Got My Stimulus Check But Not My Child’s $500 payment

With over 100 million stimulus payments made, one of the most concerning questions I am seeing is around individuals or families receiving the standard adult stimulus check (a.k.a economic impact payment) of $1200 or $2400 but not receiving the $500 payment for each of their qualified child dependents. Here is what I found when looking into this further.

The first thing to check is that you do indeed meet all the required income and qualify child criteria (e.g under 17) for the $500 per dependent child stimulus payment. Remember for most Americans this is based on your 2018 or 2019 (whichever was the latest) tax return filed and approved by the IRS. Not your current situation or changes since you filed your last return.

The criteria to receive this kids stimulus credit is even higher thank the Child Tax Credit (CTC), so if you didn’t qualify for the CTC in past years you won’t qualify for this payment either.

Social Security retirement, disability benefits (SSDI) and Railroad Retirement benefit recipients and for those that earn too little to file a tax return need to have registered via the IRS’ Non Filers payment update tool to receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment. This is because the IRS does not have the the qualifying dependent information for these groups.

So I did all of the above and met all criteria but still didn’t get the $500 kid payment? Some possible answers.

For many recipients, who have met all the criteria for the child stimulus, the reason they haven’t yet got a stimulus check is due to the fact the IRS systems processing these payments are truly not working due to technical or data glitches around how the IRS systems manages dependent information. Eg if your child’s information has gaps or missing information or you didn’t provide a valid SSN in your latest tax return then no payment will be made.

Those using the IRS non-filers tool to enter dependent information have also been disproportionately impacted by the missing $500 payments. This is likely another technical glitch with the fillable form as discussed subsequent to the IRS update below.

The other likely explanation you didn’t get the payment is because someone else claimed the dependent on their tax return or in a later filing than yours. This is a big issue for families that are divided, filing separately or where the dependent is not a direct child of the claimant. So you need to make sure that you were the sole claimant or someone else may have received the $500 payment. Finally your payment can be intercepted for overdue child support payments. So you may have gotten the payment but it went to your spouse or someone else who claimed the child.

Another common error being reported is that those who did not owe or did not get a refund on their latest return are stuck in limbo within IRS payment systems because the IRS does not have their banking details. The IRS is aware of these types of issues and trying to correct them in ongoing system update. They have advised they are doing multiple batches of stimulus check payments and those whose payment were held by due to IRS errors may start seeing them in coming weeks (mailed out via paper checks)

One reader left a comment that stated the following, “We got the payment for myself and my wife and it was deposited into an account that was only set up a few months ago so we know they used the information from our 2019 return (plus we weren’t required to file in 2018). But while that return has all the info for both our 5 year old and our 1 year old we did not receive the $500 for either of them. The deposit we received was $2400 instead of $3400. This is especially frustrating because we actually weren’t required to file in 2019 either, but we used the TurboTax thing that came out a couple of weeks before payments started and was marketed as the fastest way for non-filers to get their info to the IRS (which was actually by filing a very limited return). So we went out of our way to use this tool which was supposedly put out in partnership between Intuit and the IRS to get them our info and they still screwed it up? ‍

The above comment confirms another potential cause for the missing $500 payment attributed to filing a simple return via Tax software providers (like Turbo Tax, HR Block) which has caused issues when it comes to the IRS processing dependent payments for these filings. The evidence is anecdotal but the above comment does confirm what many lower income Americans are seeing. Hopefully the IRS fixes this (or provides a number to call) or they’ll have to wait till filing their 2020 return to claim the $500 payment.

Can I call the IRS? At this point there is little recourse for most people trying to resolve this by speaking to someone at the IRS. The agency however just announced they are adding live representatives to take calls on the stimulus check payments (see details here). Most people will still however have to wait for their Economic Impact Payment letter as a way to confirm payment and follow-up on missing or incorrect payments.

IRS Update on $500 payment – Unfortunately the IRS has confirmed that those who did not receive the full amount of their expected stimulus payment, including the supplementary $500 child dependent payment, will need to claim the additional amount when they file their 2020 tax return. This is a tough break for many families who needed/expected the $500 payment as soon as possible and were hoping to get a supplementary or corrective payment in the mail sometime in the near future. You’ll now need to wait till 2021 when you file your tax return to fix this and get paid the child stimulus if you are eligible.

VA and SSI recipients may have a little more time to have the $500 added automatically to their standard stimulus check payment by using the Non-Filers tool (via IRS website). However they must file by May 5th to qualify or like most American’s they will have to wait until 2021 to get the additional $500 when filing a 2020 tax return.

Note, a number of comments below indicate that even using the non-filers tools is causing issues with receiving this payment. There seems to be a problem with the online form where there is no box to check to claim your kids as dependents , even though you put in all their information (the printed form seems to have this). I am sure the IRS is looking into this, but looks like yet another technical/coding glitch with the non-filers tool that is just using online fill-able forms.

Direct Express Account Holders: You may use the Non-Filers tool, but you cannot receive your and your children’s payment on your Direct Express account. You may only select a bank account for direct deposit or leave bank information blank and receive the money by mail.

Both parents received the $500 payment. So a few unmarried or separated parents with an eligible child commented that they both got the $500 child stimulus payment as they filed separately. The good news, or loophole is that there is no provision in the law requiring repayment of the payment. So you get to keep it if you get it. The IRS will send Notice 1444, Your Economic Impact Payment, to each parent and they should keep the notice for their 2020 tax records.

I’ll update this post if I get any additional information or if the IRS posts updated guidance, but feel free to share your story. You can also subscribe via email or follow via social media options shown below to get the latest updates.

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555 thoughts on “Got My Stimulus Check But Not My Child’s $500 payment

  1. Hopefully this will help someone out….I’m on SSDI, single mother of a 16 year old son, who I am the representative payee for. I filled out the non-filer beginning of April, way before the deadline. I got my $1200 for myself, and nothing for my son on April 29th.

    Then on May 28th I got another direct deposit for $1200. Today I got the letter. It had my sons name, then my name under it. Just like when I get the 1099.

    I just wanted people to know, that a second Direct Deposit could be happening.

    1. I truly don’t understand what they are doing it was suppose to be 500 for dependents intiially I didnt get that then randomly Another $1200 its hard to speak with anyone and mailing is def out of the question period so did the letter say you keep the $1200 I never received a letter at all smh

      1. There was a letter that came about 2 weeks after my direct deposit. It was from the treasury department, and had Donald Trump signature on it. It also had a statement saying that he is pleased to inform me that I am receiving an impact payment amount of (fill in the blank) $1200. My sons said the same thing.
        Maybe because my son receives SSDI on behalf of me – that’s why it was addressed this way, and why it went into the account that his portion of SSDI gets deposited in.
        There is no “claw back” law. I will put the extra $700 into a savings account, and if they straighten this whole thing out, I’ll keep the interest and send back the $700.

    2. As I stated before the same happened to us, we got our stimulus check (husband and I) then our son ($12000) We also received the letter for us and then one on his name. My son receives a portion of my husband SSDI so maybe that is why the $1200 for him.

      1. I think that is exactly why this happened. The information from SSDI, May look like a single child is a spouse?

        1. But I do have a spouse and is my husband who is disable, my son receive a portion and I’m the payee. Weird but thankful we got the stimulus check.

        2. you might have to return it if hes over 17 and claimed as a dependent .

  2. Update: I just received my non-filers stimulus check today (June 3). I received the $1200 but NOT the $500 for my eligible son. So the IRS has still not fixed the glitch.

    1. Did they tell you they were gonna fix the glitch. Same with me I received the portion for me. But not for my daughter who is only 13

      1. No, they did not mention they were trying to fix the glitch or even had any intention to fix it. I don’t even know if they are aware of the glitch at this point. Calling in just results in a person telling you there is nothing you can do but wait till next year.

    2. I filled out the non-filers too and had my 12 year old son on it. I tried the “Get My Payment” everyday and also checked my bank account every day. I got the message that they were unable to tell me. Then on June 28th it said we would get it, direct deposit, by July 1st. I received mine this morning in my bank account but not my sons’. I pray that y’all are right and his shoes up next week. That kid has been looking forward to it for quite a while now. And it would be nice to get $1200 instead of $500 like most of you have received. That would be a blessing.

    3. I have the same problem. I had received my$1200 stimulous check but not the$500 child payment I was depending on. I also have not received my income tax check yet and claimed him as a dependent through H and R Block and can’t get any straight answers from them. Now what’s going to happen if they approve the 2nd $1200 one? Are we going to get screwed on that one for them also?

  3. I’m curious, has anyone, even 1 person, successfully received $500 for a dependent using the non-filers tool? If the form doesn’t let you check the child tax credit box wouldn’t that mean that not a single person would receive the money? I only see comments here of people who didn’t get the money but can anyone confirm that they actually GOT the money for their child? Thank you.

    1. I have not heard of anyone getting the $500 and the IRS has basically said solution is to claim it in next years tax filing. Also mind you they probably won’t find this page if not searching for this topic.

    2. No nobody I know that used none filer tool got there kids money. And you have to file taxes next year

    3. The overall consensus on this site, Reddit and other board forum sites are that if you filed a non-filer form AND you have dependents YOU HAVE NOT received the $500.00 per dependent. Also the consensus is that you will claim it on your 2020 taxes. Some have stated they took it to media and talking with local government but those attempts to this point seem futile. So my question and strategy for efficiency on getting the money are the following: Thoughts?
      1. Would re filing your 2019 taxes(by mail as only option with IRS at this point ) trigger IRS that you have dependents and pay you out your $500/Dependent and be eligible for Second Wave of Stimulus if Approved and Signed off by Senate?
      2. Wait until 2020 tax season
      3. Hope for a miracle they somehow will fix their glitch issue on the Non-filer form

      You guys see any other options?

      1. I used the non-filers tool 3 weeks ago and am expecting my payment June 3rd. I put 1 dependent on the form. When I was filling out the form I was not able to check the child tax credit box, it was simply impossible. I tried everything but the system just wouldn’t let me do it. I sent it anyway to at least get the $1,200 and I’ll let you know if they also send the $500 when it comes in. Also, in the non-filers tool instructions, it DOES NOT mention that you need to check that box. It just says write the full name, SSN, and relationship, and that’s it. It’s either a scam or massive incompetence.

        1. I filed April 15th recieved my stimulus April 30th nothing for my dependent then poof yesterday recieved another stimulus makes no sense so Idk the system is screwed up badly I’m deducting what I was entitled too and holding the rest till I’m told if I can keep it or what so much stress

      2. I also know that mailing something to the IRS is an act of futility because they are simply piling mail into dumpsters basically and won’t get to it until after the pandemic is over and who knows if your specific piece of mail will ever get seen by human eyes and correctly processed and inputted into the system. It’s a complete disaster at the IRS nowadays.

      3. I filed non tax filers. I received my check today for $1200. But no $500 for my dependant daughter under 14 years old. Weird! It said we would get it. Then we don’t.

    4. I did receive my child money, it wasn’t $500 it was $1200, just like my husband and I but we got it one week after we received ours.

      1. Oh hi. Are you saying you received your stimulus check without your dependant pay. But a week later your dependant part came in a check form ?? That would be awesome. Did you have too do anything ? To get them to send the dependant pay?

        1. Both of them came as direct deposit and I didn’t do anything. When we got our stimulus check and not our child I was upset because I couldn’t understand why we didn’t receive it, but the following week was in our account $1200.00 for the child.

  4. Hi im so frustrated because i cant get any help so i hope someone can. Ok so im on ss and ssi i recieved my stimulus check but not my sons. So before may 5th i went to the irs fill out the form for him ok then it said ive been approved for it and by april 29th 2020 i will get now its not April its May and i never received his payment because of the wrong date so how can i or someone fix this. Please help me!! Thank you !!! I dont know who to turn to for this!!

  5. My husband is in SSD and my minor son also receives a portion of his SSD, I work as substitute teacher but I am not working right now. On May 2nd I used the non fillers (we don’t do taxes, low income) on May the 20th I received $2,400 for my husband and I but nothing for our minor son, well today May 27 there is an other deposit for $1,200 but I don’t even want to use because we should be getting the $500 not an other 1,200. So some of you maybe getting the money for your kids later on, I thought we weren’t getting anything. Even though is the wrong amount.

  6. I’m on ssdi, I have 2 kids that live with me but their father claimed them on taxes because he knew I don’t have to file. He received the extra $1000 for our kids but refused to give it to me even though they live with me. Says he deserves it even though his new girlfriend and her 2 kids also got paid. It is not fair and if there is a second stimulus he will get the money for them as well. There is no way to call and fix it and even on my ssdi they pay me for my 2 kids so they obviously can see they are living with me. I don’t understand it. What can I do to make sure any future money comes to us not him? And they say file and get paid next year well I never file so am I to file when I don’t just to get reimbursed?

  7. Me and my husband only receive 2400 not for our child which we file a tax on 2018 and 2019. what needs to be done in such case?

  8. I receive disability and got my check in on my Direct Express card. My ex-husband tried to file our daughter as his dependent and was told that he couldn’t file her as he had missed the deadline or something. When I was made aware of the non-filers form that needed to be filled out for dependents of people on disability etc…I filled everything appropriately and on time yet I was told I could not file her as my dependent cause someone else has already done so. Whichever low life SOB got my little girls 500 $ got lucky the first go-round but Ill be damned if that thief is gonna get ahold of the second check. Aside from filling out the identity theft thing online, is there a number I can call or some website where I can ask questions? Don’t I have the right to know who stole from us? Cant the IRS just look in their computer system and see who filed her as theirs and where my daughters money went?? Someone please help me and point my butt in the right direction. Thanks and God Bless. My family and I pray you stay happy and Covid free

    1. 1 800 919-9835 for the irs check hot line I waited three hours for them to tell me next year. I filed a 1040 April 7
      sounds like everyone is getting the run around next year I guess. IRS = I represent satan

      1. Thank you so much i will give them a call. Yes i agree it does seem that way about giving everyone a run around. Its just so hard being a single parent and doing the best you can to provide the best for your kids and then things like this happens but you know its ok because i have faith and hope that no matter what the man upstairs will provide and take care of us. Thank you again you have been a big help. God Bless you and your family!!!!

  9. My question, is if we do get a second stimulus, with the increased amount for our kids, then how would we get our children included in that if they never included our kids in the first stimulus? Because according to their non-filers site, I didn’t click the “claim dependents” button, (even though I listed all four of my kids’ info and SS numbers, etc., because there was no place to click on the site, only on the papers once you printed them out), so am I still listed as my household containing only me, instead of me and my four kids?

  10. I receive SSDI, and have a 16 year old son. I filled out the non- filter a week before the deadline, but on April 29th I only received my $1200. *** I just received an email from my bank, stating that I will get ANOTHER $1200 stimulus payment on May 28th. Any other non- filers with a child/children that this is happening to? I know I have to give the money back – but do I keep the $500 for my son?

    1. Yes I have it pending too get ssdi always did none filer but didn’t get it for my 3 kids even though I did everything

        1. Not to sound rude, but… Says who?
          How do you get another round for kids, if you never received a first round for them?

        2. I guess it was passed that we all get a second round of the 1200 and kids get it Too. I just didn’t know a date was set on people getting it. I just heard it was passed. Don’t quote me though.

        3. It only passed the house, still needs to pass the senate. Which the republicans say it’s “dead in the water.”

          I guess what I’m talking about is some kind of glitch, where I’m getting a second payment that isn’t mine. But it’s still $1200. Not $1700. I was just wondering if it was happening to anyone else.

        4. Yes it happened to me.i get SSI my daughter gets ssa I received my money last month and another 1200 today

        5. I jus looked it up and it wasn’t passed yet. But they are working in it. Google second stimulus check. I also didn’t get the 500 for my daughter when I received my stimulus. So confusing.

    2. Me too. Not sure what to think. If it was the 500 each I would be like okay I get it but why 1200 each. I’m confused.

    3. Yes it happened to us, we got 2400 (husband and I) following week 1200 I assume for our son, but why 1200 instead of 500?

  11. Congressman in Illinois to busy stealing from us to help us I email senator and governor mayor No body cares.

  12. So the emergency funds added per child that were all supposed to get a month ago;- to put food on the table NOW- will become available in the middle of next year sometime- IF we file, and IF the paperwork is done correctly, and IF there aren’t another 100 new glitches, and new laws by then, (which there most certainly will be.) — Got it. Pretty much exactly what we should have expected.

    Count your blessings…

    1. If i receive social security and have a child but dont have custody of him ( but he will be recieving SS under me) and his caregivers claimed him on their taxes, was i still required to complete nonfilers for dependents?

  13. No they are not sending you a check in the mail They are making us file taxes just to get it

  14. i got my stiulants check but didn’t get it on my 5 kids an my husband not got his stimulants check yet either they sent mine to my bank acct buit will they send the check for my kids in the mail since it didn’t come to my bank acct

    1. Yeah me too. I got my $1200 stimulus check but didn’t get money for my 4 kids who are 7,4,2,&1. Really was expecting the extra $2000, for diapers, wipes, food etc. I mean alot has changed as well as prices!

  15. My ex husband claimed the kiddos in 2018, I claim them 2019 and we switch every other year. He messed up his taxes by claiming our son, so that delayed my taxes, and so the irs went off of my 2018 taxes. My concern is, when he files for 2020 and claimes the kids, I wont get the 1,000 for the kids that I should have gotten.

    1. Sounds like it’ll take a miracle to fix everything. This whole stimulus program is complicated enough – with glitches and malfunctioning- under the easiest of circumstances- let alone the most difficult… I feel for you… People need that money now- not, (maybe if lucky)- in mid-2021…

  16. 800-919-9835 it may take a couple time but I got though waiting on a supervisor to call me back to explain why I have not got my kids money and I did everything I was supposed to do on time

    1. I spoke to them before they opened their lines up, by using a suggested method. Unless they’ve been given a new script, they’re going to tell you that they don’t know the why’s, etc. They’ll direct you to the useless site, that explains some reasons why some may have not received theirs, etc. So, please do let us know if they tell you the same thing or not. Thanks Bunches

    2. What did they say you needed to do to get your child’s portion of the stimulus check?

  17. Call 800 number now they asked have you entered the in to the none filer site on a phone

  18. I filled my out nonfiler in April and I’m on ssi and ssa and I cant do taxes and we don’t owe child support and no one claims my 3 kiddos and its hard and now I see irs saying we have to do taxes next year to get it how when we can’t

  19. I email channel 7 Chicago email Dick Durban multiple news outlets no reply even got on ssa I Twitter and department of treasury and irs no one care the we did what was ask on time and the steal stole from us because that’s what it is. Literally No One Cares I’m so rethinking how I vote. They tell you what ever you want to here to get a set.

  20. I wrote my local congresswoman and her office is looking into it. I suggest we all do the same.

    1. Unless she’s a United States Senator with some clout – and good contacts- good luck.

  21. Hello everyone so here is what I know most NONFILERS, Social security recipients,SSI and veterans have been screwed The IRS initially said do one thing then switched to new rules resulting in system confusion the IRS WEBSITE crashed back in April so. iRs rushed to issue stimulus somehow the dependents section box ended up unelected so people recieved their funds without their kids money now IRS says file next year taxes thats unfair we didn’t ask for this pandemic next year wont help us now with what we are each battling The right thing to do is IRS send seperate checks for missing funds because after all some people did get thousands they werent suppose to and were told to keep it yet those of us who didn’t get what we should

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think separate checks will be arriving and the IRS is taking the easier (but more painful to many Americans) solution to ask people to claim this in their 2020 returns filed in 2021. But I worry that will have its own problems in getting paid – just like we are seeing now.

  22. I’m a non filer and filled out the form in April the same day it opened and when I got my payment it was for 1200 only but I was missing for my 3 dependants amd i still dont know why I’m the only one to claim them since there dad isn’t in there lives or work so he dont have there info to claim them either .There had to be a glitch cause it happened to lots of us non filers and it isnt fair We were promised that money and now we have no answers .our kids deserve that money as much as any other kids that already received it.

    1. Yes it was a glitch and IRS needs to take accountability and fix it I have a Youtube channel I discuss what Happened on it. YOUTUBE Live n Learn Joy

      1. They’re definitely not going to take accountability. I managed to get through to them. They have the phone operators telling people that they are clueless.
        People can call and write governors and news outlets, until they’re blue in the face. They just keep saying, file next year. I’m sure they’ll get something set up for non-filers, again. Pfftt… Nonetheless, some of the people that need it the most, have to wait.

  23. My husband receives ssi and we don’t file taxes so I entered our info and our 3 kids into turbo tact April 10th way before the deadline! Received a deposit in the bank I had registered so they got that info correct however it was for $2400 not $3900 which would have included our 3 kids! We don’t owe child support, no one else claims our children so there is no reason we did not receive the dependents portion after registering like we were told to do!! Waiting till tax time is not right when we need it to survive now with kids out of school and the prices at the stores are ridiculous and we do not file taxes!!! So many low income families were effected by this after doing The steps they were told to do and with no help
    Calling the automated irs line!!! This issue needs fixed for so many people now not in 6 months

  24. I’m on ssi and I filed the non-filers form for my dependents BEFORE May 5th, and I didn’t receive the money for my kids. Only myself. I know the IRS used the info I gave them on the non-filers form, because I got my $1,200 on my NEW Netspend debit card that the social security office doesn’t even have the information for yet. So how did they miss my dependent’s information? Also if everyone that qualified for it that didn’t get it has to wait until they file their 2020 taxes, what good is that for the people that are on ssi that DON’T file taxes. If we filed taxes, then we wouldn’t have needed to file the “non-filers” form in the first place, right ‍♀️???. SO how are we supposed to get it? So the people on ssi that DID everything they were supposed to do and still didn’t get their Dependant money, are basically screwed out of the money!! Pretty much that’s what the IRS is saying. Why should the IRS care? Guarantee they ALL made damn sure they got all their money, INCLUDING their dependant’s money!! This is EXTREMELY frustrating to say the least. I’m a single mom of 2, PLUS I’ve been raising my sister’s 2 kids for the past 4 years. So I REALLY needed that money. Just like everyone else.

    1. “If we filed taxes, then we wouldn’t have needed to file the “non-filers” form in the first place, right ‍♀️???. SO how are we supposed to get it?”

      You might not be required or have to, but there’s nothing stopping even unemployed people from filing tax returns

  25. I am the sole parent of three children. Their father, my ex husband, left me with three little babies and has not tried to see or contact them since. He pays a whopping 440 a month for all three and only because he is forced to. I have agoraphobia and do not work, I also do not claim ssd because I WANT to get back to functional and I did not want to get comfortable relying on government money. I have been blessed with parents who have been giving me $1000 a month since my savings were depleted to cover our whittled down expenses. Point being, I do not file taxes. I used the non filer tool. Provided my info for direct deposit. I see a pending payment of $1200, of which I assume is for me. I now don’t know if their father got their money, or if it has to do with identity theft (my one child and myself at the least, we had our ID info stolen via a hack into government records. I was initially expecting to run into trouble with my check as I have proof someone was working using my social security number. We have been provided id monitoring by the government, but it has still been an issue, so I was prepared to encounter some difficulties regarding my payment.) So now I don’t know where to even look for this money. There is nowhere I can contact for assistance. It really stinks seeing how many single parents and disabled people are the ones being affected the worst. My heart goes out to all of you. It really sucks feeling like you have nowhere to turn for help, or like nobody cares. Stay strong.

  26. I’m a single mom who receives virtually no help from the dad. (He comes and takes him sometimes on a weekend when it suits him, no child support.) I got the $1200 but not the $500 for my toddler son. I filed in 2018, but since my son wasn’t born yet and I didn’t file for 2019, I used the non-filer to cover my bases. If I have to wait until things are less chaotic, or the next tax year to get this $500, fine fine whatever. But how do I know he didn’t steal it from us? How do I even know it’ll still be there to claim?

    1. I assume checking with him is not an option. If you both claim him next year the IRS will likely flag this. My suggestion is to file your tax return as soon as possible so you get first claim.

  27. So I just checked I screenshot when they first put my payment date on there it was my account number that I put in the none filer site then two days later they changed it to my ssi card it’s not date that they paid out out payment on our direct express cards just so they didn’t have to give us our kids money I have proof they had my right account number so why I have to file taxes just to get my kids stimulus money 7 months after the fact. I email the senator no replay no one care but everybody want our vote.

  28. I’m a single dad I applied for the$500 since they gave us a deadline I didn’t get it for my 10yr old son I’m being evicted I’m really broken at this point I don’t know who to get help about this from

  29. Im a single mom on ssi with a 22yr old college student who got his stimulus check but have a 12yr old that Im solely responsible for. I got the $1200 stimulus but never got the $500 for my 12yr old. I did the nonfiler on line on 4/10/20. Why havent I received the $500 for my 12yr old?

  30. So I am a single mom of two. I get the Earned Income Credit for my children because they live with me and I take care of them more than 50%. My son’s father gets to claim him on his taxes every other year and of course this was his year to claim him for the child tax credit so he received the stimulus money for him. This is so disappointing because he does the minimum parenting time and got money for him when I’m raising him and feeding him this whole time. So frustrated.

  31. I filed at the end of January as “head of household” and listed my son (15 yrs). However, my income was too low to qualify for EIC or Child Credit, since SSDI doesn’t count towards it. My gross earned income was only $54. I got my $1200, but not the $500. It appears to me they are looking for the Child Credit and overlooking the fact that there is a MINIMUM income required as well as a MAXIMUM income… leaving those of us below the threshold out to dry…

  32. This is really crappy. I got screwed with unemployment because guy I worked for most of last year never have me W2. The place I starred to work for in Dec didn’t give me credit for all that month and due to virus shut down in March. Now I got no credit for 4 of my kids …. that 2000 might of been enough to save us… as all our savings went to food. Wtf u can’t even afford to fix my truck to go back to work

  33. I am on SSDI and used the non filers tool for my 4 children on April 15, 2020. I only received my $1200 and that was on April 30, 2020. From what I am reading we will not get anything for our children until next year at tax time and we have to file a tax return to get it. The way that they processed disabled recipient’s payments was very messed up because the IRS had to communicate with the SSA. I have not heard of one person, on any kind of SSI or disability, to have received any stimulus payments on their children. They are basically screwing us, because the IRS will say, well we processed yours before you used the non-filers tool, and that it was just delayed because of having to share info with SSA. If you ask me, it’s just another way for TRUMP to screw over low income families.

    1. same here im on social security disability i only got the 1200, i did the same i did the non filers form, and the irs sent me a letter and accepted it, never got the 500 either, they say you will get it next year when you file taxes, i dont file taxes cause i dont make enough, so how will i get the 500, now im hearing there is a second stimoulous check, another 1200 and 1200 for dependents, i guess we will be screwed out of that too, NOT FAIR

    2. its NOT Trump screwing over the low income he wanted to give us even MORE money its the fact that the IRS & also the UC has never had this many claims & millions upon millions of non filers all filing at once for these benefits..idk about the irs but the UC in my state has about 250 employees for millions of claims theyre doing the best they can these new non filers tools have bugs but thats not Trump trying to make sure you stay poor…i also never recieved my sons $500 i think its because the non filer tool let us file as head of household but not to file the children as dependents

  34. We should be writing the state we are in, Im wondering if because Im in a “Blue” state, Hawaii, Maybe thats why I didnt get the 500 for my 5 year old daughter that me and my wife struggle to provide for!!!

    1. I am in a Red State sir and I didn’t get the money for my 16 year old either. It has nothing to do with Blue or Red

  35. People on ssi!!!!! Go to the social security website!!! They have listed when you’ll get your payment for your children!!! This does not help me, I’m not on ssi but I hope it helps some of you!!

    1. Thank you Melinda! I’m looking at it now and im reading that if we did not receive our dependent payment with ours, even if we used the non filers tool, then we will not receive it. Am I reading the wrong thing or missing something?

      1. I’m not sure honey, I believe their just talking about ssi people. I don’t get ssi and don’t file taxes, so I just took it as them just listing for ssi since it’s the social security website. I may be wrong. Hopefully their talking about us too. Lol.

    2. That’s great for people on Ssi, truly!
      Just even more infuriating for people not on ssi, nor any type of ss. If they can fix one, fix the other.

      1. I can’t find this information anywhere on the site. Where is it? I’m on SSDI and the only thing I’m seeing is if we already got our 1200, we have to wait until next year.

        1. Go to social security site at very top it says covid 19 updates click on it

        2. I looked there and the only thing I saw was if you already received the $1200, you have to wait until next year.

        3. Yes, you do if you received your 1200 already and didn’t add your Dependant by the non filers tool by may 5th. It says you’ll have to file next year. I don’t even file and it says I have to wait til next yr I’m not on ssi either. I entered my child on April 10th on the non filers tool. We just got screwed all ya can say.

        4. I entered myself and my 3 kids before the deadline on the non-filer form on the irs website. Did everything asked of me. Still gotta wait apparently.

        5. Are you on ssi and have you already received your stimulus? If you have then no you won’t get it til next year for children. If you haven’t got anything it looked like to me they was sending it by mail or if you entered bank info

        6. I’m in SSDI and the deadline was in April on the 22nd. So basically SSI recipients will get the child stimulus, but SSDI recipients won’t until next year due to a “glitch”. This is messed up and seems very targeted to me. My 2 sons are on SSI, but they are minors.

        7. Honey I totally agree any if us that used that pos non filers tool got screwed. There’s so many people protesting this. Looks like something would have to be done.

  36. My daughter is not required to file a tax return and will not be required to file in 2021 either. How is she supposed to get the $500 for her son that was not paid with her stimulus check?

    1. It seems as though, anyone who did the nonfilers, did not get paid for their dependents, including my 15 year old twins

  37. Just got mine in the mail and i didnt get the 500 for both my kids it is sad because i get ssi my husband is out of work all of us are living off of $940.00 and i am grateful for the stimulus but its still not enough i still have bills to pay a car to fix and still have enough to buy essentials for 4 people but at this point is better than nothing

  38. I got got as well I wasnt really expecting much. and to be honest its kinda messed up as my ex owes so much to me in child support an a bet she got her payment and it should have went to me. I’ll believe the 500 when someone actaully recieves it. so far from my experiance the goverment has continually shit on me. althought the 1200 was cool still doesnt make up for the joke of a system we have in place

  39. I did not got 500$ stimulus check for my child.I have sole custody and filed this year taxes with my kid as dependent.Last year ex had filed my kid as dependent.Is there any way I can file to claim amount ,since father is not cooperative and I believe will never tell or give me back the stimulus check for child ,he received.Whom should I contact?

    1. I’m in the exact same boat had mine filled out on April 25 the non filers tool sent me confirmation that my return was excepted and I’d processing on April 30 we received out 24 but was shot 25 got out there kids it’s sad why even mention it and direct usbon what we need to do on our part we go do it and still shor of our money

      1. Both my daughters on as and did not get the money for their kids. How unjust to tell people with low income that they have to wait till next year while people with reg income got theirs now

      2. I understand your frustrations!! I am in the same boat! I filled out the non-filers form on April 14th which I also received the email from the IRS saying it was all approved.. on April 29th I received 1200 on my Direct Express card but never received the additional 500 for all 4 of my children. I have yet to find any answers as to what happened. The only information I have been able to find is just repeating “fill out the non filers form” nothing about people who did fill it out way before either of the cut off dates… And how can we, SSI based individuals claim what is owed still on our 2020 taxes, when people like me who do not make enough that we aren’t required to file taxes…? I guess we are just pushed to the side on this one even though we did everything that was required way before the deadlines… Annoying.

        1. What was the sense in even filling out the nonfilers, giving all our information, and they didn’t even look at it. They went thru the SSA OFFICE, to give us our money. They targeted us low income families from the start. Mostly handicapped families. I myself am fully handicapped , due to a severely damaged spine, with a set of 15 year old twins Think about it. All of us that get some type of government assistance, we are the ones that didn’t get anything for our dependents! So I feel we were discriminated against. If we had to wait until next year, which is a crock of bull, because that money is allocated for the pandemic this year. Why did we even have to fill out the nonfilers?

    2. Very and Nobody cares or is trying to help us it it was counted in the bill for our kids why is it so hard for them to send our kids money out period.

    3. Single mom, Army veteran, 3 kids. Filed non-filers in turbo tax, said I should be getting $2,700 but instead only got $1,200. My kids got nothing. This is disappointing!!!

      1. First, Thank you for your service to our nation. YOU are not alone. I have to ask all the people who read this and the 455 other stories just like it, WHY are w not doing anything about it?! Just think, this one obscure website has 455 people screwed over by IRS and to think there is probably more like tens of thousands out there just like US! YOU guys have got to ring the phones off the hook at your local TV station and make them read this site and contact their mainstream affiliate! THIS IS an election year! These politicians need to know that if they do not give us our stimulus money congress appropriated for our dependents/children there will be hell to pay November 4th!! OUTRAGEOUS> READ this, Have any of you noticed, Most of us all have the same thing in common? WE used that IRS Free File tool to file ours electronically. You really believe it was a glitch? Got news for you I’ll bet is NOT a glitch that they designed it that way where they can keep that money in hopes we either forget it next year or die before then!! WE have got to get together as one and raise hell about this!!

        1. There’s already been several news articles about it. All they could do was tell us what they were told, wait til next year.

        2. Their gonna have to dk something to fix this, there’s no way they can just forget everyone’s kids during a pandemic. They don’t want our economy to crash but want to screw us on money and kids money at that. It’s sick..

        3. I know they’re doing it so they can hold on to it and get the interest off all the money

  40. There was a deadline for individuals on SSDI to fill out the non-fillers form by April 22nd. I filled out the forms correctly and submitted them on April 10th. I receive 1,200 on April 29th, however I did not receive the 500 for my two children. This was very disappointing because I did everything right.

    1. I even emailed my senators thought they was here to help no reply Dick Durbin I really need help getting the 1500 that was supposed to be on my stimulus and I did everything I need to get it.

  41. I’m a single mom. I’m currently waiting on a decision about my disability. I have two girls. My youngest; her dad claims her so I couldn’t. However I did use the non filers: for my oldest daughter’s Info and it said it was accepted. However when recurved my stimulus payment in my bank account I didn’t have the $500 for my oldest. I actually had trouble filling out the form at first because my youngest was claimed by her dad in 2018. So I just took her off. Than redid it for just my oldest and I. It makes it more stressful because if I don’t normally file taxes how am I suppose to file to get the credit next year? I am thankful for the stimulus payment I did receive.

  42. I used the nonfilers tool and I received an email of acceptance April 13th. My daughter was included on the form, all of the information was typed correctly. I do not receive SSDI,SSI, or any other benefit. My daughter is not claimed on anyone else’s return, and my income clearly isn’t enough to disqualify the $500 payment. I received my 1200 amount on April 29th and nothing for my child. This needs to be fixed. People cannot wait until next year for this relief, it is needed now. The IRS needs to complete what they have started and give each individual what they have been promised.

      1. Andy,
        Forgive me if I’m wrong but that article offers no additional information for someone in my situation. The IRS should have added the dependent payments to the original amount per individual and they did not. Telling people to wait until next year when the requirements were met for the payment and it was still not distributed by the IRS as it should have been is unacceptable. What’s worse, this is mostly only affecting people who do not usually file taxes. I am extremely disappointed that the IRS has not acknowledged their mistake and made an effort to rectify the situation sooner rather than later.

        1. If you don’t file taxes I don’t think you should get any money!! TBH

        2. So screw the people who worked for years and got disabled or retired?? We paid into taxes for YEARS and what we receive as our thank you for working for so long is barely enough to survive on. You realize people on VA benefits don’t file either? So screw them as well? I can understand if it is a person who can work and chooses not to, or a person leaching off every know help aid out there instead of bettering themself. There are different type of people that don’t file.

    1. If they weren’t on your taxes your not going to get money for them, stop whining about what you didn’t get and be thankful for what you did get! Man people are greedy

      1. Some people do not file taxes because they are a single parent and a full time student attempting to make a better life for their kids. Just because someone doesn’t file doesn’t mean they are lazy or living off the system. I just completed my bachelor’s degree this week. Quite frankly, your judgement is disgusting.

      2. Thomas, I am blessed to of gotten my stimulus check for my husband and myself. However, like everybody else we didn’t receive our sons 500 dollars.
        I don’t think it’s greedy to want what’s promised. As far as claiming our child on our taxes… Our income is non taxable. That’s why on April 11th we filed out the non filer application.
        My husband is a disabled vet and I’m on ssdi after 40 years of working..
        I’m not justifying our situation by any means. I just thought I’d bring some clarification to your statements.
        The irs has made a drastic mistake and I don’t believe we’re being greddy hoping for money that’s promised to us.

      3. I am a disabled veteran and I don’t file taxes. My income (VA disability compensation) is paid to me for the disability I incurred due to my time in service to my country.

        I used the nonfilers tool and received notice that it was accepted on April 10th.

        I received $1,200. I was told I would receive $1,700 for myself and my 10 year old daughter.

        Explain to me how I’m whining or being greedy for being disappointed for not receiving what I was promised by my government…again?

  43. Its so sad that 2 trillion dollars was given to the banks to distribute to small businesses and instead it went to big businesses that don’t need it and that money was given out and finished in 1 week.

    Meanwhile people waiting for their stimulus money, or kids stimulus money, and/or unemployment checks, and the many small businesses that have closed up and are suffering waiting for assistance from the government are waiting weeks on end to get a payment. This is injustice. This is unacceptable.

  44. I didn’t receive to the 500 for my daughter who definitely qualifies and it is super frustrating. I’m the only one who claims her. She is 7 so definitely qualifies. And I not only filled out a non filer form with her on it but I also did have to file in 2018 and I claimed her. They were going off those taxes for people who didn’t file in 2019 so they definitely had her info. I should have got that money. And now they say you have to wait til 2021 to file taxes to get the money but I won’t have to file in 2021 so I will never get the money.

    1. I am sure the IRS will provide a fix for non filer tool and pay the $500 correctly. May just take some time and your payment may come via check

  45. Same here. Single mom, and I have no income except child support so I don’t usually file taxes. But once this situation emerged I filed a 2019 simple paper return, 0 income and included myself and daughters info correctly. I ALSO did non filier form, again both our info with banking info. I finally received the stimulus end of April but only for me, not my 3 year old daughter and no one else can claim her. They obviously received my non filier form as that was only place that had my banking info, yet her info was on there. Where is her 500??? This money matters right now significantly. IRS NEEDS TO FIX THIS NOW. Input a system online where people can request a fix. I AM NOT WAITING till 2021 to file a return with again, 0 income to HOPEFULLY get her $500. Not fair.

    1. I’m with you on all!!! Missin my 2 littles payments also!!!! The iRS seem like the biggest scammers over the typical scamming folks out here as far as I’m concerned. Always coincidently screwing up $ , sending to dead @$$ ppl , millions in random ppls bank accounts and snatch Back real quick with in hours too?! & sending to ppl in other countries?!

      —the IRS always on top of the $ crap. They sure know how to track down & threaten folks with prison if they don’t get “their”/ “the $” … makes. No damn Sense of the MAJOR SET BACKS , GLITCHES, & what ever excuses they want to use to stall on paying us accurately and correctly PERIOD!!!

      There should be no irs period as far as I’m Also concerned. Keep our own $ n shouldn’t have to owe Them anything. As they sit back live high off hogs them selves , probably lAguhing at us suffering & love the fact that they get to play $ God . Shame on them!!!!!!!!

      We are all totally in this together !!!!

  46. I used the none filer form as I don’t have to file tax’s since I’m on SSI and I didn’t receive any money not my $1200 stimulus or the $500 for each of my 3 kids all under 17 I did everything it said.

    1. This is the same with me. I filled out the non-filers form when it first came out in April. I believe it was on April 15-16. I have not received a dime yet. I thought that at least the 1200 would have been added to this month SSI payment but it was not. I gave them another bank account for the money for my 3 kids and nothing yet.

  47. I am a solo mom, who filled out the Turbo Tax form on April 10, before the non-filers tool was available. Both mine and my childs social security numbers were listed and correct. I didnt leave anything out. They had my banking information, and direct deposited $1200, NOT the $1700 that we should have gotten. I am most appalled that no explanation for this is being offered by the IRS, neither is a solution or remedy to get it NOW while we need it, by correcting this gross oversight. This administration is full of incompetent people, appointed because of politics, not merit or capability. They are a cancer to the country. From the ABJECT FAILURE of the Federal govt. Under Donald J. Trump, the sociopath, America is SUFFERING! Now , they are attempting to force Americans back into a virus ridden workplace, to risk losing our lives to “open the economy”, while FAILING to do all that needs to be done to stop the spread of the virus, so soulless Donald can try to run his campaign on the strength of the economy.

    I dont have much hope for remedies to how the IRS has mangled this effort, nor for handling COVID19 , so long as Trump and his cult followers and lackeys are running America into the ground.

  48. I’m on S.S. I did everything I was suppose to do and in time. I didnt get the 500 for my 2 Grandsons. I’m pretty much begging, please get us out checks for our dependents. Dont make our children suffer because of your mistake. May God watch over and take care of these families who are desperate at this point.

  49. I have full custody of my 3 daughters. Only the 13 year old qualifies for the $500, but my ex husband claimed her for 2018. He has filed his 2019 and did not claim her. I just filed my 2019 taxes and i am claiming her, will I get the $500? What should I do.

    1. So my son gets SSI and we followed all the steps including non-filers and we did not receive any of the stimuli for him. It’s not just me, it’s almost anyone dealing with social security. I’m starting to think this was not a glitch as they stated, but more of a well thought out plan. With no one to complain to or voice our concerns, we are all left in limbo till next year, which I’m sure they will find another excuse to withhold the funds. Our government at work people!

      1. Self-employed, single mom of three (not required to file and properly used the non-filer form as soon as it was rolled out) here. I know they used the info submitted through the non-filer form, or they wouldn’t have been able to send the 1200 to the correct bank account. However, with three kids under 17, it was less than half of what was promised. The more I look into this, the more I think you’re right…

        The “oversight” happens to impact the most financially vulnerable group, with the least ability to hold them accountable, in spite of the fact that the non-filer tool was specifically created to avoid this situation… From an administration that simultaneously works to cut programs for low income Americans, it’s hard to believe that this was entirely accidental. ‍♀️


        1. That’s not the emoji I used… lol It’s supposed to be the emoji of a woman shrugging with both arms in the air. That obviously didn’t translate well. haha

  50. This is frustrating because I keep seeing conflicting answers as to whether or not we will be receiving the extra $500 for dependents. When I google it, it says that those of us who did not receive the child stimulus payments will have to wait until next year and file taxes. Most all of us receive Social Security so we are not required to file taxes that is why we filled out the non-filers form with are child’s information so that we would be entitled to that extra money. Does anyone know for certain if those of us who filled out the non-filers form before the 22nd will be receiving the extra $500 sometime this week because that is also what I heard from a YouTube video. This is just so confusing because I’m hearing conflicting answers to this question. If anyone knows what is going on please reach out and let us know.

    1. I filled out the non-filers form on April 15 because I am on SSI and have 3 dependents. I have not even got my 1200 yet let alone the 500 for each kid. I am not sure what to do.

  51. I get a ssa and have 3 kids and desperately in need of my kids stimulus money I receive my money on the 29th of April they keep saying if you didn’t get your kids payment you will get it on next year tax return but I don’t file taxes and probably won’t remember next year. Very unfair to us some of us are disabled and really need that and we did everything we need to on time to get the payment I did the non filers site on April 9. Please somebody help us.

    1. I like many of you am a single disabled parent on SSDI I did the non fliers link from IRS got accepted email as well I got my 1200 in my bank but NOT the 500 for my child. I went and checked my info thru that IRS same link and though it said to do this so that we can get the dependent money I feel they lied for it wasn’t just that mine shows I FILED a 2019 tax! I didn’t know this was to file a tax form! Thought it was for info on child and bank not a tax files. The form then has me listed as filing SINGLE which is NOT how I would have filed if I had to it would have been HEAD of HOUSEHOLD. That is how you get your claiming of dependents; but they didn’t allow for this and why would it if your not filing taxes. Now the damn thing says too that I filed via self prepared!!! No I did NOT file a tax self prepared I was mislead and IRS link of NON FILERS filed a tax without my knowledge. And they did it wrong on top of it all! I am thinking we now need to file an amendment to correct THEIR mistake! It’s awful that THEY don’t correct this ASAP how do we file next year to get this anyways? This is not right. They said they were helping the lower income first?? I see something very different!

  52. I am on ssdi i got my 1200$ stimulus check but my 4 kids under 17 didnt get there 500$ each and i did everything i was told whata going on i dont file taxes on ssdi

      1. Even filing out non filers people are not getting the money for their dependants. So that does not always work. I filled it out and didn’t get it for my kids.

  53. This administration is REDICULIOUS, Same thing for me in FL I’m not required to file even though I went through all there hoops , Crossed all T and dotted my I’s. I did not receive the extra 500 for my son and I’m a single dad ,with no mother in the picture ,on a tight budget. THIS IS REDICULIOUS ! They fumbled the coronavirus response, still are in many places, and now there doing it with what little bit of relief money families are expecting. This is beyond assinine ! Now instead of saying we see our errors, were sending you the relief as soon as possible ,there telling us better luck next time?, maybe next year? I’m literally Flabbergast by this type of incompetence, this type of idiocy starts at the Very top! This administration has to go come November ! Come he double hockey sticks or high water !

    1. Not to get political but this is not Trump’s fault specifically, it’s the fault of the IRS and the fact that congress in general wont fund the IRS’ update of computer system technology that literally goes back to the Kennedy administration. If Trump was allowed to gut and redo the IRS then that would be a welcome project in my eyes.

  54. My husband and I are both disabled. Like all of you we have 3 kids and received nothing for them. This is true even though we filed on the non fillier site and our return was accepted. Our dependents are clearly listed as well as there pertinent information. The only information that varies from most of the others on here is that although we receive our money through the direct express card monthly, we elected to use our banking account instead in hopes that all of our money would arrive together.Instead AS A or treasury went on and manually changed our routing number and we received our $2400 by direct express. Yet the children’s money wasn’t on our bank account or direct express card. Additionally I am my father’s rep payee he’s 90 years old and I still haven’t received his money. When I look him up it says payment status unknown. Not payment status unavailable, geez wtf is going on here? I’m total my family of you include dad is missing over $2700 and we only received $2400. My dad could die from this and he’s spending almost as much as we are with 3 kids. We were told there was no need to file for my dad but I wonder where his money is…maybe it’s never coming but I’m gonna keep pushing for answers. They are screwing with the most vulnerable among us, now we push back!

    1. I’m on Ssdi to and did the nonfilers tool in time by the deadline and put my 13 year old daughters info in and I got my money, but yet didn’t get the extra 500 for her which is very well needed. The irs is messing with people’s money and it’s not right and the 500 was passed through Congress, so irs get on the ball!! Geez!!

  55. This is just not right..i recieved my stimilus but not my 500 for my 14 year old..was told by my local representative that the irs stated i would not get it until 2021. I claimed her the last 5 years…i used h and r block…this is bull i need the money now…this was passed by government…we should not have to wait…someone needs to fix it…

  56. so is it bc of the box not being there i wont get my kids 500 dollars i done the non filers and put my 2 kids on it and got mine but didnt get my kids.. i got mine the 28th and i was jst wondering yes i will admit i do draw ssi and ssdi and i DNT file taxes so does anyone knw when they r goin to fix and send the kids out so i knw when to except it..

    1. I’ll go you one better. My Hubby and I are both SSDI. I filed actuall tax refturn on our info based on 1009 from SSA and claimed all 3 kids as originally instructed. Gave hubby’s checking info. Also did Non Filers when THAT became the way the required us to do things. Same thing, used 1009 from SSA, listed all kids and SSN’s, again directed the money to hubby’s account. Now..IF we had done nothing, hubbys $1200 should have gone to his account of record with SSA and Mine should have gone to my account , right? That wouod explain why no kids portion. INSTEAD $2400 (mine and his) dropped into HIS account without the kids portion. This is not an accident, nor a glitch. Those on fixed incomes are the ones who are not receiving the correct amounts (majority anyway), If you have a problem this big with a program rolled out to HELP people in this hrrible economic climate, you dang well should have a system in place to recieve calls about errors when the errors are on a MASSIVE scale. Maybe a webpage to upload proof that your non filers was accepted with the kids and a copy of your Direct Deposit showing the discrepancy and let those be worked on by a special team. At the very least stop talk second stimulus whe the first has failed so miserably with children’s payments. The lack of communication or avenue for resolution is systematic of our government ‘s GO, SET, READY mentality.

  57. I filled out my taxes and sent by mail. I owed nothing nor was i owed anything. But i have no way to confirm if it was received! So i can’t fill out the non filers form. Since i did as far as i know file. I received my 1200.00 in my social security direct deposit account. but not what i am suppose to get for my kids. The checked the Get my payment . It has not once worked for me. I don’t know what i am suppose to do.

  58. We did the same my husband is on ssdi we received payment for him and I but not our 3 children all under 12. We are in New York where it’s been a hot spot my husband has a bunch of health problems and my kids and I have really bad asthma we needed this extra money to feed our children every time we order through insta cart we pay an arm and leg because all the prices are higher than usual. They are home all day eating and our lease is about to go up. They really messed up and with the people who need it the MOST. They need to fix this we can’t wait to file next year.

  59. Here’s an update as of Friday May 1, 2020
    SSA/Railroad Retirees: Economic Impact Payments started arriving this week
    For recipients of Social Security retirement, survivors or disability insurance benefits (SSDI) and Railroad Retirement benefits (RRB), automatic payments of $1,200 began arriving this week. No action is needed on their part. This includes people who don’t normally file a tax return.

    For Social Security/RRB beneficiaries who don’t normally file a tax return, have a child and registered using the IRS Non-Filers tool by the April 22 deadline, more payments are arriving this week as well.

    For SSA/RRB beneficiaries who don’t normally file a tax return and have a child but did not register on the IRS Non-Filers tool by April 22, they still are receiving their automatic $1,200 starting this week. Given the deadline has passed, by law, the additional $500 per eligible child amount would be paid in association with filing a tax return for 2020. This group can no longer use the Non-Filers tool to add eligible children.

    Note – Direct Express Account Holders: You may use the Non-Filers tool, but you cannot receive your and your children’s payment on your Direct Express account. You may only select a bank account for direct deposit or leave bank information blank and receive the money by mail.
    **Hopefully this means we may be seeing the child payment this week.

    1. I hope you do start receiving the checks. However, they’re not explaining for the ones that don’t receive social security, etc. & used the non-filers & didn’t get the 500.

    2. Went on the non-filers website and claimed my children was emailed that it was accepted that was on April 21 four days later got check me wife and me for $1200 but not for the children will we get one for them soon since we followed all guide lines or have to wait till next year

    3. I dont get any of those, I had to do a non-filer cause am in workers comp, so would not have filed a tax return. I got the 1200 for me, but not the 500 for my 13 year old son. So if seems to be the non-filer in general that is not receiving the 500 for thier children. And they cant say that I did not do it in time, cause I submitted mine April 13th way before the IRS started making deadlines for certain things.

  60. It’s really upsetting that when I search this topic, this is the only website we have to go on. I am grateful for this website but there should be more trying to get the word out there for us. We can’t respond or ask questions on any other site. Every way I had tried to reach out about all of us was a dead end. I heard ssi checks should go out for dependents but that doesnt mean tax filers, ssdi, social security.. does that mean everyone missing their dependent checks? More half given answers those higher up are feeding us.

    1. Actually, Cnbc, Forbes, etc. have articles about it. They just have no answers, beyond what people are saying here.

  61. I filed the non filers with turbo tax and irs accept it on the 10th of April. I’m disabled and already received my part on the 29th of April but my 14 year old part did not come in. I’m the only legal parent and only person on my son birth certificate and no one else has his social security number. I’m also considered an adult child with the social security Administration. And also what about people who are disabled and have payees who gets their checks or do they receive one. They aren’t not claimed as a dependent on anyone’s taxes.

  62. I am in the same boat with y’all. I did my non-filer about 3 weeks ago and was accepted by the IRS. I’m seeing a trend here. Even though it’s been happening to people that will normally file it looks like more people that don’t normally file is having this issue. My conclusion is that the IRS is hoping that people that normally don’t file won’t file for 2020 and they won’t have to pay out the $500.

    1. Add on to my comment….. My son receives SSI, I haven’t filed since 2017 when I quit my job to be his full time caretaker. Before that he has been claimed on my taxes since he was born. There’s no way no one else claimed him and I did all my info properly and in a timely manner. IT WAS ACCEPTED BY IRS. Why should I have to wait until next year to supposedly get my $500???? Doesn’t make any sense.

    2. Exactly Jennifer! Or they hope we will all be dead! This is BULLSH*T!****** ALL OF US **** Need to call our local TV stations (I already have multiple times) and send them this page link. THEY have the power to get the story to the mainstream media who in return will confront the President on this and call them out! WE need this money now not next year! My wife and I are a carbon copy of the couples story shared in this story except we have 3 kids 13-9-and 5 biologically ours no way anyone could claim them we been married 14 years. We used the “Non filers” tool provided by IRS (As instructed) filed it April 4th way before any deadlines and are using a dedicated bank account that only the IRS has the routing and account #. They did the same thing to us, sent 2400 without the other 1500 we were more than eligible for. When my wife and I read that story they shared we thought it was our personal one they had copied. WE, all of us have got to raise hell at our local congress reps and tell them hell no we ain’t waitin’! You promised it then give it to us!

      1. The media already knows. The response they received is, that we have to get it when we file next year. Which is insane & not even possible for people that have no income, not even social security, etc.

      2. I wrote a letter to my Governor and sent some things to the news team this is pathetic

  63. We filed in the non filers because of disability we got the 2400 but not the 500 what’s the hold up it’s not fair for us low low income families

  64. We filled out the “non-filers” form WAY before the 22nd. It showed us being approved.
    We got paid for both of us, but NOT for our kids. (Husband is SSDI)
    It seems like they are discriminating against those on Soc. Security.
    They didn’t want to give it to us at first- they said we had to file taxes to get it, then they said we didn’t have to file, but that we had to fill out forms for ourselves and kids, then they gave us a very small window of time to file. Now, even after we did every single thing they said, we STILL didn’t get the money that was promised to us.
    Now they’re telling us to FILE it next year, when most of us dont file.
    (They said it was a computer glitch, but they aren’t doing anything to fix it)
    Meanwhile, they are talking about another round of checks going out– why cant they just pay us ours then? Instead of making us wait another year for some money that I doubt we will ever see?
    Anybody else feel like they’ve been on a wild goose chase???

    1. It’s not just people on social security, etc, that didn’t get the 500. I believe the common denominator is using either irs, or the turbo tax non-filers tool.

  65. I did not receive the 500 for my child who’s 7 yrs old. I did taxes for the pay two years the same. I don’t understand. I received the 2.400 for Me & my husband but not for my son. Is there a site I can go on & apply for it. This is crazy something is wrong here

  66. I’d like to know how many of you “don’t” get any type of social security, retirement, VA, etc benefits & didn’t get the 500 for your children? Also, a separate show of hands.. For those that don’t get any of that, but their children get Ssi, etc & you didn’t get the 500 for them.
    I’m trying to see if Ss is the only link, or if it’s just the non-filers part that’s the problem.

    1. I claim 3 of my grandchildren, one who receives SSI. my husband and I both receive social security, but I continue to work as well. we did not receive the money for the children.

      1. Thank you Ella.
        Though I’m looking for people that “don’t” receive social security, of any type. “Or” who “don’t” receive any kind of ssi, but their minor children (grandchildren, etc) do receive ssi.

        1. Same for me. Followed all the rules. Did the nonfilers way early, included my child’s ss#. Did not receive $500. I get a survivor benefit so I don’t have to file/won’t be filing in 2021. Won’t be getting that $500, looks like. What a shame.
          My daughter and I both receive survivor benefit, so the IRS has our info for 8 years now. Just wanted to chime in.

    2. I don’t make enough to file taxes, not on SSI or VA, and I didn’t get the 500$ per kid. I filed on the non-filers link. I believe it was also everyone who used the non-filers link that are missing the 500$ because there is a problem with the online form. Online, there is no box to check to claim your kids as dependents, even though you put in all their info, but when you print it out, there is.

      1. What confuses me though is on the steps it shows to fill out forms, it says that you are supposed to check that box if someone else can claim your kids. So would we have to check that for our own kids too?

        1. Not sure if I understood your question?
          Check the box that says someone else can claim your kids, if you’re the only one that can claim them? Definitely not.

      2. Thank you for your response. That does sound like an issue. However, I used the turbo tax non-filers tool. So, I’m thinking it’s more of a general, non-filers issue.

    3. Not sure if this is the info your collecting,But I subitted the non-filer form from the irs site. I have recieved the $1200 stimulus (direct deposit), but not the $500 for my 12 yr. old.

    4. I dont get any of those, I had to do a non-filer cause am in workers comp, so would not have filed a tax return. I got the 1200 for me, but not the 500 for my 13 year old son. So if seems to be the non-filer in general that is not receiving the 500 for thier children. And they cant say that I did not do it in time, cause I submitted mine April 13th way before the IRS started making deadlines for certain things.

    5. I used the nonfilertool ,bc we qualify by IRS income guidelinese,,everything was filled out correctly and before any deadline, ,My wife and I received our portion of stimulus but we did not receive the $500 dependant portion for our son who is on SSDI.for complete hearing loss,,My health has deteriorated the last few years due to CIDP but not on any programs and that is why our income has fell last few years but always paid/filed taxes in the past ..

  67. I am a disabled vet and single mom who receives SSDI. I received the $1200 stimulus payment but not the $500 for my 10-yr-old son. I filled out the non-filers tool on April 19th, 2020 because I do not file taxes. I checked to make sure I had no errors. It was accepted, but where is the child dependant pay??? The one’s I know who got it, had a relative claim their child on their relatives taxes whom also receives SSDI (Should’nt have to do that to get monies that’s rightfully yours & I dont know how H&R or TurboTax can file taxes for someone on full SSDI). Also found out that the IRS was mailing the $500 seperately to SSI claimants. Hopefully, they fix the issue and start depositing or mailing out what’s due. Or we all need to bombard the news tip line and email our State’s Attorney, Mayor, Governor, Secretary of Defense and even the White House if we can. The government is aware that it’s the majority of people on SSDI, SSI and one’s who filed with H&R & Turbo Tax who didnt get the extra payment and other situations. Plus, we have no way of receiving it in 2021 because again most of us are non-filers. Let’s file complaints because We are stronger in numbers. Praying for Everyone. :)

  68. Ok so there is ALOT of conflicting info on here. I got my 1320 via my direct Express card. I added my dependants on the non filers tool a week before they even made a dead line, it was accepted. I have one dependant who is 11 on SSI my 6 year old is not on anything and I myself am on SSDI. Will my 1000 come to me in a check for I have to wait next year or so I qualify under SSI and the may 5 deadline. I am so confused. Can some one explain this clearly please.

      1. I have updated post for Direct Express Account Holders where even if you use the Non-Filers tool, you cannot receive your and your children’s payment on your Direct Express account. You may only select a bank account for direct deposit or leave bank information blank and receive the money by mail.

  69. we got our $2,400 but nothing for our 3 daughters, I even filled out the non-filter thing on the irs website & put my kids on there.

  70. I also did not receive my dependent children’s stimulus , 3 total, registered with turbo tax stimulus on April 6th. I really hope someone can find out who those of us stuck without answers can call. My income was low enough as it was, covid-19 knocked it completely out due to my workplace letting everyone go So like everyone else these payments where going to keep my family a float till things could get back to normal . If someone knows whom I can contact please help me , thank you so much

  71. I got my payment but not my 3 children,Gavin is 5,Mae is 2 and Chassa is 20 months old,they all live with me and not with any other parent,IAM a single father.why ?

  72. I didn’t receive my daughter’s 500 dependent money. I filled out the non filer form the IRS accepted it and on April 29th I got my 1200 but not my daughter’s. My ex-husband filed the non filer for our son and didn’t get one for him either. He is va and I’m on ssi. Please fix this! We could really use the money promised to us.

    1. I did not got 500$ stimulus check for my child.I have sole custody and filed this year taxes with my kid as dependent.Last year ex had filed my kid as dependent.Is there any way I can file to claim amount ,since father is not cooperative and I believe will never tell or give me back the stimulus check for child ,he received.Whom should I contact?

  73. I’m on SSI and SSDI. My husband is on SSI. I filled out non filer on April 11th to claim our 2 kids. Got mine and my husband’s on my Direct Express card instead of him getting his on his which made no sense really, but didn’t get our kids money. We don’t file taxes and we are being told to file next year and claim them. IRS needs to fix this mess!

  74. Llene mi información en non fillers pero no fue aceptada con mis 2 niños, me decía que ya alguien los reclamó para el 2019.
    Entonces llené sola y yo recibí los 1,200
    Pero… y los 1,000 dólares que me corresponden por mi hijos? Como puedo reclamarlos porque si alguien los ha reclamado como dependientes ha sido por robo de información o identidad…
    Mis hijos cogen SSI y el dinero no ha llegado a su tarjeta de SSI.

  75. Im in the same boat i think as everyone else. I filed a non filer tax return through irs website on the 14th of April and it was accepted but i only received the 1200 and never received any of the 500 dollars for my children. It extremely frustrating. Im so glad im not alone though..

  76. Im in the same boat i think as everyone else. I filed a non filer tax return through irs website on the 14th of April and it was accepted but i only received the 1200 and never received any of the 500 dollars for my children. It extremely frustrating. Im so glad im not alone though..

  77. I like to say what good is the money for the children next year when it’s this year we need the money I have 5 kids and my husband in Disability that he work all his life for and now it’s a joke and a bigger joke that I just read we have to wait till next year for the 500 a kid my husband is the only one who got the 1200 I keep getting an Error code I’ve fix all they ask over 6 times now they said I’m thrown off the site someone needs to straighten this out

    1. If you can get back on the site, I know this sounds weird, but it’s been reported to work, via the news and many others. Put your address in all caps. Then you should be able to see when you will get your money. As for the kids money, I only wish I knew!

  78. I also did the non filers cuz we are on survivor benefits I completed it on the 11th so we made it way before the deadline I got approved and received my 1200 on the 29th but not my childs 500 wish we had better answers to whats going on

  79. So all these people now have to wait a year? the nonfilers tool was for the dependants claim I dont file taxes how is this gonna happen? they should post this stuff then not follow through too many people got left out the irs needs to fix this and make it right we didnt mess it up they did. I went through all that for nothing?

  80. I’m asking the same thing so many are asking i received my stimulus direct deposit but didn’t receive for my 9 year old son. I did the non filers and it was excepted by the IRS. I’m just wondering if it will come at a later date and why is there no way for us to contact someone so we can straighten this out…..if anyone gets their money for their depended at a later date then they got their 1200 stimulus money please let me know thanks

  81. Wow i never received my sons stimulus 500 dollars i thought i was alone on this i get ssdi so its hard for me 1,200 is not enough

  82. Direct express said ” it wouldn’t receive stimulus period ” and yet i received 1,200 on april 29th but they left out my 2 kids….It’s a rip-off of 1,000.00. My advice to anyone is to file next year and get it and while you’re at it…Go for EIC. Find a preparer in a low income area of town.

    1. Problem is, most of us here are non-filers. So, filing next year isn’t an option.

      1. you can always file to get a refund no matter if you don’t owe anything. I’ve gotten rebate checks for years when I don’t owe any taxes.

        1. It’s not just a matter of not oweing anything. There’s people that have zero income, thus nothing to file on.

        2. Not to mention, we sure the heck shouldn’t have to wait until next year, to get this.

        3. Yeah we can all always file next year but explain to me the point of an economic stimulus package if it’s not getting to the people to put back into the economy?

  83. I recieve SSI. I used Turbo Tax non filer portal on April 10. I entered my information and my 3 qualifying children’s information, as well as my bank information. When I filled out the turbo tax form I was marked as “head of household”. After recieving a stimulus deposit of $1200 on April 29th, I went to the IRS website and looked at the transcript. The IRS transcript shows me as single, but it still clearly lists my 3 dependents with their social security numbers at the top of the page. I have reached out to AARP and Turbo Tax. Their repsonse has been to direct me to links from IRS about the deadline (though I explained I filed way before the deadline) and that I would have to file for the missing credits next year (I explained I have no taxable income). No one is offering any answers to why this is occuring and if or when the Treasury/IRS will fix these errors. This is so frustrating.

  84. I’m on Social Security I received my $1200 stimulus a few days ago on the 30th I did the nonfilers tool way before the deadline for Social Security recipients and did not get my 500 for my 14-year-old daughter I get a 1099 from Social Security For both of us they should have already of known about my daughter she’s on my Social Security with me but I still did the non filers tool and did not get it

  85. I am on SSI and been raising my grandchildren for the last 7 years. I filed on the non filers site. It says it was excepted by irs.
    I recieved my stimulus but my kids did not. I do not file taxes.
    Will the payment come on my 5th for them or not.

    1. We have no idea right now. The government, as of now, is telling us that we’ll have to get it when we file for taxes next year. Which is not possible for most of us, as we are non-filers. Welcome to the boat!

  86. I have physical custody of my 3 children. I claim one of them who is +17 and my ex husband claims the other two who are less than 17. He did not meet requirements for the economic impact payment and is now laid off and not paying his child support. I did receive my check for $1200. Am I able to receive $500 for 2 of my children even though I did not claim them on my tax return?

    1. Sorry, but no. Because he isn’t working now, he may be able to get the 500 each, when he files taxes next year.

  87. I filled out the required information on the non fillers tool for my dependents on April 13 and still did not receive the 500. I only received 1200 on April 29 .., I did what they said and no one has claimed my dependents Or any other reasons why I should have not received their portion. I did was required and qualify. What can those people do?

  88. I also received my 1200 stimulus check on April 30th. Im on ssdi. I filled out the non filers tool. Have not received any money for my children all way under 16yrs old. I pray that they will fix this soon. I can not wait another whole year!!!

  89. Im a mother on ssi and ss and. My two boys are also on ssi one is14 the other 20 would id still need to do the non filer for my 20 year that has never worked and gets ssi as well and i did the non filer for my 14 old and never recieved the 500 for my child i only got my one stimulus check for me.signed catch to all this confusion

    1. If your adult son receives ss, you don’t have to do anything for him. He will get the money put on whatever card/account he receives his ss on.

  90. I have been retired for several years and I am raising adopted grandchildren. I am also not required to file taxes so I submitted all of the correct information, including SS numbers for each child, bank account and routing numbers before the deadline. It is ludicrous for the IRS to tell me I will get the missing stimulus money when I file my 2020 taxes…especially since I am a NON FILER! That means I have to file as a non filer? That makes absolutely no sense.

    1. I am also a non-filer, however, I got the $1200 but I didn’t get the $500 for my 13 year old daughter (which is badly needed with school being out and the stay-at-home-orders making the bills higher than normal).So, next year,in order to get that “missing $500”, do I have to file to get it even though I am a NON-FILER???

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