Georgia (GA) Department of Labor – Enhanced Unemployment Programs – LWA, $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA News and Updates


While Georgia has started paying out all the federally funded enhanced benefit programs enacted under the CARES act it is well behind in processing current and backdated payments on a regular schedule. This is a known issue as their systems are having several technical glitches and struggling to handle the volume of claims. However the good news, per the comments received across several related articles (see menu), is that the number of new claims being processed has improved and more and more people are seeing some of the enhanced Unemployment benefits

The GA Department of Labor manages the states’ unemployment insurance program. See further details below on the newly enhanced benefits available now and how to file a claim. And per the official GA DOL website, they are aware of the ongoing issues people are experiencing around receiving benefits in a timely manner.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said anyone who hasn’t gotten money yet under existing PUA, PEUC and EB programs should continue to call and email the Department of Labor. Officials said they are working through a backlog of cases that need more investigation

Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) Program

Georgia has been approved (on August 23rd) by FEMA for the $300 weekly payment under the LWA program, which provides supplemental payments to eligible unemployment benefits claimants who have been unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. The GA DOL has already begun work on the technology requirements necessary for this program and anticipates being able to deliver funds to eligible claimants by mid-September (see latest payout date table).

WBS-2 Atlanta confirmed that hundreds of thousands of Georgians will start receiving $1,800 in extra unemployment benefits next week (starting September 13th) as part of the Lost Wages Assistance Program. The money will be distributed as six extra payments of $300, spread over two days. The first $900 payment will be distributed and the second $900 payment will be issued by the end of the week..

There is no application for LWA. Claimants eligible for LWA will automatically receive LWA funds in addition to their weekly benefit amount as long they are eligible for unemployment benefits and unemployed or partially unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

The new LWA payment would be in addition to Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI), Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), or Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) payments currently available to unemployed workers. LWA Payments will will be retroactive to week ending August 1, 2020. See more on the GA DOL page.

COVID 19 Enhanced Benefits

Under the CARES act, the following are the types of federal unemployment assistance now available:

The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) has updated its current systems to distribute federal unemployment funds as part of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) bringing economic relief to many Georgians.

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program (FPUC) provides an additional $600 weekly payment to any individual eligible for any of the Unemployment Compensation programs – State and Federal. The GDOL is distributing this additional payment to those currently receiving state or federal unemployment benefits. This supplement is an additional payment to regular weekly state unemployment benefits and includes all eligible weeks beginning with the week ending 4/4/2020. The GDOL started issuing payments on Monday, April 13, 2020 for those currently receiving state benefits and will pay benefits retroactively for eligible recipients.

Your payment may not be $600 weekly if you have elected to have state and federal taxes deducted. Unemployment benefits are taxable income. Federal taxes are deducted at 10% and state taxes at 6%. Other deductions may include court ordered or voluntary child support or repayment of an UI over payment (one-half of your $600 FPUC payment will be deducted and applied to your outstanding over payment).
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) is the program that will provide unemployment benefits to individuals who are self-employed, gig workers, 1099 independent contractors, employees of churches, employees of non-profits, or those with limited work history who do not qualify for state unemployment benefits. These individuals must be determined to be ineligible to receive state benefits before being evaluated for federal PUA benefits.

Individuals determined ineligible to be paid traditional state benefits will receive an email with instructions for filing a PUA application or will find a link to the application in their My UI portal. Once the PUA application is submitted, it will be reviewed for eligibility and a written determination will be released with appeal rights. Applicants need to request payment for all eligible weeks since the closing of their business due to COVID-19. See detailed instructions on PUA.

Individuals who have already filed a claim with the GDOL and determined not eligible for state unemployment benefits and may be potentially eligible to receive benefits under this program, do NOT have to refile a regular state claim. 

The Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program (PEUC), allows for up to an additional 13 weeks of benefits added to the end of regular unemployment benefits. This means claimants may collect unemployment benefits for a longer period of time than under normal circumstances. Claimants are potentially eligible if they have been unemployed between March 29 through December 26, 2020 and have exhausted regular state or federal benefits after July 6, 2019. Individuals must be ineligible for state or federal benefits and able and available to work.

Individuals determined eligible for the program will receive an email or letter with instructions for PEUC or could find the additional benefits already applied in their My UI portal. Claimants need to request payment for all eligible weeks on the regular state UI page at Claim Weekly UI Benefits Payment.

State Extended Benefits, or SEB, is an extension of benefits that occurs when a state meets the unemployment rate threshold for a designated period.  Georgia became eligible to pay SEB May 10, 2020.  However, the first payable week ending date (WED) was July 4, 2020 based on the first payable WED of PEUC was April 4, 2020 for 13 weeks.  As of July 5, 2020, Georgia began a high unemployment period in the Extended Benefits program increasing the maximum potential entitlement for claimants from 13 weeks to 20 weeks. The requirements for SEB are the same as regular UI benefits. The SEB claim is like an additional or reopen claim.

Filing a Claim

New users can file a claim online (recommended) here. You can check the status of your claim here. The Georgia Department of Labor has two methods of payment available: Direct Deposit or Debit Card. If you have filed your own claim for unemployment, allow 5-7 days for the claim to be processed before attempting to claim weekly UI payments. You will receive an email confirming your claim and providing next steps for requesting your payment.

You must request a payment each Sunday thereafter to receive payments. You may do so by selecting Claim Weekly UI Benefits Payments on the GDOL Home page or calling the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System at 1.866.598.4164. You must claim at least one week of benefits for a decision to be made on your claim. You must report gross wages earned and any leave pay as earnings for each week claimed for benefits. Failure to report income could result in your having to repay any over payment benefits.

I am still working, but my employer reduced my hours. Can I receive benefits?

Individuals whose hours have been reduced are eligible to receive benefits if your gross earnings plus the earnings allowance does not exceed your weekly benefit amount. You are required to report your gross earnings for the hours worked each week (the amount of your pay before deductions). You must report any vacation pay, holiday pay, and/or earnings during the week in which it was earned, NOT the week it was paid. If your employer files a claim on your behalf, they are required to report your gross earnings,

All weekly earnings over $300.00 are deducted dollar for dollar from the benefit payment for week ending dates on or after 3/29/2020. The earnings allowance was $50.00 for week ending dates prior to 3/29/2020.

See additional FAQs from GA DOL around unemployment insurance claims and extra benefits related to COVID-19.

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120 thoughts on “Georgia (GA) Department of Labor – Enhanced Unemployment Programs – LWA, $600 FPUC, PEUC and PUA News and Updates

  1. I received my determinations letter for pua, submitted all my weekly pua request but my hi portal is still saying no payment summary available it’s been over 6 weeks now.

  2. I was approved for pua I received my determinations letter on 8/10/2020, I have submitted my weekly pua request every week , but it says no payment summary available. What does it mean.

    1. I was approved on July 27,2020. But my inquiry says Your request payment has been received check UI. Do anyone know what that means?

  3. I have been approved since 5/30 but I filed two separate claims because I was locked out of my account and I thought my first claim had been cancelled now my payments have stopped and I have not received anything for the past 3 weeks. Is there any way I can cancel this new claim so my payments can resume on my UI account?

  4. Hi I live in Columbus Georgia and I need help I filed my claim got approved for Pua got my effective date begins 3/8 20/20 I was instructed to certify all of my previous weeks which I have done so I received my card in the mail activated it I still not have gotten any payment when I check my UI portal it doesn’t show any payments made when I check my claimed weeks it says that they have been processed to check my portal for payment history but there’s nothing showing I’ve emailed called I’m at with ins can someone help me

    1. Many people who have been approved for UI and are not getting paid is because they are certifying under the wrong program.

      They are filing under Claim Your Weekly Benefits Payment, and the system is not recognizing it.

      If it’s a PUA file under “Request Weekly PUA Payment”, otherwise you will not get your money.

      Even if you filed wrong, go back and re-certify for every week you were approved under “Request Weekly PUA Payment.”

      You will have your money within a week or so.
      I hope this helps

  5. Last week I received my weekly payment but this week after the $300+ was deposited I didn’t receive the weekly pay. I’ve been calling the numbers but they’re not working does anyone know anything that could help me?

    1. I have the same question. I have had no problems with my claims and receiving my payments through Direct deposit. I received the 300+ on Monday 09/14/20 but no weekly payment for week ending 09/12/20. It says my certification already exists, but no money. I have tried calling GDOL in many areas as well as left many messages and sent emails, no response

  6. I have tried to stay on top of this as much as I possibly can. That said there are a few things I would like to add to this blog. There are a lot of things that can hold up your claim and so far these are just a few of the most important things I have discovered.
    #1: Its required that you complete a resume via GA DOL site If you havent dont this don’t expect to see any checks.

    #2: Has your employer responded to the request from the State Of Georgia confirming your unemployment? I have a friend who filed in January and hasn’t received anything yet. Finally after digging into his business a bit further it was discovered that his employer had NOT confirmed this with the State Of GA. Also seems there was a little bit of a heated conversation prior to his leaving that day so the employer isn’t going to be so willing to complete these forms. I advised to send copies of his last paycheck, W2, 1099, what ever they gave him. He may have to go to the labor board.

    #3: Are you completing BOTH the Federal and the State verification EACH WEEK. You MUST complete these verification forms EVERY WEEK. Both of them.

    I was fortunate, both my GIG jobs responded to my verification letters extremely fast.

    Good Luck.

  7. I applied on June 2020 sent in the affidavit as requested still to this date no payment homeless and not able to get a job due to this virus call leave message sent 172 emails no response no letter I report my weeks every week move to Florida cause my husband ask for divorce and no place to live just we’re ever a friend let’s me stay . I am desperate can I get a number to call I even sent email to commissioner no help at all I worked in GA love my job but had no we’re to stay after husband ask for divorce . Someone help me please to get to speak to someone to get my unemployment since June 2020

    1. Please state representative in your area that’s how I cleaned my pass payment on my account it was 11 weeks didn’t pay all only 9weeks I was in the same place where you are now please don’t give up call them and leave a message and the next or the same day will get back in touch with you

    2. Margarita please email me here so we can find out what’s going on. I hate to hear of your troubles and would like to try and help.

  8. I received a confirmation email, followed by an email stating my claim had been “processed”, telling me to certify weekly. I received a way to go card, with one payment. Haven’t gotten anything since. Never got any determination letter telling me the # of weeks or anything. I call daily. I’ve faced. I’ve emailed. Now what?

      1. Yes, the amount payment that was loaded to the WayToGo card was from April. In fact, I had no idea it was ever loaded or available to me because I never received a card to begin with. I actually called and asked where the funds were send to when I noticed it said a payment was processed.

        Since my original post, the GDOL did, in fact, return my call (after numerous emails, voice mails, faxes, and even an email to the commissioner). The representative stated that I was not scheduled to have a “phone interview” with the GDOL until November 1st. Seriously?!?!? I lost my job/source of income on July 6th. How do people survive four months with no income???

  9. Some people think they are “approved” just because they see a benefit summary on their UI account online or because they receive a “BENEFIT DETERMINATION LETTER”. That doesn’t mean you’re approved, it basically means you just have potential eligibility. (Also just because you receive a way2go card in the mail doesn’t mean you’re approved). You aren’t really 100% approved until you receive a “CLAIMS EXAMINER LETTER” after your benefit determination letter. GDOL doesn’t release payments until 24-48 hours after the claims examiners letter has been mailed. GDOL has confirmed this with me. If you haven’t received that 2nd letter yet, they More than likely need you to submit more documents from tax year 2019.

  10. I was denied regular unemployment and applied for pua. On 8/18/20 it says effective date:5/3/20. That’s all. It doesn’t say approved or denied. It doesn’t have a benefit summary or anything. Can someone tell me what this means? Am I approved or denied ?

    1. If you have an effective date you have been approved. The only thing that would reverse it is if you didn’t send them any documentation they may have requested. You need to sign in to the “MY UI Login portal” and “request your weekly PUA” every Sunday by clicking the previous Saturday’s date that is there on the page, then your SS # and Pin, and then answer the questions, submit. You will also need to go in and file for each week since your effective date. So if you had 5/3/20, you would file for the week of 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30 and so on until this current weekend. You have to put in each date (one week at a time), SS & pin, answer the questions, submit. Then go to the next week, etc. You may want to write down all the dates first and check them off, unless you can screen shot each one because its easy to lose your place! Once you submit all your past weeks you just do it every Sunday for the previous Saturday’s date. You will receive a lump sum for the previous weeks and then it will come usually every Wed depending on your state. (Also, the $600 is only added for April, May, June and July.) Hope this helps! (Oh, and make sure you are on the Weekly PUA not the weekly UI page when you submit your weekly claims)

    2. Try to go on there and start submitting or claiming weeks back dating to 5/30. I did that and after 4 months I got a payment. I didn’t receive the letter for the pua until I received the payment.

  11. I applied and was approved for PUA on 06/21/20, I filed claim and received my first check on 06/30/20. And have applied and received a check every week after, but I have not received any of the retro pay, file back claims from 04/04/20 up to my first check of 06/30/20. So I am guessing , this will be a one lump sum check, but none of the weeks are listed as pending. The system will not let me reapply, because it indicates those weeks have already been filed and processed. Anyone have any insight on this?

    1. When you go to certify for current week ending, up above that is for weeks before current. You have to enter each week one at a time

      1. Hi….I have 9 claims Im still waiting on as well. Can I recertify them all again on the same Sunday?

    2. Hi. How did you know that you were approved ? I got my PUA determination letter and it doesn’t say approved or denied. It basically says my weekly amount and potential weeks. It also says “ your pua claim is effective 05/03/20. This pua benefit determination is based on employment wages… etc,. Unless an appeal is filed, this determination is final in 15 days” I’m not sure if I’m approved or denied. It doesn’t have anything in the benefit summary as of yet.

      1. You are approved. Go ahead and apply for every wee back to 5/3/20. Typically the back payments come in individually. 1 for $600 and 1 for the amount that’s on your letter for each week. They do all drop in at once, but not in one payment. Hope that helps!

        1. Ok thank you so much. Do you know how long they typically take to drop the funds.

    3. I am going through the same thing as of today. Im trying to say see where and how do I file for the back pay all the way to April when I first started.

    4. they go by the EFFECTIVE DATE. if your effective date is june you won’t receive payment from effective date was 3/8 and when I received my first payment in May I received ALL backpayment owed (after certifying for every week I was eligible)

    5. My husband was approved in July also & he has certified his back pay dates and received his card in the mail. The dates are showing they have been processed but he havent received any payment at all. were are in Ga

    6. You have PUA which means you have to go back and certify for the previous weeks. They will not come automatically.

    7. Does it say paid for your retro active backpay?I was wondering because mines says payed with back pay from April but I have yet to receive any retro payment but I was getting payments just not the backpay I’m old

  12. my employer did my initial unemployment and I have been receiving my regular unemployment benefits on my debit card. However, on my GDOL acct it says I have been paid the supplemental $600 on a debit card but I haven’t received any of that.

    Do you think they will retroactively pay the FPUC?

  13. I just got approved for pua.. My first claim is Sunday do I claim for the recent week .. how do I claim my back pay or do I automatically get it

  14. I’m also in Ga. Approved & deposits were made to my bank Bank of America a few days after applying for UI the end of June.
    Over $14,000 was deposits bit my account bon 7/10/20. Bank confirmed the seeing the deposits being _processing….. but never hit my account., Still TODAY 8/6/20.

    Bank gave a wild guess that it was returned to UI.
    However, doesn’t have a paper trail. They suggest I continue to call UI.

    My 1st 2 payments were put on a Way2Go card. However the other 30 deposits are missing or returned for possible incorrect routing number. But not likely because HOW employee help set the account up.

    I was told someone should have been in contact with me by now. Notifying me of any issues. I’ve tried constantly to contact UI. Thinking about going to the News. A Cali women did after waiting for $14k back pay & got it!

    1. Hey. How did you find out that you were approved ? I also applied for pua and it shows effective date but no approval status. Doesn’t say processing or have a benefit summary. How will I know the status of my case ?

    2. So if the Routing number or account number incorrect or you use someone else routeing iinformation will they hold back your payment?

  15. I belated began submitting UI June 6 (should have started April 19). But i submitted all to the June 6 date, then weekly afterward. I have promptly received my Ohio and my federal payments like clockwork but ONLY from June 6 and beyond. Online thru My UI i can see that the other previous 6 weeks are “pending”. I cannot get through to human person to discuss. Get a busy signal every time i try. What can i do???? Has anyone been able to light a fire by contacting someone ELSE in government/other?

  16. My papers only say that I am getting149.00 my papers doesn’t say anything bout the 600.00 weekly..Am I gonna receive the 600

  17. I applied and was approved in June. I have been claiming for 4 weeks and received nothing. No back pay nothing. I claimed all the weeks I’ve check email and website. This is frustrating

    1. Same deal with me.. Im owed 9 weeks of payments. I can’t get into touch with anybody. :(

      1. Hello does your payment status say paid? Just asking because my payment reads payment date 7/16/2020 with backpay from April but I haven’t receive any back pay funds

        1. Hi James I’m in the same boat with you my payment status says paid direct deposit on 7/16/20 but still to this day I haven’t receive any of those funds

    2. Same her I got approved and I haven’t received a Single Payment, What Is going on waiting for over 1 Month now

    1. there is a spot on the same form you normally use, that allows you to put in the week ending date. You don’t HAVE to select the current week. fyi -i submitted mine 8 weeks ago – nothing other than it’s pending, and i have not been able to get thru to a human to find out more.

  18. 16 weeks my husband filed for unemployment… not one single payment and he was approved in April. Unemployment and PUA are only good to the people who need it IF THEY ACTUALLY GET IT!

    1. OMG that is horrendous. i thought 8 weeks was bad. Good luck. i am googling to find names of people i can email/call for help (government officials like Mayor, Governor, etc.)

    2. I dont understand either, my effectibe date is 5/3 and ive claimed every week and still not a single payment and it says no sum avail….

        1. I’ve tried dozens of times to call, set multiple emails even commented on their Facebook. Every time I call either the line is too busy goodbye or I get told you’re in review you just need to wait. Yet I’m a veteran with no home of my own living with a friend it only thing in my name is D piece of crap Toyota Purcell did my father was generous enough to give me after serving two tours and losing two families 2 problems they caused not of my doing on top of dealing with cptsd and not even getting VA coverage because they tell me I have to go through this loops and Bounds which sounds a lot longer and worse than dealing with this

        2. Also just to elaborate the second family lost not from her doing but was caused by lack of financial stability do to Coronavirus. Because nobody wanted to have a handyman come fix their things

  19. I have called and sent emails with no response. I applied and was approved in June of 2020 and have received nothing; yet I claim every week. Very frustrating when you do the right thing and there is no feedback.

  20. I was receiving weekly pua payments, June 10 was my last payment. I claim every week since and have received a payment. Why would it just end? I’m still eligible and they extended my weeks from 25 to 39, but I’m not getting payments anymore! Please help?

  21. I have been certifying for 23 weeks now after being approved for pua I have not received a single payment and the automated system says there’s no record of my certification but when I certify it says it has been received and will be processed. I have emailed over and over to Gdol and the commissioners office and can’t get any help! Any suggestions??

  22. Did select deposit or the government unemployment card W2go because it would be on your way2go card and you will have to call them guys..

  23. I live in Georgia, I was approved on 04/29/2020 and have not received any payment. I have claimed each week and the system says i’m approved, and I keep receiving letters stating “you are approved, our records show you have not claimed you weekly benefits” . This is a crock. I have emailed the DOJ, I have mailed them a certified letter, and I have contacted the DOJ commissioners office and still haven’t received any money. 16 weeks with no money is totally unacceptable!!!!

    1. This is strange. Have you check your email (spam) for any related emails from the GA DOL around the weekly certification/claiming of your benefits. Also confirm your payment details are correct.

      1. I’ve been approved I got my effective date I’ve claimed all the potential weeks from my filing date I have not received one payment and also never received emails of my clarifications for payment does that mean I’m doing something wrong

        1. I have I checked everything in my emails when I look on the Georgia Department of Labor I can see 6 of the requested payments come from down processed says check my UI portal for payment status when I check my UI portal it does not show any payments date spending nothing it’s all blank but I never get emails I went through my trash my spam every folder all male primary nothing I call and leave messages nothing

    2. I heard ppl are applying on regular unemployment site when they should be applying on put site. I just received my eligibility letter July 29, I applied for each week dating back to march 14, hoping in 2-3 weeks to get lump sum check.

  24. call 4 a replacement card and they will snd it out 2 u that # is diffent from the unemployement # and they can also tell u where ur card is and the address they have 4 u

    1. if you haven’t ever received the card to start with and set up a pin you cant even get through the automated menu to request a new card.. The Rethugs in charge here in Ga should be in H@#L. .If you call DOL you just get auto message saying to leave your contact info and they will return your call. Right, I leave messages daily and after a month they still haven’t returned my calls. I’ve lived in both D & R led states and I can attest both parties aren’t the same !

      1. Hal, when do you call? I ask because i can’t get past a busy signal to LEAVE a message~!

    2. Do you possibly have access or know the # to call for a replacement card, since it is a different #, because calling the “way2go” GA # isn’t working because the options provided consist of needing the card # and I haven’t received my card to begin with and it’s been well over the 7-14 days required. Please help me!

        1. Hey Amy, the actual number for a replacement card is the same # and when you can and it gives you the options 1-4 I chose 3 and had to do it twice and finally after the 2nd attempt I was on hold for 45 minutes and spoke to a HUMAN and he helped me and expedited my card and I finally received it on Monday!

      1. 1-888-929-2460. I held for over 30 mins, but they eventually picked up and ordered a replacement. To get it expedited cost $14, they will take out of your current balance. It will be delivered by UPS.

  25. Can’t get help my 2 weeks were forwarded to my account on 7/7/2020 and I have not seen a dime of that money it’s not in my bank account nor on my Way2Go card and there is no one to talk to to help with anything to try to fix this issue of locating my unemployment money

    1. Hello is your payment status saying paid?Because my status says paid on 7/16/20 from April but nothing inside my account however I did switch to debit card and I receive 2 payments but not my backpay yet and it says it was paid 7/16


    1. You have to go in and certify for each week unfortunately this does not work for regular unemployment only for the PCU and other programs that I’m not in

    2. Yes go back in and file for the dates before your first payment all the way back to April4

    3. Just go and put in the back dates u want to claim all the way back as far as it will allow. Just certify one week at a time. It’s best to get a calander out and just run down the Saturday dates
      If it accepts the date u will be paid if not skip to next one. Lisa


  28. I receive my letter saying I was approved they sent me a card but no money was on it I’ve done 5 claims

    1. I have the same problem, except I was approved the first week in May and was sent a card and still havent recieved a payment. Claimed every week for 11 weeks now. This is unreal.

    2. Same here but they haven’t sent a card only letters saying how much all the card fees are !

  29. I am in Georgia I have received emails and letters thing that I get my $600 + $149 unemployment I was to have it put on one of the debit cards and I’ve neither not received my debit card at all and it’s been nearly two weeks what do I do now or how do I find out the status of the card

  30. I filed my pua claim Sunday before last which was 6/20 for that week and I didnt recieve a payment, I only received my payment for last Sunday which was 6/27, can anyone tell me what that problem might be?

  31. I live in Georgia and filed for PUA ON June 19th 2020. I received my first combined payment from the state PUA and federal PUA on June 22nd 2020 at 11pm at night. But now it’s been exactly one week and I haven’t received another payment nor have I received any back pay. I know that I certified for all weeks since my effective date as instructed, how ever just to make double sure I went back and tried to claim again and for each week I got the same error message that said PUA certification already exists for this week. I’m just worried and really upset because I’ve got bills piled to the roof and I have 2 baby girls and being approved for unemployment was a huge blessing and relief for my family . And now I’m not even sure of when I’ll be paid again and I’m just very worried

    1. I only received one payment also! I was approved on 03/15/2020. Talked to a lady today she said it will come but they are behind! I don’t understand how you get one week then nothing!

  32. I’m in Georgia, haven’t received payment for two weeks. Received it fine for over a month, then memorial day it was late 1 week now I haven’t gotten it in 2 weeks. Anyone else’s not coming in? I went back and tried to do it just in case it didn’t accept it and it says certification already exists

    1. i have received weekly on time since i filed June 6. that said, all the back pay i submitted – to April has not been processed.

    2. I too did not receive for sept 12. Mine like yours was late for the memorial day holiday Then this week. Nothing.

  33. This is set up for 1099 workers not employees if your 1099 u can’t get it cause they turn away

  34. I applied for my unemployment 7 weeks ago I have confirmation number and email saying processed but no determination as of yet and no payment as of yet


  35. I received the FPUC ($600.00) the week it was distributed on 4/15/2020 for week ending 4/11/2020 but I have not received the retroactive $600.00 from week ending 4/4/2020.
    I went back to work full time in May so I did not file for unemployment for that week but was still due the FPUC $600.00 for the retroactive week of 4/4/2020 and did not receive it. When will I receive the back pay of week ending 4/4/2020 and will it be in a check form since I no longer have the go card?

  36. the company I was employed with was filing my claim and stop the company is not reopen so I receive letter from GDOL inform me how to claim every week to get my payment it came after three week, and now its been four week no payments so I counties claim every week lost my job and its hard trying to pay bills with 661.00 a month

  37. I’ve been approved and received a payment. I filed all my weeks for back(retroactive) payments and haven’t seen anything about them. Does anyone know if they’re running behind on those payments?

  38. My employer filed on my behalf on weeks ending 3/29… they stopped filing for me 4/16 && I have only recieved the fpuc twice && my regular ui claim three times. What do I do??? Someone please HELP!!!

  39. Hey. I need help. My payments of PUA/FPUC I got the $749 payment on 6/9/20. I was supposed to receive, I guess, a lump sum of $749 × 8 payments on 6/3/20 and never received them. Had all of them directed twords my Chime account. Though someone at first might’ve broken into my account somehow and redirected the payments but on second thought how could that be when I got the latest payment from 6/9/20 and just not the 8 payments in one from 6/3/20. If it was redirected then it would’ve all been redirected and not just the 8. Can someone PLEASE help me out with this. I have bills to pay and they keep on piling up on me.

  40. I applied for Pua.i got a letter saying that I was my claim is effective 03/08/20.I have only received 1 payment. For week ending 06/5/20 . And when I try to put in back dates for retroactive payment, this system is not taking it. I’m wondering if I’ll ever get my back payment.and when I call the unemployment office the line is busy from open yo close, I’m so frustrated.

  41. I’ve been approved since beginning of April but haven’t received any payment. I’ve called left message and emailed gdol. I never received a pin and my social security number says it needs to be matched with my account and to go to my career center. I went the office is closed

    1. Did you establish a pin at the beginning When you filed? I did and I got 1 payment so far. Also the pin allows you to file weekly claims, please go back and the site and see if they give you an option to reset your pin.

    2. Mr. Downs, I went through the same this for about two months. I continued to get a message that my social security number did not match their records. I finally got a hold of the operator after weeks of calling. The operator looked into the system and seen where the employment office had not even put my application into the system. After that call, about four days later I get another email saying I was approved. I continued to claim each week. About two weeks later I get a debit card in the mail even though i put in for direct deposit. I activated the debit card and only half of my funds were on there. Now i’m waiting to get the balance of my funds. I’ve sent emails and left messages so maybe eventually the remainder of all my fund will be loaded on my card. On the UI it says the remainder has been paid but it just has not shown on my debit card yet. I hoped this helped.

  42. I live in Georgia and I’ve been receiving unemployment along with the $600, during memorial day I received it two days later this week I haven’t received anything. What do I need to do?

    1. It is the same for me. 2 days late after Memorial day, and now on the second Friday following the holiday weekend: no payment. 2 weeks in a row. Hoping the situation changes.

    2. Same for me after memorial day .I haven’t received any payment this is the third week now .I don’t know what I’m going to do for the month of August I can’t sleep I’m stressed out a lot I guess .I would have to pack up and move with family .PUA own me for three weeks now.‍♀️

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