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A New Economic Stimulus Package With Obama-Bush Tax Cuts and Unemployment Benefit Extensions

[Update – No New Taxes with Tax Extensions Approved] President Obama has now signed into law a bill that covers a temporary extension of all the bush-era tax cuts. The… Read more »

A Look at The Average American Income, Earnings and Poverty by Household, Gender and Race

The US Census bureau collects and publishes the most timely and accurate income data on an annual basis, which make for interesting reading from a personal finance perspective. Income is… Read more »

Housing Market Predictions and Forecast For Home Prices in the Year Ahead

The American housing market is still in the doldrums according to the latest S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index which showed that U.S. home prices are down a record 5.9% from the… Read more »

Financial Reform Bill Summary – What it Means to Your Future. Free Credit Score, Bank Stocks and Consumer Protection Measures

[Updated] Approved! Congress and the President have approved the financial reform bill (detailed below) that would revamp the nation’s financial regulatory system. It will allow for the creation of a consumer financial protection bureau… Read more »

2010 HIRE Act – Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, Payroll Tax Incentive and Business Credit For Employers Hiring and Retaining Unemployed Workers

[Updated with New IRS provisions] The IRS has released more details on tax-saving opportunities included in recently enacted HIRE act federal legislation (see details in previous update below). A variety… Read more »

Obama Health Care Reform Rules and TimeLines, Medicare Rebates, FSA/HSA Changes, Family Coverage and Lifetime Caps

With the Supreme court decision upholding the passage of health care reform, the Obama administration received a major political boost. Americans will finally start seeing the actual impacts of many… Read more »

2009 Tax Return Forms and IRS Schedules for Claiming Stimulus Tax Breaks Like the Home Buyer Credit, New Car Deduction and Energy Efficiency Credits

Many Americans will be eligible for claiming one or more of the economic stimulus tax credits, deductions and/or payments passed in 2009. Claiming these stimulus tax breaks require special forms… Read more »

Obama’s 2011 Budget – Business Tax Cuts, Making Work Pay Extension, Social Security Payment, Pell Grant Increase and More Stimulus Spending

President Barack Obama has unveiled a multi trillion-dollar budget focused on creating jobs and reducing the nation’s high unemployment rate.The job focused budget would boost the deficit to a record-breaking… Read more »