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2018 vs. 2019 Federal IRS Tax Brackets, Tax Rates, Standard Deduction and Personal Exemption Updates

[Updated with 2019 Tax Brackets] Below are the 2019 IRS tax brackets. Note that the updated tax rates and brackets would only apply for the 2019 tax year (filed in 2020)…. Read more »

Target Date Funds – A Good Retirement Strategy For Those With Limited Time and Investment Expertise

Target date funds are mutual funds that are professionally managed with asset allocations and risk profiles set to change along a glide path reflecting your target retirement date. For example… Read more »

How to Invest in Stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds – A Beginners Guide to Investing

With the economy showing continued signs of improvement and financial markets making a strong recovery (example: Wall Street exec’s are back to paying themselves big bonuses), many would be investors… Read more »

Leveraged Inverse ETFs – The Quickest Way to Double or Triple your Exposure from Financials (UYG) to Resources (DIG)

What are the hottest investments currently on Wall Street? You’d be surprised, but the answer is leveraged exchange traded funds (ETF’s). In March alone, over 3.5 billion of new funds… Read more »