the last week would be week ending Dec 26th or Dec 27th)

Retroactive and Backdated Payments

You will also be able to receive backdated/retroactive payments for FPUC and PEUC payments for eligible weeks.

Will I Need to Reapply for these benefits?

This will depend on state by state basis, but those who have exhausted their benefits will be eligible for the enhanced CARES act benefits discussed above. State UI agencies are responsible for reaching out but given the massive spike in claims this is likely to be a slow process. Some states are automatically extending benefits (even without ongoing certification) for those whose claims have recently expired. If you have not gotten notice from your state UI agency and your claim is almost or has recently expired then I suggest you contact them and/or file a new claim. I strongly recommend doing this online, given many offices unemployment offices have limited staffing and call volumes are extraordinarily high.

States have now received detailed federal guidance (via the Department of Labor) on the implementation of the stimulus-law changes for existing UI beneficiaries. Most states like New York, Florida and California have told people who are already collecting unemployment benefits and qualify for the PEUC extension that they don’t need to reapply to receive the additional $600 FPUC payment.

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Note – Under current rules if you stop certifying for continued unemployment benefits, even for one week, your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim becomes inactive. You must reopen your claim to request benefit payments. You can generally reopen your claim if it was filed within the last 52 weeks. If your benefit year has ended, you must file a new claim.

For those who have not claimed UI or had a claim expire several months ago, then you will likely have to file a new claim. Further part time workers who get or who are eligible for UIC will also be entitled to the full $600 weekly payment until the end of July 2020.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Extended State Benefits

Independent contractors, freelancers and gig workers who wouldn’t have qualified for claims before will be able to get the same UI benefits through the new pandemic unemployment assistance program established by the CARES act. This act has loosened rules and eligibility considerably and includes:

  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) – Provides 39 to 46 weeks of benefits for freelance, gig and contract workers who would normally NOT have been eligible for state unemployment programs. Workers who get PUA are not concurrently eligible for PEUC or Extended State Unemployment benefits. Unemployment claims for PUA will be backdated and paid retroactively to the first week during the PUA period in which an employee was unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable and unavailable to work due to COVID-19
  • Extended State Unemployment Benefits (EB)— Provides an additional 13 additional weeks of benefits when a state is experiencing high unemployment. Some states have also enacted a voluntary program to pay up to 7 additional weeks (for a total of 20 weeks maximum) during periods of extremely high unemployment. Note that extended state benefits are only available after people have collected all regular Unemployment Insurance benefits as well as any PEUC benefits they were eligible for. But if the unemployment rates drops below high unemployment thresholds in a state, the EB benefit coverage weeks may drop or cease. See the current levels of EB benefits available by state.

Delays in Roll out of 13 weeks of Additional Benefits

While several states have rolled out the extra $600 supplementary payment, many are still way behind in updating their systems to reflect the extra 13 weeks of standard unemployment insurance now available. This has a double impact for those who have exhausted their benefits under current state administered UI programs. One is means that don’t get the current benefits available in their state because they cannot reopen or file a new claim; and secondly it means they won’t get the extra $600 weekly payment available till the end of July 2020.

Many applicants with exhausted claims are getting rejected when applying for additional UIC. In this situation state agencies are asking claimants to be patient and re-apply when their systems are updated. States are also obligated to reach out to applicants eligible under the new programs, but per the information above they are so far backlogged that this may take several weeks. For those already on unemployment benefits but close to exhausting their claim period, you will just have to wait and hope your state updates is systems to automatically extend your unemployment benefit coverage.

This article was updated on November 3

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591 thoughts on “Can I Get The 13 Week Unemployment Benefits Extension (PEUC) and Extra Coronavirus-COVID Stimulus Payments if I Have Exhausted My Current Zero Balance Claim

  1. Hi ! So I am under serious stress on what to do right now ! I have very little work history ! Put it this way I took a seasonal job last November that ended mid jan of this year and that’s all the history I have for over 5 years ! I was laid off cause season ended and I heard of all these programs so I had applied for regular yo benefits based on my total income of 902.00 for the year 2019 which all fell under one quarter of the base pay chart thing ! And to my surprise I was awarded regular ui insurance but with the balance of zero dollars !? So I read about April 28th being the time to apply for the PUA and as I’m doing it I’m reading stuff saying I should not apply and I don’t even know if I am eligible cause I was laid off before my store closed down for covid-19 reasons !?
    So my question is does anyone know if I qualify based on the knowledge that I was laid off cause of season ending not corona ! But because of my limited work history I get nothing from ui ! And because of the corona virus I can’t seem to find any work anywhere !? And also if I was awarded regular ui as of April with a balance of zero is it ok to file a new claim in hopes to get the PUA benefits ?

    1. With zero balance you can still apply for PUA. Hope you’re able to get your benefits soon. Check the UI website daily!

    2. I don’t know what state you live in, but in Calif, you need to have a minimum of $1300 gross in a full quarter to qualify for minimum benefits.
      Most states have something similar. The award letter, even if zero, is sent to everyone who files a claim. However, right now, if you had a previous claim that you actually collected from, and it expired a certain time last year, you might be eligible for an extension. I hope you at least got a stimulus check. Good luck and God bless!

  2. Can someone help me with this PLEASE!! I’ve been getting UI benefits since 09/29/2019. My claim is until 09/26/2020 but my benefits exhausted on 04/04/2020 when I received my last payment it had a paper that said no extended benefits were available to me and this payment includes federal pandemic additional compensation $600 and my claim balance after this is $0!? I can’t work due to this pandemic and all Santa Barbara is shutdown. I have no NO InCoME , bills piling up, and a family that needs to be supported. Am I eligible for ANyThINg?? I’m stressing out over this and not being able to reach anyone from EDD is making it worse! What do I do??

    1. Maybe you can apply atleast for public assistance. Cash aid… for a family of 2 adults and 1 child gives you about 850…. not much but it’s something. And food stamps will give you 509 for family of 3, atleast to buy food. U till we hear about what they are going to do about us in this boat.

      1. Hi,
        I am in CA and reached out to the EDD contact I had during my UI orientation last year. My benefits expired in late February 2020. His words to me were “just wait, we are working on extensions with no date in sight and to keep checking the EDD website”
        Well that was reassuring
        I wish you all good health and luck!

        1. Thanks for the info. I’ll keep checking the website. I’m not able to file another claim until November at this time. My benefits ran out a week ago. The place where I was working as needed is closed to due to the virus. I was to have started Census training on 3/24 and that is, of course, on hold. The seasonal job where I expected to be hired again this year is at a lake that is closed due to the virus. I thought I would qualify for PUA based on what I’ve been reading; but the EDD rep I just spoke to said I’m out of luck. Hoping that doesn’t turn out to be the case!

    2. Hey You will receive an extension. They will automatically sign you up . They have to send out the letter that states there’s no available extensions at this time. Yet due to the Pandemic pay no attention to the letter . Check your email see if you have an email that’s states your eligible for 13 weeks . And follow the instructions when you receive it . Good Luck!

      1. Hi, I am in California I just received in my inbox that my UI has expired however I still have over $3900. in my Claim Balance. At the top of page where we certify I received notification that I am eligible for PEUC extension of 13 weeks. Does California automaticially extend this online or do I need to file a new claim due to the expiration. Also, I tried to file a new claim and it did not allow me to do so. I am however eligible and approved, I NEED HELP….

        1. Hi,
          It should continue. My extension expired late June and then EDD automatically added another.

          Good luck!

        2. I’m in the same boat but on the top of certification page, it says I may be eligible for PEUC and to click on the link to “start filing a new claim now”. Does yours say something otherwise? That you are already approved?

    3. You should be eligible for the PEUC. It shouldve been filed automatically for you when you exhausted your benefits. Go to Ask EDD online and request to file your extension.

    4. I suggest that you all reach out to your governor or senator.. I filed for PUA back in May….waited and waited on them to approve it… finally became tired of waiting and contacted both my governor and senator(each office has contacts in your state UI office and can reach the tier 3 agents needed for PUA claims) and was finally approved and the funds will be available in my bank on Monday…you have to stay on the …make them of luck, guys..I hope you all get what is owed to you

  3. I live in Wisconsin and my unemployment benefits ran out in November 2019. My benefit year ended April 25, 2020 and I filed a new UC claim on April 26 per the advice of the UC Office last year. I was denied benefits, because I do not have eight times my Benefit rate, since the start of my benefit year last April.

    There is a second note on my UC file online, stating they are reviewing my ability and availability to work. I am in an approved training program where you are not required to seek work while in school.

    I am in school under that training program and wondering if I am eligible for a 13 week extension or the additional $600 per week. This will truly be a godsend but I don’t wanna get my hopes up. Bless anyone who can give me an answer and good luck to all.

  4. Hello. I live in California and I exhausted my claim balance on 4/13. I did receive two $600 checks. Will I need to reapply for PUA funds or will it be done automatically? I currently can not file another claim until 5/30. I’ve been online for days trying to find answers on what steps to take. Someone please help!

    1. I’ve been messaging UI twice a day for 16 days now. My claim is active until September but I have $0 balance. They finally responded, and this is what they said. …

      “Your Pandemic Additional Compensation (PAC) was authorized on 041520 for week ending 040420. At this time, no information on when extension are going to be filed. Please continue to visit the Department website for information. Thank You”

      1. Hello in the state of Illinois what do you have to do for the extra 20 weeks that’s approved as of August 6-2020 if you exhausted regular unemployment but claim don’t end until November 22-2020

        1. Do Nothing. I live in Illinois and my EB (Extended Benefits) kicked in automatically. Initially for only 13 weeks and then the other 7 weeks was added after the August 6th extension was announced. Simply keep filing every two weeks.

  5. I live in Texas and I’m seeing that people who have exhausted their benefits are not given priority. If you select the option that you have an existing claim when you call, will be disconnected immediately.. anything spoken about the extension for exhausted benefits is very vague. My benefits exhausted on the 1st of April and I haven’t received a payment yet even though I’ve been requesting payment.

    Are you telling me that I cannot get my $600 or retro payment from the state for over a month now? That really sucks. I’ve got bills. Can’t get a job

    1. In CA, I was just told by EDD that when my balance is $0 for unemployment, I must apply for PUA.

      1. Hi there,
        I’m in CA too. I got a notification that my claim has expired and it gives a link to file a new claim but I still have a a balance left for weeks to claim. Should I wait until I certify for all weeks available before filing a new claim?

    2. You can’t collect PUA or PEA If you exhausted your funds and your claim year hasn’t expired. Your not eligible for squat. In the same boat no money did a good job for leaving the hard workers in the cold. Also people who work hard do t get the full stimulus how fair is that we work too harder.

    3. The new base period started in April..That being said your new base period runs from Jan 2019-Dec 2019..If you worked at any point during this period and have wages in at least 2 quarters of that base period you are not eligible for extended benefits( is the actual Cares Act that was signed into law..Skip down to section II..Look at the eligibility requirements under PUA/DUA if you satisfy at least 1 of these you are eligible to receive at the least the minimum here in the State of Texas which is $207.00 and the FPUC of $600.00.. You will have to file a new claim under DUA..I had exhausted my benefits but my claim year doesn’t expire until Aug..Not eligible for Reg benefits because of claim year and not eligible for extension because I was no longer considered an exhausted because in April the new base period started and I had wages in 2 quarters..Filed new claim under DUA was approved for $412.00. + $600.00..Took me almost 4 weeks after filing to get paid but they back dated everything and I received $2,970 in my acct last week. Hope I didn’t confuse you more with all this.

      1. Hi Michael, this was really helpful since my case is exactly like yours. I exhausted my balance last week 4/19 but my benefit year doesn’t end until June 2020. I have enough wages in two quarters of 2019. I called UI and was advised to file a new claim which I did and which is pending. I also see an option to file PUA under my account – so should I have filed for PUA instead of regular UI? Thanks in advance.

    4. Same thing with me here in Texas no extension on benefits here we just stuck out and I don’t qualify for the pecu.. usually when unemployment is high they have tier 1 -3 Federal government steps in but due to the covid 19 the government did it differently..sorry to say we gets nothing.

  6. I have exhausted all my California EDD payments on 4/4 and they said in 4/28 they would update website for extension with the PUA but nothing pops up when I log in. Can anyone please help?

    1. I’m in the same boat! It’s saying I have received all my back and it won’t let me do anything!

  7. My Michigan unemployment ends in 8.5 weeks. June 30, 2020. It was an open existing claim; ends Feb. 2021.
    Does Michigan automatically give the extension? Or do I need to reapply? Thanks

  8. IN PA. – I have been collecting partial unemployment the past year. So my 52 weeks ended today . However, I still have 9 weeks of funds available.
    When I made my claim this past Sunday , it said to file in the next 2 weeks if I still worked partial weeks. Dies that mean I have been approved to continue collecting?

  9. Ugh! I’m in CA and recieved unemployment since June 2019 and exhausted all benefits in December 2019… i became employed in January until the shutdown, my benefit year doesnt end until June 2020 so it will not let me file a new claim even though I qualify for the PUA….. why have they completely forgotten about these type of applicants? This is the first thread I can even find where people are going through similar situations. Been searching the website and calling for hours…. was waiting for today since they said the PUA will he accepting applications today just to find out I still can’t apply is frustrating. Anyone have any answers?? PLEASE

    1. I’m in the same situation, and YES! it is frustrating. Today’s roll out was supposed to also accommodate those of us that have exhausted UI benefits, however my UI portal still reflects “You have received all benefits payable to you at this time. You cannot file another California Unemployment Insurance claim until your current benefit year ends”. Based on what I’m seeing from other states it seems like they are implementing this automatically without the need to reapply. I’m thinking this is going to be the same for California. The EDD CA site says
      “Based on the persistent inability of claimants to access the UI OnlineSM system during this time period, if your UI benefit certification form has dates for weeks ending March 14 through May 9, you do not need to certify or recertify for UI benefits at this time”. I know this applies to people who have weeks available to certify, however the system is running slow and even if we were able to certify I feel we would fall into the same scenario. Most likely they will just pay us retroactively as PUA benefits have already been implemented and we fall under PUA. There would be no reason for us to need to file a new claim as it’s just an extension of our previous claim. Either way hopefully we get some updates soon.

      1. So weird mine allowed me to file a new claim I don’t know what’s going on with everybody else. I did start a new job on February 12th of so that might be the defining factor on what’s

        1. I spoke to EDD today (CA). If you have a $0 balance, you MUST reapply for Unemployment, PUA.
          Because so many people are on the site applying, I have been able to get in since 8:00 am this morning.
          I saw on AOL that we could begin applying at 2:00 am., so of course I tried. The website said that you couldn’t apply until 5:30 am. I waited until 6:00 am and wasn’t able to apply. So I have been up since 1:50 am!
          This really sucks! Why couldn’t they give those that have exhausted their money what to do?

      2. Hi do I claim all the weeks that are available on my peuc claim or just starting the week after my regular UI ran out

    2. Same here. This site was supposed to open up today for people like us who have just exhausted their regular CA UI benefits. Every time I sign on, it takes me to the page where it shows the last payment issued to me. There is not one instruction or indication that there is a site where people can sign on to receive the 13 week extension. I swear, State of California should be chastised for their handling of this! The phone lines are a joke. They may have expanded their hours but we still can’t get through after calling 400 times! I’ve never been so frustrated in my life. I feel like they’re just sitting on the other end kicking back chewing gum and filing their nails. There is NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!!! If they don’t have the site up yet, at least put an update on their website as to when it will be up and instructions on where to go, what to do, etc.

      1. I agree I’m going to keep trying if I hear anything will let you know and we all paid into this

      2. Same here. Ive Been on unemployment since October 2019. I just exhausted my claim yesterday and called over 400 times this morning and nobody would answer. There is no answer as to how to file these claims to get continued coverage with the PUA program. If ANYONE figures this out please lend a response. Thank you.

      3. Agreed! My EDD benefits were exhausted on March 7th, through the PUA plan, we are allowed to process the 13 weeks extension, and I had an job offer and it was rescinded due to the Cov19. As that being said, I have tried to create a new account through EDD, but when you try to file a new claim, it states you are not eligible to file a new claim. When I tried to login my own EDD account, there is no options for me to file an application for the PUA extension. it is very frustrating through this process, as the EDD says, we have 13 weeks extension, but it doesn’t have any instructions on how to proceed. There is system issue, that they need to fix. The EDD phone line, it is busy from 7:59 am to 8 pm PST, I have tried all days for few weeks now, no luck.

      4. I tried at 8am said too many people on the queue and to try later. This has been th case for me since the middle of march. I did get through a couple of times in early April only to be left in hold and to have the phone disconnect. Called back and the message stated office is closed. Tried online at 2am said updating to check back at 5:30, got message not unavailable. Tried several during the day not able to get in, finally got in only to get message benefits exhausted 3 14 2020. Nothing helpful online regarding PUA beneits. I know many are worse off, but it’s getting close to being out of money. No stimulus check and it says at this time but cannot give me any info.

    3. Kai, I just ran out of benefits last week and thought I would also be able to apply to the PUA for the extended benefits but I have not been able to do so. I have searched the web for hours, I even tried calling EDD but their automated systems are not much help, and even with them increasing their staff I have not been able to get a hold of anyone. With no way to file for a claim, find a link to a PUA application, and not being able to reach out to a human at EDD, this makes things way worse. God bless everyone who is struggling with this as well.

      1. Hello I have exhausted my unemployment January18 18th 2020-end of January I got another job worked 7 hours and never went back due to transportation needs/.i got approved for the 13 weeks of benefits and to certify this past Monday so I did and then it said looks like you have worked please reopen your case/omg I am beyond words of hard core sadness. I have two young children who desperately need summer clothes and I am two months behind on rent and all my bills. I had filed bankruptcy this past year and finally was getting my credit back on track but now NO money at all coming in for three months. I tried to reopen my case on the unemployment site but won’t let me told me to call and speak to someone but to no avail. No one ever picks up. Someone please help me. I am in NJ. I just received a blue paper saying saying I am eligible for the extended benefits as of March 29 2020 of a specific amount but won’t let me certify because I worked one day at a different job. Please help

        1. It sounds like you may have just messed up your form but it will be fixed. It took mine 8 weeks because I forgot to mail them a form.
          EDD will back pay you but you must be careful with the forms. I kinda don’t get it because we both exhausted benefits and I did go without for like two months after March .
          I claimed working this week for over $999 in wages and they still payed the $345 a week I think cause I got $793?
          It really confusing as the date also on the website does not reflect my balance and they did not give a payment letter or take out child support!?
          So just keep reaching out and don’t give up because I know there has to be an answer for you like for me.

    4. I am having the same problem, but I haven’t collected UI since 2013. My claim says 0 awarded. I was told to apply when my store had to be closed down in March because of it being unessential. I can’t open a new PUA claim because EDD says I already have a claim. In my inbox was information saying that I (might) be eligible for an extension. Scary that they used the word might. let me know if you have or someone else has figured this out.

    5. I have been having the same problem, my benefits exhausted in Jan and i was told by EDD that i could apply today. I tried to open a new claim, but it asked if i had got UI in last 12 months and told me that i had to call in and could not do online application. I am planning to call tomm morning.

    6. I would suggest you try to reopen your claim instead of filing a new one. It has not expired. You should be able to get it that way

    7. Commiserations, Kai. Same situation here too, but with a slight twist. My UI benefits ran out end of Jan 2020 when there was no fed 13 week extension. I’ve been unemployed ever since and it’s super frustrating to go in circles with CA EDD with no way to apply for the UI extension (even after the much touted PUA for independent folks and those that have run out of regular UI benefits starting today, April 28th). No luck so far. It’s not clear if I have to start a new application (my current benefit year runs through end July) for PUA, but then you’d need a new registration, since my existing claim page doesn’t have an option. CA EDD is overwhelmed online and on the phone, so there’s no help for folks like us. Not giving up but will keep trying. Cheers!

      1. Yes it’s saying I can’t apply till July also! That is last year‘s claim end date. Help

    8. Join the discussion…I’m the same your situation Kai I get the last pay check on may 2 ,I can’t file the new claim the wwebsite eedd,reeeuest for calls the EDD, I calls the thousand time it always busy, and I don’nt known how to do

  10. Similar, I was on CA UE 5.5 months, finally found work 3/2/2020, then 3/23 our office was forced to close as non-essential. I refiled UE, got paid that last 2 weeks plus $600 each then had $0 balance.
    I found no resources on line and nothing to even indicate the 13 weeks was actually going extended in my case. Emailed EDD asking how to get 13 weeks ext, they replied “you have $0 balance and are not eligible for further payments at this time”.
    Emailed EDD again specifically asking that they tell me how to apply for 13 weeks PEUC they emailed “you have $0/not eligible” AGAIN instead of saying hang in there, were working on it…
    Today, 4/28 is the first time I found anything on line that they are working on rolling out PEUC PUA 13 week sign up, but couldnt they have emailed me that last week so I didnt spend days of frustration trying to find out if I am going to go bankrupt.
    If I’m not going to get 13 weeks added (until I can go back to work), I’ll lose everything and have to live in my car. I can do that but its the not knowing that makes me nervous…. EDD phone busy 5 days – 76 attempts to a dead end info EDD voicemail…

    Hoping and praying for us all to not be ruined by this shutdown, and that the 13 weeks can be applied for and granted asap.

    1. Thank you for sharing that information! I’m in the same boat please let me know when it’s available! Thanks

  11. For those interested New Jersey finally addressed this in the door site.

    What do I need to do get the supplemental $600 weekly benefit? You do not have to do anything except continue to certify weekly to receive the $600/week. Residents already collecting unemployment will begin to see their $600 supplemental unemployment benefit arrive April 14 (for the week of March 29th). This taxable $600 payment is issued separately each week – you may receive it at the same time as your regular Unemployment benefits, or a few days later. It will usually be deposited into your account on Monday or Tuesday.

    What do I need to do to access the 13-week extension of benefits? Are you currently receiving or have applied for unemployment benefits? If yes, no action is required. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted. Otherwise, read the scenarios below:

    SCENARIO A: Do these describe you?

    On a date after July 8, 2018, I filed for unemployment.
    I have not worked since the dates in 2018-2020 when I collected unemployment.
    I have exhausted my balance OR my benefit year ended on my most recent claim.
    If this describes you, WAIT for notification from NJ DOL before you certify for benefits.

    SCENARIO B: Do these describe you?

    On a date after July 8, 2018, I filed for unemployment.
    I have worked since the dates in 2018-2019 when I collected unemployment.
    If both describe you, file a new claim if you haven’t already.

    SCENARIO C: Do these describe you?

    On a date after July 1, 2019, I filed for unemployment benefits.
    I have not utilized all 26 weeks of benefits.
    If both describe you, re-open your claim if currently closed. Begin certifying for benefits again.

    1. “If yes, no action is required. The 13-week extension will be automatically available to you after your current balance is exhausted”

      ….not true yet, mine still shows $0 for over a week (my claim is 9/19/2020 to 9/19/2021, 26 weeks of payments are used up, $0 balance). Today, Tues 4-28, EDD is supposed to add website details on how to get 13 weeks added.

      1. It comes from the dol site, if they haven’t done it I’ll find out soon enough, but it maybe be they are just starting to do it this week.

    2. SCENARIO B clearly states if both conditions describe you. But SCENARIO A lists three conditions but does not state that all three need to be satisfied to be classed as A. How should this be interpreted? I have just exhausted my benefit balance. I was claiming partial unemployment benefits in NJ so i did report some part-time income in my weekly claim. Do I wait for the NJ DOL to send out notifications or should I file a new claim?

      1. All the scenarios sound similar lol. If you reopen a claim, it probably won’t work if your situation doesn’t match. maybe you could wait for notification while at the same time try to reopen a claim. They have been dreadfully s!ow with updates.

        1. Has anyone in NJ received a notification from DOL about the 13 week unemployment extension?

  12. Right now I’m lay off. I work part time. If I return to work do I still get the 600 dollar.

  13. I have a very unfortunate story. I live in Texas and lost my job in January and started receiving unemployment benefits. After that a part time did Uber to make ends meet . Being the honest person I am, I advised unemployment that I was working for Uber . Exactly one week before coronavirus came to surface ,unemployment messed up my file by putting incorrect employer name and address for Uber resulting in false information on my file and overpayment. This is information I never even gave unemployment. I had to file an appeal and lost. Even though none of it was my fault. Now I’m stuck in a situation having to pay unemployment $1500 and can’t work with three kids and homeschooling them as well. My question is if I pay the $1500 do I need to reapply for benefits or will my benefits continue or how does that work? Because they still have me claiming my weeks as if they’re going to pay me. But I don’t want to pay them the full amount right away if I’m not going to continue getting benefits. How do you even file a second claim if you already have one , but the one you have they are claiming that it is falsified?? And then if I do have to re-file or do a second claim, then would I be filing for unemployment from my original employer that fired me in January or would I be filing for Uber???

  14. Am I eligible to receive the 13 Week Unemployment Benefits Extension and the $600 Coronavirus-COVID Stimulus Payment if I Have Exhausted My UIC benefits on 10/10/2019 and have a Balance of Zero to Claim (NEVADA)

  15. when my benefits end do I still need to claim weeks until I get my extention?

  16. Hi, I have been as patient I can be, last week of benefits this week, no word on the extension in nj, this notion of it will be fixed by months end, can’t be eight, it already the 27th. The site says nothing about extension, after this week there is nothing to claim so how can it xontinue?

  17. Can I get a extension on my claim if it end on June 6 2020 I file on March 16 2020 Due to the covid 19 and I only get 12 weeks Do i have to reapply or do it update with out me reapply Because my unemployment End date is June 62020 please help me I cant talk to no agent right now

  18. Ran out of UI April 15 in CT, they are not allowing the extra 13 week extension. Says i cant apply until 5/30. Will the 600 not come in until after 5/30?

  19. Ok so we am scared right now and I need answers plz.. good or bad.. so I was laid off of work in September of last year I have recently exhausted my unemployment benefits on March 23rd 2020, will I be able to get the 13 weeks extended unemployment? Ohio website says anybody that exhausted their benefits after March 29th will receive the 13 weeks extended unemployment benefits so does that mean that I will not be receiving them?

    1. Yes you will be eligible for this. the 13 week PUA extension is retroactive. The issue is Ohio has not updated its state UI systems to process this 13 week extension, hence you cannot claim this. Hoping this is done soon.

      1. this post was my exact question and situation too. thanks for the ONLY decent answer published anywhere online


  21. Do you have to report the $1200 stimulus check when certifying benefits week ending April 18th if received?

    1. No. That only needs to be reported in your 2020 tax return. And because a refundable tax credit it will not affect your taxable income

  22. If someone is on UI for partial. But when you claim and your weekly amount is over the weekly benefit amount are we still eligible for the 600 as well. I heard even if you are claiming a week your eligible.


    1. I have funds available. It’s just that I get partial UI and if I made more then my weekly amount I won’t receive those benefits so I was told to still claim my hours even if they are more. Would I still get the 600 even if it more. And I get zero from UI.

  24. Hi,
    I weekly certified on 26th April 2020 for unemployment Insurance benefit. It says you have exhausted your unemployment insurance benefits in New York State/City.
    Can I Get 13 Week Unemployment Benefits Extension and the $600 Coronavirus-COVID Stimulus Payment if I Have Exhausted My Current UIC and have a Balance of Zero to Claim ?

    What is the procedure i have to follow to get Extension and the $600 Coronavirus-COVID Stimulus Payment if I Have Exhausted My Current UIC and have a Balance of Zero to Claim ?

  25. I’m in Florida, and I have exhausted my benefits. Do Florida offers the 13 week extension and do I qualify for the 600 dollar? If so do I have to reapply for benefits?

    1. Yes. Florida does offer this (like all other states). The issue is that FL systems are still being updated for the new 13 week provision so existing or exhausted claimants are still not able to take advantage of this provision

      1. Also in Florida and exhausted regular unemployment benefits. Should we continue to claim weeks for the exhausted claim?

  26. Hi- I hope someone can please help ,

    My name is Fred, I live in CT. I was on unemployment when the COVID precautions began.
    Claim week ending date- 3/14/2020
    Benefit year ending date- 9/5/2020
    Last payment received – 3/17/2020
    Claim remaining balance- $0 :(

    Am I eligible for the 13 week extension ?
    If so, do I need to refile the same as I did when I first made my claim. I am having difficulty doing so or is there another way to file. Please, any help will be greatly appreciated I have people depending on me.

    I live in Connecticut , not sure if it varies state to state I have read for hours searching for any definitive answer with no luck.

    Thanks you, Fred

    1. Can’t find in on the DOL site, but in the news, CTmirror DOL spokesperson: “the Connecticut Department of Labor said it will not be able to process those claims until mid-May because it is also setting up that system.
      There’s no point in applying for [these benefits] right now,” Bartolomeo said.” So it’s looking like mid-May is time for CT extension applications, hopefully!!

  27. I am in Wisconsin. My question is, will unemployment deduct the additional $600 from the FPUC program from our benefit balance or is that separate? For instance I have $1900 left in my account to claim and am worried once we get the retroactive payments for April it will exhaust all my benefits-
    If it’s separate I should hopefully be okay?
    Can you help?

    1. It is separate from what I see in DOL guidelines as the funding of the $600 extra stimulus and 13 week extension is being federally funded under the CARES act.

  28. I live in KS my benefits were exhausted the week when they announced the unemployment stimulus. I have been continuing to file my weekly claim and I have yet to get any payment. He’s anyone heard anything for Kansas Unemployment? Please help.

    1. Kansas is a bit behind (like other states) in rolling out the 13 week extension. Please continue to check the Kansas UI site and re-file or reactivate your claim for the additional weeks.

  29. I am in Pennsylvania, my balance is zero since 3 weeks ago. I tried to file for next 2 weeks and it said my case is inactive. I have been calling unemployment office but can’t get any agent, line is always busy. I need to get the 13 weeks extension. I tried to apply for PUA but I get the massage that I can qualify for normal unemployment. What can I do? Please, any help will be very appreciated. I’m not working now.

  30. Is there anyone on this thread in S.C that can answer this?
    I run out of regular benefits on the this week. According to everyone& everything I’ve read I do qualify for the 13 wk extension… all I want to know is if anyone has received the 13 week extension IN SOUTH CAROLINA, and if it was automatically applied to third account. Ty!

    1. You will qualify but SC has yet to update their systems for the 13 week extension. Hang in there and keep trying to extend or refile your claim

  31. Question I finished my benefits 4/19/2020 I have reached zero balance it says I can’t file a new claim untill October 2020 , but I am approved for California training program by edd will I be eligible for an extension even if my claim is at zero balance ?

    1. mine show exhausted as well and I cannot find an option to reapply or extend due to covid. Based on what I read I’d qualify since it’s exhausted ……… so confused and lost

      1. Ginger,

        Just trying to clarify, if benefits run out Sunday, May 3, 2020, the system will automatically give you the 13 week extension? How will they notify us? Do we need to do anything? Did they say when it will be implemented? I had someone tell me to recertify, but believe these are people that have set answers. Thank you in advance.

  32. I’m in Illinois and my benefits ended a week ago though my 2wk certification was this week. The next day Illinois implemented the extension. I called to see what I needed to do and the agent applied for extension on the phone but she said my benefit amount was much lower. I’ve talked to other’s who have applied for extension and they are getting same amount as they was. Every thing I’ve read says extended benefits are in the same amount as your regular weekly benefit. Can anyone help me with why mine would be less?

  33. My Unemployment just ran out last week. I have a job offer but they do not start up till mid-July and I would not get a paycheck till 2 weeks after that and there will be another $300 or so just in commuting expenses etc, I am still looking for full-time work till then though. I have been trying to contact the Unemployment in California for 3 weeks now to ask If I can get the 13-week extension offered through the Care act for the Wuhan Virus. I started calling them about 2 weeks before my unemployment ran out. I have been calling every day many times a day and using several different phone numbers connected to EDD. In 3 weeks straight of trying I have still not once got through to a person. I have no way to ask how I can get an extension. There is no way to email anyone, they only have automated preprogrammed answers for a limited set of common questions, and mine is not on the web site. Their “CONTACT US” page is just a list of phone numbers that automatically go to a message saying they can not answer the phone and tell you to go to the website which is a dead end. So I can not call anyone to ask, I can not email anyone to ask and the website does not give me an answer. I feel like I am left out in the cold. I can find no option on their website to apply for the extension. I know I am not the only one. How many more weeks before I can even get a human on the phone? What if we get disconnected, will it take weeks more to get through again?

    1. Feel your pain… Though I had been receiving unemployment from last year when my job cut my hours in half.. tried filing what they said I should do to extend and then they denied me and said I am now not eligible..WTF..I’m in idk each state is different but.. how can I be eligible 1 week making the same amount and then asking for an extension they said there is no such thing..WHAT..I READ THERE WAS..FOR AN ADTIONAL 13 WEEKS… MY JOB CAN’T OFFER ME MORE HOURS RITE..NOW SO IM SCREWED NOW.. I HOPE TO GET MY FULL TIME HOURS AND A PROMOTION BACK BUT CANT WITH COVID CRAP SHUT DOWNS..
      anyone have any advice for me? I am counting on this extra money to pay my health insurance because I can’t get any thru work because I am only part time..and my husband is perminetly disabled so can’t get a job to supplement income.. I’m in sales and no one is really hiring for hospitality sales at this time..I love who I work for and have a chance for full time again after this I feel so stuck.. can any one help ??

  34. Hello my name is Trina I live in Maryland and I’m very confused on how to go about applying for unemployment I have exhausted all my benefits are exhausted them last year of 2019 in April I was wondering do I qualified for the new program due to the coronavirus I am also not working so I don’t get benefits at all would I be able to apply online because we’re going to have a new application I guess for emergencies opening up April 24 I just want to know if I qualify or not

  35. Hi I live in ohio and my unemployment ran out the beginning of March. Am I eligible for the 13 week extension?

  36. I already received all my benefits last February 2020, but due to Covid-19 I’m still unemployed, am I eligible to receive that 13 weeks extension in California?

      1. Except the system wont let you apply even though on the CA EDD Website it says that you can apply for PUA as of today. There is no way to apply if you’ve exhausted all your benefits, the system will not allow you to. That’s Cali for you. If you find a workaround, please email me. Thanks.

        1. I’m in the same situation as Bryan and Beverly. I have exhausted my benefits for this year and can’t file a new claim till July. But I still can’t work because of the virus. How will I be able to receive the extra weekly $600? So Confusing! If you already have a claim open–but can’t reapply–why don’t they just automatically put the extra $600 on your prepaid card?

        2. When I spoke to 2 different people today at EDD, they say that there are so many people trying to certify/reapply, that you need to just keep trying.

        3. I’m trying to figure that out too! I’ve exhausted my benefits as well and the claim is still open until 9/5/2020.

  37. Hi, I am in S.C and my regular benefits run out this sunday- so the 27th will be my last payment. What do I do to get this 13 weeks? I see nothing about it anywhere in mybenefits portal… or on the main site. Do you have to fill something out, or what? You call & they are so busy you don’t even get put on hold- it just hangs up on you! Help plz!

    1. I am in Sc and getting the same thing. Last week was my last week. Cannot get any information on how to file. Have you had any luck?

      1. Donna have you had any luck with getting the extension? Move exhausted last week and I don’t know how to re-file or what to do.

        1. I have not had any luck either. I have read that they should have it in place by may 1st.

    2. I just off the phone with EDD where I spoke to a supervisor.

      In CA, if you have exhausted all your benefits, yes you are eligible for the 13 week extension + $600/week.

      On Tuesday, April 28th, there will be a PUA Re-Certify area on their website. You will need to re-certify for benefits on this form. The form will ask questions say “independent contractor, self-employed, etc” but you will need to complete this.

      1. Hi Ginger, do you know if we should utilize the PUA re-certify option if we currently have an active claim? (I’m sure this is a bit of a confusing question, so allow me to clarify: my previous claim expired April 4th and my new claim began April 19th, so technically from April 4th to the 19th I should have been eligible for extension funds. What I’m trying to figure out is if I should use the PUA application that goes live tomorrow, Tuesday the 28th, to certify for those 2 weeks in between my previous claim ending and my new claim beginning)

        If the manager did not provide you with that info, that’s fine. But just figured I’d take a long shot and ask since I’ve been calling all day and can’t get through to anyone.

      2. Where is the form? I’ve been all over the website for the past 3 hours and nothing is there and it won’t let you certify for a new claim if you have exhausted your benefits. I tried by creating a new profile and login for UIOnline and it brought up the new form for PUA but as soon as you put your SS info in it……………you get an error message that says your not eligible. Its all bullshit here in this state ……. kindof like Hollywood.

      3. Ginger, Did you find the link? There is no link on my account and I exhausted my benefits on 04/11/2020 and has a zero balance. I’m also in California. Can someone please shed some light on this?

        1. Mine also expired on 4/11 and I’ve searched around on the RDF website until I’m blue in the face and there is no option to do this. I’m thinking they may be taking care of us last? Forget calling. It’s a joke.

      4. Hi Ginger, were you able to re-certify? My benefits have also been exhausted recently and I have been trying since yesterday and this morning to re-certify, however, it will not allow me to. The website tells me to go to “new claim” but honestly, I don’t see that anywhere.

        Are you experiencing similar, or am I just not seeing where to go…? Thanks!

        1. Yes I am having the same problem.

          I spoke to 2 different reps from UI and they both told me that I needed to reapply for UI/PUA. They both gave me directions but neither worked.

          Day 2, I have been calling since 8 am, doing everything it says to do online, no luck so far. This really SUCKS!

  38. Well exhausted my claim the week that the Care Act was signed when I tried to file my last two weeks it would not allow me to file it had me down for inactive I called could not get through like impossible so I got legal aid they was able to get me through and reactivate my claim I was able to file my claim and receive my unemployment but after I file my claim my account went to zero I’m trying to understand that if Pennsylvania started the extension yet or they do not have it in place when I read they say the Care Act that you can get a extension of 13 weeks but my account read zero so when I file I don’t see no money can anybody help explain if they have started the extension or not hopeless

    1. I’m in Colorado and exausted my funds two weeks ago. I called to request payment for this two weeks but because I have a zero balance I didn’t receive a payment. From what I understand you only get the 600 if you where issued any amount of money on your regular claim. But it also says that your supposed to receive that for all weeks since March 29th. So I don’t get why I didn’t receive the 600 from those weeks since I was still receiving my final payment at that time. My claim doesn’t expire untill October so if I file a new claim it will shut it down and all my info is the same since I’m still unemployed. I’m completely lost and this is causing me hardships. It doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t just extend them if no info has changed and your claim is still active. Also I would think they would of processed it right away since the claim is open and active just a zero balance. I don’t want to do the wrong thing and cause a issue but I can’t even speak with anyone to get this resolved. I’m worried that it could be a month or more before I can get anything going or receive any more funds. I thought ide at least get the 600 for the weeks from March 29th till now because I still received my final payment on my benefits and they where at zero yet. What do we do?

      1. I exhausted my benefits last november. The unemployment website tells me to reopen my claim but when I try it says I have exhausted all of my benefits including federal extension. When I call the phone just beeps what now.

  39. I’m in Georgia I filed for unemployment near the end of March got a letter back in the Middle of April saying my reported Wages was $0 when that’s not true I was working full-time for 5 years before being laid off due to Covid-19 what should I do?

    1. Provide them with a copy of your pay stubs or W2 for 2018 and 2019 base period October 2018 thru September 2019.

  40. I live in California and my UI benefits ran out today they have not automatically extended my benefits and I went online and there is no extension form the extra 13 weeks of benefits I even notified me March 10th that I was told in school no one has yet to get back to me and I have exhausted all of my benefits so what goes on now they say the state was supposed to automatically extended benefits until July I’ve sent emails and I called and no luck now my balance is 0 I have been trying to get through are awake anybody have any answers

    1. Hi. I got ahold of Edd last night as I am in CA and in the same position.
      I was told that yes I am qualified for the 13 week extension as well as the $600/wk even though it says I have $0 balance.
      They said that CA Edd has not implemented it yet, but it should automatically happen within the next 2-3 weeks. There is nothing you need to do. It will automatically happen.

      1. I’m also in the same situation. My ui benefits ran out on March 29th. If they automatically will extend, will we be receiving the back pay as well? I’m still trying to call to get info.

      2. Morning,
        I am in Ca too. I have exhausted all my benefits too. My claim year is good through this October. I have tried to get through on the phone as well. My amount states 0. I was getting the $600 for the last month and I’m assuming I would be qualified for the 13 week extension. I guess we just wait is what I’m gathering from this. It makes me nervous but I know that I am not alone. There are millions awaiting funds. God bless

      3. Thank you so much Ginger for your update. This is very helpful as I have been trying to figure this out as well.

      4. Ginger,

        Just trying to clarify, if benefits run out Sunday, May 3, 2020, the system will automatically give you the 13 week extension? How will they notify us? Do we need to do anything? Did they say when it will be implemented? I had someone tell me to recertify, but believe these are people that have set answers. Thank you in advance.

    2. Hi, I got my LAST chek for my EDD for april11 but it was $1200 more that what I get. That’s this mean my EDD automatically going to extend my benefits? if yes do I have to certify by weekly, there was NO form to certify and my account shows 0.

      1. California EDD has been down since yesterday and will be down until noon today for site maintenance. An EDD spokesperson on KCRA news Sacramento said they are rolling out the Pandemic Assistance Program on the 28th so hopefully we will be able to see something about this 13 week extension for people who have ran out of benefits. I’ve been calling and checking the EDD website since they announced it and there is no information on what to do if you just ran out like I did. My last payment was Apr 11 and I also got extra $1200.

  41. I live in California. Filed unemployment May 9, 2019. Benefits exhausted in November. I started a new job on February 29 and job closed on March 12.
    Will I be on a new claim or qualify for the extended benefits?

  42. I am currently on ui from wa state. Got an email saying 13 weeks extended benefits were now available and to sign up asap when I went to sign up it ask the date I want to restart my claim. Not sure if I what date to put in. Still have till mid May on original claim. Does any one know what date they want

      1. Same scenario for me. Plus it shows this week as paid status but $0 benefits paid. No fun tomorrow trying to get through to WA St unemployment! Uhhg!!

    1. Just went through this and put a past date, April 5th, because it was the last date I was paid by my employer. Since it was a past date it flagged this for missing weekly claims and asked for more information. I explained that I was unable to file for those weeks because the system was not yet updated to process the additional 13 weeks. Now it has me in adjudication so they can further investigate this. So I recommend not doing that and just re-opening your claim for the current week. However, you wouldn’t get paid for the previous weeks you’ve been out of work but will probably get paid a lot faster than sitting in adjudication with your claim pending.

  43. Ok I live in PA. I filed a claim 4/25/2019. I’ve collected partial payments the past year and still have 10 weeks If funds to collect but my year ends 4/28/2020.
    Will I receive the $600 and extended?

  44. I exhausted mine in GEORGIA in October and have worked until the pandemic. I applied for unemployment and have been “allowed” benefits although I was told I can’t get regular unemployment until my calendar year starts again. I was told then the 13 weeks would be added and they can’t confirm if I would get the $600 at all let alone during the weeks I claim before I’m eligible again. Seems unfair. Why can’t I get the regular benefits now and if not why am I not getting the $600 a week for the 3 weeks I claimed already? I pray they fix this.

  45. Hello,
    I received an email today from Edd (CA) that my balance for Unemployment is $0.

    I have been on unemployment since May 2019, and after reading everything and speaking to one of the Edd Reps last week, I assumed I would receive an additional 13 weeks plus $600/week. Am I wrong?

    I have been on the phone all day (they closed at 12:00 pm) and could not reach anyone.

    What do I do? I was counting on that income and don’t know what I will do If this is not correct?

    Thank you!

    1. I’m in the exact same boat! I can’t get through to anyone and have not received any emails or notice via mail regarding my claim. I originally opened my claim last May 2019. I closed my claim to work full time from Oct 19 to Feb 20 got laid off and had to reopen the same claim with a small benefit balance left I have only one week left to claim which I certify on Sunday per the edd website the balance it’s not even enough to cover two weeks So I’m only certifying for one week when I’m supposed to be certifying bi weekly I hope some has an answer I’m worried about what is going to happen here If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Apply a new claim of UI benefits. Good luck. I’m going to do the same in 4/28/2020. I’m in unemployment since 4/28/19

      1. Who do I contact it saids I get 0 dollars but still need to report plus haven’t gotten 600 either and my work laid me off because it is a bar help no money except ss and that is just 360 no food and not enough for rent

    3. The $600 are for those eligible to UI receiving AT LEAST $1. Because you are at $0 you won’t be eligible to the $600 yet, apply for PUA as those eligible to it are those not receiving regular UI due to a Covid 19 related reason. The pua program will provide minimum of $167 /a week and in addition $600/ weekly. Hope this helps. I applied for regular UI and have $0, so I am waiting to apply for PUA in the next few days as it is not yet available to
      Those residing in CA. Good luck

      1. Just got the letter in CA with 0 benefits also. Should we not certify and wait for the PUA app on 28th to apply again?
        Self Employed and there wasn’t anything on app… site said to apply anyway using your name as employer which I did. Didn’t get rejected but 0 benefits and didn’t ask for 1099’s. I was under the impression that they would take care of PUA automatically but now I’m not so sure.


  47. Massachusetts hasnt gotten it together either and mine run out in 2 weeks! Im panicking. You cant call it hangs up on you and the contact form to be contacted. I have filled it out EVERYDAY FOR 5 WEEKS.They called 1 time and I was in the shower that was 3 weeks ago. Im getting suicidal…I have severe panic disorder and with the time off and my son and his Dad in NC unable to get unemployment yet because hes self employed. Im sharing what I can to help them. I dont mind but when I run out I will be letting them down. My son…he didnt ask to be born and this is what I give him, we give him? Im not ok. Theres no help….no hope

  48. i’m not receiving the extra $600. why not? i filed my claim here in california on march 22nd 2020.

  49. Im in Calif. I filed for partial unemployment in May 2019 because my low wage job cut everyone’s hours–I don’t even remember if i received any payments– Found another job in June 2019 making good money. Laid off 3 weeks ago b/c of virus. Now EDD made me have a waiting period, which was not supposed to happen if my layoff was for the virus; and I am making half the amount on my check than I would have if it was a new claim b/c they are going by the rates I made at my crap job. Is there any way I can change it to a new claim, and shouldnt I still have the waiting period waived? EDD is impossible to reach on phone, and email gets an automated response, not a direct answer. it’s insane.

  50. I’m also in CA Edd my 26/weeks ended March 14 2020 I cannot open new claim until Sept 2020 stated on website. I’m still unemployed And believe and told by employers because of Covid 19: technically jobs started freezing up in January 2020. I cannot get any of my 6 submissions website online email response or phone help; it’s been over a month with zero income. Does anyone know if I have a chance to get the 13 auto extentions And or 600 and will they retro the funds I’ve lost? Thanks and best wishes to all. San Diego

    1. CA has not yet implemented the 13 week PUA extension.once that is done you can apply and get the retro active payments.

      1. Actually, it should fall under PEUC (Federally provided expanded benefits). The way it reads is that PUA does not come into play until the Regular benefit and the ‘Expanded’ benefit has been exhausted.

        1. I tried to apply for those extended benefits through the Peuc but me and everyone else that has an open claim but a zero balance it says we don’t qualify. I’m completely lost. It said continue requesting payment which I’ve done. I thought I would at least receive the 600 for the last two weeks I claimed before my balance was zero because I was receiving that payment and the 600 goes back to March 29th or something. I haven’t even received that. My claim year isn’t over untill October 31st of this year. Also that Peuc is supposed to be for those who wouldn’t usually qualify for regular Ui benefits so I don’t get why they would tell people who did or can get regular benefits to sign up for an extention on there when we don’t fall into the category like gig workers and such. Regardless I tried to sighned up and just like everyone else in my situation and received regular benefits can’t sighn up anyways because it tells us we don’t qualify. Makes no damn sense. I thought it would be simpler to just extend those people with a 0 balance but still have an active claim than making us jump through hoops and can’t even get a straight answer on what to do.

  51. My benefits are exhausted until Aug and it won’t let me apply online. I had called before they ran out to extend and this was before the virus. The rep said no extensions unless government approved. So I need to see if they approved for extension, if so how do I apply? No where online can I apply. Also I had a job lined up on March 16, 2020 before this virus got bad, HR extended my start date to March 23, 2020. THEN I got a call saying the position was no longer available and unfortunately they could not starte due to the Coronavirus. So I’m like wth an I supposed to do now? Other places where I applied emailed me about me qualifying for a position but there was testing that has ALSO been postponed due to Virus. So I’m basically screwed. Only hope is extension of benefits. Help anyone ??

  52. Hello, I just applied for unemployment benefits and my WBR is $0.00. WIll I get the $600 extra due to the Co-Vid, or not, because I read some questions and replies above, and somewhere I saw you can get it , and in different cases I see you need at least $1 in the WBR balance.

  53. Hi, My claim from April 5, the balance is $0. I want to know if I can get $600. If yes, can l get it from April 4.
    Thank you

      1. also in the same boat and wondering, my claim is 4/20 and today is 4/19
        do i file a new claim now or wait until tomorrow?
        supposedly there was supposed to be a “re-open claim” button available but i think it may run out 24 days after your final payment

    1. Hello, did you reapply for the benefits or was automatically added? I am from Texas bu it doesn’t let me reapply only to call them Thanks Angela

      1. It won’t let me reapply..It says I have to call and we both know how that goes..I did get through to the automated service but each time I get to I think it’s the second question which is “Have you filed and received benefits in Texas or any other state in the last 12 months” I hit 1 for yes and it automatically disconnects me..I emailed the TV reporter that interviewed the head of TWC and she emailed me back earlier and she basically got the answer that’s already posted on the Website about the PEUC benefits..I had asked more than anything could should find out when the state would start rolling out the PEUC part of the cares act..As of this evening she is still trying..She said if she finds out she will let me know but if I hadn’t heard from her by next Friday to call her. She gave me her phone number and assured me she would continue to press them..She said I know that they are overloaded but that to not at least give us that have exhausted our benefits at least some kind of time frame is not right. I have exhausted all my savings and have paid all bills up through this month and I have approximately $22 to my name..Worked hard all my life and for what, to have it obliterated in 2 months

    2. when did you start receiving benefits and what day were your benefits exhausted, if you dont mind me asking? i ask b/c mine ran out last week but found out today. i had $590 remaining and i get 313 a week, so i figured i would get 313 for one week and the remainder $277 the final week, plus the extra 600 per week. not the case, they paid me 277 for 1 week and gave me $0 for the 2nd week, but paid me 313 without the extra 600 b/c they said it was from the waiting week. so i missed out on the pandemic extra, b/c it was from January 24 when i started my benefits. so now i am at $0 remaining. i dont see an option to renew or to reapply for benefits but i read on twc website that we dont have to reapply, that its up to them whether we qualify or not. does your story kinda match what im saying. just wondering if my benefits are gonna get extended.

  54. When will the district of Columbia start paying the extra $600 and extended benefits i received my regular UI but no extra and my benefits ends the last week of may.

  55. I am an Uber driver. I applied for regular unemployment in CA and just received my mail back stating I have $0 wages and $0 benefits to be paid which is not true. From what I understand is since I didn’t get a denied letter, this is a UI claim that is still good. Someone told me I just have to submit my 1099-K wages to the unemployment place via email and they will do a wage audit with Uber. Does this sound correct? Or do I need to apply under PUA when it is up and running in CA? Please advise if anyone knows for sure what to do. Based on the alternate base wages by quarter for the whole year of 2019, I qualify under the regular UI I applied for I’m CA. Thx

    1. I got a letter stating the same thing only I worked for waste management did you find anything out im in need of knowing if I will get the $600 weekly or anything at all.

    2. First off, do you have any W2’s in the last 18 months along with your 1099? PUA is meant for self employed people like uber drivers. Regular UI is not for self employed and I think you applied for regular UI Monday April 27th? The PUA platform didn’t open up until April 28th. You can apply right now. The $0 claim award is because you had no W2 earnings or too little W2 earnings. You probably won’t need to submit proof of income for 2019 unless you made over $17,368. If you made under that, no proof is needed and you’ll get a base of $167/week (retro back to Feb 2nd or when you stopped working) plus $600/week (retro beginning of April). If you exceeded $17,368 on your 1099, you’ll eventually get more than $167/week. They will probably ask for you to send that in for proof. Or your schedule C/1040. I’m in CA too with one family member on regular UI and two applying for PUA.

    3. Dex- I replied to you, I forgot to address your name. Hope you see my response once it’s approved!

  56. I file for unemployment and receive a letter saying I didn’t make enough to receive unemployment benefits and they said I can appeal my claim but they didn’t tell me how to appeal or to whom should I appeal too and I been trying to call the unemployment they keep saying to leave my name and number and they will call back but they never did so should I reopen a different claim what should I do also today was supposed to be my 2nd week of unemployment that I have claim so do I continue to do that or no please thank you

  57. I’m worried because the CA website does not address what to do if your claim runs out. Is it one of those states that automatically gives you the 13 week extension? My claim just ran out 4/4 and it says I’ve exhausted all my benefits. However, I’ve also read if you don’t read-open your claim after one week, your claim expires. My benefit year isn’t up until Nov. 2020.

      1. Cindy and Martha-

        “UI benefit payments have been extended for COVID-19 claims.
        The EDD provides up to 26 weeks of UI benefits to eligible claimants. Once the EDD has implemented a new federal extended benefit program, you may be eligible to extend your benefits an additional 13 weeks, to a total of 39 weeks. These funds are part of the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program”.

        –EDD will open a new platform to apply for an extension or it will be automatic. So keep checking their site and your online account plus inbox daily…could be days or weeks.
        Tweet from California Labor Secretary Julie A. Su:
        Apr 28
        “For those who have exhausted regular UI and asking about the UI extension. We hear you. It is a top priority and we will have a timeline for you soon”.

    1. I just received a letter stating a have zero benefits. There’s no action needed on your behalf they will automatically give you an extension. If you are elegible they will notify soon most like everyone should be entitle for a 13 week extension due to COVID-19 is just matter of time. Be patient call them and fight it !!

      1. Sol,
        When did you receive the letter? I am in the same boat and did not receive any letter.

  58. My Edd claim expired March 28th, and on their website Edd wrote that they will only give extension for the claim expiring on or after March 29. I have basically no benefits available until I filed a new claim end of May. This virus is been around for several weeks now, March 29th deadline is so unfair.

    1. Yes I read that too. I don’t think that is legal. We were placed under a SIP order on the 19th of March. I had just gone back to work the previous week to my seasonal low paying job at a local nursery when we were ordered to SHELTER IN PLACE BY GAVIN NEWSOME! So I ran out or was paid my last payment on the 30th of March. Everyone that is unemployed due to COVID19 should be receiving benefits from the FEDS. California is going to do as little as they can get away with. So you should too. Wait…..collect and then collect. Do some volunteer work for COVID19. That’s what I’m going to do. Tired of getting SHAFTED by the State, the President and my employers!

    2. Gerome-
      I think it might be worded funny. I think they are saying the extension can begin as early as March 29th. Some people run out in May, or July for example, which is why the 13 week extension is valid any time between March 29th and Dec 26th. This is my interpretation so anyone please jump in and correct me if I’m wrong.

      “Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
      This provides an additional 13 weeks of benefits for all people receiving UI between March 29, 2020 to December 26, 2020. California provides up to 26 weeks of UI benefits depending on the amount of your earnings during the four-quarter period on which your claim is based. The CARES act extends benefits to a total of 39 weeks. The EDD is still working to implement the PEUC program. Please continue to monitor the EDD website for instructions on next steps for the PEUC program”.

      Apr 28 Tweet from California Labor Secretary Julie A. Su:
      For those who have exhausted regular UI and asking about the UI extension. We hear you. It is a top priority and we will have a timeline for you soon.

      ––EDD will open a new platform to apply for an extension or it will be automatic. So keep checking their site and your online account plus inbox daily…could be days or weeks. Everything is retro so if you qualify, you’ll get a big check depending how far back you stopped working.

  59. I am self employed and my business was shut down by the Governor of New Jersey due to Covid-19. I have applied for unemploument. My status says filed but there is a $0.00 amount for the weekly rate. Will I still get the $600.00?

    1. My status also says filed with a $0.00 amount for the weekly rate, I have not been able to find out what this means, but I am worried that maybe it means I am not eligible for unemployment?

  60. My benefits ran out first week of March. There is nowhere to file a NEW CLAIM when I login, how do I file a new claim to get the extended benefits and the additional $600? My claim shows zero since I have claimed what I had the last 6 months however I have been told and have read otherwise. Can somebody please tell me how I refile a new claim when there is no spot that says NEW CLAIM when I login….Thank you OR do I not qualify to get more? There is no work due to the corona virus so you would think I could get extended benefits because of that? Yes or No??? Please help……

    1. im having the exact same issue here in massachusetts! we do qualify according to everything ive read but when i log in it just says zero balance and there is no where to file a new claim! Did you get an answer at all?

      1. the new laws for enhanced benefits are still being rolled out. Hang in there and try filing next week

  61. Several people have asked this question but no one has received an answer yet:

    1. For those who exhausted their benefits after March 29th, do we receive the 13-week extension AND the $600/ week increase, or just the 13-week extension? I am in California.

    2. Is correct to define “exhaust” by the actual date that you *certified* for your last UI check?

    Thank you very much!

    1. The Cares Act states that there is qualification for ‘Expanded’ benefit for anyone who has exhausted or BYE ends after July 6, 2019. The 13-week ‘expanded/extended’ benefit is FEDERALLY funded not state-funded. The PUA does not kick in until you have exhausted all benefit rights which means entitlement to regular benefit (state funded) + expanded/extended benefit (federally funded).

    2. C.T.-

      Scroll up and see my response to Gerome. Hopefully it’s done being moderated and has been posted. Yes, everyone who receives unemployment (PUA-self employed), or (Standard UI-W2 employee), or (PEUC- those getting a federal extension), gets $600/week on top of their base weekly amount. And the $600/week is retro starting from the beginning of April or whenever your claim began after the beginning of April.

  62. I’m in South Carolina my benefit year expired on March 2020 I reapplied and got denied because I haven’t worked since the expiration of benefits so do I get extension of 13 weeks? How far back for exhausted benefits or expire date of benefits can go back to get extension?

    1. You may qualify when S.C. rolls out this program. You will likely have to reapply for this

    2. If you are receiving unemployment do I get the $600 stimulus if so when will it start.

        1. Hi
          My claim is started on April 5, my weekly certification balance is $0. I want to know if I can get $600 , and if yes, can I get from April 4 to July 31
          Thank you

    3. I reside in California and 2019 I only worked one day out of the entire year. No surprise my Maximum and Weekly benefit amount is $0. Would I be covered under the Cares Act and be able to collect $600 weekly for 13 weeks ?

  63. The flow chart says if you exhausted your UI after 7/1/2019 you qualify for an additional 13 weeks. My claim year expired on March 14, 2020, and I am still unemployed. I’m confused as to what the July 2019 date pertains to. Do I need to reapply in Texas? Can I reopen the existing claim even though I have exhausted my benefits and my claim year is expired? Or so I not qualify for any additional benefits?

    1. @ Mark – Hey man, I’m not a Lawyer or anything, this is not a professional / “legal” opinion but I’ve been on unemployment before. On unemployment , depending on state, you can usually collect either
      1. up to a certain amount in total, based on your earnings prior to Unemployment.
      2. your weekly allowance for up to 26 weeks, whichever comes first.

      After either of these points is reach, you must wait until your “Benefit Year” expires in order to file a new claim / be allowed to collect more. This is basically to prevent people from working for one day, getting fired, collecting UE for months until it ends, working for one week, getting fired, etc.

      Your benefit year is unique to you. It starts on whatever day you file a claim. The reason the July 1st 2019 is mentioned, is because the Stimulus package/Cares Act (extra 600 And/or 13 bonus week extension on top of the regular 26) begins in April 2020 and runs through June, essentially landing on July 1, 2020. The July date simply has to do with when your benefit year starts, as the COVID Cares package ends start of July in 2020.

      I’m pretty sure these dates / technicalities is just a way for them to safeguard against people manipulating the system. Basically saying…well I was on UE and it expired in March of 2019….so Where’s my benefits? Where they can then say…sorry…yes you were on unemployment but it does not fall in the certain timeframe where they can attribute it / find a correlation between your UE claim and COVID 19.

      I hope that makes sense. Again, this I’m not a government worker or lawyer or financial guy. Just a guy who has been on unemployment before and has a pretty good understanding for the system and how it works. I’m pretty confident I am correct in this but take it as you will.

      Hope this Helps. Stay Healthy.

    2. Hi, I am from New York! The only advice I can give that if you have any question relating to your unemployment payment issues, you should send them direct messages explaining all issues that you might have. If not immediately but they will answer to your inquiries back in a short time. You can do this inside of the Unemployment Website, on the “Messages Page”,
      Since I applied for the Unemployment, In the beginning of May, 2020, I had delays and many issues I had to deal with and the only way to get thru and solve these issues I had to send messages with detailed description of the problems. By calling in it was impossible to get thru and get to speak with representative because of High volume of calls.
      Good Luck!

  64. My fiance and I live in Maryland, he received his 26th week of unemployment 2 weeks ago and has not received a payment. He received $362 every Tuesday and had to file his claim on Sundays. This coming Tuesday will be the second Tuesday that he has received nothing. He’s been trying to call unemployment for over 2 weeks but can’t through at all. On the Maryland Unemployment website it says,

    “Like many other states, our IT system is currently NOT set-up to process these new CARES Act programs immediately. Our team is collaborating with the U.S. Department of Labor to create new IT systems, modify our current technical systems, train staff, and conduct tests before administering the new programs created by the CARES Act. This will take time, but please note that you WILL receive these new benefits back to the earliest date of your eligibility”

    And that starting April 17th the additional $600 a week will start and back date to April 1st. It left a place on the page to enter your email address for they can email you when you can apply for the new programs. But in the meantime what are we supposed to do?? I would think the 13 additional weeks would pick up right after the initial 26 stopped right? I wonder if they would back date his regular amount from his last payment. He can’t even get ahold of anyone to find out if there’s something he’s supposed to do in order to get the extension. The fear of the unknown is very nerve wracking, stressful and scary. Maryland has extended their hours twice already and begining next Saturday they will be open. Used to be mon-fri 8-2. Right now it’s Monday – Friday 7-6pm

  65. I’m very confused. I was approved for UI and received my first 2 payments of $422 each. I just went to certify for the next two weeks, April 12th and noticed the payment amount was $0 for both weeks. Is this a glitch? Why would they award me $422 and now it says $0 even though my weekly benefit amount is still listed at $422 :(

    1. I applied for mine today and it says zero i get around what you krystal i wanted to know did you get your money or since it said zero did you have to call your unemployment office

    2. The 3rd week payment is is the only time UI keeps your payment you well eventually get it back its to make sure you have a one weeks check when your time is up.So when you do find a job you let them know or report it than well they give you your 3rd wk that they held back.

  66. Hello, I file for unemployment in april 2019. Exhausted my 20 weeks. Found a new job in January and have been working until the statewide lockdown march 20th. I went to renew my existing claim for unemployment because I have 6 eligible weeks on March 30th. And noticed today that the existing claim had expired today. It says it’s a transitional claim. Does that mean its going to carry over into the new year? Or do I need to make a new unemployment claim? And will I lose out on the weeks I originally filed for?

    1. If you collected your full benefit amount after applying in April 2019, it doesn’t matter if it was in 10 weeks, 20 weeks or 26 weeks. 26 weeks is the max, but if your weekly allowance was high enough to the point where you collected the max in just 20 weeks, then you’ve exhausted your benefits for that “Benefit Year.” Your Benefit year begins the day you made your claim, so in your case April X, 2019. I’m guessing it was April 12th, 2019, since you posted on Sunday saying the claim “expired today.”

      So the good news is your benefit year has reset, on April 12, 2020. You need to file a new claim. They will not automatically file/extend it for you. As far as the “6 weeks” or “losing out,” as I understand it, you collected the full amount in 2019, so I wouldn’t count on receiving anything for those weeks.

      But you should be able to start fresh with a new benefit year, a new yearly allowance, and be eligible for up to 39 weeks (in most states because the +13 week extra) and the extra $600 per week. Just file a new claim, and TRY to get someone on the phone to ask/verify this. It will be hard as they are flooded with calls, so place a request to take a ticket and to have them call you back, or be prepared to potentially wait on the phone for hours(not joking, they are absolutely flooded with people calling and new claims right now). Or try calling first thing in the morning when the office opens before other people call/wake up.

      Please note I live in Illinois and am not a financial professional or Lawyer. I am just giving you my opinion/understanding as it pertains to my personal Unemployment experience, Illinois laws, and how I understand the new laws/relief packages.

      Hope this helps.

  67. I applied for UI in CA on 3/21 the week my hours were reduced and then store closed. My weekly benefit amount is $0 and showing $0 for my income which isn’t true. I worked full time for 2 years there making $18 an hour. It says “not paid” for the two weeks and weekly amount of $0. Have not received more weeks to certify and I dont know if I was approved or not. Ive made over 1,000 calls to EDD and cant get through. I call 8am to 12pm so I feel like I have a job right now:( Going on two weeks with no paycheck. My company furloughed me on April 1st.

    1. contact your local representatives office for the state .. I had to do this, its an error on EDD end and will need to be corrected by them, make sure to send your w2’s from last year and your last paycheck stub from your employer to speed up the process. 4 weeks since i filed and have not recieved payment yet but my reps office is working on it for me

      1. How do you find the number or contact info for the state representative? I am self employed and had this exact problem. I don’t get w2 forms because i run my own business. But i did pay taxes on my earnings!

  68. So I started a my new job on February 24 and the office had to close down due to the corona virus i only worked there for a month i tried applying for unemployment but my UI status claim was 0.00 dollars , will i.still get the 600? Please email me ASAP

  69. So I’m confused, do I need to have at least 1$ on my claim to receive the 600 or can my claim wages be zero as well to receive the 600?

  70. My UI ran out March 23,2020 in CA do I qualify for the extension and the 600$? No answers on the website and can’t reach anyone TIA


    1. 13-week extension of UI benefits for those who exhaust their current benefits.
      The EDD is also awaiting final details to be able to start programming to grant an
      additional 13 weeks of federally paid unemployment benefits when an unemployed
      worker runs out of all of the benefits associated with their regular state-administered
      unemployment claim. In California, regular state benefit payments can be made for
      up to 26 weeks within a one-year timeframe.

    2. Same here, my current UI benefits ran out March 21st. I am told by my local California workforce center that as long as we have one of the eligibility requirements, then yes we will qualify for the PUA. I have kids that are home now because schools are shut. So that is my qualifier. The problem is, that the CA EDD hasn’t given us a way to apply for Federal PUA or open a new claim or re-open our current claim…if our benefit year has not ended. I’m thinking they will be updating the site again. It’s too bad that they haven’t been clear or upfront about the process.

  71. In the new jersey website they have an update that talks about who can get unemployment, and enhanced benefits, but being already on unemployment since Dec 2019, is not on the list. so, Is this why everybody keeps telling me I won’t get the enhancement? I have three weeks left but so far no indication if I will get the enhancement or even the extension. Except people here have said I will get it.

    Any closure on this?

    1. Mike. FYI I live in NJ as well and received my first $600 payment deposited this morning. Hope you got yours as well :)

  72. I’m confused, I read on some of these posts that you can apply for extended benefits when you have exhausted your regular benefits (26 weeks), However, on the CA EDD website it says you can only get the extended benefits (the extra 13 weeks) if “someone exhausts their regular state UI claim between March 29, 2020 and the end of 2020”. My regular benefits ran out on February 23rd, and I still don’t have a job. Does this mean I can not apply for the extended benefits?

    1. im wondering if my claim ended after i exhausted the benefits in 13 weeks or once the claim year ended after 26weeks, can anyone clarify?

      1. You still have an open claim until that date..April 5 started the base period quarter

  73. I exhausted ny benefits 03/28/20. N balance its 0 n i can’t open another claim, my benefit year ends 11/21/20…im i getting the 13 week unemployment benefits n the extra 600 dlls..

    1. I expired my UE last payment was 4 Feb 2020 will I get an extention and the $600 additional benefit?

    2. Do you have to call weekly to get the extra $600? Since unemployment is exhausted with zero balance ,there is no way to call to claim weekly until expired date to reopen a new claim.

  74. I just exhausted my ui on March 21 2020.
    Do I need to reapply for the care benefit s?

  75. I live in nj, now with 3 weeks of benefits left. People keep telling me since I’m collecting now that I won’t get the 600 enhancement? Is this true?

    1. U will recieved the new benefits. Some states like NY and Cali are automatically extending benefits, and when those run out you still get the 600$ until July 31

      1. Do you have any website links on how California is automatically extending benefits for individuals who have exhausted their benefits? I recently exhausted my benefits as of April 5th, 2020 and there is no option online anywhere to re-apply.
        thank you

      2. Not true. Nothing is happening automatically and if they can disqualify you….they will or they will just ignore you, hang up on you or other similarly unprofessional tactics that EDD has used as the department is run by incompetents. Julie Su (head honcho) of idiocy is giving live FB videos every week and this woman is talking to the STATE of CALIFORNIA (millions of people who want to know what the hell is going on) and she is checking her phone because it made a little noise while she was presenting all the FACTS to us about the problems with EDD and CARES ACT and PUA and …….blah blah blah. Reading a msg on her phone. Com’on Lady. You’ve got to be kidding. I don’t think Gavin Newsome checks his phone when he’s giving a speech. But she said we could apply today. Still can’t because the system doesn’t allow you to if you’ve exhausted your benefits.

  76. I live in Texas and my benefits were exhausted Feb 18 but my case is active till Aug 15. I received an email stating that since my benefits were exhausted I would be notified if I was eligible to receive cares benefits..I’m still waiting,,.In the mean time what are the eligibility requirements and what is the amount I’m eligible to receive.

    1. Texas Workforce Commission Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.

      If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits, we will determine if you qualify for more benefits under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and notify you by mail or electronic correspondence of your eligibility.

      If you are still unemployed, continue to request payment. You can request payment using Unemployment Benefits Services at and select Payment Request. Or call Tele-Serv between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time at 800-558-8321 and select Option 1.

      Please be patient as we are working as fast as possible to adjust our programming to fit this new law.

  77. I live in Michigan. I was supposed to start a new job March 23rd but can’t due to covid 19. I filed a claim but it says $0 and 0 weeks. Will I still get the $600 weekly benefits from the federal unemployment?

  78. why did people who filed there bi weekly claims this past sunday only receive one week? we live in pittsburgh pa

    1. Most states have something called a “wait week.”
      For whatever reason, when beginning to collect unemployment, the first time you do your bi-weekly certification, you are not paid any benefits for the first week, but you are for the second. Going forward you should receive payments for both weeks every time you do your BWCertification.

      “The waiting week rule for unemployment insurance states that you must serve one full week of unemployment before you can start accruing unemployment benefits. In the states where the waiting week applies, if your last day of work may be February 7, for example, you aren’t eligible for unemployment until February 14. In some states, you then have to wait for the end of the calendar week to qualify. Most unemployment weeks run from Sunday to Saturday. If your waiting week ends on a Wednesday, you’re not eligible to begin collecting unemployment until the following Sunday.”

      Hope this helps

  79. The CA EDD website is of no help and of course it is impossible to speak to anyone. The phone system tells the caller that the call volume is higher than normal, directs people back to site and hangs up.
    My claim ran out this week. SIte will not allow for a new claim nor an extension. IS there someone who knows how to file for an extension as granted through the stimulus??

    1. Hi Micki, did you get an answer to your question? I’m in the same situation, my benefits are due to run out in about two weeks. CA EDD website of no use and not able to speak to anyone. Please let me know if you got any new information.

    2. 13-week extension of UI benefits for those who exhaust their current benefits.
      The EDD is also awaiting final details to be able to start programming to grant an
      additional 13 weeks of federally paid unemployment benefits when an unemployed
      worker runs out of all of the benefits associated with their regular state-administered
      unemployment claim. In California, regular state benefit payments can be made for
      up to 26 weeks within a one-year timeframe.

    3. Im in CA and in the same boat. I lost my job due to the virus. I got an email last week when I exhausted the award amount saying I could reapply for benefits when the benefit year is over in Aug. But I don’t know if this is an automatic response that doesn’t apply and I don’t know if I need to do anything to extend or even if i’m eligible.

  80. I work part time and my hours have been reduced . I receive a partial unemployment check from the state of Georgia now . will I qualify for the $600.00 covid-19 stimulus check and if so what do I need to do .

  81. Hello
    I have been cut back on hours at my work due to this virus my hours varied some weeks I get unemployment money and some I dont. Will i still get the 600 if i get zero one week?

    1. Imy benefits ran out on March 23 ,I have no job due to the corona19 . And it says I have to wait till July 26,2020 to file a new claim are they serious . There’s no work at all . How I’m i suppo to care for my girls & myself . I’m so scared

  82. California.
    My unemployment benefits are about to expired in two weeks (450 $ is left) I’m trying to contact edd for an extension, But haven’t been able to get a hold of someone yet. Will I need to file for a new claim? And if in the last year I made 26k, would I qualify for the 600 $ additional amount. Any advice on what to do with an almost expired claim?

    1. im in the same situation. No one seems to be able to provide assistance. Plenty of websites saying what must be done but the EDD website is not up to date becasue it will not allow for new claim or extension. If you have success, please post so i and others can find a solution. thanks!

      1. Same situation, my benefits recently ran out. Can’t file a new claim or ask for an extension, even though we’re supposed to be able to get it. What do we do?

        1. I’m in the same boat as you guys. My benefits ran out March 30th in CA. The CA EDD is still implementing all these new previsions into their system. Keep checking their website during the week for updates. I’d imagine once they get everything in order, our accounts will be updated with the extension and we won’t have to re-file.

  83. (I reside in Illinois) I recently started a job on Feb. 24th. I was furloughed on April 1st. I don’t have previous employment for two years. I literally worked full-time 5 and a half weeks ($15hr). I would not have anything listed in the previous 4 quarters. It said my weekly benefit is $0.00. Am I eligible for any type of benefit? Also, will I get the extra $600? Thank you in advance.

  84. My unemployment benefits in Texas expired on February 15 and due to the COVID-19 I still haven’t been able to find a job, because everything is frozen. Can I Get Additional Unemployment Benefits or the $600 Coronavirus-Covid Stimulus Payment if I Have Exhausted My Current? To get the benefits, Do I need to go and file a new claim online ? Please advise

    1. You will need to file a new claim for extended benefits (13 extra weeks added) and if you get that you can get the $600 supplemental payment

      1. This is the email I received on March 31

        If you have exhausted your unemployment benefits, we will determine if you qualify for more benefits under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and notify you by mail or electronic correspondence of your eligibility.
        If you are still unemployed, continue to request payment. You can request payment using Unemployment Benefits Services at and select Payment Request. Or call Tele-Serv between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central time at 800-558-8321 and select Option 1.

        Please be patient as we are working as fast as possible to adjust our programming to fit this new law.

        1. That’s better then what I got:

          You have exhausted all benefits for the time period you have filed until ‪after 4/25/20‬. You will need to file a new claim ‪4/26/20‬ then it can go into the extensions. Only New Claims filed after 3/14/20 will be eligible for additional weeks. Yes, your employer is filing your weekly claims now but nothing is going out because it is exhausted.
          I too have seen the Care Act guidelines. It does not mean you are eligible. If and when this goes into effect here in Georgia, they will notify you.
          Thank you

          (By going into effect they are talking about the $600)

  85. I am a bus driver mt benefits are exhausted how can i open a new claim to start receiving benefits you sure can”t talk to anyone here in Florida some one please help

  86. In California it shows no income for the 4 quarters prior and zero weekly amount and zero claim
    Amount. Will I still Get the 600 xtra?

      1. I been getting regular UI since Nov 2019 my benefits are over next month May I still have some funds left will the $600 be added or I have to use My regular UI Up before I receive the extra benefits also I have not receive no notice or anything from the district of Columbia.

  87. Can I get the $600 extra or some of it, if I am on part time unemployment in NY state?

    1. Yes I have updated post to address this question. The Department of Labor (DOL) issued Unemployment Insurance Guidance Letter 15-20 (UIPL 15-20) that alludes to the fact that individuals who are entitled to receive regular unemployment compensation (UC) will also receive the $600 flat weekly payment through July 31, 2020. There is no minimum limit of unemployment compensation that is specified in the DOL guidelines, so even qualifying for a partial amount (i.e the case for part time employees) would qualify the employee for the $600 weekly payment.

  88. My claim ended on 4/4/20…Money had expired 2 weeks earlier…Does the extension automatically start or do I have to refile?

    1. You may have refile if your state UI agency does not have an automatic reinstatement provision for the enhanced benefits. Please check your states website and if in doubt just refile. It’s safer

  89. I cannot find a way to reopen my claim on the Online webpage in CA. When I call in a robot tells me to do several things but none of them work.

  90. I don’t know if I made a mistake on my UI benefits claim , about the income I put down from October to November , but I think it said my weekly benefits are $0.00 , so does that mean I want get the $600 UI, check , will someone please email me ASAP, to let me know.

  91. When will you receive the extra 600 from unemployment because i only received the weekly rate. I don’t want to get my hopes up, to have money to keep bills afloat if its a lie.

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