Getting Out of Your Car Lease Quickly and Cheaply

There is an interesting new service available for people trying to get out of their car lease without having to pay a penalty. It is from a company called that is essentially an on-line marketplace which brings together individuals who are looking to enter and/or exit car and truck leases. They are a pretty well established company that has been featured in various leading media channels including Time, and on CBS. The company was founded on the showroom floors of car dealerships, and was developed initially to assist new car buyers who had existing car leases that they wanted to terminate without the early termination fees. The service grew rapidly and now has its own dedicated staff and facility.

So whether you want to get out of your automotive lease (without big penalties) for economic reasons, want to upgrade to a new car or for other reasons then it is worth checking the kind of deals you can get at On the flip side, if you just want to buy a new or use vehicle and don’t have enough for a down payment or cannot quality for a bank loan then this avenue provides another option. Their inventory has a number of models so you should have a wide selection to choose from. also offers ancillary services including lease origination, transportation and shipping, vehicle inspections, escrow services, extended service contract and warranties, and various vehicle financing alternatives. As with any financial transaction you should do your homework and ensure you fully realize what current and future financial obligations you will have.

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