Choosing The Best High Yield Online Savings and CD Account – Reviews of The Best Options

Welcome! If you’re on this page it means you are looking at options for a great high yield savings or CD account. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and opened an online high yield savings account some might consider you behind the times. After all, everything from paying bills to buying a car can be done online, so why should banking be any different? Especially if you can get higher rates and no fee accounts.

When choosing any high yield savings accounts (HYSA), you should use the following 4 key criteria to determine which is best for you:

1. Interest rate or Annual Percentage Yield (APY) they offer – You can see what the industry benchmarks are at The account you choose should be paying more than this and make sure you look at the standard or normal APY and not only at any promotional rates they are offering.

2. No fees. Always. If an online savings account is charging you account maintenance or other similar fees, move on.

3. Ease of use. You can demo most of the reputable online banking user interfaces via their websites. See what you like and feel comfortable using. Also, ensure that linking to your checking or regular bank account is straightforward, and that you can deposit your pay directly into these accounts.

4.FDIC Insured. If you find a financial institution trying to offer you significantly above average APY’s, check their insurance status at the FDIC website. If they are not insured, then it is best to avoid them. All deposit accounts worth $100,000 and less are automatically insured by the FDIC.

If you found the information useful please mention this page to others you know who may want to make their savings work a bit harder for them. A like on facebook or a re-tweet is always appreciated. Adios friend!

A note of disclosure first to keep things above board lest you question my judgment. I have affiliate relationships with some of the providers above. This means when you sign up for an account, the bank (not you) pays me a small commission that allows me to keep this site going and barely pay myself the minimum wage.  However,  the reviews and recommendations are my own and I can personally attest to having accounts with all the companies I endorse. Besides if I was just doing these review for money I’d be rich and on a beach in Hawaii, rather than writing about the rather dry topic of savings accounts!

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