My 2020 Stimulus Check (Free Government Money) – Status, Eligibility and Payment Issues

[Latest update based on IRS payment schedule and addition of FAQs to 600+ comments below] The $2 trillion dollar stimulus bill (CARES act) has now been signed into law. Under this bill there is the widely reported economic stimulus payment checks of $1,200 per adult and $2400 for couples. For families they would provide $500 for every eligible child. The full stimulus check would be made to those earning less than $75,000 ($150,000 for couples) and would phase out to zero for those earning more than $99,000 ($198,000 for couples). Head of household tax filers will get the full payment if they earned $112,500 or less.

In the phase out range (i.e. between $75,000 and $99,000 for singles) for every $100 you earn above the lower limit ($75,000) payment drops by $5 until you reach the maximum limit ($99,000).

Example (single) – If Brian made $67,000 last year based on his latest filed tax return, he would get the full $1200 payment. If he had made $90,000 he would only be eligible for $450 ($1200 – $750). If he had made $110,000 he wouldn’t be eligible at all.

Example (married) – My wife and I made $185000. We filed jointly. Are we eligible to get anything from the 2020 stimulus? Answer – You would be eligible to get $650.00 (partial amount) under the direct payment program. Up to $150,000, you get 100% of the $2,400 stimulus payment. Anything over 150,000, you would subtract 5% of the amount over $150,000. So in your scenario, 35k over 150k. 5% of 35k is $1750, So $2400- $1750=$650.00

2019 or 2018 Filing StatusIncome Below Which FULL Stimulus is PaidMaximum Income To Qualify for Partial Stimulus
Single or married filing separate$75,000$99,000
Head of household$112,500$136,500
Married filing jointly$150,000$198,000
2020 Stimulus Check Income Qualification Thresholds

In addition to the above income limits to qualify for the $1200 or $2400 Economic stimulus check (or economic impact payment per IRS), recipients must have a valid Social Security number and cannot be claimed as a dependent of another taxpayer,

Roughly three-quarters of people who are eligible for a $1,200 stimulus payment from the federal government have received it, according to the Treasury Department.

The IRS has said that distribution of economic impact payments is nearly 75% complete and will be distributed automatically, with no action required for most people. People with the lowest incomes will get their checks first and should already be seeing these payments in their accounts. Actual check payments take longer. The IRS also has a tool to check payment status, but be warned that this has been having issues providing accurate data and payment status. Millions of Americans have also started receiving their IRS Economic Impact Payment (EIP) letters outlining details of their stimulus payments. It provides details of the payment and a number to call, but don’t get your hopes up. At least not at this point. The number is just an automatic system giving a long message about what and who qualifies, and there are options to listen to more messages but that’s it.

If you haven’t already make sure you file your tax return (deadline extended to July 15, 2020) to ensure you get the 2020 stimulus check payment in addition to the extended and additional UI benefits. You can file for free at Turbotax and even at the IRS if you make below certain income limits.

IRS Economic Impact Payments

Child or Dependent Qualification for the $500 payment?

Several readers have asked questions around the $500 child dependent additional stimulus payment. To get this payment you must have filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return and claimed the child as dependent AND the child must be younger than 17-years-old at the end of 2020. They must also be related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption (similar to the Child Tax Credit). There is no limit to the number of dependents who can qualify for the additional $500 in one household.

This age limit is much younger than what is used by the IRS in the qualifying child test where a child must be younger than 19 years old or be a “student” younger than 24 years old as of the end of the calendar year. Hence the confusion being caused by this. So just remember if your child or eligible dependent is 17 or over you cannot claim the stimulus payment for them.

College Kids and High School Seniors

The younger than 17 yr old requirement has ruled out several thousand college students and high school kids who are older than 17, but still being claimed as a dependent by their parents on their federal tax return.

However if you are a college student AND filed a recent tax return you can qualify for a standard/adult stimulus check per the above eligibility rules. But note as soon as you file a return you cannot be claimed as a dependent by others, which means they lose certain other tax benefits and credits.

What about on Social Security or SSDI (Disability)?

Social Security recipients, disability (SSDI), Survivor Beneficiaries and Railroad Retirees who are not otherwise required to file a tax return will also be eligible for the stimulus payments, as long as their total income does not exceed the eligibility income limits above. The IRS in conjunction with the Treasury and Social Security Administration announced that recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) will automatically receive the $1200 Stimulus Check (formally called Economic Impact Payments). See details here. This group of recipients will receive the stimulus check the same way they currently get their federal benefits in early May with no further action needed on their part.

However note that because the IRS has no information regarding dependent data for this group of recipients, the $500 kid dependent stimulus payment would not be automatically paid to this group. They need to use the non-filers tool on the IRS website to claim this.

How will the Stimulus check payments be made by the IRS?

[IRS Updates] – The IRS has confirmed that payments for most working Americans are expected to be calculated and deposited or mailed via check based on 2018 or 2019 federal tax filing payment details. Most people won’t need to take any action and the IRS will calculate and automatically send the economic stimulus payment to those eligible. The Treasury department, under which the IRS falls has also created a website/portal for those who are not required to file U.S. income taxes or who have to change payment information (e.g direct deposit information).

For those who have not yet filed their return for 2019, the IRS will use information from their 2018 tax filing to calculate the payment. The economic impact payment will be deposited directly into the same banking account reflected on the last valid return filed. So if your 2018 information is out of date or your income situation changed in 2019, make sure you file, even if you have no taxes due (start filing for free with TurboTax).

2020 Stimulus Check Payout Schedule

The IRS has confirmed that the distribution of economic impact payments (stimulus checks) has started and millions of Americans should have their stimulus check payment by now. Note that this will likely only apply to those receiving the payment via direct deposit (in line with how they get their tax refund or Social security check today). You can see the status of your stimulus check payment on the IRS Get My Payment portal.

  • Direct Deposit payments will generally be deposited 2 to 3 days after the IRS confirms income eligibility for the payout.
  • Physical checks will take at least 6 to 8 weeks to be mailed out.

Social Security Retirees and Disability recipients who are eligible for the payment will get the stimulus checks/payments deposited the same way they currently get their payments.

Given over 120 million Americans could be eligible for the payment, it will take a while to process the stimulus checks.

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Stimulus Check Missing Payment Issues or Errors?

The IRS will also be mailing Stimulus Payment letters to each eligible recipient’s last known address 15 days after the payment is made. The letter will provide information on how the Payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the Payment. Note that the IRS or other government departments will not contact you about your stimulus check payment details either.

Why didn’t I get a stimulus check? Remember that the IRS has to have your direct deposit details, which is normally only provided if you received a 2018 or 2019 refund. If you file a return and they cannot use their portal to add direct deposit details, then your payment will come via check which could take several weeks. At this checks will likely start arriving at your IRS registered address from the end of April.

Finally you will also likely be able to claim any missing payments in your 2020 tax return as a tax credit. All this unfortunately will mean delays in getting your stimulus payment until issues are worked through.

How will child support arrears and payments be impacted with stimulus check?

I seem to be getting a lot of comments on this question around child support. The IRS has confirmed (see q21) that the stimulus check payment will NOT be offset or intercepted for those owe tax, have a payment agreement or owe other federal or state debts. It will however be OFFSET for past-due child support. This is because a court order for child support continues until it is modified or terminated. Similarly with unemployment compensation stimulus increases, your child support may be withheld from the UI payments. You will get a notice from BFS if this happens.

Injured Spouse Claim and Spousal Claims

The IRS also stated that If you are married filing jointly and you filed an injured spouse claim with your 2019 tax return (or 2018 tax return if you haven’t filed your 2019 tax return), half of the total payment will be sent to each spouse and your spouse’s stimulus check payment will be offset only for past-due child support. There is no need to file another injured spouse claim for the payment. I have received dozens of comments on this this, so hopefully this answers the questions many have had based on official IRS guidance.

Note that if you were current with your child support payments at the time of the stimulus eligibility determination (end of March) but fell behind afterwards due to a COVID-19 related job loss, you would still be eligible to get the full stimulus payment.

Updating Direct Deposit Information

This question has come up a lot in the hundreds of comments to this article. The IRS has setup a portal for individuals to provide their updated banking information to receive payments via direct deposit as opposed to checks in the mail. The IRS does recommend that 2018 Filers who need to change their account information or mailing address, file 2019 taxes electronically as soon as possible. That is the only way to let us know your new information. You can file for free via TurboTax.

If your bank account details changed, was closed or no longer active (so payment is rejected by the bank) a check will be mailed to the address the IRS has have on file for you based on your most recent tax return or as updated through the United States Postal Service (USPS). You cannot call the IRS to update payment or address details at this point in time.

Do I have to pay taxes on my stimulus payment?

No. Since the stimulus check is considered a refundable tax credit, it is not classified as earned income. Hence not considered taxable income you will have to report in your 2020 tax return (filed in 2021). It also won’t affect your income for purposes of determining eligibility for federal government assistance or benefit programs.

This payment also does not have to be paid back if any over payment happens or your gross income in 2020 changes. This includes your income rising to above the qualifying thresholds. If you unexpectedly got the payment, congratulations! You get to keep it now.

Returning Incorrect Stimulus Check Payments

A few people have commented that a spouse, relative or child who died since they filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return received a stimulus check payment. The IRS has provided official guidance on this issue which states that any payments made to someone who died before receipt of the payment should be returned to the IRS in full.  The exception to this is for payments made to joint filers and one spouse who had not died before receipt of the Payment, in which case, you only need to return the portion of the Payment made on account of the decedent

Why you DID NOT Qualify for a Stimulus Check (Economic Impact Payment)

Several people have commented that they have not received or not gotten the correct amount on their stimulus checks. The IRS has provided the following reasons –

  • Your adjusted gross income in your most recent tax filing approved by the IRS was greater than than the limits shown above, which are
    $99,000 (single or married filing separately status)
    $136,500 (head of household filing status)
    $198,000 (married filing jointly status)
  • You CANNOT be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s return. This includes as a child child, student or older dependent. (But those under 17 dependents can get a $500 dependent stimulus)
  • You don’t have a valid Social Security number and/or are a nonresident alien.
  • You filed Form 1040-NR or Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040-PR or Form 1040-SS for 2019. These are quick filing forms, but you need a standard filing (e.g via TurboTax)

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688 thoughts on “My 2020 Stimulus Check (Free Government Money) – Status, Eligibility and Payment Issues

  1. If I used direct deposit in 2018,but filed electronically 2019 and received a check do I need to update direct deposit information if bank information still the same from 2018?

  2. My husband owes child support we filed 2018 married filing jointly and haven’t filed 2019. We have two kids what should I do!! Do I just send an injured spouse even though I had 0 income? I’m so confused and need that money bad! Please someone help

    1. Yes! File an injured spouse and mail it in. I was in your same situation and even though I had no income, I received half. I live in a community property state though. I don’t know if that matters.

        1. what if your baby father claimed kids 2018 don’t reside with me, but I claimed my three in 2019 in Jan. The kids live with me. would we both get 2,700 since it was different years. Both income was below ’10 grand annually.

    1. You will get nothing for a 17 or 22 year old dependent. Only dependent 16 and under will get $500 per child. If your income is below 75,000 you yourself will get $1200 or $2400 married couples. If your 22 year old filed by himself and you didn’t claim him. He would get $1200. But since you already filed you will get nothing for older dependants

  3. I reside in WI. I’m on ssi, due to having a very low income I haven’t been able to pay my arrears for child support. However I do have custody of the children. Seeing as I owe so much, would I receive any stimulus help?

  4. My husband owes back child support so we have always done married filing injured spouse form . And we have already filed our taxes this year so will I get my portin of the stimulus check just like I do with my taxes

  5. I owe like $200 in child support even though I pay it every paycheck. Would I receive the rest of the stimulus check?

  6. ” Filed my 2018 tax and had direct deposit that account is now closed- Filed on feb 10th my 2019 return and it is “still being processed/ with topic 152” if you filed your 2019 taxes electronically even though its in process will the IRS use that routing info and bank info for the stimulus check.”

    1. They should. But you can also go to their website where you can verify/update DD details

    2. On April 17th the IRS will open a new portal for those with changed banking information. Get my payment link to update you banking info

  7. In the article it is stated that if you were current on Child Support payments you would still be getting a check, can anyone clarify this? Also I understand the potential withholding of the 1200 for back Child-Support but what if the person is also a current parent to children that are under 17 within home, do they still get the 500 dollars per child?

  8. Spouse receives SSDI. We are separated and filed joint returns over 2 years ago. Under what status should I file? My income is 0. How much will I receive?

  9. I am on SSDI will my $1.200 go on my direct express card that’s how I get my money every month I don’t have a bank account

    1. Its says you will get your Economic Relief payment the same exact way you receive SSDI. If you have children under 16 you still need to go and fill out the non filers enter payment here to add your dependants. If you don’t you will only get the $1200 dollars for yourself and nothing for your kids

  10. My daughter’s father is about 5000 in back support he works under the table and doesn’t file taxes so my question is since he is now 38 and never filed taxes how will domestic relations get me the check ? Hes a dead beat dad and hasn’t seen his kids in over 3 years but I definitely need help part two of this question when I filled my taxes I didn’t have a bank account but I do now will we be able to change our information and if someone who normal doesn’t file taxes was approved for the stimulus but picked mail check since at the moment didn’t have one if he goes Monday and opens a bank account will he also be able to update his information .Sorry so long thank you so much

    1. On April 17 IRS will but up a new website to Get My Payment where you can update your banking information.

  11. My husband is on SSI disability I’m his payee will we both get the money. I do not work I take care of him $2400

    1. If your on SSi it says you have to take other actions. SSDI will automatically recieve a check
      Type in your Google bar ..
      (If I’m on SSI will I receive a stimulas check). It tells you what you have to do..

  12. My husband and I file our taxes jointly, he owes back support, and I dont. When we file i have to file an injured spouse form. Will i get my half of the stimulus money??

  13. We filed married and jointly but my husband account only has 1200 pending and not the 2400 that it should be

    1. do one of you owe back child support? my husband does i do not we didnt file an injured spouse because i to get the child support paid off. but does that mean they will take the entire 2400 or will i still get my half?

  14. I filed injured spouse because my husband has a debt from before we were married. I filed 2/16/20 and it was accepted 2/17/20. It’s still processing. I wondering if I will still receive a stimulus if my return hasn’t actually been processed yet?

    1. Not sure as if its not processed, the IRS may not updated payment details. But the fact you are accepted is a good sign. The IRS has not rolled out a new direct deposit tool to update details. Go to their site (IRS . gov) and try seeing if you can see your existing details and update.

  15. Question? : My 27 year old son receives SSDI, food stamps and State Health Insurance. I lives by himself in his own apartment. If and when he receives thus patment, does he not qualify for food stamps any more? Thanks!

    1. The stimulus payment is purely based on earned income (which SSDI count as). It won’t affect his existing benefits pr payments.

  16. I just had a question if you a federal agency such social security administration will social security intercept your stimulus check to pay the back debt owed to them?

  17. My husband is up to date on his child support obligations for his two kids. They each claim one child on their taxes. She will receive the $500 for one child, he will receive $500 for the other. She now wants him to transfer the $500 to her as she’s the primary residential parent, and we “only” have them 5 out of the 14 days. We already decided to give her the proportional share amount (64%) as written in the Child support order, but now she wants it all. Are we in error if we don’t give her the full amount? Or is proportional share of the full $1000 correct?

    1. I don’t think you’re in error and the proportional share amount sounds fair. But if you don’t want any friction, then give her the whole 100%.

  18. My father died in December and was collecting SSI. Would he still get a check? And how would that work ?

    1. A dead person can not receive a Economic Relief payment. You should of already reported his death to Social Security Administration, IRS and the DMV etc. are you saying you didn’t report it and have been using his payment for yourself??? Because this is highly suspect question if you ask me!

      1. I beg to differ. My wife died in Oct, 2019. It says right on the top of our jointly-filed 2019 “DECEASED [her name and date]. I received $2400 payment.

    2. Why don’t you go give Social security a call and how about the IRS while you’re at it ask them. LMBO we’ll see how that goes for you. You will get caught you know collecting money for a dead person. What a way to honor your dead parent smh

  19. I am still unclear. My husband owes back support. We file a joint return and we do it this way so that his debt will be paid…after all she didn’t have the kids all by herself.
    Since we file jointly and i don’t file injured spouce; will child support get my portion as well as my daughters portion of our stimulus package?

  20. Ok so i file injured spouse for the last 3 years and they took my whole stimulus check for my husbands back support. It says to file an injured spouse form. Does that mean i need to fill out another? If so how do i fill it out and where do i send it?

    1. Yes. In my opinion, it is best to file Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, along with your regular tax return, every year until the debt is paid. I have done it for many years. It takes longer to receive your refund, but worth the wait. You can also call 1-800-304-3107 before you file to see if your taxes will your taxes will be offset.

      1. But isn’t a injured spouse report supposed to be for an injured spouse and not for somebody that’s just decided not to work? doesn’t it have to be documented that they’ve actually been injured for you to be able to claim injured spouse?

  21. Are people who receive SNAP benefits and Medicaid eligible for the stimulus check??? I am not getting a straight answer on this.

  22. My husband owes child support I don’t we filed joint and we file the non obligated spouse or innocent spouse form so will I get a stimulus check and they take his portion and I can’t get an answer cause everything is closed.

        1. It is meant to help people pay Bill’s and buy food right now. What do you not understand about, not all folks can save for emergencies like this. Alot of folks barely get by from day to day let alone being able to follow your definition of “parenting 101”. Your ridiculous.

  23. Any news yet from the IRS about updating our bank account information to receive the stimulus check/EFT?

  24. My daughter turns 17 tomorrow. I am a single mom now with no income. She was 16 when the corona virus broke out. Will I receive the $500 extra dollars in the stimulus package or because my check won’t come for another week or so will I lose that extra money??

  25. My ex husband claimed all 3 of our kids on his taxes this year because they were with him for the beginning portion of last year. (Ok fine- claim them) But they have been living with me since mid year 2019 and he didn’t share any of the money he received for them from taxes. So he’s gonna turn around and get a additional 1500$ for kids he sees 4 days a month?! That’s so real bs right there.

    1. Hi Candi,
      Please note that dependent status is usually addressed in a divorce decree, so you might want to check your divorce papers to see who has the right to claim the children for tax purposes. With rest, this stimulus check is only an advance off your 2020 taxes, where as 2018,2019 taxes are only being used as a guide to get these checks out quickly. If your husband did claim your children as a DEPENDENT in 2019, yes, he will get the stimulus payment advance for them, but when you file your 2020 taxes, and if you LEGALLY take your children as dependents, you will qualify for the $500 dollar per child credit there and get your money with your 2020 refund.

      1. My ex husband and I have an agreement that he claims our oldest who is 13. I have our twins. Our three children live with me all year full time. But he does claim one every year. So if I read that correctly he will get the 500 for the oldest. I have a notice from back stating they were depositing the 2200 and not 2700. But the kids are with me full time. When I filed my taxes through turbo it states do we have an agreement can he claim one which I chose. But I have all 3 as my dependents.

  26. Yes ibe been paying child support for twenty years and got sick and behind. The step wives i had drew welfare got help with child care and schooling and took most of my money for years. Now they get there money and mine and are forgiven for all the years of debit they took out going to school on line that never amounted to a job. What a bogus load of crap.

    1. we have been paying for years husband and I are disabled and they take a 100 out of hisscheck he hasent seen him for 20 years and his son is 36 years old my x owes me 97.000 and I have never got a sent his wife never claimed all the money we paid when he was working this system sucks his son is 36 now as well insane isn,t it

  27. If separated parents alternate years in claiming their child as a dependent, who will receive the $500 per child?
    If I claimed my child last year, but the other parent will claim for 2019, should I delay sending in my 2019 tax form
    so that they base the $500 on 2018 when I claimed my child?

    1. If the other parent already filed their taxes this year claiming your child, then they’ll get the $500. If neither of you have filed for 2019 yet, don’t file yours until you get your refund….Who the $500 goes to will be determined by who claimed the child on their 2018 tax return.

  28. I haven’t missed a child support payment in 14 years. But because the first 2 years I gave her cash and got no credit for it they put me behind 8k dollars. Even though I pay on that with my child support EVERY week for 14 years I don’t get a check? What a load of BS. Everyone has been affected by this. So now she gets all that PLUS the 8k she gets back at the first of the year for having more kids. That seems right.

    1. Yeah my ex-wife wouldn’t let me see my kids from 2002 so I was young and stupid so I just didn’t pay child support she wouldn’t let me see my kids why should I pay her with my thought 2004 go back to court judge asks why I was not paying she was keeping my kids from me so I was going to pay judge said two wrongs is not make a right I’ve been paying back child support in my current child support since 2004 child support stop May 2018 but the interest is got me still behind and she still didn’t let me see my kids until they turned 18 and she’s giving getting my tax return since 02 now I’m only paying the interest back principal is paid off and yes it’s BS I won’t receive that check

  29. People on Social Security worked until they could work no more due to retiring or disabilities why did we not get the monthly increase. Dislike you all are forgetting that we all are a part of this world. You should have given people in unemployment an increase send people on Social Security an increase also. It’s like forget the people that was a part of the workforce in the past. At the end of the we all have needs we were barely making before the pandemic now we really are not getting the help we deserve.

  30. I work hard to pay my bills and child supoort. I have my daughter in my home now but still owe back child supoort . my taxes are already being taken for this matter. How is this fair? How am i supposed to pay any bills or provide for my family when everything is being taken? Unemploynent still hasn’t kicked in. What am i to do?

  31. This stimulus deal really sucks, who decided to give additional UI Benefits to the unemployed totaling $600.00 per week, in addition to a minimum of $1200.00 if that person makes less than 75K ? I live in Los Angeles and I make more than 75K but less than 98K so my stimulus check will be reduced $5.00 for every $100.00 over 75K so my Corona check will be $600.00 ( doesn’t even cover half the rent ) and since I’m a essential worker ( still employed ) I can’t defer my rent due for a year like everybody else is doing. So where is the assistance for us who are still out there ? Where is our “ we are in this together check “ our “ safe at home check “
    Our $600.00 extra pay weekly for risking our lives, they said this week is going to be something the world has never experienced like a wave of death is upon us and we the deemed “ essential workers “ have not even been offered hazardous pay of any kind and the reduced Corona check is a slap in the face. Stay safe all

    1. Dude, that sounds selfish. I’m sure with 75k your not starving. This entire “Chinese Virus ” that was unleashed on our world is the devil at his finest hour. Us as Americans and as human beings, first, need to step up. You being out working is a noble and nessary thing. I am grateful for whatever your profession my be. Thank you

      PS I have been out of work with an injury since 12/19. No Check! Fighting Workers compensation and unemployment.

  32. will individuals who owe federal restitution from a criminal case get their stimulus check. I am current on my repayment obligation

  33. Do you have to pay this back when you file your 2020 taxes if you have a large refund coming asking for a friend

  34. It says each tax paying adult will get 1200$ and a married couple would get 2400$. I don’t have any children but my wife does and fell behind several years ago on child support. Because we both pay taxes does that mean I’ll get my 1200$ and her 1200$ will go to back child support? Do you think if the entire check goes towards back child support I can sue for my 1200$ due to the fact I pay my taxes and owe nobody?

  35. My son is behind on child support because he doesn’t make enough money to pay it. The mother of his child will get both tax return and stimulus. How is suppose to live until unemployment kicks in 6 weeks from now

    1. He should pay his child support. The stimulus check goes to cover his back payments so he is still getting the credit, but how is it fair to his kids and mother of his kids that he is behind more than 1200 dollars?

      1. Yeah Jay, I normally don’t speak on this issue, because I myself owed rrears. I didn’t handle things correct, that way. but my children are grown 23/19. MY EX, MARRIED and then divorced. she owns a townhouse in California and bought property down in Mexico. I have lost my house years ago and living ok, bill to bill my I say. I owe 15,000 plus 19,550 in interest. live in calif. I haven’t seen a tax return in 18 years, any money I get from, lets say a car accident they take. Now I do have credit cards phone, pg&e water, I had a job for last 8 years,til I also lost my job because of the coronavirus. yes I owe money, but why would they take all my 1200, package and unemployment, remember kid are grow, she has clear own townhouse and property in Mexico. Now Jay, tell me your feelings on that, or anyone else. Maybe I’ll become homeless in your area

      2. Jay it is clear you are a novice about life and haven’t been faced with the dilemma that many men (and some women) face with this. If it was so simple as you state then this wouldn’t be a conversation. Obviously it is not simple. Do not be so quick to assume people just do not want to pay child support. There is a HUGE difference between don’t and can’t. How about this for a solution: Everyone pay their child support and since barely any money will be left over we all can come live with you

  36. My tax refund was deposited to my E1 visa debit card that I received from my tax prepare will my my stimulus come to that card?

  37. I’m not married anymore as of February 7 2020. How would I get the stimulus payment that I am qualified for but I’m no longer with the person. He is being difficult about things and is unwilling to give me my part. So my question is how would claim it without having to fight with him about it?

  38. so my husband is in the rears with child support even though I don’t agree with it simply because his baby mama doesn’t even have the child the child stays with his dad in a completely different town she also gets food stamps for his child and again does not even stay with her. this is not even part of my question I just wanted to throw that out there why I’m angry about this whole situation with that being said there’s nothing I could do about it that canker sores going to get the money from my husband who by the way is paying on his back child support monthly for years and paying his regular child support with that being said we both have the same account when my 1200 hits is that also going to be taken and given to his baby mama 2?

    1. Treasury plans to develop a web-based portal for individuals to provide their banking information to the IRS online, so that individuals can receive payments immediately as opposed to checks in the mail.

  39. everybody is going to get behind in child support now due to being laid off because of the covid19. HOW IS THAT FAIR???? so keeping it because of child support is really messed up to me!

    1. I agree…I love my son and I already feel horrible that I owe back support but if this stimulas is kept how will I pay the bills im already behind…this makes no sense…I make minimum wage as it is..had a fever and got sent home so not even a regular check….please I need this stimulas or I will lose ..and which will mean getting even more behind in support..

      1. They status of the child support was determined at the time of the stimulus. So if you were not behind already you are good to go. If you were behind it sort of makes sense that it goes to her.

        1. Jay, it only make sense in certain aspect, if children are little yes, I have been paying when little and was mr. dad for a few year, another story. but if she hasn’t children living with and she owes clear property and land in Mexico. Then I wouldn’t go after money to keep you afloat. remember it takes money to make money.

        2. I wonder if they’re going to send his stimulus check with mine ? He owes back time but I have no way to know if they’re taking it or how or when I’ll receive it

    2. People the steal cars, break in and Rob homes, sell drugs, shoot people get off better than someone on child support. Not all deadbeats because we get behind! Life happens. This pandemic has put so many out of work. The whole world knows it, yet the payments do not stop. Child support laws are the shittest laws out there. They are pretty much a violation of rights.

  40. this stimulus package will help you now, but will hurt you in the end.” THAT’S WHAT OUR COUNTRY DO”

  41. My husband owes back child support. We file married jointly, they say we have to and I fill out an injured spouse form. I see two problems with them intercepting the child support. 1) I’m the only one working and I claim my two biological children and it sounds like his ex-wife is going to get his stimulus check, plus mine, plus my kids? I’m out of work due to CoronaVirus, and my unemployment has been delayed. How is this right? 2)Just because people owe child support, they still have bills. This money is to help relieve that burden. The parent the kid(s) are living with (hence why child support is paid to them) are already receiving stimulus money for each child to help.
    With all the rules they are setting in place how can the president just not say, your not intercepting these checks? I really hope they make this right.

    1. I’m in the same boat. What I am hoping and i’ve been lead to believe is that it is being treated as a tax refund in regards to child support being taken so since we filed injured spouse we should still receive our portion and our kids portions of the payment.

      1. i am in the same situation – filed injured spouse, but there is someone on here saying that they did as well and their entire stimulus was taken anyway.
        Have you gotten any further info?

  42. I was working 2 jobs and living in my car hardly eating before the covid-19 outbreak even began. Now being laid off of both jobs due to the shut down I literally have $0.11 to my name and I havent ate in 2 days because this pandemic has takin everything. The moment I missed my 2nd car payment after being laid off the car company repossessed my vehicle and everything I had left to my name with it except my black backpack I stuffed clothing feminine products and what food I had left in and now use as a pillow under overpasses 3 times/week if I cannot find a couch to hop to. I have an old 1 liter bottle I use for water and I drink minimum 11 full refilled daily. I am begging for help just to stay alive. I’ll survive the nation wide pandemic and never catch covid-19, instead I’ll probably slip under the overpass and die of starvation. Yes my kids and the person that is caring for them deserve every penny owed I am responsible I got myself behind I was already deteriorating before this. I know I dont deserve the money as it is owed to my babies but if I dont get help soon they will only have the money because I will die and they will lose their mom forever. HELP ALL CITIZENS DIRECTLY AFFECTED BY COVID-19 PANDEMIC especially the ones that have no where to turn. Prayers that I make it through this I’m begging GOVERNMENT PLEASE HELP US!!!!!

  43. My husband left me in January and he. Changed our 2019 tax return direct deposit info from our joint account to his personal account so he got our refund and refuses to give me my half. Now IRS will send him our $2400 stimulus check. Is there any way I can change to my personal checking account to get my $1200?!!!

  44. i believe everyone should be able to get stimulus check and if you owe back child support ya’ll should let the one owe back child support should be able to get it with the Americans be in this Coronavirus because it would people out in this time need to live if people don’t get how could people live without money and it would be nice and god bless you

    1. I agree! Keeping both parents from falling into financial distress is best for the children.

  45. If you’re going to keep the stimulus check from Dad’s who owe child support (and not every circumstance is the same), keep the stimulus checks from every ex-con, drug dealer, drug addict and halph of the American population! I was told by a child support case worker that they were knowingly charging a friend of mine child support with INTERSEST unlawfully because his son was adopted and without his knowledge.It’s a very hypocritical and crooked system and especially at this time when the world is in a CRISIS that’s effecting EVERYONE! What a sham!

  46. So me and my son’s father share equal custody and we alternate years on claiming him. How does that get figured out with the stimulus check for our child being a qualified child? Do one of us just get it and one of us don’t even though we both have him equal time?

  47. Will I get stimulus check for the two children I have under kinship guardian care if I didn’t file taxes?

  48. I am a single mother of 2 disabled children and can’t file taxes because I have no income whatsoever outside their disability checks? What do I need to do to ensure I get the 1200 portion for myself?

  49. My son and daughter filed married but seperate because of back child support. She did not file head of household. I understand that his will be intercepted for back child support but will she get the stimulus check for her and the kids?

  50. Since I had my tax refun out into my emerald card is that where I’ll get my corvirus stimulus check

  51. For the women who feel that child support should take money from people in this pandemic is just stupid… first off every women or guy that’s paying child support a dead beat. It’s parents out here who pay it, talk to there kids they paying for and still send give them money. Parents who had kids young and they parents moved them away!! For women to keep using the word dead beat is just plain stupidity…
    if punishment is the case the women should also face punishment when laying up with random guys and not knowing who the dad is .

    1. Very thankful for my husbands ex. All of our stimulus was intercepted for back support. I was ok with it because she is owed that money but she let us know that she is going to send it back to us because she knows we are both out of work right now. He plans to continue paying her after he pays off support to make up for the fact that this money will come off what he owes her even though she is sending it back to us.

  52. The Angry Ex Husband with Full Custody who still pays child support and pays it ON TIME says:

    Hello – my divorce was finalized in April of 2019. For the year 2018, my ex wife and I filed jointly, and fell under the 150k threshold…

    Now, I have file my 2019 taxes as head of household, however my ex has not. If they look to my 2019 income I will NOT qualify for the payment. I’m just trying to see how this situation would pan out. My 2019 tax return is still in process.

    Also, for 2019, because of my divorce my taxes show almost 60,000 of additional income because of the QRDO and having to pay out to my ex half of my 401k and pension. Will they qualify that as income? Because it wasn’t….


    ~ SIGNED ~ The Angry Ex Husband with Full Custody who still pays child support and pays it ON TIME

  53. Explanation please. This is a very hard time for us all.. My question is my husband is paying on arrears on back child support from another mother, these kids are grown, I just been married to him for two years, so is there some way that I can get my part of my taxes and this stimulus check, how do I go about doing this is it possible I sure hope so

      1. so youre saying i may be able to get on when they open the portal to give teh IRS to get my half? i mean his rightfully got intercepted but they took mine too and needless to say im less than thrilled. the return itself wasnt big enough so i did file isa

    1. This may help, IRS form 8379
      injured spouse allocation form
      If filing joint return.

    2. The injured spouse form didn’t work for us. I file it with our taxes every year and they still intercepted all our of stimulus. You’ll get a letter saying your money was sent to child support. Contact child support because getting through to the IRS right now is next to impossible. Contest it there and you may get yours.

  54. I have a ex husband/ absent parent that is married now and is behind 32,000 in child support for his 2 boys how will that work with his stimulus check or his wife check

  55. I have been flowing and watching all the president and treasury speeches and it doesn’t say anything about child support being taken out of your stimulus checks if I’m wrong and they do end up taking it that would leave my family homeless because I have custody of 3 kids 1,2,and 8 year olds I have been paying child support for another child that no dna has been astablished for the judge wants me to pay 600 dollers that I don’t have to get this test done I don’t have money for a lawyer and the child mother keeps calling and pushing for me to pay child support I have been laid off for 2 months now and me and my fieonce are late on our rent 2 months that money would help us get through this hard time (note) I am a 29 year old male and I have full custody of all 3 of my kids besides the 4 year old that no dna has been established for. So that would be pretty much being like their taking away from 3 children for 1 child no no that’s not right at all the mother already got my tax return and now maybe the stimulus check too that’s just not right I have worked hard my whole life me and my family don’t deserve this like I said I haven’t heard anything yet from the president or secutary yet or even on the irs page so I think someone started a rumor and people started copying it and putting it on their websites so to everyone who is in a position like me hang in their God bless you all we will get through this with or without that stimulus money

  56. Yes I agree I have to my baby father is behind 1,100 and didn’t pay this month I am worried that I want get his check I think the government will snatch it like they did with his tax money the last two years if they already has gotten his tax. Money this year I demand that this check comes to me how can I make sure??

  57. I think it’s a great thing that does behind on childsupport will be sent to the mother because that’s the only way there kids will receive anything most of them had jobs before this coronvirus in still choose not to pay they don’t deserve anything keep up the good work and how long would the mother have to wait to receive there’s kids come first. Most of you dead beats are on here complaining about a check that will be sent to your child you should want that child to get it . stop complaining is over in done with to late if you already behind ain’t no point of going to court the judge going to same the same thing..

    1. Not all dead beats are dead beats, my children are grow, doing fine in the real world, I blew it, yes but I also got on Track, but its hard to swim up river. and when she remarried and then divorced, now she owns clear property in calif and bought land in Mexico. I owe rrears yes And was working on paying her off. But really she and the kid are doing well, as i’m. But should I pay rrears on 10% interest 19,000 and now be more buried. so I’m no dead beat and you need to get off that high horse your sitting on and have peace for all.

    2. my husband had back support from 15 years ago. He had children young and got behind then. Then he got a good job and support went up tremendously but he kept up with the current support. Now they are adults and he continues to pay the same amount towards arrears. He just hasn’t quite paid it off.

    1. Yes we are included but we will still have to file a simple tax return to receive it which I don’t think is fair the same why they can find people on ssi disability they can find us through food stamps in childsupport we should do something about this we need it the most already getting no incoming coming in and home schooling kids..

  58. I currently receive Ktáp for my 3 grandchildren I have permanent custody of them I draw social security disability SSA will I be eligible to get the $500 dollars stimulus money for each of them?

  59. Let me see if I got this right. The government is handing out $1,200 to people to pay their bills and rent because they lost their job. So instead of giving the check to them to pay their bills and rent they are sending it to pay their child support instead? Does that make any sense? So that means that they can’t pay their rent so then they become homeless. That means while homeless without an address they have a month to find a job to make their next child support payment or they will have their drivers license taken away. Then if they don’t find a job to pay their child support while homeless by the second month they will have to do 3-6 months of jail time. When they get out and still being homeless they will have to find a job within 3 months to pay their child support or go back to jail. I ask you how is this going to help the child in any way? This is complete stupid if you don’t see the problem with this than you are an idiot? The whole reason for the money in the first place was for people to pay their rent and bills so they can survive. Its seems to me that it would be better to give the person paying child support the check so they can survive so they can pay many more child support payments in the future instead of making them homeless.

    1. you are full of it. if the person was paying the child support to start with then they wouldn’t be withholding it. i have a child who is suppose to receive child support from his biological mother and father, but dont. i have had him for 16 yrs on my own. i live on v.a. disability, which is hard to do. these so called parents have gone years without paying a dime. they would rather go to jail instead. do i think this child deserves that money. you dang on right he is.

      1. If you have legal custody of the minor child(ern) and are rated at 30% or greater, you should be receiving additional compensation for them from VA.

    2. In addition to possible arrest and loss of driving privileges, teachers in California can lose their teaching credential for nonpayment of child support.
      Out of work, homeless, in jail for 90 days, and unable to work at as a teacher when the lock down ends.
      Seems easier to pay the child support. My ex still owes $4000 for our daughter. She’s 25 now and it doesn’t look like she’ll be getting it anytime soon.

    3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. My “complaint” is not that my husband’s check will go toward arrears (which accumulated while he was waiting for disability) it’s the fact that IRS is going to take whats due to my 5 yr old daughter and give it to his ex! She makes more money than we do! My daughter gets ssi because she has down syndrome. Saddens me because she has nothing ti do with this. And he’s no deadbeat.. payments were kept up until his injury.

  60. Some people fall behind on support for very legitimate reasons.
    Like life or death situations like cancer, or heart failure, or car accidents.
    Situations that cause a loss of income that the children, and the custodial parent would have had to live without anyways, had they lived with both parents at the time of the life threatening event.
    Also there are parents out there who actually have custody of the children yet are still forced to pay because of a previously implemented order.
    There are so many situations that would cause one to fall behind that are truly valid, and excusable reasons to have lost income and fallen behind on financially.
    We are all human beings who need to survive through this.
    There should be no reason anyone should be left out of this stimulus payment.
    If you’re one of those who think people should be left out you are an awful, gross excuse for a human being.
    I can only hope that the Uni unexpectedly bestows a similar hardship upon you and your life to teach you a lesson in empathy and compassion.
    Chances are if someone is behind on support they clearly need this money more than anyone.
    Also, It’s a measly $1200 bucks. Calm down with your jealousy over someone you don’t like possibly receiving a meager leg up. For once.
    And eff you to the government officials who decided to leave out this group of people, and not taking all possible scenarios into consideration when making such a shitty decision.
    You could have at least included the people who may be behind for very valid, legitimate reasons, and/or are now making regular payments. If Physically possible.
    People can be so gross, and greedy, and downright cruel over the smallest acts of human decency.

    1. not if both parents chose to walk off and leave said child with a stranger and dont look back. too busy staying high.. if someone goes years and years without paying a dime and owes over $30,000, and would rather go to jail instead of paying a dime, then i have no sympathy for them. get out of jail, moves and cant be found for another few years. is this child due that money. yes, after 16 yrs of ignoring this child, dont let them turn around and them them 2 get a dime off of him. send that money to the child.

      1. I agree the best thing that come out this bill is sending the fathers checks to the mother they had all year to do for there kids or pay childsupport for them in choose not to it does not matter rather your working or fall on hard times you bought that child in this world you have and will pay for them period send that money to the mother asap not the government we are taking care of them the government already snaches there tax money from us…

    2. “Calm down with your jealousy over someone you don’t like possibly receiving a meager leg up. For once.”
      Well said!

  61. I know you said likely If you owe child support that you wont recieve this stimulus. But my question is will myself and daughter recieve it if my husband owes for his other children?

    1. If the other two kids are a minor and hes paying current support on them now and not back child support than your child and his kids he’s paying for now are current y’all should split the check now if your child is the youngest she will get the most if the other kids are over 18 they want get anything the state will get theres for back child support…

  62. For 2018 I filed single head of household 2 dependents and had my refund direct deposited. I did receive my entire refund within 7 days directly in my bank. Now for 2018 My ex husband let his mother do his taxes and she filed them as married filing jointly with 4 dependents. I have no idea if he ever received a refund for 2018. What do I do to make sure I receive the stimulus and let them know that I have 3 of the 4 children full-time receive medical assistance as well as snap currently in my state for myself and 3 children. He lives in a different state and receives state insurance and snap for himself and his son from a prior relationship. I receive no help financially from my ex and this is taking a toll not knowing what to do or what is going unfold

  63. It is not fair that people who are in the arrears for child support but actually make effort paying child support monthly are not getting a Corona Stimulus Check. Just like everyone else work, we work too and kick ass and are feeling the same effects as well as everyone else. Still have groceries to buy, gas to fill our vehicles with rent to pay, other children to take care of who are not on child support and emergency funds needed also in case something happens along the road of this unfortunate corona hiatus. Im not vouching for the ones that DONT make serious effort to pay their support, im speaking up for the ones that DO while still in the arrears continuing to stay on track. Consider this a serious issue that i want the Government/IRS to reconsider. Make this right!!

    1. They shouldn’t and will not get anything it doesn’t matter if they pay on time now they are still behind them kids went years in months with no money from y’all.. kids have to eat need clothes and shoes every month not when y’all ready to pay it.. they doing the right thing putting kids first send that money right to the mother and they also need to stop the government from taking it from the mothers they are already getting there tax money we need something…

  64. Do minor children that get Ssi/ssa qualify for stimulus check? The mother also gets Ssi ..

  65. I’ve always had my tax refund deposited on my Emerald card, will my stimulus check be deposited on my Emerald card or do I need to get a bank account?

  66. Since Jan 14, 2020, I have had custody of 3 kinship foster care children. Children were removed from custodial parent. Non Custodial (NC) parent was denied custody. NC claimed children on taxes, does not ,has never, paid child support. Dec 2019 court ordered him to start paying…
    Can I get the stimulus money for the 3 children? Or at least prevent the SOB NC from getting it?

    1. Sorry to say unless there is a court order for child support arears, the stimulant check will probobly go to the father because he claimed them on his tax return.

  67. Hi
    I have question my husband just get here for immigration visa we don’t received his social and green card yet because of everything is closed can he get his money too 1200.

    1. The stimulus checks will be deposited automatically by direct deposit into consumers’ bank accounts for the vast majority of citizens who filed their taxes last year. Consumers without a bank account on record with the IRS will receive a paper check, but it may take several weeks longer to arrive than those who have bank accounts.

  68. People that get cash assistance through the welfare office, does that mean they are eligible or not? I see that disability is one, but now about people that are actually in need? I’m very confused by this.

    1. We are included but they are still making us file a simple tax return to get ours which is unfair the same way people on ssi and disability can be found so can we they can track us down through ebt or childsupport I think they wanna make it hard on us we already have no income stuck at home home schooling our kids and they only people they would fight for to get a check without having to file a return is disability and SSI we have to do something about this…

  69. What if you filed jointly with your spouse in 2018 but are currently separated and didn’t make enough to file 2019 taxes and have a child living with you . Will the check still go off of 2018 tax return and if so will it be mailed in both party’s names ?

    1. That is likely. I suggest you file a return for 2019 to be sure the payment is correctly sent .

  70. I too, have been paying on back child support for many years. Yes some were hit and miss for a while but have been consistent for over 2 yrs. My youngest son is 24 yrs old and hasn’t lived with his custodial parent since he was 15yrs old. I have been working and paying consistently and could definitely use the help if not the stimulus at least the unemployment benefit raise. They could take my full monthly payment from that and I would still be ok. However, as it stands my disabled husband and I are gonna be in for some hard times. I can’t even look for alternate work as he has an autoimmune genetic disease that requires his immune system to be lowered…Not sure what I can even try to do at this point other than accept the $600 a MONTH unemployment benefits I do have coming. Thanks for reading.

  71. I don’t believe it’s fair to intercept covid19 stimulus money from non custodial parent who make regular payments for back child support. Also, what happens to taxpayers who didn’t file form 8379 because they weren’t getting a refund???? Does the Joint filing (injured spouse) now need to submit 8379 in order to receive stimulus money?????

  72. My husband owes child support in another state. He hasn’t worked in almost 6 years and every year I file an injured spouse form with our taxes. Will the Economic impact payment still go to his child’s mother?

    1. Yes it will go to his other kids mother in a different state it doesn’t matter because he didn’t are couldn’t work for 6 years he still has kids he should have been doing for that’s not there fault he feel on hard times…

    2. If you filed injured spouse, you should receive stimulant check for yourself but not your husband.

  73. What about small business either C corp or S corp or LLC, we’re talking about mom and pop business that have no or little business at present…

  74. I have been paying arrears on my child support for about 3 years. I did fall behind after having a triple bypass surgery, that I could have gotten a disability from but chose not to. I would have been a fool to, who can raise a child or help raise one on disability. 1 and 1/2 years ago I was awarded custody of my son, I have never filed for child support from her. When I was awarded custody the judge ordered that I pay a minimum of 75$ a month until I have paid the arrears in full. I allowed her to claim him on her tax return this year because I feel that I is only fair for us to share that slight boost of income. A luxury that was never extended to me. In ways I find it humorous that had I not allowed her to claim him this tax season that my obligation to her would have been fullfilled. So now not only does she get my federal return but she gets an additional 500$ from the stimulus for claiming him this year. I will owe exactly 976$ as of the moment they withhold my federal return this tax season. So that means she will also get my 1200$ stimulus check as well. The saying is true, nice guys finish last. As of yesterday I am unemployed. So now with nothing coming in, no prospects of anything coming in until unemployment arrives which can be 4-6 weeks, the one thing that could have helped to put food on the table for us I am not entitled too. So it’s off to finding odd jobs if anyone will hire me for that. I am to the point that I would sell body parts if that was not a crime. Prostitution is not an option, who would want to hire a middle aged man with a bad heart for such a thing. I know that my son will not go without or hungry. I will if need be but he will not, ever, not as long as my legs can carry me and my back does not snap into pieces. My life on this planet is all but spent in ways. He is the future, he is what matters. So I can empathize with those who are in a similar situation. The only advice is hold your head high, bite your lip if need be and fight to the bitter end. If I die of starvation then I know I did it for a good cause. Hopefully she is wise enough not to blow the additional money she receives. In all honesty I see no silver lining. I will not be able to meet my obligation to pay for the health insurance I purchased on the market place. Even with it I would be unable to afford some of the medications I am on. So instead of pushing to get them that is no longer a priority. His physical and mental health are all that matter to me. I shall remain stoic and present the illusion to him that all is well. An 8 year old should not have financial worrys or have to wonder if they will have anything for breakfast lunch or dinner not even for one night. That was my child hood not his. I have pushed and fought tooth and nail to ensure he never has to face such things, with him my resolve is absolute. I filed papers today awarding my rights to my child over to my younger brother in case things go south for me. As I said worrying over the government hand out that Republicans wanted to keep from 30 % of the impoverished to begin with will just drag you down farther. Do as I have, try to brush it off with humor. I just hope that when it’s all over if I come out of it or not that it’s at least documented somewhere that America made a good show of things. That the illusion I present before my son to hide the terrors of this reality from him will be overshadowed by the faults in the plan our government set forth to save the little man was truly just a front to save corporate America. I can not wait to see the bonuses roll out for those CEO’s when the fog clears. It’s what happens every time. I hope you all make it through, just remember you are not alone and stay strong. They can only beat you if you let them, hold your head high and do not give them the satisfaction of seeing you in a weakend state. My health may fail me, but the future that lays before my child will not be compromised if it means my life.

  75. While I am not a payer to child support arrears I think it would be disgusting if DOR/CSE intercepts this covid-19 economic stimulus. This would double penalize these men and some women who pay child support who have already lost their tax return to DOR and are hurting as much if not more as everyone else. Most of The custodial parents will be getting the stimulus already. I hope we’re not trying to crush these people. They are human beings and suffering just like we are. For the love of god lets stop hurting and start loving.

    1. I’m happy some people dont get their stimulus check due to non-payment. I’m a single mother with 3 kids and my childrens father never pays child support, he never reaches out to see his kids and it’s been over 7 years!, I say damn right he doesn’t deserve it. I don’t care if he’s in hard times or not, he doesn’t even care if his children are alive or not.

      1. Agreed! My ex lost his job a few years ago and was out of work for months. I told him numerous times to go get his child support adjusted and he didn’t do it. Then when he got a job he refused to report he pays child support. I did not complain while he was out of work, and told him to get it adjusted…so after a year I had to use enforcement services and again told him to have his support adjusted to his new lower income. He just griped about how mean I was because I didn’t understand how hard he had it. Seriously, I have been supporting your kids for over a year with no support while trying to finish college and do student teaching that is unpaid so I could better myself for me and our kids, but I was mean for forcing him to start paying again. It was still the old amount and then they tacked on arrears….2 years later he still hasn’t had it adjusted and guess what this year they snatched his tax refund for his kids and now it appears I may get his stimulus. I feel bad he is having a rough time, but he wasn’t worried about my rough time for a year caring for our kids while he wouldn’t pay child support so I do not feel bad that I am being given money he owes for their support. Everyone makes it sound like we are just getting a pot of gold….no we aren’t. We struggle and we went without for the year(s) they didn’t pay. If there is a change in your circumstances then go get the child support adjusted and continue to pay. The irony, he started proceedings to get it adjusted in January and now its not a priority case because of the shut down. Of course it is all my fault according to him that he is broke and struggling. He even had the nerve after he got a letter saying they offset his tax refund that to text me and say he is going to need that back when I get it….sure okay.

  76. Yes I owe Childsupport arrears but my daughter is 30 years old at this time; so im not going to receive a stimulus check; I was told by my daughter’s mother that the stimulus check is going to the state and not her; so the state department of human services will be getting big bonus checks this year by taking all those stimulus checks from people that are in the same situation as me.

    1. That’s because your paying back child support for her not current.. all back child support goes to the state not the mother because the same way you got behind on her payments you got behind in paying the State back for your child getting government assistance when she was a minor…

    2. It’s not necessarily because moms got aid. States charge interest on child support arrears…steep interest. My husband is currently paying arrears of $7000 and it is all interest and fees, none goes to the mom.

  77. I have a question my husband owes child support and i am on social security disability and we filed our taxes together and I was not required to do a injured spouse since I don’t pay taxes why should I be punished because he owes child support. I cannot work due to my disability and they are take my portion to pay child support that has nothing to do with me how is that fair to myself and others in the same situation .It is not the American people’s fault that this happened but. Some of us are getting punished .its not fair .

    1. If you live in a community property state like California, you should file injured spouses. Although you dont have earned income, you should be entitled to 1/2 of your joint return income tax refund.

  78. If I filed a injured spouse claim this yr does how would that work with the stimulus checks being sent out bc it has been about 3 weeks since I filed the claim

  79. Can someone please answer the question, they keep saying the person who owes child support won’t get a check but what I want to know is will that money be sent to child support to go toward what they owe so the parent of the children can use it for the kids or do they just not qualify and nothing will be issued? Not one report has addressed this.

    1. Is should go right to the mother but I have a feeling that the government will snatch it from the mothers like they do there tax money which is messed up that government took my baby fathers tax money this last two years because she receiving government assistance so they should not be able to get this money too period…

  80. So my question is my 2019 taxes paid off my back child support but they still haven’t applied it to my my child support and it is still coming out of my check till they post it to my past due balance so would I receive the stimulus check since it is paid but haven’t been posted to the account or would they be holding it like they are doing with the tax money that paid it off

    1. You pole want receive a check even doe you paid off your back child support the promblem is the mothers are not receiving this money either the government is taking all of it if that child is on government assistance the government will take everything form the mother which is messed up

      1. Look Jane Doe. Keri has a legitimate question. I too married a man 2 years ago who was paying back child support unbeknownst to me at that time. We filed married and jointly and they took our entire refund or his back support. I was the only one who payed taxes as his only income is VA disability. The entire return should have been exempt because the taxable income was mine. The IRS told me to file an injured spouse form which I did because I am not responsible for his 16 year old child whom I did not create. So yes, I believe I should receive half of the stimulus check because again, he is responsible for his child and I am not. So Keri has a valid question as do I and many others I’m sure. And telling Keri to “grow up” as a response, then brings into question if growing up is not something you yourself should do.

  81. I owe back child support from years ago not being able to find employment. I now work fulltime at a state rest area facility, pay my child support and taxes every week and I’m not going to get a stimulus check. I put myself in harm’s way of the coronavirus every day and no relief if I do catch it.

  82. I owe bk child support because I couldn’t work after a car accident for a good while. So I got behind by the time I was able to work again I was far behind even when they took out extra money each time I could not get caught up. My children are 31,29,24 my ex husband never received help from government so I only owe bk pay to him. Of course they tax on so much interest and any extra they can for what? My ex husband ask me to find out how to forgive the child support so I would no longer owe. I began looking and let him know. This virus thing hits soon after I let him know step to forgive payments. He filled out forms but we have been stopped from being able to file for a court date or do anything about it because of virus. Now I find out I’m screwed again. No car. No job. Not even help from government. This is discrimination that we are only ppl singled out from help. It’s unfair. They took my husbands tax refund just 3 weeks ago. They r not his children and I made 0 this year so now he must pay??? No help there. I guess now I get to end up homeless! I will have no food after 10 days. Can’t get food stamps. What I’m I to do? My son has moved in a few months ago and has not gotten a car and neither do I. I can’t afford to fix the one I had. Now I’m son will also be homeless. This is abuse. My ex husband doesn’t want the money anymore my children are all grown and I can’t get near a judge to change anything. If this thing last too long I guess since I will be living on streets with no hope for food I won’t need anything more because I will be dead. Thank you government for absolutely nothing but a death sentence! Real helpful with the way you are treating us. Like we are trash.

    1. Glad to hear your on good terms with your ex. If he receives your stimulus, can’t you ask him to pass it back to you?

  83. This is bullshit I get my taxes taken every year they cut out my check if y’all gonna make a dam stimulus package make that shit fair for everyone what makes child support people different we all in the dam crisis together we out of work we have food to buy this stimulus package is nothing but unfair to me

    1. Shouldnt have gotten behind on supporting your children. Stop complaining and suck it up.

  84. If you owe child support, too bad. Why are you all defending your poor choices? It doesn’t matter how long ago it was— you owe a debt, it needs to be paid.

    1. What if my spouse owes and I file an injured spouse every year with taxes so they won’t take all of it will I still get a check for my 3 kids and I ?

    2. I think it’s wrong I was diagnosed with chronic mental illness at the age 22 and had my kids taken away I gave been paying child support 20 years with my SSI and SSD. The 2 fathers are nothing to this day but drug addicts and did nothing with there lives . I still owe 25000. It’s not my fault that I should pay this and wont see a coviod 19 cheack it’s not fair I have to fight and battle my illness and take meds

    3. BECAUSE!!!!!! Every individual situation is different. There are extenuating circumstances that some have and have had for what seems forever. We get ignored, we get unheard, we get caught in a glitch!!!!! THERE is a large group of people yes as HUMAN as the critics. But because extenuating circumstances were left to us with Not any help or support. Life keeps taking things that make it impossible to make a future. We lose privileges that felons in prison have more obtainable. This effects physical and mental wellbeing. We are left with NO way to improve anything. Circumstances are always different. I feel LESS then the worst of parasites. 95% was not my fault. This choice to once again group all horrible child support 20 year old arrears under 8000 dollars under a life sentence is sick. Prisoners are being let out and WILL get everything is so discouraging. WOW. I hope my group sees this and knows they aren’t alone.I l would gladly give my life to a more worthy person. The system has made it impossible for me to ever want to or know how to be happy again. Hope my tomorrow comes sooner then later. Thanks to the government party responsible for DISCRIMINATION on untold stories. Hope everyone else recovers and appreciates what they have….

    4. Your a heartless human being. Custodial parents are already getting it as well as extra for children. Don’t be a jerk. And I’m I single parent and get child support but I don’t want to kill the guy. Grow up

      1. Unfortunately most are bitter baby mommas whom are bashing working paying fathers while the state pays for their portion of the child.

      1. Well how about folks like me. My husband has past child support debt before me. We have 6 kids together. And the three he has arears for are over 24 and two live with us. So i have to file an injured spouse form every year to get my taxes. How is it fair that my 6 kids all under 12 have to suffer??? Im a nurse and i dont get to social distance or quarantine….i fell like we should be able to file am injured spouse for covid 19 stimulus. I feel like me kids deserve support too……so his grown kids get money but the minors dont??? That shit is stupid

    5. I am on ssi and unable to work i barely get enough to live on now youngest child just turned 17 years old and i took care of my children for the first 10 years and I owea total of 2600 dollars (most of that being FOC fees) I am barely alive now ..AWESOME

  85. I have read the comments yes my husband owes back support that we currently pay on every month. I am not seeing an answer any where that explains about the injured spouse. Will I get any stimulus?? Can someone please get an answer. I feel it’s wrong to keep it from someone just because they owe. What if they can’t work they will get even further behind but also wont be able to take care of themselves

    1. Hey Angel,

      I found some good info referring to the last stimulus check back in 2008. I would assume they would follow the same guidelines but different total dollar amount. I also assume they will only take 50% of the children credit at most. They have not been clear on the Coronavirus stimulus.
      Joint Return – Injured Spouse
      • Injured Spouse Claims (Form 8379) will be calculated at up to 50 percent of the eligible amount of the stimulus payment prior to offset, regardless of the percentage of income claimed by the unobligated spouse for tax year 2007.
      • The unobligated spouse will not be required to file an additional Form 8379 to receive their portion from the stimulus payment if they already filed an injured spouse claim against money offset from tax year 2007. IRS will automatically calculate up to 50 percent of the eligible amount of the stimulus payment prior to offset.
      Following are three examples of how this calculation would be applied.

      Example 1 – Jane and John Doe are eligible for a $1,200 stimulus payment. John is offset for child support for the full amount of the stimulus payment ($1,200). Jane files an injured spouse claim against the stimulus payment offset. IRS would reverse or adjust $600 (50%) from the $1,200 offset for payment since this is the maximum portion to which Jane is entitled as the injured spouse.

      I hope this helps.

  86. I’m a mother of two boys and I owe 100.00 on childsupport for my oldest as of march , do I still get the stimulus check cause I have paid my back childsupport as of 2020 of march but still on the arrears

  87. My husband owes back child support so does that mean I wont receive 1200 which I’d half.

  88. Why can’t I get my check if I’m on child support and they cutting my check and taking my taxes this money don’t have shit to do what me being out of work now I’m losing out on money

    1. Because you are still behind it doesn’t matter how much you made a child and is half doing for that child that money will be sent to that mother period it should be grow up take care if your responsibilitys in next time checks go out you will get one…

  89. I think its disappointing that men or woman that pay on their arrears of child support, monthly weekly, what so ever. Then married filed jointly but injured spouse and they still take stimulus check. So with that said a family still has to make amends up for not being able to work due to the covid-19. A spouse and two children have to suffer due to child support arrearages, when that ex spouse is getting basically triple stimulus check. I pray for all those that actually do need it. And shame on all the bashers when someone has a hard time in life. Everyone realize that the government did that on purpose because more than half the US owes Child support so it just goes around and round. This eventually will cause more friction.

    1. What’s disappointing about sending a check to their kids who they refuse to take care of or pay childsupport for like it or not this bill only includes people who need help the most like y’all kids who y’all pick and choose to do for when you get ready. Rather you working or not sick or not that child still have needs that you will do for…

    2. I posted this earlier.

      I found some good info referring to the last stimulus check back in 2008. I would assume they would follow the same guidelines but different total dollar amount. I also assume they will only take 50% of the children credit at most. They have not been clear on the Coronavirus stimulus.
      Joint Return – Injured Spouse
      • Injured Spouse Claims (Form 8379) will be calculated at up to 50 percent of the eligible amount of the stimulus payment prior to offset, regardless of the percentage of income claimed by the unobligated spouse for tax year 2007.
      • The unobligated spouse will not be required to file an additional Form 8379 to receive their portion from the stimulus payment if they already filed an injured spouse claim against money offset from tax year 2007. IRS will automatically calculate up to 50 percent of the eligible amount of the stimulus payment prior to offset.
      Following are three examples of how this calculation would be applied.

      Example 1 – Jane and John Doe are eligible for a $1,200 stimulus payment. John is offset for child support for the full amount of the stimulus payment ($1,200). Jane files an injured spouse claim against the stimulus payment offset. IRS would reverse or adjust $600 (50%) from the $1,200 offset for payment since this is the maximum portion to which Jane is entitled as the injured spouse.
      I hope this helps.

  90. What if you owe 100.00 on childsupport and they still have the arrears on file , are you still eligible for the check

  91. It’s not fair to leave anybody out in the cold during times like this even if they do owe back child support they still may need the money and it’s totally not fair is heartless

    1. Know they left there kids out in the cold when they choose to spend money or drugs other women and clothes for there self’s who dare you defend someone who put there needs before there kids now the law in bill has been pass to those of you who choose to neglecte your kids well not get anything…

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