Do I Need to Take Any Action or Reapply To Get Extended Unemployment Benefit Weeks Under PUA, PEUC, EB or $300 FPUC


This article was last updated on January 11

With the extension of enhanced unemployment programs under the Continued Assistance for Unemployed Workers Act of 2020 (COVID Relief Bill) many readers are asking if they need to take any action to get the extra 11 weeks of coverage or supplementary $300 payment between December 27th, 2020 and March 14th, 2021. Based on recent Department of Labor guidelines to state unemployment agencies we can infer what actions claimants need to take (if any) based on the status of their claim as of week ending December 26th, 2020. This date is important since it is the end of funding under the CARES act (prior stimulus bill which funded these enhanced UI programs). The new COVID funding relief bill only funds payments after this date starting from December 27th, 2020. Since state unemployment agencies and departments are updating their systems for the new changes you will have to be patient on getting paid and being able to certify for the extended weeks.

Scenario: Actively filing for PUA as of Dec 26th, 2020 (i.e. have a remaining balance) with no previous PEUC claim

If you are currently filing a claim under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, your coverage has now been extended from 39 weeks to 50 weeks. This excludes any weeks of unemployment compensation (UC) or Extended State Benefits (EB) you may have been eligible for since January 27, 2020. No action is needed in this scenario to receive additional extended benefit weeks. Claimants should continue to file your claim and certify each week.

UI claimants who have had a significant gap in getting unemployment benefits or exhausted their original PUA benefits prior to or before December 26th, 2020 will be able to file for the extended weeks once their state UI system has been updated with the new extensions and associated program changes (see FPUC state tracker). Depending on state they may have to reopen, refile or reactivate their claim. Additional PUA benefits may only be collected for weeks ending on or after December 27, 2020.

Example (Active PUA claim): Mike was getting PUA and in continued filing status up through the week ending 12/26/20, and still had a balance remaining. With the new legislation and funding, Mike can continue to file his weekly certifications beginning with the week ending 1/02/21. He won’t have to reopen his claim. He will also be eligible to get the additional $300 extra FPUC payment.

Example (Exhausted PUA claim balance): Charlene exhausted her PUA benefits on 12/12/2020 and has a zero claim balance. She was unable to get any extended state benefits. In this situation, Charlene will need to wait for her state to implement the new PUA changes (i.e. additional documentation requirements to fight fraud) before being able reopen or reactivate her existing claim. If she is in a new benefit year, she may have to file a new claim and be denied for regular UI before getting PUA. In either situation her state UI agency will provide directions on next steps, but Charlene will likely face delays due to the time it will take states to roll out the new extensions. [I will keep posting updates on this site and encourage you to subscribe to get the latest news]

Actively filing for PUA with previous PEUC claim: Action is needed from the claimant

If you previously exhausted your claim for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and are currently filing a claim under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program, you will have to reapply for the PEUC program since you can only collect PUA if you have exhausted any entitlement to PEUC. Because of the additional PEUC benefits available, you are no longer eligible to receive PUA. If you continue to be unemployed or partially unemployed, you must reopen your existing PEUC claim. Your state UI agency will send instructions on how to do this and will vary on a state by state basis. Note that your PEUC claim may have a different weekly benefit amount due versus your PUA benefit to the differing calculation to state UI benefits.

Actively filing for PEUC: No action is needed from the claimant

If you are currently filing a claim under the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program the maximum amount of benefits available under the PEUC program increased from 13 weeks to 24 weeks. If you are in this situation with an active claim balance (up to and including the week ending December 26th, 2020) no action should be necessary and you start UI agency will start paying benefits from December 27, 2020. If may take a week or two for your state agency to start paying benefits, which will be retroactively caught up.

Individuals no longer filing or have exhausted their unemployment benefits: Action is needed from the claimant

If you are unemployed or partially unemployed after December 27, 2020 you will need to reopen your PUA or PEUC claim to get coverage for the 11 weeks of extended coverage. They will need to go to their state specific UI site to file their claim or reactivate an existing claim. The process and documentation requirements will vary by state.

Actively filing for Extended Benefits: No action is needed from the claimant

If you had previously exhausted your claim for Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) and are currently filing a claim under the Extended Benefits (EB) program, no action is needed from you right now. Continue to file your claim each week for the EB program. If you later exhaust EB and continue to be unemployed or partially unemployed, you may be eligible to reopen your PEUC claim and collect these additional benefits.

Getting the $300 FPUC Payment. No action is needed from the claimant

Starting with week ending January 2, 2021, if you are eligible for at least $1 of your underlying unemployment benefit amount for any week of unemployment, you will also receive a $300 supplemental payment under the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) program. You do not need to take any additional action to receive this supplemental payment and will get it once your state UI agency updates their systems to make this payment (see the $300 FPUC state payment tracker)

Getting the $100 Mixed Earners Compensation Payment: Action is needed from the claimant

If you were previously self-employed you may be eligible for an additional $100 supplemental payment under the Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation (MEUC) program. If you are eligible for the MEUC program and are paid at least $1 of your underlying unemployment benefit amount for any week of unemployment, you will also receive a $100
supplemental MEUC payment. This is provided in addition to FPUC. After you submit documentation and the state confirms your information, you do not need to take any additional action to receive this supplemental payment. Continue to file your claim each week for the unemployment benefit you are currently receiving.

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64 thoughts on “Do I Need to Take Any Action or Reapply To Get Extended Unemployment Benefit Weeks Under PUA, PEUC, EB or $300 FPUC

  1. Hi All,
    From Virginia, on January 3rd 2021, I was trying to file for my weekly unemployment claim for W/E 1/2/2021, the unemployment system took me back to W/E 12/26/2020 and stop me there. There was no other option where I can process the weekly certification. Since then the system is not allowing me to certify for my weekly claim. Although I have exhausted PUA (39 weeks), but with the new legislation, the benefit have been extended for additional weeks for the PUA. Can someone let me know how I can move forward with the weekly certification to get the benefit that I am intitle to?

    Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

    My Best,

    Vanessa Rathsvongsack

  2. I am also confused. I filed for unemployment in NJ due to covid March 22, 2021. I exhausted my regular benefits and got was told to certify the following week that I wouldn’t have to do anything and I received an additional amount of weeks but I have no way to find out how many on the unemployment website. So which program did I just exhaust my benefits from. My last check on this new extension that exhausted my benefits was on 01/02/2021. Do I reopen a claim now?

  3. Same here! So the key word here is patience. They’re making the rounds and it takes time but you will get your $. Slowly but surely everyone is getting what they’re anticipating so at the very least, if you feel like you are waiting way longer than everybody else, the phone lines should be freeing up more and more each day. In theory. Hope everybody gets whats they need!

  4. How do I contact someone about my payment on my pua claim status that I have updated my account for my pua claim status for my bank account and I haven’t exhausted my money and I been filing like I suppose to every week but nothing been deposit into my account for 4 weeks it saying issue with payment bank accounts block but I updated my new account already so why it still say that and no money been paid to me yet

  5. Im in Ca. Someone please help my PUA ended on the 26th of Dec. I have 0 balance and claim ending date said Dec. 26th 2020 and it did have the button to reopen claim but now it doesnt and says I have used maximum benefits allowed on this claim I cannot reopen or open a new claim until the benefit year ends and theres a new ending date of April 10th 2021 but still a 0 balance and unable to certify anyone else???? I havent heard anyone have this issue

  6. I am very confused. I know that my pua was exhaused as of Dec 31st. I heard that there was an extention so I looked to see if I recieved anything. I recieved a message saying I need to refile a claim. When I clicked on the link, it said do NOT file a claim if your benefits have been exhaused. I have literally called EDD for 3 days straight and have called for 6-8 hrs a day with no connection to a live person. The only other message I recieved was about filing taxes. The only other thing I can do is wait because it is exhausting, confusing and frustrating. If anyone is able to get some real answers, please let us know.
    From Calif

    1. To all those in a state of confusion as I was. Be patient, today I was finally able to log in and certify for benefits, it back dated to Dec. 27th for the 2 weeks. i did not reopen my claim, and fill out the long forms we did while applying the very first time, so don’t waste time doing that. My opinion it will take the system longer to sort out the confusion. On the other hand a family member who owned a business, their EDD has not been updated yet and they are on a slightly different claim, I believe pandemic. Anyhow, wait and check througout this week.

    2. @Mary I found a help link to ask questions in the EDD website. I asked if I needed to so anything to get the 11 weeks of PUA. They said they if you have a PUA claim, they will recalculate your benefit amount and contact you through UI Online, mail or text when you can certify for your next benefit payment. It also said they are updating the system and we do not need to contact EDD. They will contact you. So what I get is be patient. We need to wait for them to contact us. We Do Not need to reopen our claim. They are taking care of the regular unemployment and Fed Ed first then the people with a PUA claim that ended on Dec 26 then the people on PEUA thats the order. I know some write to continue submitting your certify form, thats for reg UI. The EDD dis not upload the certify form to his UI online account. It previously said don’t do anything EDD will recalculate and contact…now it has the Blue Button to REOPEN but that is for the people who they listed below the button( people who received a notice from their job or union). We have to just wait for EDD. I hope this helps. God bless.

        1. Thanks so much Robin! After searching for answer online for days, your info finally told me what I was looking for.

  7. how about this i had filed for pua which became active way back in may i was then put on regular ui. this pua claim stayed active because me not knowing what i was actually doing kept randomly filing weeks curious if i would get anything or not. fast forward im put on to peuc because i exhausted my regular ui. that now ran out on dec 26th i was then told to reapply or to get on pua well every week since it has let me file weeks for peuc yet still my pua claim is active yet ive never been paid from it this is in the great state of kansas where we still have no word of when we might get benefits again…. any suggestion

  8. In California here. Has anyone had any luck reopening their claim? I have the option to do so, not sure if im supposed to. Expired on Dec. 26th of course and like most people I still have a claim balance left. Has anyone had any success reopening? Getting conflicted messages. To reopen or not to reopen, that is the question…

    1. Per CA EDD. “If you stop certifying for continued benefits, and it’s been more than 30 days since you last certified for benefits, your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim becomes inactive. You must reopen your claim to request benefit payments.” Sounds like you need to reopen your claim and then follow the instructions recievied to keep getting payments.

    2. I’ve been researching today and am also getting conflicting messages. I have tried to call 833-978-2511
      option 1-2-1, I have not got through to anyone and have called over 20x’s.
      I also read through this, but am not finding the answers I need.
      It’s really unfair the non communication we are receiving from the department, especially with direct questions if we are to reopen our claims or not. If anyone has updates for themselves please let us all know.

      1. See this article where I post updates for CA UI and answer your q –

        Do I need to Reopen Claim to get benefits with CA EDD?
        Getting this question a bit and per CA EDD, “If you stop certifying for continued benefits, and it’s been more than 30 days since you last certified for benefits, your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim becomes inactive. You must reopen your claim to request benefit payments.” However based on calls people have had with EDD they are getting a somewhat conflicting message with one person commenting ” I just got off the phone with EDD and the rep said nobody has received an extension [as of January 11th] and only people who are receiving payments are from pending payments on December 26th. She also said it doesn’t matter if you clicked the reopen claim button the extensions will be rolled out this week and to wait for an email or text message notification that you have available weeks to certify”.

        So it appears that if you cannot reopen your claim, you would need to wait for further instructions from CA EDD to file for the extended benefits. Given they are updating their systems over the next few weeks, it could be until the end of January before you can reopen of file a new claim.

  9. im in ca. pua expired on dec.26 on sunday i couldn’t certify only reopen claim available stating employer,union. the system is a complete mess. the time frame of my claim extended automatically but no benefits. edd needs help. no one answers the phone. governor does not speak about the shortage at edd. if they hired some of us , we wouldn’t need to apply

    1. This is what an other commenter said ” After 2 hours and 31 minutes in and a wait time of 45 minutes I just got off the phone with EDD and the rep said nobody has received an extension and the people who are receiving payments are from pending payments on December 26th. She also said it doesn’t matter if you clicked the reopen claim button the extensions will be rolled out this week and to wait for an email or text message notification that you have available weeks to certify”.

  10. @ Stacey I have been dealing with the same exact situation in Ca. Not knowing if I should reopen or not. Have not been able to get a solid answer nor have i been able to get ahold of anyone over the phone. My UI online account was already extended from 12/26/20- 4/06/2021. But i also received the message saying to reopen. And when i try to call the automatic message says if you have the federal extension no action is needed. So confused its crazy. Anybody have any answers on this. Good Luck Stacey and everyone else. Stay strong through these hard times and be careful with scams. I would not open any link that comes through a txt message thats for sure.

  11. I accidentally refiled and now it says claim have been exhausted and balance of $0.00 an IP inc . If anyone knows what to do please help . I still had a pua balance but was told to refile. I hope those of us that did this aren’t screwed.

  12. I was wondering if I will get the 11 week extension. I used all my other puc here in California and I was unable to do my vertication like I always did for my 2 weeks. Said I used everything up but I should get the extra 11 weeks dont I? Do I need yo wait until the system updates and try back in a few days or do I have to reapply? I wonder if edd is hiring?

  13. Hi, My husband has been receiving PUA in California since Oct 2020 his PUA UI online said his claim ended on Dec 31st. His last payment was on Dec 27th. Balance is around $5600. $167. Is weekly amount. The UI online was saying if you have a previous PUA you don’t need to reapply (do anything). EDD will automatically recalculate your payments…We will email or text you after updating etc. I went online today and it says “Reopen Your Claim
    If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim”.
    there’s a blue button to click on to “Reopen Your Claim”
    Then under that it says:”If you received a claim form from your employer or union, special handling is required to reopen your Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim. You must call one of the numbers below for assistance in reopening your claim.
    For Work Sharing claims only: 916-464-3300
    For all other claims visit Contact Us.
    You cannot reopen a claim more than once within the same calendar week (Sunday through Saturday).
    The previous message said EDD would send an email or text with instructions. We don’t know if this new message applies to HIS PUA claim or regular unemployment as it is not clear. There’s no message in his UI online inbox and He has not received anything saying what steps he needs to take. We don’t want to reopen his claim and make a mistake and it takes even longer or he gets some type of penalty. I also read everything on the EDD website and it dosen’t say. It’s very confusing. Please help as reaching a live person is virtually impossible in California. Thank you.

    1. This 100%.
      In the same exact situation. CA also. Im afraid to “Reopen” the claim, don’t want to mess anything up.

      1. @Wade I also read on here, and EDD postings to continue to certify for the weeks while waiting for EDD to update the system. The problem is there’s no way to certify. Edd hasn’t loaded his form online to certify. He was due to certify on the 10th of Jan. I did find a ask a question site in edd and I’m gonna read it right now. If I find anything out I’ll post the info.

  14. I live in CA, and received a text message from EDD 12/23/20 with a link to updates on federal unemployment benefits, click on link and gives me an update stating they are waiting for US Dept of Labor on how states must follow law. The text link I received said they will notify me through UI onine, mail or text when I can certify for my next benefit payment. I haven’t received any of these yet.

    Logged into my UI online today, certify notifications say “Reopen Your Claim If you have not certified for benefits for a period of time or you have never certified during this benefit year, you must reopen your claim”. Do I have to go through this rigorous process and reopen my claim again? I am afraid to do this because it could mess up in the system and then a bigger problem is created. I have a claim balance, on extension, last payment issued 12/29.

    1. This is my exact situation, Stacey. Im in CA too. Im so confused as to what to do? It looks like the “Reopen your claim” button is the only option other than just waiting it out and seeing if anything gets updated on its own. Can’t get a hold of anyone either.

      1. Understood, all this is so confusing. I had called myself and that is a dead end, they never answer no matter how many times you call. I haven’t heard of them having to wait until they receive federal laws, EDD has implemented the unemployment, extended shortly after passing of all previous bills.

  15. I accidentally refiled and now it says claim have been exhausted and bal of o amd an IP inc what will happen i was collecting my reg pua prior to this then it said I was inactive e so refiled then kept do I f research amf afte found out to not refile will it be automaticaly corrected or will i be under some kind of penalty or not receive or what will happen im stress and worried now over. A simple mistake

  16. I got a award notice saying I got extra 7 weeks on claim it ended on dec 31 2020 and I still have a balance of 2,598 dollers I’m frustrated because one message on my claim page says my claim has expired file a new one then after a message saying there updating system don’t file a new claim I’m confused what to do do I wait let them update system to add my extra weeks or do I reapply I’m lost anyone who knows what I sould do please email me at

  17. I’m in Cali my benefits PEUC ended dec 26 2020 it also says maximum benefits paid I cannot file for a new claim until end date but mine says extension I also have a balance of $85 . It seems it’s like paused or frozen not sure I’m afraid of calling and getting no answer . I’m thinking maybe the system still updating and soon I will see answer

  18. My PUA in Michigan was exhausted for the 39 weeks on Dec. 26. Now it says Case Closed under the claim and there are no more alerts to certify. When I click on the claim, there are no alerts available, however on the main page there is the hyperlink saying to File a new PUA claim. I just spoke to an agent on the phone (actually got thru to a live person) and she said to not do anything, don’t file the new claim yet, you will receive a letter saying whether or not you qualify for the extension. If your letter says you qualify it will automatically update and you can start certifying again, if you do not qualify, then you can file the new claim. So now we just wait!!! I know this was driving me crazy not knowing what to do so hope this helps anyone having the same issues!

  19. I exhausted 39 weeks of PUA in Pennsylvania in November. I opened a new claim on the 27th of December and the portal showed 5 weeks of benefits available???? Any input would be immensely appreciated.

  20. EB Ohio claim. Payment status reads “DENIED”. Do I need to reapply? I still had funds to claim, but Ohio stated the EB program was ending. Did this program end or was it extended with the other programs? Should I refile/reopen my claim? Online chat and virtual chat is useless, and there aren’t enough phone minutes in the world to cover the hold wait time over the phone. Any info???!!!

    1. Funding was extended, but depends on the unemployment rate in your state (OH) if they activate it. Has to be above a certain threshold. They will send a notification or post on their website if that program has been extended

  21. I exhausted my pua dec 26th. It now says to answer questions to certify. Everyone says not to touch it. What do I do???

    1. I finally got thru to an agent on the phone and was told not to do anything with my PUA claim which was also exhausted on the 26th. Says everyone will receive a letter saying if they qualify for the extension or if they do not after they get everything updated. If you qualify, it will automatically update and you will see the alerts to start certifying again. If you don’t qualify, you will need to refile a new PUA claim. Hope this helps!!

      1. I still have 396.00 left in my puca.but I cant certify for it, also wont I get the extra 11 weeks? What do I do wait until edd has upgraded their system? And how long does that take here in California?

  22. Im having trouble finding answers to this issue:
    “Maximum benefits paid” but with a Claim Balance over $1,000. Havent been able to certify after Dec. 26th. Im assuming delay, but wondering if anyone else is in the same situation or maybe has a better idea of whats going on. Any response is helpful, thank you in advance!

    1. Sounds like your state (and not sure which one you are in) is still updating their system for the extension. Hence your benefit balance has not been updated. Most states should be updated in the next couple of weeks (FL, VA and NV, maybe not as historically bad) and you should be able to ceritfy or reapply based on directions your state provides

  23. Several days now and my claim end date has been changed to March 2021 but shows as being ineligible under regular UI which I dont get anyway from self employment, my guess would be at some point they fix it and put me back in the PUA program I was in since that has since been exhausted as the website shows me. All very confusing and doesnt make any sense, should have been placed back in PUA automatically and had the balance refresh for the next 3 months with the added extra $300 from the government.

    1. Does PUA in fact get the additional $300? I wasn’t sure of that. The wording is so jumbled and sloppy.

      1. Yes! If you get PUA between Dec 27th and Mar 14th, you will get the $300 FPUC! But you have to certify and be eligible for all the 11 weeks in that period as the payments are made weekly.

  24. I draw my unemployment in ohio my EB run out dec 12th will I be able to get on the extended unemployment

  25. My husbands last payable PUA week was for December 26, 2020 that was his 39 weeks he barely made it but he received both his PUA & FPUC payment this morning. My moms PUA claim exhausted on November 7, 2020 and she didn’t receive neither one. Does anyone know what she has to do in order to receive the extension? I have look and look on Georgia Department of Labor website & I still don’t know what to do?

    1. Im in maryland. My PUA ended the week ending 12/19. Literally a week before everything stopped! ugh. I almost made it. But I received an email Monday with instructions on steps to take to reopen my claim and I was finally able to do that today and everything is back opened. I’ll retroactively be receiving the week ending in 01/02 as well.

      I’m not sure if PUA gets the additional $300 though.

  26. My husbands last payable PUA week was for December 26, 2020 that was his 39 weeks. So I certified him for the week of January 2, 2020. Checked his UI online portal this morning and in his PUA payment summary his regular weekly PUA payment & also his FPUC payment were posted & deposited. But his UI portal it still has 39 week as his maximum weeks and says he has received 39 of 39 payment.

  27. My UI claim is out of Nevada. My 26 initial UI claim was exhausted the week ending date Dec. 16th. I went through the whole process of filing for the PEUC on Mon Dec 18. Due to the bill not being approved I had to go through the 3hr ordeal of filing for extended benefits the following Mon. Now I have a active PEUC and EB claim and who knows when I will receive my payment for the week of Jan 2nd. Unfortunately there is a good possibility of me getting a call end of this week early next week to go to work but I need that payment to travel to the job. I just thought Id share the steps I had to go through to keep payments coming. Hopefully they get that money out sooner then later…smh

  28. I still have a balnce in my PUA account for California – but my portal says my claim has expired as of 12/31/2020 – it says I need to file a new claim – but when I go to that page it says “do not file a new claim if you have an existing claim” – it’s confusing and I’m not sure what to do! Should I wait for CA EDD to sort out new regulations??

    1. Exactly. EDD and most state UIs are struggling to process extensions and some messages are still tied to old rules. Give it another week.

    2. Andy
      My benefits have been exhausted since November 2 2020. Up until yesterday I was not able to certify weeks but was able to certify as of yesterday the weeks up to December 26 but can not see my payment boxes and got message about my dua claim has been cancelled withdrawn. What does this mean and has anyone else been through this. Thank you

  29. Hi I just wanted to know why I haven’t received my regular unemployment payment even though it said that I was approved for the benefit extension

  30. So my Ohio (pua) was exhausted as of Dec20th, and my (pua) login is updating, will I need to apply for extended benifits or will it automatically do it after the system updates… Just wondering because my finances are pretty messed up right now.

    1. I read on the United States Department of labor that claimants who’s claim exhausted before December 26, 2020 you will still get the extension but it will be delayed. The claimants that still had weeks left that the processed their payments first. USDOL is updating the exhausted claims. The first payable week for the extension and the extra FPUC was for January 2nd. They are predicting a 2 week delay but those payment not received they will reactively pay back to January 2. Hope this info helped you

      1. You currently have a claim established; however, it is inactive. If you wish to reactivate or reopen your claim in order to file for benefits, you may do so online or by calling your UC Service Center at 1-888-313-7284. Not sure what to do but wait? I was prompted to reopen a claim and I did and this what’s it’s saying. Also when I check claim status it says processed and status is uc

    2. I was on the PEUC program in Tennessee and my benefits exhausted the week before Dec 26th. I was advised to refile on the 26th because I was told we most likely would have to refile to continue benefits of ours had exhausted. So….that created a new claim, that allowed me to certify for the week of the 26th but says I’m monetarily ineligible, and now it won’t let me certify at all in the time since then . Do I just wait and let them sort it out, or do I need to file ANOTHER claim under some other category or something. I’m so confused. Thank you for yalls help

  31. Great info, thanks. My claim was marked ineligible Dec 26th but as of this morning it was redetermined and now has an end date of March 14th 2021. Only issue is, where it says weekly payment i have a balance of $0. They changed everything expect that part. Will that update as well or will I still need to do anything else even though they have already reset my account for the new program. I was and always have only collected the PUA. Self employed in florida, Jeff.
    Thanks for any additional info.

      1. I go on today and now its put me back in the regular unemployment which I dont get because im self employed but the end date on the claim still shows march of 2021. Now im lost and just have to wait and see what the next steps are. I would think they would have left us in the PUA program since they extended the claim date to end in March 2021. Very confusing when you dont know what to do and no guidance.

    1. Mine is saying the same thing Jeff, I am curious to know because I don’t want to reapply and pro-long my claim and future payments. It says my final payment was the week ending January 2nd even though it was previouisly supposed to end of DEC 26th but my balance still show I had one payment levft, I certified yesterday and now it saying I will get the 120 plus 300 stimulis but it also sys its my final payment but also its updated my year end from dec 26th 2020 to march 14, 2021

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