Claiming Missing or Incorrect Stimulus Check Payments in 2020 Tax Returns Filed in 2021

It is pretty common news now that the IRS has missed paying millions of people their $1200/$2400 economic stimulus payment and especially the $500 child stimulus payment. Many of these reasons are well documented and range from lack of staff availability to major system issues. The solution to address these missing payments, per the IRS, is for those impacted to claim the missing or underpayments in their 2020 tax return, filed in 2021. The IRS has already stated that they are unable to correct or issue additional payments in 2020 and if you did not receive the full amount to which you believe you are entitled, you will be able to claim the additional amount when you file next year.

Claiming Missing or Underpayments Stimulus Checks in your 2020 Return

The IRS has sent notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, to eligible recipients (per their system records) that outlines their Economic Stimulus Payment details. You will need this notice when filing your 2020 tax return next year to claim any missing stimulus payments you were eligible for – which will be considered an additional tax credit.

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on my Stimulus Check Payments?

Per the IRS, NO. The payment is essentially an advanced refundable tax credit so is not part of a tax payers gross income. Therefore it is not taxable and no income tax is due on this payment in 2021, when you file your 2020 tax return. If you are entitled to other credits and/or refund payments, this stimulus/economic impact payment won’t reduce your refund or increase the amount you owe either.

The stimulus check payment will not affect your income for purposes of determining eligibility for federal government assistance or benefit programs. However the IRS will reduce the stimulus payment to offset past-due child support

Children born or adopted in 2020 or Change in Dependent status

You will also need to claim the $500 kiddie stimulus payment via your 2020 tax return if you had or adopted a child in 2020 or there was a change in dependent status since your latest IRS tax filing. All eligibility criteria still need to be met when claiming this. Also if your qualified child is only turning 17 this year you can still claim them.

The IRS will post additional guidelines on claiming your missing stimulus check payments in your 2020 tax return and I will post updates when available. I encourage you to subscribe below to get the latest updates.

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7 thoughts on “Claiming Missing or Incorrect Stimulus Check Payments in 2020 Tax Returns Filed in 2021

  1. The Notice 1444 letter didn’t say it needed to be kept for tax reasons so I pitched it. They didn’t include the $500 child payment so I need to claim it on my taxes for 2020. However, I didn’t keep the Notice 1444, so does that mean I won’t be able to claim it on my taxes? No one I know kept their letters either so I would think that could be an issue come tax time.

  2. i”ve been unemployed for like 12 weeks,i only receive checks for only 3 weeks.What should i do?

  3. My question is I have received the letter saying that I was going to receive an Economic Impact Payment of $1,200.00 by direct deposit. As of right now I check my bank an nothing was come in yet. Well I be receiving it on a later date.

    Thank You
    Benito Ortiz Jr.

  4. What about the people who receive SSI or SSDI who do not file income taxes ? Where do these folks find out about their missing Cares Act Stimulus of $1200 ?

    1. I filed my taxes in 2018 and 2019 I moved in Sept of 2019 and my check was sent to the address on my 2018 taxes I suppose they dont think might move from time to time or year to year. I have been trying to get hold of someone live for over a month with no luck. I find phone numbers but no one live to speak to, just recordings which are no help.

  5. i have filed my income tax in March and waiting on a refund from that…….are tax refunds held up too.

  6. Why can’t they track/ re-issue a stolen/lost/missing check?? What happens if the check shows as cashed and the true person never received? How does a person show they are a victim of theft?

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