Calling the IRS for Stimulus Check Payment Issues – Live Representatives Now Available


[May Update] The IRS has recently announced that it will be adding 3500 phone operators to answer common inquiries and questions around the Stimulus Check/Economic Impact Payment (EIP).

However the IRS has reiterated that due to COVID mandated federal agency shutdowns, telephone assistance and other services will remain limited, and to use the official IRS website for the latest news and access to frequently asked questions.

Which number to call?

You will need to call the automated line number provided in the Economic Impact Payment letter mailed to you if the IRS issued a payment. The EIP information number is shown in the update below (1800-919-9835). At the conclusion of the automated message (meaning a bit of wait as IRS wants to filter out obvious questions) those who need additional assistance will have the option of talking to a telephone representative. Just be patient as it can take a while to get in touch with a live agent.

Here is a real life experience from a reader on how they got through to a live IRS agent after calling the 1800 919 9835 number. Leave a comment if this worked for you.

  1. Don’t press anything at all just listen..
  2. It’ll ask for language preference. Don’t press anything) just wait till the message ends.
  3. They’ll continue to talk. If they start asking you additional questions (that means you messed up or they heard some background noise) hang up try again.
  4. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you start hearing music playing instead of asking you questions.. ( I think it’s like around the 2:10 time of u waiting) . If you hear music playing you got threw you were one of the chosen ones!
  5. I tried 7 times first answer.. I called again to make sure my theory was correct and it took 10 tries. So while not a quick process, it does work.

[Update] Millions have started receiving the IRS Economic Impact Payment (EIP) letters outlining details of their stimulus payments. It provides details of your payment and a number to call, but don’t get your hopes up. At least not at this point. The number is just an automatic system giving a long message about what and who qualifies, and there are options to listen to more messages but that’s it. I went through each option prompt and it just gave a message for each, said thanks for contacting the IRS and disconnected. In addition the website is no help because although it indicates letters will be sent, which mine was with no help, and my payment status just indicates 1200 already sent with no options to get this fixed for my $500 dependent payment. IRS toll line still has no one taking live calls. For anyone interested the numbers I’ve called are below:
IRS Line 1800-829-1040
EIP Letter IRS 1800-919-9835

I’m giving the number that is included in the EIP letter, because I am hoping that someone else will have better luck than I did.

With great difficulty. At this point the IRS has got most of its staff focused on paying out existing stimulus checks, processing tax refunds and almost all its call centers are closed due to COVID-19 work restrictions.

Those who have received their stimulus payment (around 70 million eligible Americas) can get the status of their stimulus check via the IRS Get My Payment tool. But many are getting the default error, “payment status not available,” which covers many possible issues. People who do get a check will also get a payment confirmation letter which will be mailed to each recipient’s last known address within 15 days after of the stimulus check payment. The IRS has said the letter will provide information on how the payment was made and how to report any failure to receive the payment. It hasn’t been 15 days yet so details on reporting failures is not yet public.

Who can I contact if I haven’t received my expected Stimulus Check?

In fact the IRS have clearly stated that people should NOT attempt to call about the issues with their stimulus checks since they are over 100 million people eligible to get this payment so processing times are long and with millions of tax refunds to process the IRS is not taking calls on this payment.

I can say from personal experience and the many comments I have received on related articles that calling the IRS stage at this point on this topic is pointless. Further the IRS will not call, email, or text you about your stimulus payment for security reasons – so if you get calls or messages from people claiming they can get you a status updates, it’s probably a phishing scam.

The IRS and the agency it falls under, the Treasury Department have not provided any additional guidance or information on how people can report their problems to the IRS other than the stimulus confirmation letter. The rest of us will need to hope that letter will include information on how to report problems, including for those who have not received the stimulus payment they were expecting.

The IRS was supposed to have a webinar discussing the stimulus payments but they just announced the following –

Upcoming Webinars – An Economic Impact Payment Discussion. We regret to inform you that the Economic Impact Payment Discussion webinar scheduled for April 23, 2020, has been postponed. We recognize the tremendous interest in the Economic Impact Payment topic, and we will continue to share important information, updates and resources through and other available communications channels. We apologize for the inconvenience.

So much for the IRS helping! If you are able to contact the IRS please leave a comment or just to share your frustrations with how the stimulus check payment process has been handled!

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189 thoughts on “Calling the IRS for Stimulus Check Payment Issues – Live Representatives Now Available

  1. My husband got the letter from Trump stating that his $1,200 payment was issued on for something it also left a an account number that it was issued to the last four ending numbers we have no idea where they came from we left a direct deposit account number but it wasn’t the one that they have listed how do we figure that out does anybody know

    1. Go to and search for get my payment frequently asked questions and answers, select Payment Issued but Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Not Received, it’ll have a link How do I request a Payment Trace on my Economic Impact Payment? for more information on a payment trace. Once you select it, click on FQ3 and it will have a drop down box, scroll to the bottom a little, it’ll show that you need to file form 3911 and depending on the state you live where you can mail or fax it to, the process takes 6 weeks and then you need to call 800-919-9835 for a status update and to see if they’ll reissue your payment, if you don’t receive any feedback by mail. You can try calling 800-919-9835 as well to start a payment trace but the process time is still 6 wks.

  2. It is now aug 20th still no stimulus check…get my payment portal a real joke.of course i go on the site..says “payment status not available,we are working on this”..5 month,s? Instead of spending trillions, how about just millions and answer the phone?..i receive s.s direct deposit for 7 years..and made an address change with p.o and dmv 9 months ago.?..good thing i didnt wait for that check to pay bills..Thanks…for nothing…p.s.if you have insomnia call the i.r.s. number that will surely help..

    1. I’m sorry your payment hasn’t arrived as of yet. Payment status not available means they’re still processing your info and unfortunately you would have to continue to wait but make sure you also update your address with IRS by downloading and printing off the form 8822.

  3. I recently contacted the number above but they could not help me. My question is,
    I’m on SSI so is my 11yr old daughter. I do not file tax returns. so with me being on SSI as well as having a dependent who is on SSI I just filed the ‘non-filers payment tool’s with all of my info as well as my child’s info on the ‘non-filers payment tool’ as well. I got my stimulus check March 13th. I have NOT received the stimulus payment for my child. The representative that I got connected with thru the above listed number, she told me to call this other number that I could ask this new number. Well the new number only has a prompt up report your tax return lost or stolen and I cannot get thru to anyone on the new number she gave me. Therefore my question Is still unanswered. I just want to know why in the world did I get mine but not my child’s payment when her info was on there as well? Can anyone answer this question? Thanks regardless

    1. There was a glitch with the payments for dependents, the IRS will start to send the missing payments early to mid September, theres nothing further required for you to do except for to wait.

  4. I just wanted to say that by calling the number listed above and following the directions by not entering any numbers during the prompts all the way thru I was able to get connected with a live representative, who still could not help me with my question. But none the less I was able to get thru no problem jus by listening all the way thru the prompts until I was jus connected. Thanks for the advice it worked amazingly.

  5. It seems like despite the FED and the President telling Congress and the Treasure to get people their money, they are doing everything they can to NOT give people anything. It’s a sign of how this country is now run, all the corporations I know of have gotten their relief grants, $10,000. A buddy of mine just went on vacation to the keys with his $10,000 bonus, he wrote his girlfriend down as an employee and since businesses don’t have to pay back the $10,000 if it’s paid as salary, he got a $10,000 grant.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the country is struggling to even get a $1200 check. I lost faith in the Federal Government a long time ago, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At the highest level they’re all corporate puppets.

  6. I have been waiting for my child’s $500 and nothing. I have tried to call them but no luck. I either get hung up or music. I had to do the e-file and they told me everything was correct. I just want a simple straight answer. This is getting frusturating.

    1. As long as your cild was claimed on your taxes you will get your payment and theres nothing further required of you to do. IRs is sending out missing dependent payments starting early to mid September.

  7. You guys- on my 4th or 5th attempt to calling 1-800-919-9835 it worked! (sort of)
    I put my phone on mute, touched no buttons, didn’t follow the English / Spanish prompt and eventually I heard the sweet sound of hold music. SUCCESS. After 9 minutes it began to rang. (the anticipation has me like a tenacious teenager the week before prom with no date). The ringing stops. silence except for a few clicks here and there. (Any second now, someone is going to start talking….right?) Alas- I was disconnected.

    Call back and after original auto attendant, silence for about 6 minutes before being disconnected.

    6 more unsuccessful calls where it ended with call prompts.

    I saged the house, buried a statue of St. Jude upside-down in the back yard, consulted a medium, anonymously made a donation to a suicide prevention charity, called the hotline just for good measure, captured a troll and blew into his hair / rubbed his belly, threw a penny into a wish well, high-fived a stranger and kissed a baby.

    Y’all…….. finally- i got the music, and a nice lady answered! I explained very politely (this is key) my situation and she transferred me to an agent who is actually able to look up your account /personal detail. I expressed my concerns about the call dropping or no one ever answering. She said i’ll probably be on hold at least 40 minutes. She also said there’s certainly a chance the call will drop, but when it happens its because the system is overloaded. She also suggested calling first thing in the morning before high call volumes occur. She gets into work 6AM CST.

    Im 26 minutes in. Wish me luck!

    1. Update:
      After one hour and 48 minutes another nice lady answered. She is putting a tracer on my check to determine if its been lost or stolen. She said it’s a 6-week process, but at least it is something.
      Side note- I had mailed in my form to update my address prior to the stimulus check being sent (about 6 weeks ago) and when she checked my account, the new address still hasn’t been updated.
      She was, however (allegedly) able to update my address over the phone. In theory, if the check ever makes its way back to the IRS it will supposedly be redirected to my new address. If it is never found, supposedly within 6 weeks they will issue a new one and mail it to my new address.

      I am holding out hope!

      I hope this info helps someone else out there in a similar situation.

        1. Diane, that’s the first person who picks up. you have to be very nice to that person so they will put you through to the next person. Its the second person who can take that info.

      1. 7/29 Update:

        Since my original successful call where they put a tracer on my check and said it was a 6 week process, I haven’t ever received the newly issued check.

        I started the process of trying to get through over this morning at 7AM. At 9:30 AM a woman answered.
        I explained that I was hoping to get information on the status of either the tracing of the originally mailed check or if they have issued another, etc. She was giving me out of the box standard answers like check the website, be patient, etc. I kept insisting she transfer me to the department where they can look up your information and she kept refusing.
        Finally she gave me a number and said that there is an actual agent taking calls at this number. I asked her for a back-up number in case i get an automated msg or it doesn’t work. She said this is the only number to talk to a person about Stimulus check issues. I called it. the first time there was an auto attendant briefly initially and then silence for a long while until it eventually disconnected. I’m on call two and silence 5 mins in. If this ever works i will share the number she gave me. Stay Tuned.

    2. I just called the number 1-800-919-9835 and asked how long b4 getting my stimulus check. My tax return was processing for the longest time. I filed electronically on April 16th and it finally processed completely on June 22nd. Over 6 weeks it took to just do that. I did reach someone the first call i made to the 919-9835 number and she wasnt able to tell me anything excep it could take 4-6 weeks to get my stimulus once my return was fully processed. wow…thats all i got to say; however, she was very nice and offered to get me to another rep who can look at the account and perhaps see whats going on or any info they may have in ref to my stimulus. Wait time approx 30-60 minutes…lol…here we go again…


    1. Yes, I followed the instruction and got one rep. answered my phone, finally. but she transferred me to another staff because mine is not an easy question she can answer to. I found no EIP payment due to my invalid SSN. But it is a mistake made by IRS. I have used my SSN in my lifetime and no problem at all. Even the staff told me my SSN is valid but she did not know how to fix. So she asked me to fill out a 1040 2019 form and write 2020 on the top to IRS with the explanation. I was told I would call again if I do not get the check by this October.
      can you believe this is a solution to me?

  9. AHHHHHH!!!!!!! getmypayment says may 1st check was mailed. Nope.. never got it. Now getmypayment says I qualify but gives no date. I should have been in the may 1st group. NO one ot call no one to email no one to answer questions. just phone numbers of run around messages and 700 web pages that all say the same exact irrelevant info. Local office number is disconnected. and thing else redirects you to the prerecorded messages…… I finally used the no pushing any options method and got a hold of a human who transferred me and then i got hung up on ahhhhhh.. I called back got through again. Was transferred again and a message said sorry everyone busy or something and hung up on me again…

    Anyone who things this is free money.. Ha. Ive about put more then 1200.00 in labor into trying to get it… still nothing.

    1. Sorry that happened to you. Did you file for a missing payment trace, if not that’ll be your first step to do and process takes 6wks, if you did then you’ll need to call in for a status update and ask for your payment to be resubmitted by calling 800-919-9835.

  10. My mother’s check was issued to an old address although they have her current information on file. After 2 weeks of trying, finally get a representative that transferred us to dead air. No hold music, no recording that says please hold every so often. After hours of being on hold, not even knowing if we were actually in a queue to speak with someone, we hung up. Called first thing in the morning, received the hold music. On hold for an hour, it rang to speak with a rep, no one answered and dead air again. This is frustrating.

    1. The same thing happened to me, total BS!! My belief this tactic is intentional to discourage people from calling the IRS.

    2. If you haven’t submitted form 3911 or called in to get a payment trace then you need to do so, process takes 6wks, if you have please call back and let them know you need to see about getting your payment reissued 800-919-9835.

  11. The irs phone number and get my payment tool have been zero help. This is ridiculous how they have done this. They talk about a possible second stimulus, it sure would be nice to get the first one!!!! Thanks for nothing irs!!!

    1. I know what you mean. The Get My Payment link said my payment was deposited on April 30. May 15 we finally got the letters . One said we would receive 2400 and the other one stated it was retrieved for child support. I was told to file an 8379 form ( Injured Spouse) with my tax return but I’m a non-filer on disability. I don’t file taxes. Can’t get the irs to answer their phones to help with 1 question. Do I write in the blank boxes 1 or 0? Only question I have in order to wait longer for return of payment. Sorry you’re having issues also but nice to know I’m not the only one in the family with the irs hives.

    2. Hey Mitchell. I completely agree on how ridiculous this is that the irs and treasury department can’t make payments where payments are due. Today is July 28 and the get my payment link showed that our payment was deposited to our bank on April 30. 3 months later we are still waiting. It was taken to offset his child support so for me to receive my half I must file a injured spouse (8379) form with my tax return. If someone would answer the phone, I would have to explain my situation as, “ I’m an injured spouse,non-filer, SSI recipient Needing assistance to file 8379 form for retrieval of my portion of the EIP.” Hope one of us are successful. Don’t think mom can handle both of us being impacted by the impact payment. Lol. Later big brother and best of luck .

  12. It said on line to file a non fliers form if you are on SSI so I did and they told me because I did that I got disqualified for the stimulus payment and now i will need to refile for 2020 the same form to possibly get a payment! later this year!! makes no dam since to me??has anyone else had this happen?

    1. Filing the non filers while you SSI will mess up on you receiving the stimulus. You should only fill out that form to claim dependents if you’re an ssi or ssdi recipient.

  13. Been on hold for 3 hours and 22 minutes now. Finally got past prompts after trying 9 times in two weeks. Put on hold after being told I would have 1 hour wait. After waiting 11/2 hours music stopped heard please wait and I am still waiting with no music. I am a retiree and only want to find out if my stimulous will go on direct express card. Don’t understand why I have not gotten one yet. IRS portal tells me nothing different when checking.

    1. If your status says No Info Available ( they haven’t begun processing you for the stimulus)
      If your status says No Payment Status Available ( they’re still processing your info and unfortunately you would have to continue to wait)
      If you were claimed as a dependent on a tax return then you wouldn’t be eligible for the payment.

  14. Called the number and immediately hit “mute” and it worked, after the automated talked for awhile it said to hold and then a rep answered quickly but transferred me. I was on hold for almost exactly 60 minutes. Still no resolution. I was told when my 2019 taxes are processed they could possibly send an additional payment for the difference based off my AIG. She didn’t ask for any of my info so her response was pretty generalized. I would call and try and see what a different rep has to say but it’ll have to be on a different day bc the wait
    Will be an hour or longer again. Hope some other people will at least get a resolution to their issue. Good Luck!

  15. I used the “put myself on my and don’t say anything” option and someone picked up quickly. I told her her I didn’t get my stimulus yet. She placed me on hold and then the REAL HOLD TIME began. After holding for 1 hour and 35 minutes. I was told that since I didn’t file 2019 or 2018 tax yet, I won’t get anything mailed. IN-order to get the stimulus, you have to file 2018 or 2019 taxes first (that’s if you obligated to take taxes).

    1. If you’re not obligated to pay taxes and you son’t receive ssi or ssdi benefits, then you’ll need to do the non filers application by 10/15 to be considered for the stimulus.

  16. I’m on SSI & at the beginning they were telling us to use the non filler tool to put in my Children’s info so I dont do taxes &never got my two children’s money! Your method works o got it the 1st tey I put my phone on mute & then they talked to someone & he said he couldn’t get into my info so now they are putting me on the line with someone else I hope they can fix this & give me the rest of my money thank u so much!

    1. I called the number and was told to go to the IRS website for help and for any questions I have about my child’s missing stimulus check. No help whatsoever.

      1. Actually it does explain about missing dependent payments on . The IRS says it will begin issuing checks in October for those who meet the application deadline; you shouldn’t need to do anything else. However, if you’d like more information, you’ll be able to track the status of your IRS payment by visiting the IRS Get My Payment webpage. From there, you’ll need to provide your Social Security number, date of birth, home address and ZIP code. Only complete the non filers application if you didn’t file taxes or recently had a child to claim the payment for your dependent.

  17. I tried the 9835 number a couple of times and finally got the music. Thanks for the tip. Fingers crossed, I’m waiting.

  18. Dial 800-829-1040 ~ Press 1 (English) ~ Press 2 ~ then 1 ~ then 3 ~ then 2… then enter the PRIMARY (whose listed 1st on your return) Social Security number…it will ask you to confirm the correct entry by pressing 1. You will here another list of about 6 or 7 options. The last option will say something like: “If you need further assistance please stay on the line” or “For further assistance please stay on the line” or “If you have not heard the topic that addresses your needs, please hold” in either case, just hold. You may be asked a final question, like: “If you owe taxes and agree with the amount, press 1. If this applies to you press 1, if not don’t press anything and just wait.

  19. I tried calling the number and using the procedure listed above. I just waited out the prompts, didn’t press anything, and eventually they just ended the call “thank you for calling the IRS.” Not sure how to keep holding if they end the call. Does anyone have additional suggestions?

  20. Where is my stimulous check? My husband got his on April 29, but I am still waiting. Where is my check. I have direct deposit for my social security, but you are saying I do not exist. I receive an ssa1099, but still no check. I will pursue legal action, if I am denied a stimulous check.

    1. my problem is the same as yours ,but my wife got hers i did not get mine,it’s june 3 and still no luck,keep getting that same payment status not available every day.tried calling no live people on phone.did you have any luck yet,thank’s bob

    2. As long as you weren’t claimed as a dependent you should be able to receive the stimulus check. You’ll need to call 800-908-4490 to verify your identity and go from there.

  21. Get my payment website says my check would be mailed on 04/24/2020.
    It’s now 05/30/2020..never got it….but I did get the Trump letter 2weeks later.
    So they have the correct address.
    Not sure which direction to go at this point.

    1. You are not the only one got my letter and it said that my money had been sent May 13th and there’s nothing in my account today which is June 3rd and there’s nobody to call I see it a lot of us are having the same problem I don’t know what to do either

      1. Download form 3911 from its used to start a trace for your missing payment. Submit a completed Form 3911, Taxpayer Statement Regarding Refund (PDF).
        If you submit the form and you are Married Filing Jointly, both spouses must sign the form;
        Write “EIP” on the top of the form and complete Sections I, II and III;
        Answer the refund questions as they relate to your EIP;
        When completing Number 7 under Section I, check the box for “Individual” as the Type of return; enter “2020” as the tax period and leave the date filed blank;

  22. I finally got thru…you have to call the eip and like someone else instructed DONT PRESS ANYTHING and it will ring…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE

    1. I was able to get through several times several weeks ago. One lady told me to just wait another two weeks, and then the next lady informed me they had no direct deposit information for me, even though I’ve been getting SS checks for years! So since the non-filers form is now gone from the website, I had to pay an accountant/tax person to file one for me. He said it was ludicrous they didn’t have my deposit info. I waited an hour and a half each call and you have to speak to a “prequalifer” person first before you get to an info person that can check your SS number and info to see your status.

  23. I used the “don’t push any buttons idea” held for 1 hour. GOT REALLY BAD NEWS

    1. The IRS doesn’t have any information for the 2nd stimulus because it hasn’t been approved. They’re not denying your payment, you’ll be able to claim credit for that when you file 2020 tax return.

  24. I called 800829-1040 yesterday to ask my 1040X in 2018 tax return. I also complained my family has not received the stimulus check even I filed tax return every year in the past 20 years and I provided direct deposit bank information for 2018 and 2019 tax return. I believe I am eligible but IRS shows “we do not have your information yet or you are not eligible. The rep was nice to check my account and told me my stimulus check shows $0.00 due to the invalid SSN. But she said my SSN is valid. I do not know why my SSN is invalid. I’ve never had this issue. Now I need to bear the loss due to the mistake made by IRS. She mentioned some customers’ SSN are expired in IRS system but not. It is kind of crazy. My two colleagues told me they received their deceased grandma’s checks. I am alive but could not get it! IRS needs to have a phone for the problem solving. that information line is a waste!!

    1. Try calling the id verification line to see if you can get somewhere with them and get the payment then 800-908-4490.

  25. I spoke to a second representative after waiting an hour to find out my stimulus was delayed due to an issue that had to be fixed on my tax return which was fixed in February I’m just glad I got some new Information

    1. I did as was specified above. It took a few call backs to get the music and then about 1 hr on hold, but I was able to speak to an IRS representative.

      On phone now so hopefully it will work out. Thank you ANDY!

  26. The first method suggested works but the person was as helpful as the website she is transferring me over to someone else who she said can give more specific information

  27. Phone number does not work.. I’m getting really frustrated. I received mine Apr. 29th and nothing for my daughter. Why cant they help answer our questions

    1. If you filed taxes and she’s under 17 then your payment will come to you, there was a glitch in the system that caused a lot of people not get their dependent but IRS will be sending out those missing payments starting September.
      If you receive ssc or ssdi benefits then you need to do the non filers by 09/30 for her to be considered for the stimulus.

  28. The IRS is an embarrassing joke. Why claim to have added reps for phone lines when the phone number only allows you to listen to a long and pointless message about who is eligible. I’ve been waiting for my payment for weeks and the online portal continues to stay status not available. The govt shouldn’t even entertain talks about a second round of stimulus payments if they cannot even deliver the first round in an acceptable time frame.

    1. I am going through the same thing. Very frustrating, waiting on something that never comes.

    2. Due to the pandemic and limited staffing the IRS is back logged and process times have been delayed even further. The additional reps are to help with any general questions but can’t access your personal or tax acct info. many of these situations are on and the answers to the situation. If the portal says no payment status available then there’s nothing that can be done except for you to wait unfortunately. They only do a missing payment trace if your payment was actually sent and you received a notice 1444 letter.

  29. My mother receives social security benefits and files every year. Her status changed to show a check would be mailed May 8th. No check has been received AND her status has changed back to “you’re eligible but payment date unknown”—-there is no logical explanation as to why this would happen. If people can go back to work or work from home in this country than so can the IRS and have educated representatives answer our calls and questions. I have even written my two cents worth to our state representative…..nothing.

    1. Because your state representative cam’t over ride the IRS they can try and help investigate but thats about it, they normally respond by mail after a certain amount of time, letting you know who to call for a resolution. You would actually need to call in 800-919-9835 and request a payment trace for her missing payment if you have’t already done so.

  30. I left a msg on here yesterday. what happened to it ? It is not here. Maybe the irs didn’t like what i said about them. every word was true. on that 919-9835 they just have you go from menu to menu to menu and no one ever picks up to speak to you. So people to help you,that is a flat-out lie. They should tell you no one will ever help you. don’t get their hopes up. I’m former military. I know the govt will mess you over just because they can.

    1. First off, your comments are all here so the world can know you are a crazy person. Second, this website has nothing at all to do with the IRS. Its just a website.

  31. I don’t know why the IRS says they added all these phone people. They probably added no one and just wanted the public to think it was so. I said the other day that most govt agencies will hang up on you if you are on hold for more than 20 mins. Walmart and the postal service will do the same. Have had it happen plenty of times. One shipping company lost my pkg and tried to tell me it was in my garage. I don’t have a garage and told them so. Then they told me my pkg was in the bushes. I don’t have any bushes. Then they hung up on me. I’d just like to know what is to be done if you as the rep payee don’t receive the EIP as a direct deposit to the Direct express card account. Nothing has been established with regard to that issue. They probably think it is a non-issue.

  32. So I got my letter for my stimulus check and haven’t been able to get ahold of a representative. My check was mailed to my moms address and she sent it back by accident. How am I able to get it back? It needs to be sent to the same address but I can’t get ahold of anyone at all. Will they resend it? Or am I not going to be able to get it back

  33. Hi, I’m on SSDI and use Direct Express. I haven’t received any info about my payment. I’m still waiting for my FIRST stimulus payment. I didn’t fill anything out cause they said I don’t need to? So I’ve been waiting and calling any number I can call without getting any new info. The IRS’s get my payment tool is useless. It’s been saying the same thing ever since this whole thing started. Something like “payment status not available” or something like that? Am I just being stupid by waiting for this check or what? Is it a lost cause? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks -Rick

  34. My mother in law received her Stimulus check and forwarded it by mail to her credit union. It should have gotten to them by now(2 weeks) even with the slowdown in mail and deliveries. They don’t have it. Has anyone had any experience with getting the stimulus check cancelled and a reissue of a new one. I’m on hold with the IRS EIP hotline as I type this killing time. Thanks.

  35. Hi everyone, i got through at 7am to the 1800-919-9835 number after trying 100 times this week. What i learned is If it takes you into the prompts, that means you didn’t get through. If it says stay on the line for more information and takes you to music instead of the prompts you got through. I only had to wait 15 minutes to talk to a representative.
    BUT. Here’s the bad news. The representative was really rude to me. (I filled out a non filer form April 11th and my status still says no info available). I asked her if she could look me up by ssn to check My status. She refused to take my ssn and told me to go to every day and check the status of my payment and that it takes 2 weeks for non filer forms to be processed. I told her it had been 6 weeks for me. She said “we are doing the best we can, its not like we can get this done any faster!”. I asked to speak with a different representative regarding my questions because she refused to take my ssn. Then she hung up on me.
    So i didn’t get anywhere or have any questions answered. Good luck to everyone else

    1. you really and truly got through? I called the taxpayer advocate line (7 minute hold) who transferred me to a regular IRS number (55 minute hold time) who stated she couldnt answer any questions regarding the stimulus payment, (my check never came even though it says it was mailed May 1st). This rep said I needed to call that number thats on the bottom of my stimulus letter. she offered to transfer me. I told her dont transfer me to that number unless I can actually talk to someone. Tired of recordings. She said I would get a live person and transferred me. NOPE GOT THE RECORDING. What can I do to get past all the BS and have them trace my damn check? All that time on hold to get nowhere at all. Sick of the games with this government. So if you truly did get through, tell me what to do. Thanks

  36. My wife abandoned me and my 3 daughters 6 months ago and the IRS sent the $1500 payment for my kids to the parent who DOESNT care for them in any way and on top of it I entered my bank info to the IRS portal on 4/12 and it’s said the same thing (waiting for a payment date update) for going on 6 weeks now and I FINALLY called the stimulus hotline only to get through to a live person who ONLY knows how to tell you how but to navigate the portal and have NO info on why the IRS accepted my bank Info 6 weeks ago and I still have no idea where or when it’s going to come in. The government just tells everyone to shut up and wait but for how long ? Am I supposed to sit are and be happy the government forced me to lose my job and now refuses to help me with any information about financial relief after not having a single dime come in for 6 weeks and 3 kids to feed and clothe while their mother gets to blow the stimulus money for her kids in herself. THANKS ALOT IRS !!!!

    1. I’m in the same boat. My ex claimed them on his taxes because I’m on ssdi and don’t file. So he got the money for our kids even though they live with me. He won’t give it to me because he says he deserves it even though his new live in girlfriend has 2 kids and they got paid for all of them as well as their own stimulus. Now of another stimulus is paid he will get the money again for our kids plus hers. It’s very unfair and there is no one to even talk to to fix the problem.

  37. My wife and I received our stimulus on April 22nd. My wife passed away unexpectedly on May 15. Do I have to return her portion of the stimulus. It posted to our account 23 days before she died.

    1. Sorry for your loss. I think you can keep the payment since you got the payment before your spouse die. According to the IRS you only have to repay the stimulus payment if “….A Payment made to someone who died before receipt of the Payment should be returned to the IRS. Return the entire Payment unless the Payment was made to joint filers and one spouse had not died before receipt of the Payment, in which case, you only need to return the portion of the Payment made on account of the decedent. This amount will be $1,200 unless adjusted gross income exceeded $150,000. “

  38. I want to know why the irs is sending out payments for soc sec people who haven’t filed taxes to be made as a direct deposit as are soc sec benefits. I thought that the treasury dept was sending those out. That was what I heard before. And by the way,all these govt offices like to hang up on you,especially if you have been on hold over 20 mins so keep that in mind.

  39. why did the irs lie about adding allegedly 3500 operators? I called their 800-919-9835 and was sent from menu to menu to menu. There was never any sign or indication that anyone live would or could pick up and answer anything. After you go to all menus,you get sent back to the main menu which starts all over again. Now they’re trying to backpedal on what they said about helping people. We’re screwed,America!!! That Get My Payment tool is worthless. Every time I have tried to access it I get sent to an IRS website authorized for irs employees only.It threatens you with consequences should you go into it. What help is that? I have a rep payee and where’s the updated info for the deposit to the Direct Express Card? It was mid April,end of April,first of May,first week of May,mid- May,mid-June. It’s like Trump’s asinine comment about how he tested very positively for the coronavirus.He should worry about all the mail-in ballots for November.

  40. My taxes have been processing since Feb 9th, before the IRS shut down. Can not get my refund or my stimulus and can’t get a live person on phone

  41. This is the most informative update I have seen. As a person on SSDI who is still waiting this has been a very stressfull and hopeless situation. Not having a live number to call is ludicrous. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  42. On get my payment it says that payment status unavailable while everyone around me had gotten theirs and you can’t talk to no one! Very frustrating!

    1. Having the same problem and some say we will have to wait and use as a credit on next years taxes or maybe they will eventually send a debit card. We should get check like everyone else. I have called several numbers and still no live person to talk to.

  43. My stimulus check was scheduled to be mailed April 24th to the wrong address. I tried updating bank info in IRS portal prior to check being mailed and it took my bank account info, but then just left message that my check was scheduled to be mailed April 24th. I did an address change through USPS, printed out form 8822, filled it out and sent it to IRS through mail which was delivered priority and tracked through USPS website, which confirmed delivery, so it was received at IRS. (had to be signed to be received) A few times in the hundreds of times I have called, I was put on hold to get though to a live person, waited for over a half hour, and was hung up on. I have been calling and trying to get an actual human being since April 24th. Still unable to get through. Have tried every number available with no luck yet. I will continue trying until I receive help and receive my EIP. My next step is to set up an appointment to meet with someone in person at an IRS office near me. I look forward to speaking with someone by phone, or in person soon. Please communicate with me. Communication is key* I will not give up.

  44. I didn’t get the $500 but got the 1200. Check.i have raised my grand daughter for 14 years.who can I speak to about this I tried the IRS number. It is useless. All I get is automated messages

  45. In my case the letter states (also website) that my check was issued and mailed on May 01, but I didn’t receive any check. I just want to report the situation, but I am not able to find any means of communication. I have tried to call the number provided on the letter but it only provides some information with no option to report a problem.

    1. I have the same problem. The IRS GET MY PAYMENT SAYS MY PAYMENT WAS GIVEN OUT A WEEK AGO & SHOWS FOUR DIGITS that I assume was part of the account it was deposited into but they don’t match any of my bank cards or GOVERNMENT ISSUED DEBIT CARD. What did you end up doing, CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE, THANKS

  46. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I received the stimulus and my ex wife’s and son’s portions in my bank account (we divorced in 2018). Back in 2018 since I was at the house the majority of the year we decided to file one last time together as we had in previous years. Then for the 2019 year she filed for herself claiming my son. I filed alone. She received her refund early this year. I had to pay taxes. At any rate, she received the letter about the stimulus being deposited. She called me and I explained that the only reason I hadn’t turned it over to her ingredient was because I was concerned that the IRS would also send her a separate stimulus payment and that they would further realize they had made a mistake by sending me the portion that pertained to her/my son. I was trying to get in touch with someone at the IRS because I wanted some guidance from them. Did they want me to return the money to them and they would send it to her? Or should I just give it to her? Honestly I was concerned because if I gave it to her and they did in fact send her a separate stimulus, when they came back to me asking for that money I’d get stuck repaying something that I didn’t use. But unfortunately because there is no one that I am able to speak to I decided to draw up a receipt that we both signed in front of a notary public and was signed by the notary. Now that I’m hearing of debit cards being sent out I’m concerned again that they will over pay her. I just hope that the notarized receipt will be proof enough that she has the money and not me.

  47. Saw that live support was now available, so tried to call.
    Listened to every option, and never recieved one to speak with someone. Tried several times…

  48. The IRS website says that my stimulus check was sent May 1st to the address on file. I have moved since 2018 & I have not yet recieved my check. I gave my bank account & new address on April 17th at website so they have my bank account & new address but it looks like they may be going by the 2018 tax return. I have not received check nor letter. Would be great to be able to talk to a human being! It’s frustrating. I have changed my address with the Post Office again recently just in case & called my old address if that’s the address they sent mail to – new tenant I don’t know. But I hope they just direct deposit the 2nd stimulus check – so much simpler! Wish I could talk to a human being so I can make sure of the right address on file & to tell them to just direct deposit check – safer & simpler & less costly!

  49. I received the letter from trump saying I received $1200 but I never received the actual check. Can it come after the letter or should I be worried and call? The website said it was mailed May 1st.

    1. thats the situation Im in. Never got it. When I checked online it says to call that worthless phone number that gives you prompts to listen to more recordings. Never a prompt about what to do if you didnt get the check. Theres also a form you can send in Form 3911. But when I read the form, it says you cant submit it unless you have been waiting for 1 year. Only after 1 yr can that form be used. So I guess we are all just screwed. They dont care about the people in this country.

  50. My husband and I are retired and on Social Security. He received his stimulus check about a month ago–but I still have not received one penny. I’m getting very discouraged. How can they include him and not me????

  51. My Husband and I are retired and I received my stimulous check the end of April and my husband still hasn’t received his
    I just don’t know how to find out about it keep using the payment tool and it keeps saying we are unable to provide you with your status
    This is sooo frustrating because you can’t talk to anyone and just don’t know what to do anymore have searched google over and over

  52. I am on disability and because my daughter claimed me on taxes I did not get check I j
    Have full custody of 7 year old niece and I feed daughter and niece they live in my house. I should be entitled to a check or at least neices part
    Im the one that needs the check and struggling and can’t get help from anyone ..I live on disability only and it don’t even pay my bills.
    I need a check doe me a niece. The check daughter got didn.t include no one but herself.the does only offered me $15. I need help

  53. my stimulus check was to be depoisted on may 13 2020 to my bank account but it wasn’t where is it

  54. My husband passed away in January and the check that I received was for 2400.00 Am I entitled to that amount or just the 1200.00?

    1. Sadly, I think you have to return the $1,200.

      I read on CNBC site: “A payment made to someone who died before receipt of the payment should be returned to the IRS by following the instructions about repayments,” the agency wrote. There is one exception — sort of. If a couple is married and filed their taxes jointly, and then one spouse passes away, the living spouse can keep their payment. But they must return the portion of the money paid to the decedent, the IRS said”
      ***** I clicked on the link for the instructions for you and posted it below.

      I found this as the instructions from the IRS site “If the payment was a paper check: Write “Void” in the endorsement section on the back of the check.
      Mail the voided Treasury check immediately to the appropriate IRS location listed below. Don’t staple, bend, or paper clip the check. Include a note stating the reason for returning the check.
      If the payment was a paper check and you have cashed it, or if the payment was a direct deposit:
      Submit a personal check, money order, etc., immediately to the appropriate IRS location listed below. Write on the check/money order made payable to “U.S. Treasury” and write 2020EIP, and the taxpayer identification number (social security number, or individual taxpayer identification number) of the recipient of the check.Include a brief explanation of the reason for returning the EIP.”

      I hope this helps and I am sorry for your loss. My husband and I (2 little kids) still haven’t received ours. So I have been reading this site in hopes for an answer to our issue. When I read your questions I at least had that answer, even though it sucks and seems cruel.

  55. My brother and myself are both on disability and live in the same house. He received a stimulus check that was deposited in his account. We have separate accounts for our disability checks. I have not received a stimulus check. The get payment sight says they need more information or I am not eligible for a check. Since me disability check is deposited they should have my information. But I don’t understand why I would not be eligible. What can I do?

  56. The IRS stated that my stimulus check would go to my account (ending in last four numbers) it was sent out five days ago to be deposited in my account. Still…no check???

    1. Irs said my stimulus check was deposit on April 30 but my card holder & bank says there was never a deposit made or rejected but check my payment still says April 30.. Were is my check and who can i talk 2 live 2 find out..

  57. I have still not received my EIP either. I filed as a non-filer on April 10th, all of my information is correct. The IRS accepted my return, but I am still unable to see an update on the “Where’s My Payment” site. I do not receive state assistance and am not claimed as a dependant by anyone. Neither the IRS, Treasury, or Tax Advocates are answering the phones. Is there another way to contact anyone, or does anyone have any information about situations like mine?

    1. Son hasn’t received his either!!! THIS IS F REDICULOUS
      That there isn’t a BETTER PLAN IN PLACE!!!!

  58. Is there anyone to contact at the IRS, via email or phone? The IRS’ “Get My Payment” site says I’m eligible for the payment, and it will deposit the payment in my checking account. But I think I entered the wrong information. I entered “Head of Household” instead of “Married Filing Jointly” for my 2018 tax returns. I also have two dependents under 17. Will that make a difference in the amount of money I get back?

  59. I am a single grandmother who adopted my granddaughter 7 yrs ago. She will soon be 11. I received my 1200, but did not receive her 500. What can I do?

    1. Unfortunately not much other then hope the IRS issues more checks to fix issues or wait till you file your 2020 tax return in 2021.

      1. That’s dumb because you qualify as a non filer to get this stimulus money so if you did not file in 2018 or 2019, then who’s to say you will need to file in 2021 for 2020 to get a credit. That’s insane. The purpose of the EIP was to help us now and not next year when we will see it as a credit to a tax return if you do not have to file taxes. Then what? It just routes back in Donald Trump own personal bank account???

        1. Your stupid it has nothing to do with Donald Trump is is the IRS which has been a problem for many years. Americans make a stand and lets do away with this no good and disrespectful branch of our government.

  60. I receive Ssi disability each month for the last 5 years. I received these benefits on my direct expense card. Till this day I have received nothing, the web site since I receive SSI BENEFITS there is no action to be taken on my part. Every person I know the receives SSI BENIFITS has already received there 1200 dollars. There is no one at the irs to even help find out why you haven’t received your check yet.
    How else am I suppose to find why I haven’t received my 1200 dollars yet. Today is may 14th and I still have no info on where is my 1200 dollars. This is a bunch of crap. Is there anyone out there at the irs that can help me get status as to where my status on 1200 dollars . I am so dam frustrated with hole thing. Is there anyone at the irs the even cares on why with poeple like myself why we haven’t received our 1200 or even a update on when can we expect our 1200 dollars

    1. I just read your post I’m in the same situation i”m on ssdi and everytime I use wheres my payment I get the same thing no info aviable. from what i’ve read you never get to talk to anyone from the irs you just get automated B.S. This is totally rediclious everyone I know has gotten there ck last month or early this month.I”M still waiting and it’s may 16th.I have no dependents dont make enough to file any taxes. Its disgusting that we have to wait and wait and wait and never get any info or anything This just makes me more frustrated and mad with each passing and stressed out.


  61. What to do if you have a payment date and receive your letter but no money deposit in your account?

    1. Same here. I’m an SSI recipient and was supposed to have mine May 13th. No money or letter. What do we do? It’s not like we could put our information in ourselves. We never got that option since we receive government benefits.

  62. I never received my stimulus check and I i do not know who I should reach out to. I had to mail my tax papers in because the last tax payer lied when she informed me she mailed it in and she did not. Someone else did my taxes and made an error on my address but stated he fixed it. Its still showing that I’m not found in the system for my taxes and it’s been almost 2 months now. What do I do at this point? I have been laid off of work and my landlord is still asking for rent. Can someone please help

    1. My 2018 taxes had a direct deposit to my bank account that I closed awhile ago and an address that I no longer live at, so the IRS didn’t have anywhere to send my stimulus. I filed my 2019’s last week and I already got my tax return but still no stimulus check. I keep checking “get my payment” but no matter how many different ways I put in my address or my old address, it says the information doesn’t match our records. I know my birth date and I know my social security number. I don’t know what to do, I keep getting locked out

    2. I am sorry you feel that your past tax preparers didn’t help you correctly. I am a tax preparer myself with TaxPros and would love to help you. I don’t know the whole situation but I keep reminding my clients & non-clients to please take in mind that everything has been closed down for almost 2 months and everything is slowly reopening up including the IRS they are still closed & not processing returns yet so in their system when you look you up you will not find yourself. The IRS is working on people’s stimulus checks right now that filed past years and earlier this year then will start processing people that filed later right before & during the pandemic What I would suggest to do is since you know that your address was wrong or if you moved to fill out a FORM 8822 & mail it into the IRS so they can update your address at least when they start processing the returns and stimulus checks for people around April & later. Hope that helps.

      1. Well thank you for sharing that, that statement may help some folks here’s one though son gets his SSDI direct deposit as do I but NOTHING FOR him yet, is this normal??! I received mine, did everything right change of address thru usps and ss received letters with our updated 1099 Do WHAT COULD BE THE IISSUE. And do people do who don’t have a computer or I phone with no INTERNET All these glitches NO ONE thinks about those folks. It’s just awful

  63. my 1200 says mailed april 24th. i never got it in the mail, only a letter 15 days later saying it arrived. how do i go about this? someone could have stolen it, or the usps delivery for daily mail may have lost it. i dont know what to do since all the hotlines r down

    1. I am in the same boat. I tried calling the numbers on the letter and an automated message was promoted.

  64. There has to be a way we can get help. Please share if someone knows how or where to call!

  65. My husband got his last month. He was able to use the get my payment tool but he had to use an address from 4 years ago. Its not even the address on his 1099 form. Both of us are on ssdi. When we got married I was working but was taken out by a car and ended up on disability. We always filed jointly. Social security has our current address and current bank stuff. Yet he got his and mine is missing. I can’t use the tool. It either can’t find me or sometimes I get an error. Which is stupid because I use the same information on my 1099 form. So why can’t it find me but it they found my husband.

  66. They said mine was deposited to my account on the 4-30-2020 and my bank said they never get it do where’s it at

  67. I got the Status it said May 13 2020 is when it will be deposited into my bank account,a number I do not know , wrong account number I have no bank account!!!!!!!!!!DIRECT EXPRESS

  68. I am my brother’s payee he gets SSI and SSDI and he hasn’t gotten anything what should I do

  69. Frustrated that the Treasury Department has not set up a problem resolution hotline. Although many questions are answered online, my question is not, and I can find no way to contact them to get an answer.

  70. We had to use the filing tool to get qualified as I am disabled did a joint status with my wife and qualifying children. The irs deposited on payment of 1200. and said we would get a letter explaining the payment still waiting for or letter and the remainder of our payment Irs will not answer the phone or email and have not added or updated status so finding out what happened is impossible .

  71. I’m on disibity An still haven’t got my stimulus check they said early may not yet tho why haven’t people got their checks this is not right there should b some way to talk to someone irs fix this prouble

    1. I am on SSI disabled since 1989 and can not get tool to except my social security number to find out about status of my stimulas I get my SSI in mail by check i need help how do i get tool to work

  72. I am 74 years old, on SSI, no tax filing for last 6/7 years. I am a widow. In 2017 I became sick, was in the hospital had triple bypass, went to Rehab center for 6 weeks. Had very high medical bills, so my single brother moved in with me to help me at home and he paid all the bills (rental on mobile home land), lights, water etc so I could pay my car payment, insurnce, my personal expenses which includes medicine. So he was paying my living expenses. We checked into it and found we could put me on as a dependent on his taxes. Since the bypass I had been in the hospital 2 more times, the last was August 9th, 2019. I had back surgery and was in the hospital 3 weeks then went to rehab for 2 months and then did outpatient 3 times a week for 4 months. So once again I had high medical bills to pay. I just don’t feel I should not get a stimulus check, I worked since 1964 until 2014. I worked for over 50 years and paid taxes ALL 50 years and feel like I am doing wrong by letting my brother claim me as a dependent the last few years because of my being a widow and high medical bills and having to pick between cost of living or my medical expenses. Please someone help me get a stimulus check to help me with my med’s and little things I need to purchase like shoes. Thank you…

  73. I received my $1,200. 00 but my husband has not received his . We didn’t have to file in 2019 or 2018 , We both draw SS which is our only income . Our SS checks are deposited into our joint bank account. My $1,200 was deposited into our checking account , but what happened to my husbands $1,200 ? I would appreciate any help you can give me .

    1. I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s a mess. I’m deaf and disabled, so my only income right now is $9k/year in SSI. I have four kids that are being claimed as dependents by their dad, so I didn’t add them to my tax form when filing (for the sole purpose of giving the IRS my direct deposit info.) However, the kids are in my care. I checked the “get my payment” tool and it said it would be deposited on April 30th. I’m eligible for the full amount and I only got $483 in my account. I don’t have income anywhere near $75k! Since I have no options, I have no choice but to wait for the letter I guess. Which will be useless as well.

    2. The same with me , mine in account but not my husband, we only get SS and don’t file tax’s, ????

  74. I can’t find any real help deal with an issue with my payment for dependant child I’m pissed it’s ridiculous there is no email address or actual help some thing needs to be done my kid was counting on that money for new shoes and clothes because I had to pay bills with my check

  75. I’m on SSDI with a representative payee. They have my rep payees address instead of mine. Social Security says this doesn’t matter. They have my information on file and stimulus should go into my account. I keep getting an error unable to establish eligibility. I can’t get anybody to answer my questions. I’m very frustrated and don’t know where to turn. My neighbors have all received their stimulus checks.

    1. I’m having the same issue with my sister in law, I’m her representative payee and she should have gotten her check by direct deposit by now. My husband is on SS and received his as well as my mom. The website says can’t find any information on her but she’s been receiving benefits since her father passed away in 1983 because she is disabled. This is a mess for some.

    2. I really think some of our checks got stolen –because my daughter worked one year and got hers already month ago I worked 40 years and it seems the mail has been missing and my license too few days now you may think I am crazy but I really believe somethings shadey

    3. I am in the exact same situation as you. All my neighbors received theirs last week, and when I try to check it tells me they cannot establish my eligibility. I check my bank every day, a couple times a day and have tried the my payment numerous times. What is really frustrating to me is all the trump haters got theirs!

  76. My husband filed married filing separately because I haven’t worked in the last 2 years due to med reasons I tried filing on non filers website but they said i couldn’t because i have to filed separately. What do I do to get a check. My husband owes child support. I need the check or I will lose my home. Does anyone no what I should do…Please help

  77. My husband and I received our stimulus check but did not receive $500 for our 8 year old daughter i could have filed it wrong. I put daughter instead of adopted daughter. How can i talk to someone about correcting this so we can receive the $500 ?

    1. I was told that if you didn’t get the $500.00 by IRS mistake, then in 2021 when you file. You will receive the tax credit then. I read this somewhere and I also heard this from someone who had the same thing happen to them on stimulus check. I think a tax professional told them this. Good luck. Hopefully This is not fully true and it gets fixed soon. So you can get the $500.00 as we all know. This is money we can use now, not wait till next tax year. ..

  78. I e-filed my taxes through Turbo Tax. I immediately received confirmation the IRS has accepted my 2019 tax return. I was due a small refund, so I provided my bank info for the IRS. I did not file last year because I was unemployed. It’s been 30 days my tax return has not been approved. Still processing. I can’t get no status on my Stimulus Check. How much longer do we have to wait for the IRS to complete our tax returns, So we can get our Stimulus checks as well. Somebody please advise what to do. Thank You.

  79. My baby daddy has not received his check i was wondering if hes going to receive it if my child support is still in the process of a motivation?

  80. Husbands on SSDI got his check Wednesday l never received one lm on SS what’s the deal? And does any IRS employees or department heads even read these posts????

  81. I received a letter sayn I got my check but I did not receive my stimulus check I looked on the website n it was sent to an acct I’ve never had I don’t know who to call or what to do

    1. I’m in the same boat as you. I checked their website and it shows that was deposited on April 15 which I never received and they did had the correct bank account. I waited 15 days until i received the letter. And it shows the amount and that was direct deposit. However, I still haven’t received any payment direct deposit. I also check with my bank couple times and they haven’t received anything. THIS IS CRAZY!!!! You can’t contact anyone and they don’t have any information on their website about why it shows direct deposit but we haven’t gotten anything yet.

      1. This is my EXACT situation. Right bank account number, right about to be deposited but bank shows no attempt made. Even if you’re just counting week days, the check should have come in the mail 2days ago at the latest (according to their 15 days). When is there going to be an assistance line for problems like this?? It’s ridiculous that I can’t even file a complaint ANYWHERE. Please let me know if you find any resolve.

    2. I haven’t received a letter but online tool said my was deposited on April 15 to account idk I’m guessing my x husband since he informed me that he got 2400 and won’t give me my half. We filled 2018 Had bank account but that is suppose to be close since he filed bankruptcy and I wanted my name off the account. How would a check in my name be deposited. Talked to the bank they say no connection with the last 4 account numbers of where they deposited the supposedly check. Last he said is he’s keeping the money. Not sure what to do

  82. I am the in the same situation. I had to amend our taxes last year but the IRS corrected everything & even when I log into my personal IRS account to look at my taxes it even shows everything correct for 2018. Well our stimulus check was for $100. They somehow have it that I personally made what me and my spouses AIG was When if ANY checking was done they would have saw that I was married filing jointly and me and my spouses AIG (even on IRS personal site it says everything correctly). Also If any checking was done at all, my W2’s for 2018, show I only made $20,000 bc I had baby and stopped working. So I didn’t get anything for my 2 kids or what the correct amount is. They think I’m single making over the allotted amount when in reality I don’t have a job and a mom of 2 with only 1 person working. I get so frustrated thinking about how messed up this is. People really need this money.

  83. I get regular SSA ,and VA disability. I got the check for the SSA. Now am I suppose to get a check for VA disability too? I could not find anything that said one way or the other.


  84. The site says my stimulas check was to be deposited on the 29th of April But the bank says its not there .I get Social security and the bank info is correct ,SO why is it not there?

    1. I was set to get mine on 04-20-2020 but nothing is there did you ever get yours please let me know.

    2. I have the same date and the same problem bank info correct but when i call bank,they have nothing deposited from the irs stimulus,plus the number on the letter is automated messages that dont address the problem.

  85. Why didn’t i receive $500.00 on my stimulus check for my child who is 10 years old and lives with me ?

    1. The same thing happened to me even though I used the non filers app on irs website to add my child’s info as well as my bank information. Irs accepted it and 3 weeks later it said funds were deposited. Into an account belonging to my elderly mother which I have no idea why or how. They deposited 1200 but no 500 for my 9 year old. No way to get help but hope you have better luck.

  86. I have not yet received my stimulus check the address that the irs have on file I no longer stay there no more how can I update my address so I can get my check it’s not fair to others who haven’t received there money yet I need some help can anyone help me out please

    1. The best and fasted way to get your refund is you use your bank account for direct deposit. You will shave 2 weeks off the waiting time process. You need to enter in your routing number and account number.

      Be sure and review your numbers to make sure everything is correct.

      Good luck!

    2. My boyfriend is in the same boat as u,his check was deposited in his old closed bank account,it was rejected and mailed to our old address of which we moved out of 2 years ago,we went by that house and the new tenant said it never came,1700 dollars just out there lost and we have no way of finding out what to do to get it back,the irs should put somthing in place because most of these issues could be handled with just 1 phone call!!

      1. I found out by calling USPS that post office does not forward government mail even if you have a valid mail forwarding order in effect (usually goes for one year after you move if you fill out the card). So your check was probably returned to sender (like mine was). I’ve been trying to call the IRS… at least 10 times now… they hang up after having you hold for about 8 minutes now. Just have to keep trying. I did hold for 48 mins on Friday before they just hung up on me and you suddenly hear a busy signal. I also filled out Form 8822, address change, and mailed it back to them.

  87. What about hose of us whose child lives with us and their parent gets them not even 3 months out of the year yet gets to carry them on their taxes? The $500 would definitely be beneficial, especially since I’m out of work due to this crap while dad is still working. Any help would be useful! Anyone know if I can somehow change it so that I receive the payment?

  88. I also did nonfilers and filled out proper form and added my husband and my 11 year old son . My husband doesn’t work and has no income and have ssdi today only got 1200 for myself and 1200 for my husband . Nothing for my son . I would have gotten my 1200 quicker had I not used non filers , for myself . If I would have known they were gonna be problems.

    1. Hi Kelly. The same happened to me. I recieve SSI survivor benefits for my daughter and myself. Used the nonfilers tools added my kid as a dependent and only recieved the 1200. I emailed the IRS, but not sure what else to do.

      1. me and my son get SSI benefits and still haven’t received the 1,700 in my bank account and I checked my payment and they didn’t tell me nothing about when we would get the payment . And I filled out the non filer for my son also and nothing . WE are still waiting for it . Trying to find out when we are getting it sent.

  89. Why didnt I recieve the $500.each for the 4 grandchildren I have custody of.I filled out the frww fileing form with theyre SS no.on it

    1. Ok, what ld like to know my husbands on SSDI already received his check 1200 l just started early retirement Social Security we both have direct deposit! Is because lve only been on it for 5 months????Also people don’t even waist your time with check payment first it says wrong email then wrong Social l can’t even finish it to submit it!! I wish Someone in this IRS had some answers this is So Sad!And by the Way, Do you really even read these Posts IRS People????

  90. I just looked on my bank online says my 1200 is there but not the 500 for my 10year old son what’s up is that a separate deposit

  91. Does anyone know if maybe the 500$ for dependents comes as a separate check? Like do you get the 1,200$ for stimulus as one check and then the 500$ per dependent as another? Or is it all suppose to be on one check?

  92. When will I get my money and I have 2 accounts one is at chase bank and the other is direct express for mine and my 2 teenagers survivor benefits goes on direct express and my ssi goes to chase bank

  93. I qualify for the stimulus check. I filed taxes in Louisiana but have since moved to Texas. When I login to “get my payment” I am given a variety of reasons why I cannot access the website. I mailed a form 8822 to the IRS to update my address.. but still, nothing. Government mail does not forward so I am completely at a loss. I know I will be receiving a paper check (not direct deposit).. I just don’t know what i’m doing wrong when i input my information in the site.

  94. I only received 500 for 1 of my 2 children both under age of 17. I definitely did not make over criteria and no, they were not claimed by their father. I really need that 5oo.

    1. I did the nonfilers info, got the email it was accepted, and 1,200 was deposited today. BUT i put my kids on that information who are my dependents and recieved nothing for my kids. What a joke.

      1. I did non-filers too. No one has permission to claim my kids and they have lived with me and only me since birth. I’m not sure why I didn’t receive it.

        1. Same I received $1200 but I didn’t get a payment for my child still hoping it comes today since today was listed as today deposit date and the $1200 came early.

      2. I just checked my card and received the 1200. But I didn’t get the 500 for both of my kids. Also the same they are mine! not claimed by anyone else. I used the nonfilers form at the very beginning when it came out included both my kids in the form. I got screwed as did many others so of course there is nobody to help. There was no need for me to update my nonfilers form to add my kids that are already on the form. Also other people are to file next year to get money they are short on. But what about us nonfilers? Plz someone help us!!!!!!!

        1. The same happened to us. I submitted the nonfilers and reviewed it just a minuted ago all of the information for myself and my daughter is correct. I revieved the 1200 but not the 500 for my child. I emailed the IRS. I tried to update the nonfilers but once the recieve it you can not make any changes or resubmit for review. :( Any news?

      3. Same here. I filled out the Non filers tool, put my son’s info PERFECTLY (I checked several times) it was accepted by IRS. Only received 1200. I’m on SSI. The only thing I can think of is that it wouldn’t let me check the “Head of Household” & it automatically checked “Single”. However, my son’s info was there clear as day. Idk what’s going on. It’s frustrating! $500 is a LOT for my family.

      4. Same here! I even had it done on April 10th!!! And now I’m told I can’t get it until I file next year taxes????? I don’t file taxes. I’m on ssi $700 and some a month.

  95. My husband and I file separately, He received his+our kids, but I have not received my portion. I filed last year and have Direct Deposit. my address and bank are the same. The Website says it was sent with my spouse…. but the amount was $1200 short. I can’t call or email the IRS. I have spent 2 hrs going in circles on the site, who or how can I contact them about this?

    1. Hey, i am actually deal with the same issue. I have received my $1200 but not for my spouse and the child. There is no way we could contact IRS :(

  96. i am being mailed a check even tho i file taxes every year and i have direct deposit on my ssdi plus i went to the gov site and at first they said i do not exist then im there but now they mail me a check i have been filing my taxes for over 43 years

  97. I believe that there is plenty of stress for the IRS to go around. I am waiting on my check too, but I realize that some of us must wait in line.

    You have my sympathy.

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